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Chapter Ten

"Ahhhhhh…I am going to kill you both!" Was what Ron heard when he woke about ten o'clock on Sunday morning. He groggily got up and made his way to the door, peering out, keeping the door slightly closed in case of flying objects. What he saw could only make him chuckle…and then maybe cringe. Kim was standing just outside the bathroom door with her back to him, dressed only in a towel, yelling at her two younger brothers in front of her who were holding a wrench and looking sullen.

"What the hell do you think you were doing?" Kim roared angrily at them. Ron opened the door fully and quietly watched them from the doorway.

"We just thought that..."

"…you would like a little extra water pressure…"

"…for your shower." Jim and Tim answered her, looking sheepish. (Ron thought they should be more scared than that, but they were her brothers.) Kim's face turned even redder, and screwed up in anger just a little more while she contemplated her response to the two.


"What…?" Jim and Tim both exclaimed.

"I said GET OUT! Get out of my house right now! Go find someone else to annoy!" Kim roared, chasing them towards the door.


"Hoo-sha!" Jim and Tim conferred nervously as they dashed out the door, dropping the wrench on their way; as soon as they cleared the doorway, Kim slammed it behind them, locking it as she turned around. She slumped on the door, arms crossed on her chest, and heaved; glad to have her brothers out of the house before she actually did kill them. Ron waited a minute for her to calm down as she stood there (he well knew the dangers of annoying his wife while she was already angry), then he cautiously walked up.

"You ok, KP?" Kim looked up, still evidently a little peeved by her expression.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Ron…I guess I better go finish my shower." Kim said as she stood up straight and started to head back towards the bathroom, a sour look still on her face. Ron tried to get out of her way, but she grabbed his shirt and started dragging him along as she passed.

"Ummm...what are you doing?"

"Look, I've already had an exasperating morning…and you're going to help me work off some steam, Mr. Stoppable." Kim replied angrily as she dragged him into the bathroom with her. She pushed him up against the wall, closing the door with her foot, and began to tug at his shirt.


"Oh, yes…you're going to help me release some energy…besides we have some unfinished business from last night, Ronnie, and I intend to collect." Kim eyed him, her face curling into an evil smile mixed with a look of anger, annoyance, and…hunger?

"Uhh…Kim…maybe you should calm down before we…uhh…" Ron pleaded nervously. Kim gave him a 'shut the hell up and you won't get hurt' look, and then forcefully pulled him down into a kiss.

"Oh, boy." Ron gasped as she released him and dropped her towel.

"Whoa." Monique and Felix both gasped as they, Kim, and Ron walked through the two large metal doors that had slid open. They were now all standing (or sitting in Felix's case) just inside the door of the Team Possible central command and conference room. Kim and Ron just chuckled at their friends' reactions. The room was a large dome with six doors around the perimeter. In the center was a large round conference table (much like the one in 'Go Tower') and along the back wall across from the entry was a very large computer with one huge screen. When Wade had promised a headquarters for Team Possible, he meant it. The table, computer screen, and all the doors had the 'KP' logo emblazoned on them. Kim had wanted to change it to 'TP' for Team Possible instead of just her name, but Ron insisted they stick with her logo, apparently 'TP' just always reminded him of Toilet Paper.

Relatively speaking, the Team Possible portion of the base was not so big. It occupied the first floor of the underground missile compound, which in all had nine floors. In the months preceding Kim and Ron getting married and moving out to the base, Wade had completely gutted and renovated the entire facility, not just the apartments but the missile silo areas as well. While the concrete shells, silo shafts, main entrances and exits were not able to be moved or reconfigured, the rest of the facility was surprisingly easy to change.

The headquarters consisted of six main components: The central conference and computer area; a general work room (where Kim and Ron's 'bomb' classes had been held); a small lab; a gym/locker/weight room/dojo combination for combat training; an armory containing all their gadgets (and even a few guns, which both Kim and Ron hated using or even training with, although they still did it to stay alert and versed). And finally a hanger/garage that, at the moment, only housed Kim's car, but in the future, they hoped to get a VTOL of their own (even if the garage was small enough they had questions about whether it would fit).

"Welcome Kim Stoppable, Ron Stoppable, and Rufus. Unidentified guests, please remain motionless for body scan." A disembodied computer voice greeted pleasantly as they walked into the room. As Felix and Monique entered, two laser rifles came down from hidden alcoves in the ceiling and trained on the best friends of Team Possible. Blue-tinted light ran over them and then the machine guns retracted. "Felix Renton identified. Monique Jenkins identified. Thank you and have a nice day." Kim cringed a little. Ron beamed, and Rufus perked up at the mention of his name. Wade had installed a few of his experimental AI projects onto their central computer, which everything was hooked up to, so he could try out the whole 'Star Trek' thing. Kim did not like it so much (it reminded her of villain lairs when they were about to self destruct), but Ron thought it was the 'most bon-diggity thing ever'.

"Isn't it the coolest?" Ron asked Felix as they wheeled up to the computer. "…oh and don't tell Kim, but Wade loaded Zombie Mayhem VII onto this thing for me!"

"Booyah!...let's Zombie Bash!" Exclaimed Felix, excited by the fact that they could bash Zombie's on one of the largest screens he had ever seen.

"Sorry, dude, no can do. We have to get back to work after lunch, and I don't think you want to hear Kim's lecture about how this is the Team's equipment and she doesn't want us playing 'mindless video games' on it."

