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"You lost the bet fair and square!" yelled a fiery young girl.

"You cheated!" an angry hanyou yelled back.

"How in the hell did I cheat Inuyasha!"

"Because you just did, Kagome!"

"Your unbelievble!"

"Tell me something I don't know wench," Inuyasha said as he smirked.

Flash Back

"Hey Kagome wanna make a bet?" Inuyasha yelled over the music.

"Yeah, sure over what?" Kagome yelled back over the blaring music.

"If Miroku touches Sango in anyway shape or form and she knocks him unconscious I win," Inuyasha yelled back.

"Okay, I'll agree so what happens if ya win or if I win?" Kagome asked.

"You'll be my slave for five days if you lose, and if you win it'll be the other way around," Inuyasha told her as he smirked thinking of all the things he could do to her if he won.

"Deal Inuyasha!"

"Deal Kagome!"

They both shook their hands and waited for Miroku to make a move. When Miroku's hand made its destined spot(her rear), Sango clobbered him. Kagome and Inuyasha ran as fast as they could over to Miroku. Inuyasha held up two of his fingers and asked him how many he was holding, Miroku said two.

"Miroku was conscious so I won!" Kagome yelled, getting sick of Inuyasha's stubborness.

"Well Sango was in on it!" Inuyasha yelled back, he was not going to be her slave.

"She didn't even know about it gayrod!"

"First of all my rod is not gay and I am not gonna be a nerd's slave for a week!" Inuyasha concluded as he turned around his arms crossed.

See Kagome and Sango were the schools smartest people and Miroku and Inuyasha were the school's most popular playboys. Miroku being Kagome's cousin, was invited to all his and Inuyasha's parties.

"You know Inuyasha. Kag's right she won fair and square, I was conscious," Miroku tenderly rubbing the bump on his head that Sango gave him.

"Whatever, fine starting on Monday I'll be required to do whatever you want in and out of school," Inuyasha said as he gave up all hopes of getting out of his predicament.

"Finally Inuyasha!" Sango said from her place leaning against the door.

"Oh all the possibilities...ooh I can do this...and this...oh I've always wanted to see him in those!" Kagome yelled thinking aloud everything she was going to do to Inuyasha for five whole days, it was going to be so fun!

Inuyasha slowly started to back away from the insane girl who was going to make his life a living hell startin tommorow. He was starting to regret his bet with Kagome but he always won, except for that one time in sophmore year were he had to wear a pink tutu and put his hair up in pink ribbons because Kagome beat him in a game of cards. What has he gotten himself into this time.

xXLater That NightXx

"So Kagome what are you thinking about doing to Inuyasha tomorrow?" Sango asked Kagome over the phone.

"Oh I don't know I still have to get revenge for him making me wear that super small mini skirt, I still get cat calls for that!" yelled angrily.

"It wasn't that bad at least you had some guys drooling over ya like dogs especially one dog in particular," Sango said suggestivly.

"Oh gosh don't remind me, that sick son of pig," Kagome said groaning.

"No a dog Kagome remember the ears, the ears!" Sango yelled dramatically into the phone.

"Yeah yeah yeah, I hear ya," Kagome said as she went to her closet to pick her clothes out for tomorrow. She was glancing around when she found something that caught her eye.

"Sango I have the perfect idea for tomorrow I gotta go and set it all out! Bye!" Kagome yelled into the phone without waiting for her friends reply.

"Okay well...damn dial she hung up on me," Sango said aloud as she hung up the phone.

'This better be something good if you hung up on me' Sango thought to herself as she went to her closet to find something suitable to wear.

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