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Insanity or insecurity:Chapter 1

Chris and Amy were sitting on the roof of his fathers house. Chris had it all, he had a 3.2 million dollar mansion, a pool in his back yard and he even had room service. What more could a kid want? Chris was never greedy or selfish, if anything he ignored the extra accessories he had and always wanted to be a normal kid like his friends...which was hard when your mother was world wide famous actress. Although ever since that one day, he met Sonic for the first time, Chrises attitude started to change. Ever since that day, he wanted to be just like Sonic. He even found it exciting when he watched Sonic battle Eggman in person. Over the years, Chris had become obsessed with Sonic and his friends. He always needed to be there for them..he always wanted to know where they were going. Chris never noticed it, but as the years moved on, more and more of his elemantary friends were vanishing. They soon became nothing but another face wondering the hallways. He sometimes felt guilty for it too.

Amy was distracted enouph. She knew one day Sonic would get himself into a situation he wouldn't be able to get himself out of. Amy was despressed as it was, just thinking about it. Her whole life, she loved Sonic...and somehow she knew had the same feelings for her. The times were changing, and already, Tales was almost a preteen. She wanted to tell Sonic how she fealt, but no matter what, he would never listen to her. It wasn't until one day Knuckles took her aside from the others and explained, "Sometimes, love is about letting go. If you love him, you will let him come to you." That day shattered her. He would never show up for her. He didn't care what she fealt. In her mind, he was nothing but a stupid jerk. Amy looked over to Chris and starred at him in curiosity. 'How is it, that one can be so determined when the only thing that sits there, are all the negetive points of view.' She thought to herself.

Sonic raced the clock as he chased Eggman once again. This time, Eggman was serious about killing Cream and Cheese. "What kind of sick monster are you!" Sonic shouted at the top of his lungs trying to keep his eye on the struggling Cream trapped in the doctors arms. "The kind that outsmart others and kill everything in their path." Eggman sickly chuckled. "Is this really what you want back? This worthless damsel in distress...my boy, you can do much better can't you? Why don't you join me, and I will never bug you and your friends again..." Eggman tried to place an agreement but Sonic was not buy it. "Just put her and Cheese down Eggman and I won't have to hurt you!" Sonic pleeded. "Very well." The doctor smiled and dropped her feet from the ground. Eggman chuckled as he seen the ever so powerful Sonic plunging himself at the falling girl. "Eggman YOU FIEND!" Sonic shouted as he caught her. "That's all it takes to weakin you doesn't it. Just put a loved ones life in danger and you wimper in fear." Eggman once again gave an evil smirk behind his hideous long beird. He then vanished into thin air. "Phew, time to get you two home..." Sonic sighed. Cream had passed out during the fall, but atleast Cheese wasn't too shaken up.

Back at the house, Chris and Amy were now in the attic with working on a new invention. "Now all we need to do is insert the chaos emarold." Tales squeeled. "Job Well Done Team." Chrises grandfather replied looking at the new impressive transportation device. "What should we call it?" Amy asked looking at Chris. "Well...um... it has more speed then the last one we built so...why don't we just call it the Chaotic Sonic...?" Chris goofed around. They all had a good chuckle when they seen Knuckles enter. He looked really tense, and severly beaten up. "What happened knuckles?" Tales asked looking at all the deep cuts Knuckles got from battling. "E...gg..E...m...n...Egg...men...Eggman...h..he's here." Knuckles studdered in pain then collapsed on the floor. Chris ran to his side when he noticed half the chaos emarolds were in Knuckles hands. "No wonder why Eggman must have followed him...I think Knuckles tried to take the remaining emarolds Eggman had." Chris tried to explain. "Well hurry up! We need to put these in the stove before they blow." Chrises grandfather remarked. "You're taking those no where!" A deep voice came from behind Chris. A shadowy figure came forward advancing towards the emoralds Chris was holding.

Sonic raced home as he seen Cream was beginning to stir. "Thank you for rescueing me." She said in her usual high pitch voice. "Aw, it was nothin." Sonic cooly replied. 'As much as I know, I have to get back to the others and fast, I didn't even come in contact with Eggman this time...somethings not right...he wouldn't have just given up, somethins up and I need to get before something worse comes out of all this.' Sonic thought to himself.

The shadowy figure came forth only to be recognized as Eggman. He gritted his teeth at the thought of Sonic coming back any moment. 'If I'm going to this, I need to it quickly and smoothly.' He backed away from Chris, causing them to be somewhat confused. "How did you find us here?" Chris angrily demanded the question. "My dear boy, do you not see the hedgehog laying before you, he was a fool to run, for I followed him where ever I went. I knew he would be useful. His neglagence has given me a chance to succeed." He snarled in a voice that made everyones back shiver. He began to stare at Amy. Not looking at anyone else...he knew she hated it...to be the center of attention. "He's not coming for you is he?" Eggman asked causing her to pause in instante fear. He loved playing that way. Chris then noticed who he was talking to, he then clentched his fist and became pretective. He ran to Eggman and attempted to punch him, but Eggman caught it and threw the boy hard against the wall. "You leave her alone YOU SICK PERV..." Tales was cut off by blow to the head which knocked him out instantly. Amy backed off. She knew Chrises grandfather couldn't do a thing. He was to old and had to many health issues, if he got hurt, he would have the possibility of being crippled all the rest of his life. Eggman then continued to stare at Amy. Behind those glasses she knew he was trying to make her feal small and weak...it was working to. As minutes went by, he was playing a game with her mind. He was manipulating her sences. The next second had gone by, Amy was against the wall, in a corner sitting. 'How long will it take for sonic to get here?' She seen the doctor move forward. Amy got up and headed for the attic door, but a large hand gripped her stomach and she was immediatley taken away.

A half hour later, a worn out Sonic still carrying cream and Cheese had just entered the door. He headed for the attic where he normally hung out with his friends. To his suprise, the attic door was already open. He walked up and his stomache churned from the site. Chrises grandfather was in shock, Knuckles was practically playing dead on the floor, Tales was against the wall covered in wood from the depris and Chris was just waking up. "What the hell happened?" He asked Chris in concern. "Eggman came and took her away from us..." Chris driely couphed. He barely had a whisper in his voice. "Oh no...Chris, look at me...they took who?" Sonic cried as he seen the boy trying to struggle away from his weakness. "He took...he took her..." Chris once again weakly responded. Sonic becoming impatient yelled at Chris "WHO? WHO DID TAKE CHRIS? WHO?" Chris slowly mouthed the name 'A..m..y..' Sonics eyes widened as he starred at Chris. "He planned this...he planned this...that son of a...he planned it..."

Amy was taken to Eggmans secret layer that night. He had placed her behind bars in a room only Eggman had access of entering. Without his computerised password plus a door key, no one was aloud entry. Amy sat in the dungeon. She was cold and alone. "Well atleast I shouldn't complain. Cream has been through this 50 times and Sonic has come for her..." She stated to herself... she let her eyes water as she fealt tears come down her cheeks. 'Sometimes love is about letting go. If you really love him, you will let him come to you...come to you...come to you' The words repeated in her mind. 'He'll come, he has to come...he loves me doesn't he...doesn't he?' She thought to herself. She suddenly heard the door open. Her insecurity was letting it get to her. She let the picture of Sonic saving her get to far into her head. She ran up to the opening door and immediatly hugged him. "Sonic thank god you came back." Tears strolling in relief. When she looked up, she seen a horrifying site. Eggman looking down and grinning at her.

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