"You might be right…that lecture she gave you when we spent the whole weekend watching that new cable channel…'Explosions of the Ages'…was awful, and that was before you got married." Despite their disappointment at not being able to spend hours and hours on their favorite sport (zombie bashing, which should've been an Olympic sport as far as he was concerned); Ron and Felix took the next hour to explore the HQ. Ron took great pride in showing off Team Possible's toys to his friend, and Felix was quite taken with the armory.

The reason they were actually down in the base was to give Felix and Monique the complete tour, then they were taking a brief break for lunch. The entire morning, everybody there (with the absence, as Kim had noted, of Wade and her father who had both disappeared sometime that morning.) had been helping others who were arriving move in and get settled. Kim and Ron had been helping to supervise the placement of equipment and people around the base. Along with the scientists and officials arriving, there were also families, equipment, large stores of food and water. They had retired to Kim and Ron's apartment for lunch just moments before when Wade's head popped-up on their TV.

"Hey, guys!" Wade exclaimed. Kim and Ron exchanged a surprised look. Not that they would normally note Wade's appearance, but today he looked brighter and happier than they had seen him and months.

"Hey, Wade, you look like your in a good mood; do you want to join us for lunch?" Kim asked, smiling back at their friend.

"No thanks, but I do have good news! Your father and I think we have finally got a solution to stabilizing the cold fusion reactor that we have been working on for the past few months!"

"Umm…pretend I don't know what any of that means." Said Ron, shifting his eyes between Kim and Wade. Kim sighed.

"What it means is that they may have found a way to produce safe, abundant, and environmentally friendly electricity!" Kim explained to her husband.

"Oh…cool." Ron replied, still obviously a little lost.

"So, Wade, now that you have a solution, any word as to how long it will take to get a working reactor up and running? You know this technology could actually end the war!" Kim asked and continued getting excited at the possibility of actually being able to help with a sitch that, until now, had decidedly been out of Team Possible's arena.

"It's hard to say, but we are over the big hurdle now; it's just a matter of assembling one large enough to test the possibility of actually running a whole city off of one…a month or so with the right people, and materials."

"Wow, that's quick, keep us posted; we would like to help out if we can!" Kim admonished. Wade, obviously excited that someone got what he was talking about, grinned from ear to ear, gave them a thumbs up, and then blinked out.

The rest of the day proceeded quickly. After lunch, the group got back to work, and that evening, much to Kim's dismay and Ron's elation, they received word that all schools were closed until the government deemed it safe to return. It seemed were now considered a terrorists target. Kim was angry about having to postpone their graduation, but Ron was just happy about getting a vacation of sorts.

"Come on, Ron, don't you want to graduate!" Kim admonished her husband as they were sitting on the couch, watching TV together in one of the rare moments her brothers were actually sitting still and behaving (as they were stretched out on the carpet in front of them). It had been two days since they had all gotten everything situated on the base and the 'school break' had been announced. They had started this 'discussion' at dinner and Kim still could still not understand Ron's position on the matter.

"Oh, come on, KP! We're going to graduate eventually anyway, and with all that's been going on, I know I could use a vacation, so I don't see why you're so worried."

"I'm not worried, Ron! I just want to get high school over and done with; we've been working for this day for so many years now, and it's now pushed back indefinitely!" In reality, Kim was worried, not so much about when they graduated, she just had a bad feeling in her gut.

She reasoned that if they had canceled all school for the time being, all over the country, then things might just be worse than they seemed. Despite their comforts on the base, things were worse outside its perimeter. On the base, they had to ration their food, stay as much out of sight during the day (for fear of air raids), and live on the base with over two-hundred other people, many of them strangers, for an undetermined amount of time. The conditions on the base, though, were not half as bad as those outside the compound. The government was becoming unable to ensure the amount of rations (food and resources) were reaching America's communities. Fuel for personal transportation was completely cut off from private citizens. People were desperately trying to build makeshift bomb shelters and secure enough food and water for stays in them. Some cities were even in outright panic, sections of them beginning to resemble the post-apocalyptic movies that Ron loved to watch. It had occurred to Kim that civilization itself was beginning to break down. There was a very real possibility that the United States as a nation, as well as many others could cease to exist. But what could they do? How could they reach a truce….and how could Team Possible help? They weren't diplomats or politicians; they had no experience or training with this type of situation.

"Mmm…tell your brothers to be quiet…mmm…" Ron mumbled as he rolled over towards Kim.

"Ron! Get up, Ron!" Kim yelled at him, grabbing his arm and yanking him up from sleep. It was four a.m. and only seconds earlier Kim had been startled from her peaceful sleep by the base's blaring klaxon of an alarm.

"What's that?" Ron asked, alarmed, but still sleepy as he stumbled out of bed after his wife, pulling on clothes as he went.

"It's the air-raid alarm, Ron! We have to get inside the base, our apartment isn't safe." Kim yelled over the noise as she grabbed a coat and headed for the front door. Her brothers were sitting up in the living room, looking bleary-eyed and confused, much like Ron. As Kim ran towards the door, the boys beginning to follow, the TV/ View Screen jumped to life, and Wade's life sized head appeared on it.

"Kim! Ron! Wait!" Yelled Wade, just as Kim started to run out the door.

"Wade, we don't have time for this; we've got to get to the base!" Kim said, addressing their tech-guru. As she said this, the base alarms shut off, allowing them to talk without yelling.

"Sorry about that, guys. It was a false alarm; we thought it was an air-raid, but it wasn't."

