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To SaphireStars: Raimundo: Uh...well, I guess it's a little late to give you dl-sPrit's present.

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dl-sPirit: Italics indicate a diary entry. Here's the final chapter!

Then, it happened.

The bat-like wings vanished back into Raimundo's arms, as the tail vanished into his body. Blue scales transformed into tan skin (and ragged Xiaolin robes). The snout pushed itself back into his face., and the crest turned into brown spiky hair. His body shortened to his normal size. Raimundo was human.

"But- wha- he- I- " Jack stuttered as Raimundo pushed himself up. The brazilian looked down at his chest where, next to his golden medallion, the Amulet of the Moon hung. The other warriors exchanged grins. Obviously, when Omi realized Jack would capture him, he had thrown the shen-gon-wu to Raimundo, who somehow managed snap out of his paralysis and put it on.

" Jack. You're. Gonna. Pay." Raimundo's tone became more dangerous with each word. "TYPHOON BOOM - WIND!" He shot a gust of wind at the Jack-bots that held Kimiko prisoner. Half of them exploded on contact with his attack, leaving Kimiko to destroy the rest. Omi, noticing that his captors were distracted and seizing the opprotunity, yelled, "Tornado Strike - Water!" The wave of water washed away the robots, allowing Omi to help his other two comrades. Pulling out a familiar shen-gn-wu, he pointed it at the spheres containing Dojo and Clay and yelled, "Reversing Mirror!" The spheres shattered in hundreds of tiny shards, allowing his friends to also feel freedom.

Raimundo swayed slightly, weak from the long month of a living hell. Yet, when he saw Jack and Wuya try to escape, he felt his weakness leave - and his rage rise. With a bloodcurdling cry, he leaped at Jack. Jack released his trademark girly scream and tried to get out of the way, failing miserably. Though Wuya flew out of danger by going through a wall, the gothic boy was left to the mercy of the brazilian's wrath. For the second time that night, the warriors exchanged glances with each other before Kimiko slowly approached Raimundo and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Raimundo paused and turned around to face her. Kimiko supressed a gasp. He looked something like a living skeleton, and only pure rage could be seen in his forest green eyes, which both worried and scared her. "Rai," she started, "it's ok. You're free now. We can take you-" He stopped. well, sure Rio de Janeiro didn't seem like much of a home to him, but that didn't mean he considered the temple his home. Raimundo, as if sensing the reason for her hesitancy, finished for her: "Home."

"Rai, let's go home, please?" Kimiko pleaded. Enough people had been hurt. She looked from Raimundo to the battered Jack. Raimundo paused, as if thinking, then gave jack a kick in his crotch. Jack winced, squeaking. The brazilian smiled lightly, his revenge complete. "Let's go." The four warriors walked out of the evil lair. Clay noted that Raimundo actually seemed very shocked as they walked through the house, looking at the frost coating.

Once outside, Dojo, who had shrunk to his four-foot form to fit through the house, grew back to his forty-foot length. One by one, each of the warriors boarded the green dragon. Raimundo, unnaturally silent, boarded last, and Dojo flew nto the night sky.


The way back was silent. Raimundo just seemed depressed, and no one knew what to say. Finally, after a half-hour in the pressing silence, Kimiko decided to ask Raimundo a question that had been on her mind ever since they had begun the trip back to the temple.

"Rai, how'd you get the Amulet on, when, you know..." Kimiko began. She didn't know how to put the next part. Luckily, the brazilian solved her problem. "When Escuro wouldn't let me move," he finished bluntly. Everyone looked at him as he continued, "When Omi threw me the Amulet, I only caught it on reflex. Escuro made sure to prevent any way for me to actually put it on. Then-" He gulped nervously. "-he -he said he wanted a queen for when he took control and everything...he was gonna infect you Kimiko... turn you into a half-dragon too." He looked downwards.

There was no reply for the next several minutes; the idea had shocked them into silence. "Rai, what Escuro did or wanted wasn't your fault. Don't beat yourself up for it," Kimiko told the brazilian. It was somewhat strange: Escuro's idea had given Raimundo the willpower to put the Amulet on. He was responsible for his own downfall. She added, "You're free now, and nothing will change that."

Raimundo gave her a small grin. "Thanks, Kim."


Dear Diary,

It's me, Kimiko again. It's been a couple of weeks since we got Rai back. He's been quieter than usual but, then again, he hasn't completely recovered. He's still a little nervous when he hears things we don't. Also, we learned a little something: unless you want to see Rai freak out, do NOT talk to him when he can't see you.

But there's some good news. Jack's too scared to get in five feet of Rai. Plus, he's eating normally now, and we're all a little closer. Me and Rai are even closer to each other than anyone else - but we aren't dating yet. Maybe we will, maybe we won't. Everything's back to normal.

Well, almost.

No one can really explain, but Raimundo still becomes a dragon on the half moons. We know because we were playing our nightly game of Texas Hold'em and Rai suddenly morphed. His theory is that the amulet destroyed Escuro - not his dragon form. Of course, we were worried at first, but we learned he can't spread the curse without Escuro, so we're cool.

It's weird in a way. Though most of Rai's new were-dragon form is a lot like his first one (with the exception that his wings are now striped with light blue and pale green), there's a difference. Instead of the spiky head and orange eyes, he now has a crest like Escuro's and green eyes. But, it gives him a stronger look, like, 'Hey, I overcame my darker half!'

When I look out a window some nights, I can see the sillhouette of a dragon. It reminds me of the hardest quest we've ever done. It reminds me of the power of our friendship. But, more importantly, it reminds me of freedom.

Raimundo: YES! I beat up Jack!

Omi: We are victorious!

Jack: No fair!

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Ferret: Blame the new muses! It's a living freakshow!

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Jack/Omi: WHAT? WHY?

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