"Are we ever going to be able to go home?" mumbled Flash tiredly, before he yawned and leaned on his hand, gazing at his six teammates and his best friend with glazy eyes.

"Stop whinnying Wally." Said Nightwing who was standing behind Superman and Batman.

Wally stuck his tongue out. "Hey, I'm not a night-bat like you, Wingster."

It was Dick's turn to stick his tongue out. Wally felt to tired and grumpy to respond to it. He leaned forward, crossing his arms and laid his head down on the table watching the rest of the team. If he had to, he could probably still run and fight more, but he rather not. He knew that Linda was not going to be happy with him coming home late again but he didn't have much of a choice; he wasn't going to leave if Nightwing's life might be on the line. Linda would have to deal with that.

After the fight, Wally had felt pretty angry with himself that he hadn't of caught the car in time. But when he set off to chase it, it just disappeared, at first he thought that maybe he had past it, but as he backtracked he couldn't find any trace of it. It was a major ego-dropper to lose it.

"Are you too tired to at least listen?" asked Diana to him.

Wally turned his head to look at her, glaring behind his mask.

"I have been listening." He shot coolly. "I think that who ever this 'unknown-villain- in-blud-' is after Dick, not Bruce."

"Maybe…" said Lantern scratching his chin. "But Dick's not in the league."'

"So what?" answered Wally. "Who ever this person was gave the papers to Dick. They wanted information on Dick. They probably didn't think that he would take it to us. My bet would be this person isn't even after Nightwing, just Dick. It's that simple."

"But he was supposed to have his parent's fill it out." Pointed out Shayara. "So they wanted Bruce to fill it out."

"And it still doesn't solve what those villains were doing all together, Wally." Said Diana.

"You guys just like complicating things." Wally moaned, feeling slightly crestfallen.

"I'm with Wally." Said Lantern. "This person might have wanted Dick's parent to fill it out thinking that he would be more truthful than Dick about it. Or that they would get more information."

Wally smiled. "Thank you!"

"What about the people we fought?" said Diana.

"A coincidence."

"They didn't seem to surprised to see us."

"That's right, it was if the expected an attack."

"Their assassins. Their job is to attack."

"You know what I mean, Bruce!"

"They probably just wanted to stir up something."

"My gut is telling my that it has something to do with the papers."

"Their not even related, Diana! Police work, criminal minds! Come on!"

"Hey, I have an idea!" Wally said loudly in a rude voice. His head was pounding and he felt all his cheerfulness drain out of him. "Let's ask Dick, seeing as this is all about him, shall we? You know, instead of trying to run his life for him."

The room got quiet as they seemed to be absorbing his words. Then in a second, every eye was on Nightwing who had been silent this whole time. He was wearing a very Batman-ish look; a tight frown and focused eyes looking to the floor. Knowing Dick, Wally knew he was thinking.

"Wha'chu got, Bat-Boy?" He teased.

Dick was silent for a moment then looked up at the team. "I think that it is too early in the game to know our villain's action or if there really is one, which I think there is. Who ever they are, they have some connections with the police in my station, which doesn't surprise me; the whole force is a team of bad-cop-good- cop. There's plenty of moles in there. As far as Shrike and the Ravens go… They might have made some kind of pack just to get even with me or something. I got a call from Arsenal about Cheshire, so he may already know more than we do. I'll contact him tonight. She may just want time with her daughter and recruited Shrike with a promise of my head, because that is a prize he has been after since we were like… twelve. Blockbuster, my bet, was just there to fight something. He's not picky on what or whom he fights, but I don't think he would team up unless there's something really good in it for him. Back to the papers, I'm starting to think that this mystery villain is not after me just in general but perhaps the whole police force, because we each got a packet, not just me. If it was just me, that's a lot of extra time to put out… Of course if they had just given me one it would have been too suspicious. I don't know. Like I said; it's still too early to tell."