"What are you talking about, man? Why did you set off the alarms and get us all out of bed for a false alarm." Ron questioned, less sleepy now that his adrenalin and kicked in. Kim rolled her eyes at his slow start-up, but was proud of him for actually asking a needed question.

"Well, that's the interesting part. Just a few minutes ago, we detected an aircraft entering our airspace; it wasn't flying very high so we thought it might be a tactical fighter coming in on a reconnaissance run or something. When it did not identify itself, we set off the alarms, but just after we did that, the computer identified the craft." Kim blinked, so did Ron and her brothers.

"So…what does that mean?" Kim asked, voicing the group's bewilderment.

"Well…you just gotta' see this to believe it." Wade replied, a large grin spreading across this tired face. "Just get some normal clothes on and come down to the helicopter pad." Wade added before blinking off the screen all together. Kim and Ron looked at each other before heading back to their room to change into some normal outfits. Jim and Tim meanwhile had started to change into their clothes as well. Just as Kim closed the door, she yelled back to them.

"Don't even think you're coming you two. Go back to bed."

"awwww…man." She heard them both let out.

Kim and Ron exited the apartment building and made there way across the compound to the helicopter pad that was positioned on the top of the concrete bunker that served as the enclosure for the former missile silo. What they expected to see was a scene of total chaos with people running for the bunker dressed only in their pajamas and the national guardsman trying desperately to maintain order. However, that is not what they found. Crowded around the pad were at least two-thirds of the base's current occupants, at the center of which they could make out was a large round space. As they approached, they could see that the center circle was lined with national guardsman many of which had their rifles up and trained towards the center of the opening. Kim also looked around and around noticed the short 'watchtowers' that had been installed by Wade containing automated anti-aircraft lasers were also trained on the center of the circle.

The crowd parted as they saw Ron and Kim approaching, and as soon as they saw it, Ron could not hold back a small laugh; Kim just smirked. Sitting at the center of the circle was a small, smoking, blue hovercraft. Sitting on the pavement with their backs leaning up against it were none other than Shego and Drakken, both with their hands up, looking sullen.

"Well…this is an unexpected visit." Proclaimed Kim as they stepped slightly into the circle and both villains looked their way. "What brings you two all the way out here?" Kim asked with a satisfied smirk.

"Umm…err…ahhh…" Drakken mumbled, agitated, but still looking at the pavement, keeping his hands up.

"Go on, tell them, Dr. Dumb!" Shego spat at him.

"Umm…we're here to…ahhh! We're here to surrender ourselves and request asylum." Drakken finally spit out, clearly hating every word of it. Kim and Ron just looked at each other for a minute, and then both burst out into peals of laughter.

"You're…you're kidding right?" Ron finally asked between fits. Dr. Drakken let out a growl before speaking again.

"No, we are not kidding, you buffoon!" His face turned slightly purple with his anger.

"Shut up, idiot! We're already sitting here at gunpoint!" Shego yelled back at her employer, as angry with him as ever. After a moment, Kim and Ron both regained their composure enough to speak. By now, Rufus was out of Ron's pocket (where he had stuffed him on the way out the door, still asleep) and sitting on Ron's shoulder looking bewildered.

"Ok, so let me get this straight. You both just flew into our headquarters, landed, put your hands in the air, and have just asked us to accept your surrender in exchange for protection!" Kim repeated to them. Dr. Drakken did his best imitation of Kim's puppy dog pout (though he knew it not).

"Yes." He answered. Kim's communicator beeped in her pocket, obviously Wade had something for them.

"What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Well, Kim, I've scanned them with everything I've got, they're clean except for Shego's powers and the normal systems on the hover-car. What do you think we should do about them?" Kim eyed the villains skeptically, and then threw a look to Ron and Rufus. They needed to take a little conference on whether to hear them out or not. Ron seemed to get the message and walked up beside Kim so the three of them could see the screen on the Kimmunicator.

"Well, guys, here's the deal. We've got two villains sitting on our secret base in the middle of nowhere, with a hover car that looks like it is on its last leg; asking us to take them in and protect them in exchange for their surrender. For one, I'm skeptical, but we can't very well let them go, so I say we hear them out, and see about calling Global Justice to see if they can haul them off to jail. What do you think?"

"I'm with Kim on this one; we really can't let them go, and the only thing we seem to have to worry about is Shego since Drakken is a pansy." Ron replied, Rufus nodding in agreement. Wade seemed to be thinking about it, but then nodded his head in agreement.

"That's pretty much it. Why don't we talk to them in the team conference room? I'll meet you there; and I think I might have a way to neutralize Shego's power for the time being."

"Alright, we'll meet you there." Kim said, going into 'mission mode' and adopting an impassive expression.

"Welcome, Kim Stoppable, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Dr. Drakken, Shego, and unidentified guests." The disembodied computer voice greeted as the group entered the central Team Possible conference room. Kim blushed a little again at the greeting, and she caught Shego raising her eyebrow in recognition. Kim, Ron, and the two villains entered accompanied by six national guardsmen, still with their side-arms out, trained on the duo. Until they could neutralize Shego and get them secured, they did not want to take any chances. Kim and Ron were surprised to see Wade himself, in person, sitting at his place at the conference table when they entered.

"Hey, guys." Wade greeted, getting up to meet them and holding out what looked like two large bracelets.

"Hey, Wade, my man! What are those things?" Ron greeted and then asked, eyeing the two bracelets.

