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Chapter 4: Greed

Amy sat there, watching Eggman the pig, slowly drink his lemonade. It had been over 10 days. She was beginning to forget what her friends looked like. She missed them so much, and yet... she loved them too much to watch them die. She knew the only way Eggman was going to let her see her friends, was by killing someone. Although Eggman was plotting his own scheme. Over the years, he found that Cream was not much of a threat to Sonic. He cared for her, but not enough to search the ends of the world. On the other hand, Eggman had been watching Amy for quite some time. He knew how much she loved Sonic. Yet his experement was about to reach the lowest level. Of all his twisted schemes, he never played his games like this. Now would be the time for Sonic to hurry, before it really was to late. For Eggman was planning for a younger genuis to enter the world.

"Emily, please don't... please open the door emily!" Chris cried. He rolled off of his bed and hit the floor. "Where'd she go?" Chris groaned painfully to himself. 'It couldn't be, I remember it all to well... was it a dream?' He thought to himself. Just then Cream entered his room. "That punch Eggman gave you sure got to your head, are you okay?" She asked. Chris looked down the ground. "Yeah, I was just having nightmares about Emi... um.. never mind." He shook off the thought. Helga knocked on the outside of his room. She was the families made and always took care of Chris. "Chris dear, would you like someting to eat?" She asked in an accent. Chris knodded his head and ran down the stairs for food.

Sonic, Knuckles and Tails were still searching for a clue. "Where would have Eggman taken her?" Tails asked trying to remember all of Eggmans secret hide out bases. "One thing is for sure." Knuckles got everyones attention. "Eggman never stays in the same base, he always switches it up. Half the time his base looks like one of the elements of the Earth so don't be afraid to knock down a suspicious looking tree." Sonic looked at Knuckles. "I'm 100 sure he's right... Tails if you see anything sticking up out of the ground hit it. Make sure you hear the sound of metal." Tails looked at Knuckles and Sonic. "Maybe we should get a metal detector..."

Eggman pondered as he was in a large pickle. He realized his plan was not going the way he wanted it to. Yes he wanted Sonic to see what he had done to Amy but... it just wouldn't work. She was of a different species. Eggman realized he was half human, half robotix. Eggman then got the most brilliant idea. "I will send her... to kill then I will look for another victim." He snickered. "Oh Amy!" He called. Moments later a depressed pink hedgehog came out of the corner. "What is it.." She asked looking down at the ground, not letting her enemy see her cry. "I need you to do me a favour..." "What do you want?" "I want you to bring me Sonic's bloody head." He grinned madly. Her eyes widened. "NO!" She yelled. All of a sudden a large buzz came from the ring. It shocked her and it shocked her hard. She fell to the ground in pain. "That's your first warning. Now go out and bring me..." "NO I WON'T DO IT!" Another shock set off and Amy crawled to the wall. "I w...I...I won't do it." She studdered. Her eyes were half closed as her body was weakening to the massive bolts passing through her. "That's your second warning." He laughed watching the pathetic hedgehog attempt to fight for her life. She gave up after the 6th shock. Blood was dripping from her mouth. She got up. "" She weakly squeeled. "That a girl. Now you will use this exact knife to slit his throught open." He sickly commanded. Amy was starting to feel her stomache churn as she realized she just agreed to kill the love of her life.

After Dinner, Chris went out with Cream. "Wow, our world was never like yours Chris." Cream commented looking at all the pretty colours on the buildings. Chris knew she had to get out more. The only times she had been out were the days Eggman captured her. Chris wanted to ask Cream about Amy, but he didn't want to her to think of flashbacks of Eggman. "Um, Cream, do you think Amy is going to be okay...?" Chris tried with out making it sound bad. "Definatly not. He almost attempted to kill me... I don't know what plans he has in store for Amy, but that's why Sonic and Knuckles are out there." Cream explained. Somehow Chris knew something wasn't right. He fealt as if there would be a loss in the near future. He began to feel guilt for not helping Sonic and them... then again it was them who voted him out of the group. Chris sighed and sat down with Cream along the down town benches and Time Square.

The dark forest was definatley no place for 3 young hedgehogs. Tails was still trying to build a metal detector. "I guess we'll have to do with out a Choas Emarold but it still works never the less." Tails muttered. Knuckles rudley grabbed it from him and gave it to Sonic. "It helps when you share it... not stare at it..." He snickered. Sonic turned the metal detector on and it was picking up metal like crazy. Sonic's eyes widened. "According to this, the whole time... it's been either above us, or below us." Just then a pink speck rustled through the forest trees. "Did you see that?" Tails yelled. Knuckles looked back at Tails. "Saw what..." Knuckles raised an eye brow and waited for Tails response. "There was something in the woods..." Tails tried to explain. "Look small fry, if you're getting scared then go home." "Enough, were so close you guys, there's no point into fighting now." Sonic shouted. Everyone calmed down when they heard rustling noises. "I told you..." Tails mocked. Just as Sonic turned his head, a pinkish colour hit the corner of his eye. Sonic turned his head as fast as he could, only to see that it was a bird. "Nice going Tails... you're a real monster detector alright..." Knuckles cried sarcastically.