And there it was! The famous Bat-Family summary! Wally was beginning to think that if you gave them the topic of What is the meaning of life" and give them a computer and a few minuets they could give you at least three logical answers; all of which would make since to only them and their members but nothing to you personally.

It took Wally a moment to go over what Dick had just said. And of course…it all made since. The rest of the team remained silent and gapped at him, all except Batman.

"Why would you think that Harper would know anything about Cheshire this time if it's your city that she is in?" It didn't sound so much as an insult then a test. It was as if Bruce was acting like some stupid teacher wanted to know the steps that the student did to get the answer to ensure that they didn't cheat.

"Because, he would want to protect his daughter and would ensure that he knew where Cheshire was at all times."

"That or just wants more of her ass."

"That's in the past. He's a good father, Bruce."

Bruce didn't answer.

Wally didn't back Dick up either. Roy was a… nice person. Wally couldn't say much bad about him because they had been friends so long, but Roy wasn't flawless. Playboy, party animal, drinks, sex… drugs. What ever it was it seemed Roy did it, and not for good reasons. Roy did try, but Wally won't go as far as saying he was a good father, but at least he was being a father instead of leaving Lian. Dick was always defending Roy… that was if they weren't fighting. And then again Roy was also always there for Dick.

"Who do you think hired all the assassins?" asked Superman.

"I don't know." Nightwing scratched his chin. "It might have just been Blockbuster, now that I'm thinking about it… He might have thought up some plot to take over Bludhaven like he has been trying to do for a while now. Which might tie in with the papers." He spun around quickly facing the members. "He plans to take over Bludhaven first then using it, take Gotham. If he found out my name, which he might of for Cheshire or even Shrike, then he would want to take me out first, and want more information on me, hence the part in the packet wanting information about me. But, once he's got Bludhaven, comes the part of getting Gotham, he'd want Batman out of the picture. Knowing that we work together and from some people,"- he glared at Flash who blushed-" who let slip that Batman is Nightwing's dad, it's easy to figure out that Bruce Wayne is the same for me, hence the part of the packet about "the parents". But it's just a guess."

"It's a bet organized for just a guess, isn't it?" asked Wonder woman lifting an eyebrow.

Wally clapped teasingly. "Bravo, Dicky."

Dick ignored him along with all the other members of the team. Wally fell silent, leaned back in his chair and waited for what was going to be said next.

"We can play it by ear." Said Bruce, "give false answers on the packet, and just play it like we know nothing and see what happens. "

Dick nodded, "'Bout all we can do."

The other members nodded in agreement. Dick held up his arm and lifted the blue strip of his glove up revealing a miniature computer. All members with the exception of Wally and Batman looked surprised to see such a thing. Dick pressed a button and his eyes moved from left to right as if he were reading something. He then closed the strip and nodded to the team.

"Unfortunately I gotta fly. Business calls. See you all around, Bruce I'll meet 'ya later tonight. Tell Linda I –"

Dick stopped in mid sentence. He leaned to the side, supporting himself on the wall, and was clutching his chest. He began to cough madly in his free hand. It wasn't that of an allergy cough, but a hard cold-like cough. Wally could hear the air rattling in Dick's lungs roughly.

"All right there?" asked Wally.

Dick looked up, opened his mouth as if he was about to say something, but the only thing that escaped from his mouth was more intense fits of coughs. He suddenly fell to the wall, as if he couldn't support himself any longer.

"Dick?" Asked Superman concernedly, taking a step towards him.

Dick lifted a hand and was about to give the 'okay sign' but a second fit of coughs attacked him and he had to cover his mouth again. The room grew intensely quiet, except for the sound of Dick struggling for air.

Fear for his best friend ran through Wally's veins. He quickly stood and raced to Dick's side, thumping him on the back. It seemed to help, the coughing slowly decreased until it stopped completely, leaving Dick clutching his chest, catching his breath.

"You okay?" Asked Wally, tightly holding Dick's shoulder.

The area of Dick's cheek just below his mask suddenly reddened. "Yeah, I'm fine."