"These are for Shego." Wade stated as he approached the voluptuous villainess. She scowled and eyed the devices.

"No, really, you shouldn't have." She sneered, igniting her hands when he got near. The guards on either side of her cocked their pistols and ordered her to 'stand down'. Shego, however grumbling, decided it was wise to comply.

"I'm sorry, Shego, but we just can't let you walk around here with all of your powers, and these bracelets will inhibit your plasma bursts. They also contain inertial dampers that will make it hard for you to do any kind of martial arts. Now they are just prototypes so don't try and use your powers too much with them on; if you do, they may overload and explode." Wade said, securing the bracelets on her wrists and locking them with a special key.

"And I should worry about that, why?"

"Let's just say, if they do explode they contain enough energy to take your hands completely off at the wrists." Wade smirked as her face fell. The group took a seats at the table and the guards fell back to stand around the edge of the room, holstering their weapons, but keeping sharp eyes on the villains. Shego was the first to speak after a moment of silence, raising one eyebrow as she did.

"So, Kimmie, is it true what they're saying in the papers; you and Stoppable are married?" Kim and Ron blushed, while Shego just smirked. Dr. Drakken raised his head looking bewildered and agitated.

"Don't be ridiculous, Shego; if the buffoon and cheerleader were married, don't you think I'd be the first to know about it." Shego's face screwed up in agitation, and she rolled her eyes at Dr. Drakken's comment.

"You are so stupid, you big blue idiot, it's been all over the news and in every magazine since nearly a month ago!"

"Shego, do we have to have another talk about your hurting words…" Drakken began.

"Both of you, quiet!" Kim yelled over the duo's rising pitch. Both villains quieted down and looked to Kim to continue. "Just to clarify, since it's none of your business anyway; yes, Ron and I are married." Shego snickered and Drakken just looked dumbfounded. Kim looked over at Ron, who looked just about ready to pipe up and say something with Rufus looking angry on the table in front of his master; however, Kim cut everybody off before the line of discussion could go any further.

"Look, we are down here to discuss why the two of you are here, and why we should give a damn about protecting you." Kim was getting agitated about this whole mess, and they were loosing valuable sleep time.

"Quite right." Nodded Drakken. "We are here because we need protection and shelter, and we really had no place else to go."

"Says you…" Shego huffed under her breath.

"What about all your lairs, or you Mom's, or another villain's place?" Ron offered, remembering how Kim had once told him about Drakken's mother's 'visit' on her and her mom's Mother's Day adventure. Drakken frowned, but continued with his explanation.

"All my lairs have been destroyed, either by you two, or by the government. My Mother is on vacation, and we can't exactly just walk about town without getting arrested, and all the other villains are either in hiding or won't let us stay there."

"That still doesn't explain why you're set on surrendering or why you need protection." Kim pointed out.

"Dr. Smartass here decided he wanted to hook-up with the Chinese government for weapons development, then double cross them with their secrets, selling them to the British, then the U.S. found out what he was doing. Now, we are not only wanted in eleven countries but China and the U.S. are out to get us. All his and my assets have been frozen, and all his lairs former and current are covered up with either Chinese or U.S. agents. So instead of hiding out on some small little pacific tropical Island, here we are giving ourselves up." Shego ended, huffing and crossing her arms in front of her chest. Drakken just nodded.

"So you're between a rock and a hard place and you've come to us for help, basically" Wade interjected, sipping the soda he always had present. They nodded again.

"You do know right now this is a government facility attached to the space center, and we work for Global Justice, a government agency." Kim half asked, half stated to them. They nodded again.

"It was merely the decision of which was the lesser of the two we feared." Drakken offered. Kim looked at her team after a few moments of silence, letting them think of anything else they may need to ask. After a few moments, both Ron and Wade gave her a nod, which told her they would follow her lead.

"Well, I can't see much else to do, but contact GJ and see what Dr. Director has to say about it. Do we have anywhere we can lock these two up, while we talk to them?" Kim asked, looking towards Wade for an answer.

"We don't have any real formal holding cells or anything, but I do have two small secure rooms downstairs in my lab built for locking in test subjects for study. We can each set them up a bed, but we'll have to find better accommodations later." Kim nodded to him; it would have to do for now.

"I'm sorry Kim, but we just can't spare the manpower right now; you're going to have to keep them there until things calm down and we can get several agents to escort them back here."

"But Dr. Director, Ron and I could escort them to headquarters, and you'd only need one or two guards to watch them." Kim pleaded with the Global Justice head. The director just shook her head once more. She hated to leave her best team out in the cold like this, but Global Justice was stretched so thin at the moment the only people on base were she, communications technicians, and the scientists. All of their personal were in the field or committed elsewhere. Kim sighed, it looked like they were going to have to feed, protect, and house the two super-villains on the base for a while. Things were just not going like they had thought they would right now. Not only were her brothers staying with them, now she had two of her worst enemies to look after.

"So, princess, how's married life treating you?" Shego asked with a pronounced smirk as Kim came into her 'cell' the next morning to collect the breakfast tray.

"I fail to see how that is any of your business Shego." Kim replied stiffly.

"Oh, come on Kimmie! I'm stuck in this six by six cube for who knows how long, and I got dragged here by Dr. Dumbass to surrender myself. The least you could do is talk to me a little." Shego announced as Kim turned to leave. Despite her better judgment, this made Kim pause a little.

