UnSt (my nickname): hey people, this is my first attempt at yaoi… or at anything at all, so plz don't kill me (cowers in corner)

Warnings: yaoi, rape, blood, gore, language, thought of suicide, and lemon.

Pairings: Kiba/ Jou, Yugi/Yami, Anzu/OC

Summery: When Jonouchi finds Kaiba near his house in an ally, raped and beaten, he decides to take care of him, questions are brought up. Who was the guy who hurt Kaiba? Why won't Kaiba go home, and most of all, why does Jou and Kaiba feel so weird around each other? Kiba/Jou


Fatal Mistake


Thump, thump, thump, thump.

The loud painful noise echoed thought the dark night in domino Japan, entering only deaf ears, for no one was around to hear. It came from an ally way, dark and eerie, holding the secrets of the crimes and obscurities held there. Within lay Seto Kaiba, one of the most famous teens in the world, being painfully raped by a much bigger man. For you see, Seto had made a mistake, a fatal mistake, and now he will never return home again, never again after this night, draw another breath. For this man was here to kill him, slowly and painfully. He would surely die, no one would want to save him, even if he was found… or so he thought.

" I told you not to mess with us, boy, you were warned, I told you we were stronger than you, you should have listened." The tall dark haired man gloated laughing at the youth and getting dressed " but damn, you were a good fuck!" he took on last kick at the side of the broken teen before walking away, leaving him to bleed to death.

'I can't die yet' he thought as pain surged up his spine. 'I have to find some one to take care of Mokuba, but I can't go back, that would put Mokuba in even more danger. All because of one stupid mistake.' And with that thought he forced himself up of the ground, and stumbled away from the place where he had, a mere few minutes ago, painfully and unwillingly lost his virginity and pride. Not having any idea where he was or where he was going, Seto limped on, thankful that the streets he now traveled were empty, or so he thought. And then he heard it.

"Kaiba!" he had a vague recollection of the voice, but the blood loss kept him from placing the voice with a name and face. Kaiba stood there unsteadily for a second or so before he fell. Something, or someone caught him, soft warm arms carried him somewhere unknown, unconsciously cuddling into a soft muscular chest. They laid him on something soft and started to pull away.

" Don't… leave…me." was the only thing that he could get to pass through his lips before he passed out from blood loss.


Well that's all for now, but this is just the prologue, so the next chappie will be longer, don't worry, so I don't know when I'll be able to update next, with school starting, but if I get 4-5 reviews, I'll update sometime next week. I Jou's P.O.V, see what he thinks of kaiba's strange predicament. L8er, ya'll.