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"There is still good in him…I know…there is…still…"

For as long as I could remember, those words echoed through out the vast emptiness that surrounded me. I couldn't recall what they ment, but I felt that they were important, somehow. I clung to them like a small child clings to their favorite toy. They were all I had. My only comfort.

I knew only darkness, there was nothing else in my world or my memory but icy black nothingness. I was alone, afraid, chilled through and through.

"Are you alright?"

"I-it's cold."

I hugged my knees tightly to my chest, trying with no success to find some warmth. Glimmers of people and places would fill my mind. Try as I might, I couldn't hold onto any details.

Incredible loneliness settled over my heart. I drifted, eyes closed, knees to my chest. I waited, hoped for…something.

Time passed painstakingly slow. Then I remember warmth, for the first time I was warm and I opened my eyes to light. I relished the feeling. I thanked the two suns silently for their warmth and light. I only had one question, Where am I?

Soft whimpering broke my trance and brought my attention to a small boy. He had scrapes on his arms and knees. His eyes were a deep blue, and tears and mades streaks through the dirt on his cheeks. I knew a boy like this once, didn't I? Or is this the same boy.

"Are you alright?' I asked.

He blinked at me and seemed dazed for a moment. Then quickly wiped his tears away and stood straighter. With a firm boys-don't-cry look plastered to his face he replyed, "Jus' a scratch, it don't hurt."

I smiled at him and giggled, "you're a funny little boy." the words flowed right out of my mouth and they seemed to fit perfectly. He smiled back and laughed with me.

"Luke!"a voice called.


The boy turned toward a figure that was making it's way toward us. "Luke! You know you shouldn't be out here alone. Tuscan raiders live out here!" the woman cried to the boy. The woman, who I couldn't see clearly, paid no attention to me, but rush strait to the boy.

"It's alright Aunt Beru, I have my guardian angel to watch over me." he smiled at me and took the hand offered by his aunt and started home.

"Are you an angel?"

"What? "
"An angel…They're the most beautiful creatures in the universe."
"You're a funny little boy."

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