The war had been becoming a strain on everybody since they had been relocated out here; she could see Shego's point. In fact, it also reminded Kim of the mission she went on to help Shego get her brothers' powers back. The had never 'talked' much, but she had felt a type of connection with the villainess on that trip, and she couldn't help but notice certain….similarities…between her and the pale-skinned women sitting on the bunk in front of her. They both had brothers that, despite the annoyances they constantly served their sisters, they loved very much; they had both been (or were in Kim's case) teen heroes, and they both loved a challenge. It seemed to provide a certain comradery between the two. Kim sat down on the bed as far from Shego as she could effectively go and leaned against the wall, careful to keep her eyes on the villain and the door.

"So…what did you want to talk about?" Kim asked, not really sure what to say to her adversary. Shego smirked at having persuaded Kim to stay and chat.

"I already asked. How's married life treating you?" Shego asked, running a hand through her long black tresses.

"Well...I guess it wouldn't hurt to talk about what's already been said in the press. It's good; Ron and I are still adjusting to it; neither of us ever planned on marrying so young." Kim replied, getting that dreamy look on her face that she always got whenever she talked about Ron lately. Shego's eyebrows shot up; this was something interesting.

"Ahh…so Kimmie's in love with the buffoon. Now that's something interesting. Not like I didn't see it coming though."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kim asked, exasperated by the fact that they had already had lots of people say the same thing.

"Oh, come on! How can you not have seen it? What red-blooded, teenage, American male has a good-looking, popular, world-saving, cheerleader as his best friend, and only wants to stay best friends? Please, you two have been together since you were born, stands to reason you'd stay together." Kim blushed a little at Shego's remark…that was true, how many other male-female best friends like Kim and Ron did you find? And when you did, one of them at least (if not both), was always secretly in love with the other.

"Well, ok, you might have a point. But seriously, I didn't see it coming. I mean Ron has always been there for me, but I never really gave him a chance until I had to save him…then…you know…I started noticing things."

"Hmm…were they naughty things?" Shego asked suggestively, narrowing her eyes and allowing a sly smile to cross her lips. Kim turned a little red.

"Shego! No, they weren't naughty things." Kim admonished her. "At least not all of them." She added under her breath a second later. Shego laughed. Kim took note too…it was a genuine laugh, one that spoke that she was at ease talking with Kim…almost friendly. Almost.

"So tell me, what's he like in the sack? I always thought you had some reason for sticking with him, my bet was that he was good in bed." Kim turned even redder, her red hair making her blush stand out even more.

"For your information, we did not even approach doing anything like that until we were married, and the rest is my business, not yours." Shego gave a mock pout at Kim's refusal to talk about her sex life, but moved on nonetheless.

Kim didn't spend very much longer with Shego, but the time they did talk was enlightening. Kim could tell Shego put up a tough shell; she gave up very little information about herself personally or her family, but was very interested in other people's. Kim got the feeling that she was simultaneously trying to pump her for information, but also genuinely interested in what Kim had to say. Kim thought it spoke to the fact that it must have been a very long time since Shego had had a confidante or just another girl to talk to. She wondered if it had been that way for Shego's whole life. She did not exactly get along with her brothers, and she seemed to not have many other friends besides Dr. Drakken; it would explain a lot about why she was the way she was. A thought struck Kim, maybe she would have Ron go and talk to Shego sometime. Despite his social shortcomings in high school, Ron was always able to win friends and had a particular knack for breaking through other people's shells. Then again, maybe she should go with him, as much as Shego was interested in sex.

It happened to be later that same day that the news first hit. It was really happening; American soil had been directly attacked. The thing they had feared for the whole war, and even more so the past week, was happening. The Chinese had begun bombing the west coast, and slowly moving east. Things would escalate now, even worse than before. The world could really end.

Kim, Ron, Rufus, Wade, Felix, and Monique were sitting around the Team Possible conference table enjoying a break from their assigned tasks for the day. Wade, of course was, working on his projects. Kim had been helping Wade and her Dad (since she had a little understanding of how things worked), and Ron was, of course, head chef for the legion of people who had moved onto the complex. Felix and Monique, between make-out sessions (interrupted by Rufus, cause Ron did not want to be 'scarred for life'), were helping Ron. All six sat in dumbfound silence, much like the day the war was announced, listening to the news coverage of the bombings in L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, and the rest of the coast. After a few moments, Kim moved over to sit in Ron's lap, letting him wrap his comforting arms around her, Monique doing much the same with Felix in his wheelchair. Twenty minutes after the news was announced, others began to filter into the headquarters. Kim's parents and brothers were the first to join, the Stoppables were next to filter in, soon after joined Monique's, Felix's, and Wade's family. Most stood hugging their children, spouse, or just watching the coverage on the big screen monitor on the wall. Kim was vaguely aware that she had thought about doing something if this happened, but at the moment, she was caught up with the emotion of the situation.

A minute later, Kim was startled from her daze when she caught a peak of the color green from her peripheral vision, and the clank of metal hitting the table. Kim looked over, and was startled completely from her daze too see a nonchalant Shego sitting at the table watching the news with everyone else.

"Shego, how did you get in here? You should be in your cell!" Kim asked, still a little out of it.

"Yeah…everybody was running around once the news broke, so I just took the opportunity to pick the locks and get out." Kim stood up and glared at the villainess, putting her hands on her hips and catching the attention of most of the other people in the room who gaped at them silently.

"Look, Shego, we really don't have time to deal with this right now, so I'm only going to ask you once nicely to go back to your cell."

