Ok, let me just say that I have ever only seen like one episode of J.L. but I know the whole plot from the Internet and stuff. And I'm a major comic geek so I know a lot about Batman and Nightwing and yeah…I saw on a different fan fic that they called the main people the big seven? So I'll use that too…sorry if I'm wrong…I'm more comic than cartoon, but thought I would try it. Hope you like it. NOTE: MIGHT TAKE A WHILE TO GET GOOD…LIKE WAIT FOR SECOND CHAPTER

"Man. I ach. My head hurts. I'm tired. I'm hungry and I smell." Said the Flash as he and his six other partners (Well some what of partners) walked back to the main room that they stay in to maybe talk or just rest from what had just happened.

"Got the last one right." Green Lantern said with a slight chuckle. Flash glared at the older man and walked ahead of him.

The Big seven were all coming back from a fierce battle on earth. It was a group that the League had never battled before and they showed no mercy. It was a group of ten who called themselves the 'dark moons'. Five of them were at least seven feet tall and three hundred pounds, the others were even bigger. One member bit Wonder Woman in the leg and broke skin. Batman and Superman were both picked up and thrown at each other, where the collided in mid air. Superman was fine but being as big as he was Batman was slightly hurt. The others were tackled and had to work hard just to get air. That was one of the reasons why Flash said he smelt bad… it was from a mixture of sweat and blood.

"What are you complaining about? You didn't get bit." Hiss Wonder Woman. Still fresh blood was slowly seeping through her ripped boot, slowly staining the material with a deep red coloring.

"Well take care of it when we sit down Diana." Said Superman softly. He wasn't that much hurt compared to his teammates, seeing as he was the man of steel.

Batman said nothing, just rubbed his upper left arm with a deep frown on his face like always. Shayera was trying to get the tangles out of her hair and was getting frustrated when it wouldn't untangle. J'onn said nothing and Green Lantern looked happy to be alive.

"Why can't we fight a group like, the 'evil fluffy bunnies' one day or something. Make it easy." Mumbled the Flash. "Or maybe the 'Butterflies of doom'? I could handle that."

"About the only thing you could handle." Teased Lantern. Flash glared and stuck out his tongue at the man. The other members were always picking on him because he was at least twenty to thirty years younger than them.

"Wouldn't you want to fight something like that though?" said Flash in defense still glaring at his older friend.

"Yeah. I've always wanted to squish little demon bugs and skin fluffy bunnies who want to take over the world." Joked Lantern. The other members couldn't help but laugh at the comment. Even Batman gave the smallest smile and a small grunt of amusement.

There was a long silence after that while the team walked back to the main room to rest. Fresh blood still dripped from Diana's leg slowly seeping down her boot and leaving small dots of blood on the metal floor of the watchtower. She ignored the wet feeling and glanced over at Batman who was still rubbing his left arm. She came to the conclusion that he must have pulled a muscle or gotten badly bruised because it didn't look broken.

She had a sudden urge to help him width his arm. Put ice on it, cure it, and rub it, anything to help. She wanted to help, make him all right and safe.

Batman looked up and glanced at her. His frown brought her back to reality. She shook her head of her thoughts and turned her head away from the Dark Knight.

Why did she have to fall in love with one of the most impossible men on earth? Why couldn't she like a nice guy who likes to talk, hold hands, laugh, be able to go out late, and have fun? No, she had to like Bruce Wanye. Also known as Batman. He was cold and had a grim attitude, he didn't like physical affection, he never laughed unless it was to scare his enemies, he didn't go out late because 'he had work to do' and his idea of fun was beating up villains.

Whenever Diana brought up the conversation of his and her relationship it was always the same excuses. "You are an Amazon princess." "I have too many issues." "You want a fun life, a free life with no worries like kids. I have kids. So that wouldn't work."

His kids. She had never met them nor did she know their names. She knew the Joker had murdered one but that was before she met Batman. The other was about Wally's age. That much she had been able to figure out. Nothing else.

The truth was she didn't care about kids. She would gladly go out with Bruce and help out with the kids. But what if his kids were just like him. Didn't like having fun and obsessed over crime fighting. Just what the world needed, another Batman.

