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Dawn of Power

Ease My Trouble Mind

A young woman took a deep breath. Her eyes were closed and her long light blonde hair was in a braid. A black hat covered the top of her head and was pulled down to block one eye from view. Her pale porcelain face was emotionless as she laid against the soft green grass.

"Robin-kun." Her bright green eyes snapped open. A man, only a year younger than herself smiled brightly down at her. His sky blue eyes danced with amusement the wind caused his blonde hair to sway gently. With a sigh she stood up and pressed her painted black upper lip against her pale lower lip as her thoughts collided with each other. As she stood her sleeveless red long coat fell down to just passed her knees. It blocked her black tank top and black shorts from view for a moment as she reached down and picked up her naginata. Her black boots that went up halfway to her knees made no noise as she walked over to the young man. She reached back with her fingerless gloved hands and twirled her weapon above her head. After a moment she brought the weapon down, causing the younger man to jump back to avoid being hit. "Geez, sorry to wake you!" She scoffed at the idea and turned her back.

"Naruto, I do not disturb you if you choose to meditate." She moved away from h, letting the wind pick up and blow her coat around in the air.

"Robin-kun?" Naruto blinked, confused. After a moment he ran after her.

"Is there something you need cousin?" He shook his head.

"Iie. Just wanted to see you."

"Why?" Robin turned to face her cousin after her question.

". . . you seem . . . sad." Robin closed her eyes and sighed.

"Gaara will need to return to his village in less than a week. He's packing right now." Naruto's eyes softened at the mention of Gaara. The two had been going out for nearly six months. ". . . . they say that he will become Kazekage soon." Robin turned away from Naruto and continued to walk. Naruto took a moment to realize this and hurried after her.

"Robin-kun, I'm sure that Gaara and you will-" Robin cut Naruto off.

"I know." She gave off another sigh and sent a glance towards him over her shoulder. "Everyone tells me the same things. It will work out."

"Hai. Look at Kakashi-sensei and Setsuko-neechan! She was gone for three years but they got married." Robin stopped once more, causing Naruto to almost bump into her.

"You're a jounin now. You don't need to call him sensei anymore." Naruto shrugged, not truly caring.

"I guess you're right. But old habits die hard." Robin shook her head at her younger cousin's reply.

"How can you be so optimistic?" Naruto smiled sadly at the ground as memories flashed through his mind.

"Because it used to be the only way to get through the day. The thought that things would get better." The sorrow vanished and his smile became right and sunny. Naruto looked up at Robin. "But then I became a part of team 7, I learned about our cousin Setsuko, and then another six cousins showed up too." Robin turned and began to walk away again. "Come on Robin, let's go visit Gaara!" Robin shook her head, not stopping her pace.

"Gaara and I belong to two different villages. Our duties come first. That is the way of the ninja." Naruto stepped in front of Robin.

"What about your ninja way!" He demanded harshly. Robin stared at him, no emotion showing in her eyes as she spoke.

"My ninja way . . . . . . is none of your concern, Naruto-kun." She brushed passed him, disappearing from sight.

Robin jumped from tree to tree, her naginata held loosely at her side. '. . . my ninja way?' Robin stopped on a branch as she thought. She exhaled slowly and looked up through the branches and leafs to see specks of blue and white. She reached up and clutched her hand over her heart. She stepped off the branch and fell to the ground, landing with a light thud. 'I . . . . I'm not like everyone else. I don't need a ninja way . . . . the only path I walk is one of duty . . . and I hate everyone that thinks things will be alright if I just try hard enough.' Robin walked through the forest as her thoughts wandered. 'Don't they get it? Love doesn't conquer all! It can't! Otherwise . . . . otherwise Mother would not have given up. She would have not abandon me . . . . like Gaara.' Robin tightened her grip on her naginata and swung it at a tree, leaving a deep cut.

". . . . I need to sharpen it." She needed a distraction. Anything to keep her mind of of him. 'It's not fair.' She thought as she stared down at her blade. 'Everyone is leaving me behind . . . .'

"It's not like you to let it get blunt." A deep harsh voice caused Robin to turned and glare at a woman leaning against a tree. She wore black silk pants and a very baggy white long sleeved shirt over it. A long dark green vest was over it and a gold silk ribbon was tied tightly around her waist. Two bracelets were around each ankle and her feet were clad in golden Arabian slippers. Her white hair had been pulled back into a low ponytail with her bangs grown out to her chin, most swept to her right side of her faces and the rest to her left. Her green eyes showed a depth of concern for the younger woman.

