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chapter 3 Demon

I watched the twin suns descend below the horizon. I sat on the warm ground just staring at the sunset. Luke was near by with his uncle, Owen, both staring in the same direction.

"Time for the twins to go to sleep. We must be quiet, they have a big day baking the sands." owen said. Luke laughed a little and rubbed his eyes in weariness. " I know someone else who needs some rest." Owen chuckled as he stated to steer Luke in side.

Suddenly Owen turned back and stared intensely at the remaining sun. curious, I too looked. I saw nothing, but a dust cloud. Owen pulled out binoculars, then called for Beru to bring his rifle. As I looked on the dust cloud came closer and a dark figure appeared.

"What is it? Tusken raider?" Beru asked as she passed the rifle to Owen.

"Don't think so. He appears to be alone"

"Then wha-"

"Please! Just take Luke inside!"

Owen stepped forward as the figure cam closer. It was cloaked and from what I could see it had red skin and from the waist down was all durasteel. " There sonthin' I can help you with friend?" it didn't stop but kept charging toward Owen. "I'm gonna have to ask you to stop and lemme see your hands?" Still it continued forward. " I ain't gonna tell you again- stop and show me your hands or I'm gonna drop you in three! Two!-" Owen fired and missed as it jumped into the air. The rifle flew out of his hands and into the assailants hand as if summoned. It whirled around and smashed Owen in the head with enough force to break the handle in two. I let out a startled scream and to my side heard Beru cry out to Owen.

The figure, this demon, advanced on Beru and Luke. "p-please don't-" Beru pleaded as luke whimpered in her arms.

I was frozen in place, and no matter how hard I tried couldn't move. "Luke!" I cried out fearfully.

The demon stopped in front of Luke and Beru. " so there is a son!" his voice was cold and full fo venom. He turned to the side and to seemingly no one. " I know you're there! I missed you on Kamino by two days. I was a day behind you on Geonosis."

Geonosis? A faint memory stir in my subconscious, I knew I had been there. Sonthing important had happened . The beginning of something wonderful, and the beginning of something terrible.

"You call this a diplomatic solution?"

"I'm not afraid to die."

" I truly, deeply love you."

" I came across a corpse on Mustafar I thought might've been you. Imagine my relief."

"You're breaking my heat! You are going down a path I cannot follow!"


"those runts on Polis Massa were the least satisfying lives I have ever taken, but their medical log was useful."

White hot pain exploded throughout my body, I heard my self cry out, and I heard the cries of…children?

"Hold on."

Who was this monster and how could he, just by speaking stir such emotion, pain, and memories in me, that for so long had lain dormant.

"An old junk dealer in Mos Espa choked up an name before I separated him from his greed. I knew if I found the boy you'd come."

The pain disappeared as another fuzzy memory took it's place.

"These junk dealers must have a weakness."

"Greed. Everything revolves around betting on those awful races."

My vision was blurry, but I could still make out the demon. He was still looking in the same direction, and seem to be talking to himself.

"No! there is no Palpatine. No empire. No Jedi. there is no light. No dark. Just you and I here, now!"

"Our people are dying senator."

"So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause."

"The Jedi have betrayed me, don't you betray me too!"

Amazingly enough, an old man erupted from the ground and ignited a blue blade. He had a strong stance despite his age. "You won't heal clean!" he declared.

The demon threw down his cloak, activated a double bladed weapon, and charged. The old mad raised his blade to strike, but was stopped by the demon's hand on his wrist. A huge metal claw like foot landed on his chest and sent him backwards. A red blade swung toward his head and he intercepted it with his own blade. Red clash with blue, pushing it back far enough to singe to man's beard.

"That day in Theed I fell so far from what I was. When I came to rest all I could see was you. But I rose from my ruin to find myself greater, and all the day since have been to your end!" red pushed blue harder, but the blue did not relent but instead pushed back with even more power, pushing back the demon. A fist came round and smashed into the demons horns, breaking some of them. The demon backed up and growled, preparing for another attack as the old man charged.

I was so entranced by the duel that I almost failed to notice Owen coughing, as he came to Beru made her way slowly to his side, still clutching Luke

The man leaped into the air, twirled his blade and brought it down on the demon, effectively slicing the red weapon in two and severing and arm. The stench of burning flesh and a scream of agony rose into the air as the devil fell back. Before he could hit the ground he twisted and braced himself on his good arm and kicked the old man back onto the Lars family speeder. He summoned part of his weapon and activated it, then froze in shock. There stood the old man with a deactivated blade pointed strait in to demon's face, with his thumb poised over the button. Their eyes were locked and their faces were contorted in anger.

A blast sound in the night, and a red body fell slack on the ground with a smoldering wound to it's head. Owen stood with his broken handled blaster pointed at the corpse. he lowered the weapon and stared at the body.

"I'll take him out to the dune sea and burn the body there." said our rescuer in a quiet voice.

"fine." Owen replied in with a harsh tone.

"Is he okay?" indicating Luke

"I told you I'd keep him safe, and I will. " his voice became even rougher. "Even if that means from you. Don't come back her. Understand?"

This utterly confused me. The man had saved our lives and Owen gives him the cold shoulder. I may not no where I'm from, but I'm sure where ever it is, it is customary to thank a person when they help you.

Owen turned away and followed Beru and Luketheir home, and I gave him a disapproving look. Luke looked back and locked eyes with the man for a few seconds before turning away. The man sighed then turned and heaved the dead body over his shoulder and walked away. I started to head inside, but as an after thought turned and hollered, "Thank you!" if he heard me he did not show it.

This was taken from visionaries, I just added Padme and made Luke older