It was funny how things worked out. She was in love with Batman. But the public wanted her and Superman to get together. Superman was in love with a human named Lois Lane. Not to mention rumor had it that Batman was in love with Catwoman. When Diana asked Bruce about the cat he denied it, but something in his voice changed… she wasn't sure what it meant.

Oh' well. Life goes on.

The team came closer and closer to the room. By this time Shayera and Lantern were talking about something and were walking rather close together. Superman was talking cheerfully to J'onn. Flash had his shoulders slummed and was walking in the head of the party. He looked like all he wanted to do was sit in his chair and relax. Batman and Wonder Woman walked side by side in silence.

Finally the door to their room came to view. Flash let out a long sigh of relief and walked faster so he could get into the room.

"I just want to sit and eat something. I'm starving." He said as the doors opened with a loud swoosh.

"Guess it's a good thing I'm here then huh?" Came a voice from within the room.

Flash looked up with wide eyes.


With a blink of an eye Flash had ran into the room and had the stranger in a tight embrace.

The other members followed Wally into the room with confused looks on their face. They all looked at the intruder. He was in a black suit, with blue running up his arms and came across his chest. His mask covered his eyes but left the rest of his face exposed, which left it clear to see that he was a handsome guy and was rather young. On his face was a large and happy smile, exposing pearly white teeth. His hair was jet-black and fell into his eyes slightly.

He and Wally were embracing like brothers and were laughing like long lost friends. It was obvious that Flash had forgotten about his hunger and about being tired.

"Nightwing. Good to see you." Said Superman with a smile on his face. He walked over to Flash and Nightwing were and clapped a large hand on the younger man's shoulder.

"Hey Uncle Superman!" Said Nightwing cheerfully.

Uncle Superman? Lantern, Shayera, Diana, and J'onn looked at each other in confusion. None of them remember Clark having siblings to have a nephew. Maybe it was a young cousin that called him 'Uncle'.

Looking closer at the boy he didn't look like he would be related to Superman. Superman liked bright colors like red and blue. This stranger liked black a lot… he did have some blue but not the same his was dark.

Batman walked over to the three men and looked at the boy. "Nightwing. What brings you here?"

Nightwing stopped embracing Wally and looked at Batman. His smile turned into a small smirk.

"Hey Old-man. How's it going?" It was Batman's turn to clap a hand on the boy's shoulder. Nightwing put a hand on Batman's arm (the arm that's hand was on his shoulder.)

"Not so well." He answered letting go of the younger man.

"We just got back from a big fight." Said Superman grinning.

"So I heard." Laughed Nightwing. He rounded back to Flash. "Which like I was saying, it's a good thing I'm here."

He held up a white paper bag that appeared to be filled all the way. "I brought donut-holes."

Flash's face lit up and his smile looked as though it was going to stretch off his face. "Thank you!"

Before anyone could blink the bag was out of Nightwing's hands and Wally was sitting in his chair digging into the bag and throwing the small food in his mouth.

"You gotta share with the others Kid-Flash." Laughed Nightwing

"I don't know who you are kid." Said Lantern smiling as he walked over to Flash and stuck his hand in the bag so he could have a donut-hole too. "But I'm starting to like you."

Nightwing laughed. Superman started to smile and walked over to help himself to the donuts. Batman stayed by Nightwing's side.

"You bought us all donuts?" he said lifting an eyebrow behind his mask, a confused frown formed on his jaw.

"I didn't buy anything." Said Nightwing crossing his arms.

"What do you mean?" asked Lantern suddenly scared that he might be eating stolen food.

Nightwing laughed. "I'm a cop in my 'alter-ego'" He made air quote signs when he said 'alter-ego'. "I get free donuts! I had to come up here anyway, knew Wally would get mad if I didn't bring up food because he always has to have food."

Flash looked up from stuffing his face, glared at Nightwing, swallowed down his food and then stuck his tongue out at his friend.

Nightwing laughed. "Then if I only got him something, Batman would get mad. Then if I got them something then Superman would get offended. And then if I got them stuff, then I would get the rest of the guys mad. And I don't feel like getting beat up by the league tonight."

Diana, J'onn and Shayera were still staring at the boy with suspension. Finally Shayera walked forward and planted herself in front of the young man to question him.