"Unless I missed something, I don't see how you can do anything about what's going on, Kimmie. I'm not planning on going anywhere, so just pipe down. I came up to watch the news, and then I'll go back to my cell like a good little captive. Besides what can I do with these oh-so-fashionable bracelets on?" Kim huffed and looked back at Ron, who just gave her a shrug, though he was visibly uncomfortable with Shego sitting there, even if her powers and ability to fight were compromised.

"Well, I don't agree with her about not being able to do anything." Kim announced to the group while she had their attention. "The other night I got to thinking about our situation, and while I agree that up til now there has not been much Team Possible has been able to do about this war. I think that now, after the events of the last two weeks, we can make a difference!" This got everybody's attention, and they all turned to see what Kim proposed to do.

"As I'm sure you all know by now my father and Wade have recently made a breakthrough in their cold fusion reactor research. Their technology promises to provide the world with a cheap efficient and a nearly unlimited supply of electricity. As I'm sure we are all well aware of, this technology rightfully belongs to the United States government, but think about what could happen if it were freely offered to the world. We could end this war, here and now, we could stop more people from dying unnecessarily." Kim ended, looking pleadingly towards her father and Wade, who both seemed to be in deep, conflicted thought over her proposal. After a few moments, her father was the first to speak.

"I can't say that I completely agree that this will end the war, but I do see your point, Kimmie-cub. But how do you propose getting the word out on this? Our research has been completely top secret up til now, and the government is not exactly going to let us just waltz into Washington handing out secrets to everyone who wants them."

"I've been thinking about that." Kim started. Ron could clearly see she was on a roll now, and bright ideas were just flowing naturally out of her; he beamed as their plan started to form.

"What if the announcement came from you two, the scientists, with the support and backup of Team Possible? If we could get Wade to hook us up to a global satellite video link, we could announce it to the world on TV, a lot like the villains when they announce their ultimatums." Kim began to pace as she thought about how to pull this off. Her father looked thoughtful again, and Wade seemed to catch something.

"If we did that, it would force the U.S. to acknowledge that they do have the technology, and it would most likely get everybody to the table for discussions. They would just about have to agree to discuss it just because of the fact that the general public of both countries would know about it, and would want them to consider it!" Wade said, getting excited. His face fell a moment later though.

"We have a problem though. Since I moved out here, I have not had a chance to hook up all of my equipment, all my satellite linking equipment for general TV signals is still crated up, and it would take two days to get it operational." Wade said, looking crestfallen.

"Is there any other way to hack into the communication satellites so we can do it?" Kim asked.

"I don't know, without the proper descrambler…" Wade trailed off, thinking. Everyone was silent for a minute before Ron piped in.

"What about Channel 10 in Middleton? Couldn't we use their equipment?" He asked in a rare spark of brilliance. Kim looked at her husband and arched an eyebrow, and Wade looked at him stunned for a moment. He was right! Everything they needed was in that TV station, already hooked up and operational. All Wade would have to do was a little modification using a simple Kimmunicator, and they would be in business.

"That's brilliant, Ron!" Kim and Wade announced at the same time. Ron smiled as Kim plopped onto his lap and gave him a thankful kiss.

"Uh-hum." Shego cleared her throat, getting the couple's attention. "Not to interrupt the festivities, but don't you think you all should get to work on your brilliant plan." Shego stated, snarkily tapping her sharp fingernails on the metal table.

"Yes." Kim said, jumping up. "Wade, you're coming with us on this one, so gather anything you need and meet us back here in fifteen minutes. Dad, you need to gather anything you need and meet us as well. Ron, let's get changed, we have a mission to do!" Kim grabbed Ron's hand and dragged him into the locker room, leaving the rest of their parents, friends, and Shego in the conference room.

"Hey!" Ron whined as Shego dived in and landed heavily on his lap. They were about to leave for Middleton's TV station; Kim was sitting in the driver's seat, her father and Wade were sitting in the back seat, and Ron had just got in, and was about to close the door to Kim's red, two-door sports car when Shego had wrenched the door open, out of his grasp, and flung herself onto his lap, and slammed the door in her wake.

"Shego, what do you think your doing?" Kim asked, since it seemed Ron was not only embarrassed, but had also had the wind knocked out of him.

"I figured you could use a backup in case you ran into more of those fanatic suicide bombers like you did a few weeks ago. Since your arm isn't fully healed, you're not at 100 percent, and I know little Ronnie here is not going to be able to take down a mob of suicidal fanatics. Plus, I just want to get out of that cell for a little while." She stated almost conversationally. Kim frowned; once again, Shego had a point. She looked over at Ron, who gave a shrug from behind Shego as he tried to adjust to be more comfortable with the woman sitting on top of him.

"I hate to say it, Kim, but she's right." Wade offered from the back seat.

"Alright, Shego, you can come, but we won't take those little fashion accessories off unless I feel we need to, understand?" Shego offered her a small grin and sly smile as understanding. you get off now?" Ron asked from behind her, clearly flustered with having any other girl but his wife in his lap. Shego turned so she could see him.

"Sorry, Ronnie, but the backseat's not big enough…besides I think you'll like having little ol' me in your lap." She offered with a predatory grin, grinding herself into him a little. Ron turned red with embarrassment and started to stutter about being married, while Kim turned red with anger.

"Back off, Shego! He's mine; get your own." She said with narrowed eyes as they began to drive towards Middleton. "And you, mister, better not be enjoying it; if I find out otherwise, you'll be sleeping on the couch for a month!" Kim added, addressing Ron, who paled a little.