He tried to clear his throat dryly, then clearly embarced, made to leave the room, but not before saying, "Oh, right. Tell Linda I say "hi", Wally."

And he was gone.

"Should we be following him home?" Diana asked, looking at the other members of the team.

"He's just a little sick." Said Bruce, shrugging.

"He sounded more then a little." Said Clark.

"Ah," said Wally, sitting back in his chair, "it's Dick. His somehow impervious to illness, he'll be fine.

Barbra Gordon was busy typing on he computer, but not busy enough no to hear her window open and the familiar thumb of someone coming in and steeping onto the floor.

"Took you long enough." She said without even turning to see the person.

"Hey, I was out of planet, Babs, what did you expect?" answered her boyfriend, Dick Grayson's voice in a laugh.

Barbra exited out of her program, smiling to herself, and carefully turned her wheelchair so that she was facing the smiling Nightwing. In one swift movement he was kneeling down before her, resting his arms and head on her lap, gazing up at her.

"So what did you need, beautiful?" he asked.

She laughed and shrugged. "Just want to tell you that I did the research you wanted."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yup," she said nodding, "but I'm not to sure if you're going to like them."

"Don't worry," he said shrugging, "People have tried to kill me before, I know, you may find it hard to believe that someone would want to kill sweet-lil'-me, but they have. So give it to me quick and lay it on me."

Barbra laughed and kissed the top of Dick's forehead. "Actually, yes, I can believe that people would want to kill you-"


"But that's not the point. About the research, not sure how to tell you this, Handsome, but I couldn't find anything out of the unordinary."

Dick frown making him look extraordinarily like Batman. "Really?"

Barbra nodded. Dick straightened out, but kept his arms on Barbra's lap. He shook his head, removing his mask, revealing two bright blue eyes.

"Maybe nothing is wrong…" he said to himself, then rejected his own thought. "No, that doesn't make since ether."

"Hey," said Barbra said, running her finger through Dick's ebony hair, making him look her in the eyes, "you'll figure it out."


"Yeah." She confirmed moving her head closer to him, "You're the Boy Wonder, remember?"
Dick smiled at the comment. He moved his head higher, meeting her soft lips with his they kissed slowly, then speed their movements from Barbra running her fingers tightly through his hair and Dick gently stroking the side of her hip.

Dick's hands made his way behind Barbra's back and he began to lift her higher, starting to rise from the ground himself. Barbra let out a muffled giggle, tickling Dick's lips.

"Hey Barbra, I-Oh! Oh la la."

Dick, clearly frightened by the new voice, quickly pulled away from Barbra with a loud smacking noise. Barbra turned to the side, in the direction of the voice. Standing in the doorway was a woman around her own age with shimmering blond hair that was pulled up in a high ponytail. The woman was wearing a black leotard and fishnet stocking, completing herself off with high heeled boots.

"Shut up, Dinah." Laughed Barbra, seeing how red Dick had turned in the corner of her eye.

The Black Canary laughed, walking into the room, making kissing faces at Barbra.

"Aww, don't worry, I thought it was cute." Dinah teased. "Score one for the youngster."

She ruffled Dick's ebony hair playfully. He blushed even farther and pulled away.

"I-Ah…have to go." He said. He quickly gave Barbra a short kiss and mumbled just so she could hear, "I love you."

He gave Dinah a small nod and in a blink of an eye, he had jumped out the window.

Echo ran down the dark alley, panting thickly. Her fishnet covered legs screamed in protest, but she knew she had to go one. Her life depended on it. Rats scurried away and hid in the safety of near by boxes and trashcans when she ran past them.

She turned her head to see if he was still following her. Not seeing where she was going, she tripped over a lone box and fell into a pile of broken bottles, cutting her arms and legs. Ignoring the new pain, she crawled on the dirty ground and hid in the shadow of a trashcan with the words "GOTHAM CITY" written on it.