"Not to be rude but who are you?" she hissed. His eyes widened at how mad she sounded. "How did you and Flash become such good friends and how do you know Batman and Superman?"

Nightwing stared at her then busted out laughed. She was sure that he was laughing at her stern face.

"This is funny to you? We just got back from a battle with people who want to take over the world. Forgive me if I don't trust a complete stranger."

Nightwing's laughs died out slightly and he straitened up. "Yes ma'am. Okay, I know Kid-Flash over there because we've been best friend since we were thirteen. I know Superman because of my dad's connection with the people in spandex."

He looked over at Superman who smiled slightly and shook his head.

"And I know Batman considering he IS my dad."

There was a coughing noise from behind Nightwing and Batman, turning they saw Lantern chocking on his Donut hole and Flash looking nervously at him.

"Batman's your dad!" he was able to say through a fit of coughing.

"Umm… yeah." Said Nightwing scratching the back of his neck. "That good enough for you scary beautiful lady?"

"Ahh…. yeah…. I guess it is." Shayera softly.

"Okay then." Said Nightwing with his smile returning.

Diana stood still in shock. Batman's son. That was him? That wasn't what she had expected. She had thought that maybe he would be dressed like Robin, bright green pants or something. But in his costume he did look like a young Batman. Even with both their masks on, she could tell that they looked a like.

Shacking her head from other thoughts she forced herself to smile and walked towards the boy extending her hand.

"Nightwing was it?" Nightwing took her hand and shook it politely.

"Wonder Woman. And honor. You look like your sister." Observed Nightwing.

Diana's eyes widened. "Y- you know my sister?"

"Of course. Donna and I are real good friends." Laughed Nightwing at her reaction. "Met her when she was still Wonder-girl."

"I had no idea," she said softly. Nightwing let go of her hand.

"She never mentioned me. I'm hurt."

"Yeah she did." Came Flash's voice from behind them. It was slightly muffled from the donuts that were logged in his mouth. "Only not as Nightwing. Remember Diana, you once told Bruce that your sister knew Robin."

"Yeah but-." She was confused. Donna did know Robin… but Diana couldn't recall the name Nightwing. Then it hit her. "You used to be Robin didn't you."

Nightwing laughed again. She liked the kid; he was happy and full of sprit. "Yup. And Flash used to be Kid-Flash, that's why I call him that."

Diana laughed. "I'll remember that."

"It is a honor to met Batman's son." Said J'onn as he approached Nightwing. Nightwing and him shook hands and Nightwing gave a small nod.

"Thanks. Good to meet you too."

"Now that you all know each other are you going to answer my question or not?' said Batman turning to his son.

Nightwing crossed his muscular arms. "And that would be?"

"What are you doing up here?"

Yeah. That's a real nice why to talk to your son. Thought Diana as she sat down at her chair and asked Wally to hand her a donut-hole or two.

But Nightwing seemed used to it. He uncrossed his arms and started to walk towards to Wally. "My stupid boss to tell the truth."

He walked to Wally's side and looked down at him. "Scoot."

Wally scooted to the side of his chair to make room for his friend so they could share a chair. Nightwing sat down and put an elbow on Flash's shoulder, he looked pissed now.

"The same boss who made you and your partner sit three hours in a car just to test you for stack-outs?" asked Wally turning his head to look at his friend.

"Yup. That's the bitch." Sighed Nightwing. The other members sat down in the chairs and looked at Nightwing waiting for the story.

"Wait. She made you and your partner sit in a car for three hours just to prepare you?" said Lantern.

"Yup. People were starting to look at use crazy. To tell the truth I felt crazy…just sitting there." Nightwing shook his head as if trying to get rid of the memory. "Well now she's on this kick that we have to have our parents fill this thingy out just so she knows more about our past. Like there's not enough in our profile. She gave use these papers and demanded that they be filled out and brought back tomorrow."

"Why?" said Flash lifting his hand in the air.

"I have no idea. The chicks a freak! My partner Amy wants to murder her. And half the office is running around crazy because their parents live in different states, or they haven't talked in a while, or their dead or something. You think I would be going crazy too considering my old man is in space!"

There was a small silence after Nightwing finished his story and looked really angry.