"What are you doing here Tenshi?" Tenshi shrugged and stood up straight.

"Heard you we feeling down."

". . . you spoke with Naruto?" Tenshi nodded and Robin narrowed her eyes. Anger was staring to boil inside of her. Was everyone thinking she had to be helped? Did everyone think that she needed help? She was a jounin! She was the Emotionless Executioner! She had been raised since birth to be a perfect ninja. Did they not understand that she just wanted to be alone? She didn't need them coming to her rescue! She didn't want to be helped! She just wanted to be left alone. Why did they insist on acting like they cared? She felt her heart ache as she remembered the intimate moments she shared with Gaara. He knew the pain she felt but he decided to leave. He acted like he cared but he didn't. It hurt her just to think of him.

"Listen Robin, just because Gaara is going back does-"

"I KNOW!" Robin yelled, cutting off Tenshi. Tenshi looked at her younger cousin in surprise and shock. Robin was not one to be angered so easily. But Tenshi didn't realize that this anger had been building up since the moment that Robin heard Gaara was going back. "I know already, so just back off!" She spun around, her anger pouring out of her as she ranted. All her anger, pain, and sadness poured off of her as she could no longer suppress it. "I don't the advice of from my male cousin who is dressed like a woman! You and Anko are getting along just fine so go bug her! You are not wanted here!" Robin turned and ran off, throwing another yell over her shoulder. "Why can't you people just leave me alone!" Robin ran even harder, anger blinding her actions. They didn't understand. They didn't understand how it was like to be abandoned. To be used and thrown aside. She had thought Gaara understood. But he decided to leave her. He put the Hidden Sand before her. And it killed her. Her legs began to ache but she ignored it. Robin dropped the naginata as she ran but she did not stop. She did not even notice. She was too caught up in fighting off her pain. She was suppose to be emotionless. But when it came to Gaara she displayed so much emotion. She had given him her heart. She had given him what was left of her. And he was leaving. When branches and twigs scrapped her, she paid no mind to it. Robin refused to let tears fall. She would not be considered weak for any reason. "I will not be like her! I will not!" She muttered to herself as she sprinted through the trees. Her chest felt heavy and constricted but she kept running. Finally, she slowed to a stop and her legs gave out. Robin panted, trying to regain her breath. Robin stared up at the sky. ". . . his duty calls for him . . . and I can no longer hold him back from it." Finally, tears poured down her cheeks as she sobbed bitterly. Everyone was leaving her behind. And no matter how hard she ran, she could never catch up.

Soft gray eyes stared into a calm fire. A young woman sitting in front of it reached up and brushed away a strain of jet black hair. Her hair had three different lengths, her bangs fell onto her forehead and did not tred pass it, some hair by her face was cut to chin length and the rest tumbled down her back. She wore red pants and a oriental top. It had long sleeves and it reached down pass her but as though it was a dress. The bottom half was red and ended at a gold line close to her armpits. The rest was an eggshell white. In between the two colors and on her heart was a yin-yang. The shirt was trimed with a dull gold. She had black slip on shoes. Her hair was pulled up in a pony tail and had a tight braid looped around the ponytail.

"Yoko . . . ." The woman turned at the voice and saw Tenshi.

"Yes, Tenshi?" Tenshi entered the room and stared at the fire.

"Robin ran off."

"I saw through the holy fire." Yoko sighed and stared the fire in front of her as Tenshi sat down next to her. "With my abilities as a meiko I am granted visions. The one I have received shows that Robin must learn to walk her own path." Tenshi looked at Yoko, confusion written across her face.

"Robin has always walked her own path." Yoko shook her head.

"Iie. Robin has always done what others excepted. When Robin killed her mother at four years old, it was because her mother forced her too. Her mother created her life, even after her assisted suicide. To learn Robin's special summonings Robin had to kill her mother to master her ultimate summoning, the vampire god that's powers were infused into her body for certain periods of time. After that, I forced Robin to become the 'Emotionless Executioner' to protect our old home, the Celia mountains. She became a Leaf-nin because she was Uzumaki and a shinobi. She's seventeen and now the man she loves, Gaara, is leaving her. He's moving on and she can't. It's killing her." Tenshi looked down and sighed.

"Hai. Normally she wouldn't yell at me. But . . ." Tenshi trailed off, tears in her eyes.

"Tenshi?" Yoko reached out concerned for her cousin. Tenshi looked back.

"Do you think I should give up wearing pretty clothes and dress like a man?" Yoko felt her eyes twitch as Tenshi fought back tears. "I know I have to body of a man, but honestly! I do have the soul of woman!"

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