"Do you really think that will help you?" said a deep Voice behind her. Not giving her time to turn, she felt a heavy boot kick her in the side of her head, sending her flying.

Before Echo could collect herself, the man that kicked her had grabbed her by her short hair and banged her face to the cement ground. A horrible crunching noise told her that he nose was broken. Fresh pain seared through her face as a flood of blood ran from her nostrils and down her chin. The man grabbed both of her arms, lifted them in the air, and pulled on them, forcing her elbows the wrong way and snapping them at the same time. Echo screamed against the pain. Her vision clouded with cold tears. She bit her lip to stop herself from crying, filling her mouth with warm blood.

The man released her badly broken arms and again, grabbed her by the air and hoisted her in the air, flipped her around and slammed her back into the wall.

"Now, you have no choice but to listen, so try not to fight, you'll only hurt yourself more." The voice said, "So you know why I'm doing this to you, Echo? Do you? See, this is what happens to criminals. This is what happens to sweet little girls who go to work for the Riddler and kill innocent people. I'm so sick of watching people like you kill and get away with it just because Batman's heart it too big to kill you all. So, I'm helping now."

Thinking it was hardest thing she ever had to do, Echo opened her eyes partly, and blinked away the streaming water. The man holding her was small, no taller than five feet nine inches. He was dressed in jeans, a gray tee-shirt and a leather jacket and wore a long red cape that trailed on the ground behind him. His face was completely covered by a deep red helmet that reflected her crying image on it.

"Who are you?" she whispered, blood spraying from her mouth and staining the man's gray shirt.

"I'm the Red-Hood, bitch." He answered. He moved a jagged knife that he had been holding behind him to her throat. "And I'm cleaning up Gotham."

Red-Hood dug the knife's cricked edge into Echo's throat and raced it across the throat's entire length. A river of blood poured from the new, split wound. Echo's head cocked back and hung loosely to her back, revealing red and white, thin bones that escaped from the sliced flesh. Red-Hood released her, letting her body crumble to the ground. A lake of crimson blood pooled around his feet.

A laugh came from behind the red helmet. Red-Hood reached into his pocket and pulled out a black watch with a single blue strip running through its band. It ticked at a steady time for a few moments, then faltered around the three for a brief second, then continued on its way.

"It's play time Batman." He said to himself. "And I'm going to win the game this time. You'll lose all control when you see you precious, perfect son die before you."

Red Hood smiled to himself behind his red helmet. "I know you can't live through it again."

WEEEE! Its done. I'm so so so Sorry! I've been working on something else. I'm trying to write a book. (Don't worry it's written a lot better than this story) Yeah, …sorry, again.

Anyway, now you know what the villains 'name' is and his sex. Again, look for clues.

Alright, time for the notes. Lets start with some quotes.

"What'cu got, Bat-Boy" – Bat-Boy is one of the many nicknames that Dick's Titan friends have given him.

"Score one for the youngster"- Dick is really a lot younger than Barbra and Dinah. There are even a few comics stating that Barbra was once Dick's Baby Sitter!

"Babs"- nickname for Barbra. Usually she doesn't even go by Barbra, just Babs.

And now, People.

Black Canary/Dinah Lance- She's in the show. Really she is Barbra's best friend and she is part of Barbra's 'Birds of Prey' team, along with the Huntress. And the reason I made Dick so jumpy around her is, well you see, one day Dinah was looking for Barbra, heard the shower going, went to say hi to her buddy (cause girls just do that sometimes) pulled the curtain and instead of seeing Bads, saw full on naked Dick Grayson. (Ahaha, no really it happened) She was Green Arrows girlfriend, until she saw him kissing another girl at a party and she dumped him, but they still love each other. She took care of Roy Harper when Ollie kicked him out of the house for doing drugs.

Echo- One of the girls who work for the Riddler.

Red-Hood-….I'm not saying a thing about him. Well, lets say he likes making people laugh (Alright I know some of you are going, 'Gee, thanks you ruined it' I DID NOT! It's an ambiguous statement!)