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Chapter two, in the showers

After many weeks Bowser had finally figured out everybodys name, and him and Ganon where really good friends. Bowser had also liked beating the crap out of Mario during the matches, he really got a kick out of that, Bowser was walking to breakfast with Ganondorf, when they over heard a conversation.

"Yes... I will, once I get some D.N.A from Bowser I will create the biggest damn monster you've ever seen." Bowser recognized the voice, it was Master hand

"Tell me agian why do you want to create huge monsters that might kill the other people here?" Another voice asked

"I don't want to kill them I just want to see how well they can fight, but hey they might die... I don't give I flying freak about them." Master hand replyed

"Then how may I ask are you going to get D.N.A from Bowser..."

"I don't know yet, now leave me so I can think of a plan." Master hand yelled

"Ganondorf, I think we might want to leave now..." Bowser whispered, Ganondorf nodded and they walked past the door as if they never heard anything. The door opened, and a massive hand floated out.

"Hello boys, going to breakfast?" the hand asked

"Yeah." Bowser repled "Who are you I haven't seen you yet?"

"I am crazy hand... You fight me sooner or later, well I bet you two are hungry, I leave you be." The hadn floated quietly in the opposite direction of Bowser, and Ganondorf.

Bowser, and Ganondorf finally reached the food cort, as usal it was load, and food was flying everywhere.

"Heads up!" Ganondorf said, both him and Bowser ducked... "I hate eating with some of these people... Mewtwo is the only senible one eating..." Bowser looked over and Mewtwo was eating his food quietly, protecting himself from airborn foodwith a telekinetic forcefield.

Bowser strolled over the the food bar, and got his usual meal. Which was eggs burnt to a crisp, bacon burnt to a crisp, sasague burnt to a crisp, and a soda. Ganondorf, got the same except it wasn't burnt to a crisp...

After breakfast every room took turns in taking showers... After awhile the room H-3 was called to take thier showers. So Donkey Kong, Bowser, Ganondorf, and Captian Falco all got up and went up to the shower room.

"You know the annoying thing about these showers..." Bowser said to Donkey Kong while taking off his shell.

"What." Donkey Kong replyed, he already had his tie off.

"They have no doors, not much privacy if you ask me." Bowser had gotten his shell off and was starting his shower. Bowser had almost finished washing himself, when Donkey Kong poked his head over the shower wall.

"Hey Bowser!" Donkey Kong said

"What..." Bowser complained

"From this angel I can see Captain Falcon in the mirror... ooo he's so hot, well I got to go I have a major boner." Donkey Kong hopped back down. Bowser rolled his eyes and with out thinking he looked in the mirror, and he saw Ganondorf's reflection. Bowser's mouth dropped open, Ganondorf was washing his cock and had his head tilted back. Bowser stared and slowly felt himself get an erection. Bowser shook his head.

"No..." he said to himself "I'm not gay, I don't find men attractive." Bowser couldn't help but look again. Bowser now had a full erection. Bowser took his hand and slowly moved his hand up and down his cock... Bowser tilt his head back, and repeatedly stroke his cock. He moaned silenly. Thoughts of Ganondorf kept coming to mind, Ganondorf... the one he loved.

"Bowser!" Donkey Kong yelled, Bowser's eyes shot open


"So I saw." Donkey kong replyed smiling "Who where you thinking about?"

Bowser gulped "Uh... can you keep a secret?"

"uh sure..." Donkey kong said

"Promise not to tell..."

"uh sure..." Donkey kong rolled his eyes

"Okay...I was think about." Bowser gulped agian "I was think about Ganondorf."

"WO!" Donkey Kong exclaimed "So, what, are you saying your gay too?"

"I... I think so..." Bowser said.

Donkey Kong smiled "So what do you want to do with him?"

"I... I just want to be with him, but knowing my luck he's probably not gay..." Bowser frowned

"Hey big guy...don't give up, you'll probably get some action." Donkey Kong said, Donkey Kong walked over to Bowser and placed his hand on Bowser massive cock. Bowser looked up, but didn't say anything. Donkey Kong pulled Bowser closer to him, and slowly stroked his cock. Bowser leaned as close he could get to Donkey Kong, and he to reached his hand over and began to stroke Donkey Kong's cock.

They where at it for quite sometime.

"Donkey Kong, I'm sorry... but we really need to get out." Bowser said pulling away from Donkey Kong

"Yah your right, besides... if either Captian Falcon or Ganondorf found us, it would completly ruin or chances with them." Donkey kong walked out of the shower, dried off, and put his tie on, Donkey kong began to walk out but Bowser stopped him.

"Donkey Kong, I want to thank you, you helped me find out the truth. See if I didn't find out I was gay, my life probably would forever be lonely... So thank you..."

"Your welcome..." Donkey Kong said, he walked out the door and left Bowser alone in the shower. This Bowser thought will be the last time I am alone...