"What does that have to do with being a cop?" said Superman confused.

"I have no idea." Sighed Nightwing. "So Bruce, you have to look over these papers or I get fired. Brings ya back to when I was still in school huh? And because I was adopted your papers are bigger than the rest. Lucky you."

Nightwing slid about three clipped together pieces of paper across the table towards his 'dad'.

Batman reached for it and looked through it.

"Sounds like your day was just as fun as ours." Said Flash.

"Yeah… you smell. You know that right?" said Nightwing sniffing the air around him.

"Gee. Thanks." Said Wally trying to ignore Lantern's burst of laughter. "Love you too buddy."

"I know you do." Laughed Nightwing. "You called me at five this morning just to ask if I knew where you put your boot. That's love right there."

Flash laughed. "Hey. You did know where it was didn't you?"

"Only because I was there when Roy hid it."

"I knew it was him!"

"Yeah. Next time call Donna at five in the morning. Not me."

"I don't think she'd like that." Laughed Diana.

Nightwing and Flash both laughed at the thought of a mad Donna Troy having to wake up in the morning just to help Wally look for his missing boot.

"What does any of this have to do with Police work?" said an annoyed Batman glaring at the papers in his hand.

"Nothing. I told you she's a bitch." Answered Nightwing his smile fading. "She's paranoid and wants background on all of us. I would have forged it for you but half the stuff I didn't remember. Please tell me you do!"

"Yeah. I do." Said Batman scratching his chin. "Ridicules."

"Tell me about it." Sighed Nightwing.

"Dick. Hey Grayson, you there rookie?" Came a voice.

The members of the league jumped in surprise and looked suspiciously at Nightwing who was where the voice seemed to be coming from. Nightwing reached down and pulled a black communicator with a large antenna sticking up out of it.

"Yeah, I'm right here Amy." Sighed Nightwing talking into the communicator.

"Where are you? I'm working my ass off down here. Local thugs decided to break into the bank. And my partner is gone and Nightwing must be with the gang fights on the other side of town 'cause he isn't here!"

The members of the league smirked and looked closer at Nightwing. Flash silently laughed besides his friend.

"Would you believe me that I'm with the Justice League?" Nightwing asked into his communicator with a smirk. The member's eyes got wide and stared at Nightwing in horror.

"What are you-" Wonder Woman wasn't sure what to say. Nightwing kept smiling

"No. I wouldn't believe you! Now get your skinny ass down here rookie and help me!" Nightwing laughed at the faces the league. Wally was laughing with his fist in his mouth besides him but Batman didn't look happy. He glared at his 'son'.

"Not funny Dick."

"I bet you're at one of your friends house." The voice sounded a little bit friendlier then it had.

Nightwing laughed. "You caught me, I'm at Wally's house. Be over there in a little bit."

And he clicked the off button.

"Okay, that was my partner I have to go." Said Nightwing shaking his head. He stood up from the chair that he and Wally were sharing and shook his head. "See what I have to go through every day."

"You better get down there or Amy will kick your ass…Rookie." Teased Flash trying to sound serious.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Said Nightwing starting to walk away. "And remember, call Donna, not me! Or better yet just call Roy. Something goes wrong call Roy!"

"No. Last time I did that I woke up Lian and she started to cry, daddy Roy yelled at me and felt bad for like ever!" said Wally shacking his head.

Nightwing laughed and shook his head. "Well if you call me again I'll send Barbra on you and you do not want to mess with her."

"No doubt there." Laughed Wally.

"It was good to meet you… Dick?" Diana stood up to say good-bye to Nightwing.

"Yup. You too princess." Said Nightwing shaking her hand. Nightwing had a strong grip, yet it was soft and kind. Like Batman's… "See you around?"

"Of course."

"You can give me black-mail on Troia."

"I don't think so." Diana was laughing now. She liked the young man. He was almost just like Flash only something about him was different. His jokes weren't annoying like Wally's and his comments were fun.

Oh' who was she kidding? He was different because Bruce raised him. That was the result of living with Bruce Wayne for years. Why did he always tell her that she wouldn't like to go out with him because of his grim attitude, he said things like there was no happy ending there. Well this man, Bruce's kid, was walking proof that it wasn't true, right?