"But, Kim! I didn't….I didn't ask for…" Ron trailed off in an attempt to establish that it wasn't his fault the green girl was sitting in his lap. Shego laughed, obviously getting the reaction she was going for. Even Mr. Possible was laughing at the trio's banter from the back seat.

For once, Kim was glad that Shego was right. They did not have to fight off any maniac suicide bombers when they arrived at the TV station, but she had been useful in convincing the crowd gathered outside the station to part and let them through, as well as the security guards guarding the front door to let them through. About an hour of convincing later with the station's manager to let them use the equipment, everything was set. At 8 p.m., the station would briefly go off the air. Wade would use the Kimmunicator to instruct the satellite network to use their signal, overriding all others, and then about five minutes after the station had gone off the air, they would broadcast their message around the world. Kim, Ron, Mr. Possible, and Wade were sitting at the station's newscaster's desk. Shego was leaning just off set, supposedly helping monitor everything with the rest of the crew. Wade had images to describe their invention, and Kim had made some notes about what she wanted to say. They were ready.

"People of the world, as I'm sure you know by now, War is a terrible thing." Kim began "We can no longer afford to stand by and watch the killing continue. This war, as I'm sure you all know is for the control of the world's supply of oil. Oil, however, is a finite resource, one which has, for the last hundred years or so, provided us with transportation and synthetic products that make modern ways of life possible. It still stands however that Oil is a non-renewable resource, which means that we will eventually run out; and it seems that time is upon us. We are fighting over the last remnants of a resource that may run completely out in another fifty years. We must not let this bloodshed continue! We must band together and find a new way to solve our energy problems! I have with me two individuals that have been working on a project for the United States government that could solve most of our energy problems. Please hear them out, we want to offer the chance to the world to end the fighting. If the countries fighting in this war are willing to stop and work together to solve these problems, then they will receive this technology freely! I now will turn it over to Dr. James T. Possible and Dr. Wade Load to explain their technology…"

Once the Wade and Dr. Possible were done, Kim closed by once again offering the technology for free if peace could be achieved. She and Ron offered their support as Team Possible. Now it was up to the governments and people to decide what to do. They could only hope that their message reached the right individuals, and wait to see what happened.

"Mrs. Stoppable, Mr. Stoppable, Mr. Possible, and Mr. Load?" A tall dark haired man in a dark suit half announced, half asked as he strode into Channel 10's green room. Another man dressed much the same strode in behind him.

"I'm not sure you remember me, but I'm Agent Smith, and this is my partner, Agent Smith." Kim sat up. Once they had finished their announcement, Kim had decided that they should all go wait in the station's green room for a few hours. Nobody was sure what would happen, and Kim wanted to wait for a few hours before they headed back to the base. Kim had decided to lay her head down in Ron's lap after a little while and take a nap while the others took seats around the room. It had been about four hours since they had made the announcement and now the two top level government Agents that had come to escort them to Area 51 a few years earlier had strode in to see them.

"Hey! Aren't you the guys who took us to Area 51 and replaced my monster movie tape with that embarrassing home movie a few years ago?" Ron said, recognizing them and feeling perturbed by the fact that he had suffered such embarrassment at their hands.

"Yes, we are…" Began one of the agent Smiths.

"Ron, let it go." Kim said, giving him a look and hopping up to meet the men. "It's nice to see you again, sirs. What can we do for you?"

"Well, it seems your announcement has made quite a stir; the President wishes to speak with you and your team." The agent seemed to first notice Shego sitting in the corner, buffing her nails on the leg of her jumpsuit

"We were unaware you had brought Ms. Shego along. We were informed by GJ that you had them in custody, but why did you bring her here?" Kim turned and gave Shego and appraising look and the villainess just glanced at the group.

"She came along in case we needed some backup. You see I'm not up to 100 percent since this gunshot wound, and she offered to provide support should we need to fight our way in. She is still in our custody, and those bracelets around her wrists prevent her from doing any martial arts or using her plasma blasts." Kim gave the agents a firm look, defending her position on the matter. Both agents just nodded.

"It's understandable that you wished to use the resources that were available, however, she cannot come with you to see the President; we must take you to a rendezvous point where you will board a plane that will take you to his location; we will take her into custody from there and she will stay in our care until you return from speaking with him, then we will return her to you and Global Justice." Kim and Ron looked at Shego who nodded.

"Alright then, let's go I suppose." Kim said, gesturing towards her father, Wade, and Shego. Ron was already up beside her, ready to go. He turned to her as they began to exit the room, following the two men.

"You ready for this, KP?" He asked, looking a bit scared. She smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

"After us getting married, this is so not the drama."

Six days and ten hours later, Kim, Ron, Rufus, Wade, Dr. Possible, and Shego (who had been returned to their custody just the day before) stepped out onto the helicopter pad of Team Possible Headquarters and Load Labs. Before them was the entire base, every single person on the base standing there waiting for them. In the front were their parents, Felix, Monique and even Dr. Drakken, who was flanked by two guards, but looked happy nonetheless. It had been announced on the news a few hours before, and the world was celebrating. The war was over. After six days of negotiations, a peace treaty had been signed. It even included the names of the six individuals who had begun the process of peace. (That's right, even Shego the supervillainness had been asked to sign.) Now everyone on the base was waiting for Kim to say something. She smiled a wide smile, and looked at the crowd, and then at Ron. Her partner and husband could only beam at her. She had stopped a whole war and had once again saved the world. He leaned over and whispered to her.