Amy walked around for a little while trying to find a way to get out of this mess. 'I should have known I would get in the way... next time I'll make sure this never happens to me and Cream again!' Amy was letting her thoughts get in the way. Just then she broke into tears. 'Next time... will there even be a next time?' Just then she heard Eggman call her back to the base. "What is taking you so long?" He demanded as she entered the door. "I just... I can't do it!..." She cried. Eggman smirked. "A little weak are we? Well I'll just have to fix that." He smirked at the words as he watched her shrink into the wall. To her, Eggman was hideous, she wanted to see her cute blue Sonic infront of her. Not him, anyone but him. As he got closer she was beginning to feal uneasy. 'Is this what he does to Cream when she gets captured?' Amy began to think straight. She could either run and possibly make thinks worse, or she could just wait it out... yet waiting it out could take for hours. As Eggman took his final step right infront of her now, she dashed for the door. Running so close, so close, just a few more steps from the door, almost there, almost there, a huge gloved hand grabbed her and forcefully pushed against the wall. "That is the last time you will ever do that!" He laughed almost as if he was losing his sanity. "Tell me my dear, how much do you love Sonic?" He questioned her. The question she fealt was uncomforting to answer. "Do you love him to go to the extreme for him?" Amy shook her head up and down replying yes. "If you don't want Sonic to die, you have to..." Her suspense was running out. She'd do anything but killing Sonic. "kiss me..." He whispered with a maniacal smile on his face. Amy's eyes widened as she realized what she had to do, to keep her sweet heart alive.

"Oh dear, look at the time... I should probably see what the news is today seeing as to Eggman's back." Rouge sighed in a seductive tone. "As usual I would suspect somethings up." Rouge flew to the Mayors office. "Oh, why Rouge, hello. Long time no see." The mayor responded. The mayor had aged over the years and this year was his retiring year. "I thought I'd just pop in for a little visit. Hey where's the grandma?" She joked referring to her old tag team partner. "Oh, yes she got into an inncodent years ago. You see, Eggman had created an explosive device and since disarming bombs was in her best category, she was assigned the duty, although she was caught by one of Eggmans robots just as the bomb set off. She died instantly." The mayor sighed at the horrific memory. "Well, I suspected the grandma wouldn't last that long... anyways have you heard from Eggman lately? I've heard he's returned..." Rouge asked. The mayor looked at her in confusion. "Eggman? We haven't seen him in years... he was quite the character... trying to take over the city." The mayor joked. "Yeah well, there is some talk going around saying he's back." Rouge smirked waiting for the mayors responce. "Well that can not be good. We need to get him out of the city for good this time. Get me Sonic and all of the superiors who are willing to go into combat." The mayor practically yelled. "I don't think it will be that easy this time."Rouge stated with a blank emotion on her face. "All we can do is try..." He replied.

Amy let a tear fall from her cheek as she fealt his mouth against hers. 'Please stop... go away... this can't get any worse than it already is.' Amy started to feel as if she were a slut. She knew she wasn't. He forced this on her. It wasn't like he gave her a choice.

Sonic left the group for a moment as he was drawn to a shiny object in the ground. "What is this?" He asked himself. He pulled the object out of the ground only to see a large door open. Eggmans secret base was right on the side of a mountain. With out calling Tails or Knuckles, Sonic ran for the now closing door. Just as he made it, he realized there were robots every where in this place. Sonic began running through them but there was way too many. "I got most of them, my best bet is to look for Amy now." Just then Sonic heard a strange noise coming from a door at the end of the hallway. He gently slid the metal sliding door open just a shade to see what was going on. Sonic's eyes widened at the sight. 'She'd choose him over me? Have I really been that neglectful to her. Sonic slammed the door open. "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU SLIME!" Some yelled. "Well, well, well, aren't we in a fury today, it's to bad that you didn't want her... but I'm sure you had an eye on someone else..." Eggman smirked. Amy looked at Sonic in disbelief. "Oh that's right, when Cream was kidnapped, he just went in a fit of rage. Yet when you needed help the most, he was waisting his time protecting Cream when I was no where in sight. Tell me Sonic, why is it that all of a sudden Amy get's kidnapped and your the very last one to know. By the time Amy was kidnapped by me, you were still on your way home with Cream. You never loved Amy the way she loves you. That my friend is why, she's with me." Eggman gave a dangerous glare then slammed his fist on a button that sprung the floors platform right where Sonic was standing. Sonic went flying and was thrown right back into the forest where he had started. Eggman, still holding Amy against the wall turned his head back to face her and replied "I'm doing you a huge favour."

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