"Well it's good to meet you, I would stay and talk more but my partner is going to be pissed if I'm late." Said Nightwing. He let go of Diana's hand and rounded to the rest of members. "Good to meet you all. Take care. Enjoy the Donuts."

"Kid, you can come by anytime, as long as you bring food." Teased Shayera. "Sorry 'bout being rude earlier. I was kind of mad from the fight."

"Don't worry about it." Said Nightwing shaking a head understandingly. "Bruce, I owe you one."

"Don't forget it." Mumbled Bruce still studying the papers.

"Thanks. I'll come by the cave later. See ya." With a nod of his head Nightwing left the room. With in and instant all eyes were on Batman, who pretended not to notice.

Wally continued to eat the donut-holes and ignored the tension that was growing in the room. Superman gave slight chuckle and sat down in his chair waiting for the question to come up. Bruce would never hear the end of this.

"Well." Said Shayera looking at Bruce, crossing her arms.

"What." He snapped.

"I didn't even know you had kids! I feel like an idiot now, that's what." She answered waving her arms in the air.

"That's your fault." Hissed Bruce not looking up form the papers.

"You adopted a child! Did I hear that right?" said Lantern shacking his head; his overly bright green eyes were full of laugher.


"I didn't know you had it in you, that's all." Lantern said shrugging. "Being the 'Dark Knight who strikes fear into all'. Just a surprise."

Bruce didn't answer. His fascination with the paper was growing with every moment.

But his partners weren't about to let it die. They wanted a story.

"If he's your son, why doesn't he call you Dad?" Diana asked sitting down in her chair and rubbing her still bleeding leg.

Bruce let out a sigh of frustration. He looked up and glared at her. "His parents were murdered when he was nine. I took him in as my ward. Adopted him after a year and when he found out that I was Batman he asked to be trained. He chose the name Robin. He lived as Robin until he was about nineteen he became Nightwing and moved to Bludhaven. That good enough for you?"

"Close enough." Hissed Diana. She relaxed a bit, leaning back in her chair looking at Bruce. "So you two must be close. Sharing the same pain."

Bruce said nothing but looked away and went back to reading the paper.

"Something's not right here." He thought as he looked uneasily at the paper.

"You okay?" Superman looked over at his friend with a concerned look.

"No. There's something strange about this." Bruce answered softly. "The questions… aren't right. It's as if they want to find out about the parents more then the officers. Like it's a scam or something."

"What do you mean?" asked Diana.

"Well, it's asking like what we do, why we do it. Why I adopted Dick, and other stuff." Said Bruce. "It even asks what my fear is…that's…not right…."

"You think maybe someone wanted information on you, not on Dick?" Wally looked unsure about what he had just said. "Maybe they know that he's Nightwing or something?"

"Dick did say that you had more papers then the others." Reminded Clark.

"You guys are just paranoid." Shayera shook her head in disbelief.

"No I think Wally has a point." Said Lantern "or maybe it's someone who wants information on Bruce Wayne, not even Batman."

"Does anyone know that Dick is Nightwing?" asked Diana.

"Just me, Alfred, Tim, Barbra, Cassandra, and now you guys." Said Bruce.

"And Roy, Garth, Donna, Huntress, Koriand'r, Gar, Vic," Wally started counting the different people on his fingers. "Raven, Betty, Lilth, Karen, Terra, Danny, Jesse, Grant-"

"Okay, okay. I get it." Said Bruce glaring at Wally. "Quit a few I guess. But their all either in the League, Teen Titans, or outsiders, all good guys. No one who would want information on me."

"What about that one fat lady who knows who you are?" asked Wally clicking his fingers.

"Fat. Lady?"

"Yeah…. Waller?"

"Oh' her." Bruce looked back at the paper. ""Well who ever did this we know one thing."

"What's that?" asked Superman

"There's something going on in the city of Blud."


"Why him?"

"Because you dumb ass, he's the son of Batman. And with out Nightwing Bludhaven will crumble and we can take hold of it. The justice League will be distracted and give us a chance to do what we need to."

"He's really the son of Batman?"


"How do you know?"

"Trust me, I know."

All right, I promise that this will get better! Just wait for the next chapter okay? He's some fact to clear thing sup for you.