"You know, KP, you are the most amazing person I have ever met. I love you." She looked back at him, about to cry from joy. She whispered back to him.

"Ron, I couldn't do anything without you. I love you, too. You know, I don't know what to say to them. You've always been better at speeches than me…why don't you say something." Ron looked a bit stunned at her and then smiled.

"Hey, everybody, wouldn't you say this is one bon-diggity day!" Kim burst out into laughter at her husband's quirkiness, soon Mr. Dr. Possible, Rufus, Wade, and even Shego were all laughing and everybody else burst out into cheers.

It had been two wonderful, yet tiring months since their arrival on pad at Team Possible Headquarters. Everyone had moved off the base and back to their homes. Things were still rationed of course, and it would take lots of time before things went back to 'normal'. Since gasoline was still tight, nobody drove, and they still had blackouts, but Mr. Possible and Wade had made enormous advancement in their project with the addition of scientific talent from all over the world. They had all been flown in during the last 48 hours and now they were working nearly non-stop to get the first fusion reactor up and running. With any luck, people would be driving electric cars before the year's end.

Kim and Ron had been surprised three days after their arrival back in Middleton to find Mr. Barkin himself standing on the Possible's doorstep.

"Mrs. Stoppable, Mr. Stoppable, I wanted to personally come by and let you know that you will be resuming classes next Monday." He announced to them, and then added. "I also wanted to tell you that you both did a good job. I'm proud to have taught you." Kim had smiled and thanked him, and Ron had looked stunned when Mr. Barkin gave him a firm handshake and a slap on the back.

It was now mid-way through July, and Kim and Ron had finally finished all their high school classes and had taken their exams. Kim couldn't have been more proud when Mr. Barkin had called Ron to his office a day after his final exam to inform him that he would be graduating with a solid B-plus average that year. Ron was now sitting with his classmates in the bleachers of their high school stadium, listening to his wife, the Valedictorian (of course, it seemed her only rival, Justine Flanner, while brilliant at math and science, had trouble with English.) give her speech. It was a warm, clear, bright, breezy day in Middleton. The sky was a brilliant blue, and the sun gave everything a golden glow as it began to sink into the west. Kim's fiery red hair was blowing in the breeze as she got up to make her speech.

"I would like to welcome everyone to these commencement ceremonies for this year's graduating class. For those of you who might think your program was printed with a mistake, you might recognize me as Kim Possible, but recently I was married to the most wonderful man in the world, Mr. Ron Stoppable, so now I am Kim Stoppable. I was told that my speech today was supposed to be about what we have learned during our time here at Middleton High School, and what our future might bring. I'm not really sure what to tell you though. Our past four years here at Middleton High have been some of the most exciting years of our lives. We won the State football championship three times, the Cheer Regionals four, a volleyball championship, and many other honors. In the past year, however, all these things seem to have paled in comparison to what we experienced during the war which has come to be known as World War III. I won't sugar coat it and say everything has turned out fine, or that this is the worst we might experience in our lives. The truth is that things won't be right for a long time, and that the rebuilding of our society and the world has only just begun. But the things we have learned from our fellow students and the teachers while we have been here at Middleton High have prepared us to play an important role in that rebuilding. I won't skirt around the subject that my husband, Ron, and I are famous, or that we have on several occasions helped to save people's lives. However, what we have done is what anybody here in this audience could do, as long as they have the love and support of the ones they love, and the drive to do so. Our education here at Middleton High has prepared everyone here to go out and do great things. Our teachers have given us the support and knowledge to do anything we set our sights on, and the friends we have made here should help everyone to reach great heights. So as you go forth after this graduation, don't forget the things you have learned within our school's walls, or the friends you have made. Everyone here has the ability and knowledge to do great things, don't ever forget that."

Ron Stoppable was just sitting there with a peaceful smile on his face and a glass of punch in his hand, watching his wife animatedly talking with several of people they had just graduated with. Once the commencement was over, they had stayed and taken pictures with nearly everybody there, had gone out to a nice dinner with their family and had eventually made it over to Monique's house for the post-graduation bash. Since the end of the ceremony, Ron had been unusually quiet, but he seemed happy enough so Kim had left him alone, but her curiosity was getting the better of her.

"So, Mr. Stoppable, what are you thinking about?" Asked Kim as she let herself fall onto Ron's lap. It was late and people were finally starting to filter away from Monique's house to other parties or their homes. Ron smiled at her and let out a small sigh.

"Oh…I've just been thinking about lots of things." He said a little airily.

"And what are these 'lots of things' prey tell?" She asked, pressing him for a more direct answer.

"Well, you know, everything that has happened in the last year, everything we've done together in high school…you know, just reminiscing." Kim snuggled her head into the crook of his neck and started playing with his fingers.

"You know, High School was just the beginning, we've got our whole lives still ahead of us." Kim answered; he could see her smile a little out of the corner of his eye.

"Hmm…that kind of worries me. If we've done this much over the last four years, what are the rest going to be like?" Kim chuckled and sat up to look at him. They smiled their dreamy 'in love' smiles at each other.

"Well, you know, Ron, whatever happens, we'll be in it together." She cupped his faced and pulled him close for a kiss.

"Hmm…that's the best part." He said with a grin when they broke, his eyes still closed.

"Hey, you two, get a room." Monique, Felix, and several others still milling around yelled at them. They all laughed together; it would be an interesting future.

The End

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