Wally, Dick, Roy, Donna, and Garth: Best friends. (Kid- Flash/ Robin/Speedy/WonderGirl/Aqualad) now they are (Flash/Nightwing/Arsenal/Troia/ Tempest)

Dick Grayson/Robin/ Nightwing: Born and raised in the circus. Dick and His parents were known as the 'Flying Graysons" His parents (John and Mary) were murdered in front of Dick when he was nine. (Their trapeze ropes broke and they feel to their deaths.) Bruce was in the audience and felt a connection to the boy. He took him in under his wing and trained him to be Robin. He adopted him. Yada yada, he grew up to be Nightwing

BludHaven: (Pronounced as Blood-haven) City that Nightwing lives in and protects.

Donna Troy/ wonder girl/Troia: Ok, she has a lot of lives. Seriously. She was cursed to live many lives and have many horrible endings. In one live she was a girl called Wonder girl, Wonder Woman's sister. She met Robin, Speedy, and Aqaulad, and started the Teen Titans with them. She had Speedy had a thing, broke up. She grew up to be the heroine known as Troia.

Roy Harper/ Speedy/ Arsenal: Ok, because you guys watch this show I'm sure you know who Green Arrow is, well Roy is G.A.'s kid! His father was a Forest Ranger, died in a fire trying to save people, Roy was two. One of the people that Mr. Harper saved was a Novajo Indian medicinal man named Brave Bow. Brave Bow took the boy back to the Novajo reserve and raised him, taught him to shoot a bow and arrow. When Brave Bow died Roy was taken in by Ollie Queen, Green Arrow! He became SPEEDY. Speedy was the 'bad ass' of the group. The playboy. He was always chasing girls. One girl (Cheshire) he met he fell in love with and got her pregnant, only Cheshire turned out to be an assassin and tried to kill Speedy. Roy lived and took his daughter Lain. Roy grew up to be the hero known As Arsenal.

Lian Harper: Roy's daughter. Green Arrow's Granddaughter

Garth/ Aqualad/ Tempest: Aquaman's kid. Garth was a kid from Atlantis found by Aquaman. A.M. took him in and Garth became Aqualad. He grew up to be the hero known as Tempest

Barbra Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl: Formerly Batgirl. She was batgirl the same time that Dick was Robin. But she was shoot by the Joker shattering part of her backbone and paralyzing her legs for life. She is now known as Oracle and helps the Bat clan out with mysteries and stuff like that. She is also dating Dick

Koriand'r/ Starfire: Dick's first love. Beautiful alien from Tamaran, dick and her fell in love, they almost got married but someone messes up the wedding and She went back to her home planet, came back to earth and now her and Dick are just really really really good friends.

Cassandra Cain/ Batgirl: Current Batgirl

Tim Drake/ Robin 3: Current Robin

Jason Todd/ Robin 2: Batman's other son. (Ok if you watched the Batman animated series then this might confuse you) Jason was a street kid adopted by Bruce Wayne. His real father stole money from Two- Face and ran away so T.F. wouldn't get him. Jason had to steal to survive. Batman first met him when he tried to steal the wheels off the Batmobile. Bat's took him in a trained him to be Robin. Jason was always street and tough, didn't play by the rules. And ended up paying for it big time. Jason went after the Joker by himself and the joker beat him in the head with a crow bar, then left him a building that he set bombs too… Batman was the one who found Jason's (Robin's) dead body at the seen of the crime…. Bruce turned more dark, and closed everyone out after that. The only one who ever seems to break through his wall is Dick and Alfred… sometimes Tim.

Lilth Clay: Friend of Dicks

Gar Logan/ Beast Boy: Part of the Teen Titans.

Vic Stone/ Cyborg: Teen Titan

Rachel Roth/ Raven: Teen Titan… she was the one who broke up Dick's and Starfire's wedding. (She was possessed)

Terra: Teen Titan

Betty/Flam Bird: teen Titans (when she was young she had a HUDGE crush on Dick)

Jesse Champers/ Jesse Quick: Teen Titan, has the same power as Wally

Huntress: again because you watch this show you should know who she is. Well her and Dick had this thing once… yeah.

OK, How was that?