Sky High: Into the Eye

Chapter 1: A Change Above All Else

"Weather: the last thing on earth still uncontrolled by man."

-Roland Emmerich: director:The Day After Tomorrow

In the world of Superheroes, a person can achieve abilities in a few ways. If a person happens to fall in a vat of toxic waste, or gets bitten by a radioactive creature, more preferably an insect, then the person in question can achieve super abilities in a few days following the incident. Or, they just die. But most heroes, and heroines, achieve their power in a simpler, yet slower way. Through genetics. A child born of a super parent is almost guaranteed to inherit the hero gene. A child born of two parents has an even greater chance, and more of a variety. Here, we can have a variety of outcomes. The rarest of which is that the child does not get any abilities, and is left with a normal life. Most children end up inheriting a power most like their father, the so-called "dominate" gene. Still, many children end up inheriting a power from their mother's side. And a lesser number even are lucky enough to inherit both powers, a famous example of this being Will Stronghold, son of the famous heroes The Commander and Jetstream, who discovered after being a late bloomer that he inherited both his strength from his father and flight from his mother. A few of these children sometimes inherit a recessive gene, which become a whole new power altogether. But the most rare inheritance case to happen, is when the child gets both genes from his parents, but the gene conflict and mutate, resulting in a new power that came from a mixture of the two other abilities. These cases have been few, but most of these "mutated" heroes have ended up as some of the best hero around. Sometimes, the new power is completely unprecedented, but other times the power achieved can be the same or similar to other heroes. But sometimes the best thing a teen hero needs is someone more than his parents to look up to.

Kevin Cane was one of these rare cases, though it didn't show at first. His father, Harry Cane, and his mother, Anne Cane, constantly debated about what powers their son would have, all throughout his early life. His father, also known as 'Waterspout' thought that his son would get the power to control water, while his mother, 'Gust' hoped that her son would be able to control wind, and fly. Kevin on the other hand had no clue about his parents' secret lives, as most wait until their child has powers to tell them. In his mind, he had a father who was a volunteer member of the Coastguard, while his mother was a stay at home mom. As the years went on, his parents started to worry about Kevin, as he showed no sign of any abilities. What if their son never became a hero? They knew of at least one person who never was able to live to the potential of his parents, and that person did go on to become the bus driver of Sky High, but that would first mean that Kevin wouldn't be able to join his parents' high school. What was really happening was that the genes in Kevin's body were in conflict. His parents never really took notice to Kevin's constant pains and illness throughout his late elementary years. Only on some occasions when he was in ill did some things happen, like if he was cramping and in the bathroom, on one occasion, the water in the sink rose up from the pipes and started to flood the sink, before sinking down. Other times, a heavy gust would pick up in his room, though his windows were closed. But his parents didn't take notice. Why would they? Children didn't get their power from being sick. It didn't matter that Kevin seemed to only get symptoms common to radioactive illness, which was what was happening. His genes had begun to mutate, and when they did, they released radiation, that would have any long-term effect on him, just made him sick during the peak times, during the beginning of puberty. By the time he was in middle school, the sicknesses began to slow and eventually stop, in the middle of his seventh grade year. Slowly things started to occur, and were still taken unnoticed by his parents. Small changes like clouds moving in when he was hot, and clearing if he was cold. If he was sad or depressed, many times it always seemed to rain. His parents started to wonder bout their son after the increase in these types of incidents, but couldn't believe it. Why would their son have a power different from theirs? But still they took a little notice, and sent in an application to enroll their son into Sky High. Hoping that they could get a definite piece of proof of their son's ability, they waited. And finally, it paid off.

It was about halfway into his 8th grade year, in the middle of December, when they heard about the event. Kevin was with his friends, on the schoolyard. It was a slightly chilly day, with partly clouded skies, and Kevin was having problems. He was talking to his friends about weather, and happened to be on the subject of tornadoes. His parents had already noticed a fascination with weather, and Kevin never showed a sign of letting down since 5th grade. During his conversation, a few bullies from his class came in and starting teasing and pushing around Kevin and his friends. After they got bored, they walked off, carrying the new cash stolen in their hands. One of his friends asked if he was all right. He replied, "Yeah, but I would so love to see them sucked up in a tornado." Kevin stood there; thinking about how funny it would look seeing a tornado attack them, anger and laughter flowing through him. What happened next was the best thing that ever happened to the Cane family. Although the teachers, officers and scientists have still yet to explain what happened, Kevin, his friends and his parents knew what really happened. His friends described Kevin as "looking like he was in front of a fan," though there was no breeze at that time. A cloud passing overhead stopped and started to grow, still unnoticed by anyone. What was noticed a second later was the wind picking up, and a funnel cloud dropping right over the bullies, sucking them up and throwing them across the field. Kevin stood in shock, unaware of what he did, watching the twister tear up the field, not moving an inch. Teachers were immediately herding kids to safety, and yelling through megaphone to get inside. Kevin and his friends stood motionless, not able to move. One of his friends leaned in and whispered to his ear. "Did you do that? It be cool if it came here, huh?" All it took was Kevin to think about that before the stationary twister finally started to move, toward the group. The kids started to panic, and run, but just as Kevin said he hoped it wouldn't change course, it did. He later admitted that he wanted t to come follow them. The twister picked up speed and right before it caught up, Kevin was getting scared and yelled, "Stop!" The tornado quickly dissipated and the cloud shrunk back to its former self, and resumed its drift across the sky. Everyone went to check out the sight, where there was a hole about 6 feet deep in the ground. His parents heard about it, and then explained to Kevin about what happened.

So, here he was, 9 months later, preparing for his first day of high school. At this point, he had the ability to create and somewhat control any type of weather pattern. He stood at the bathroom sink, letting the water fill it, while he brushed his teeth. After finishing, he watched the sink drain, and created a waterspout just for the heck of it. He grabbed his bag and swung it on his shoulders, and looked at himself in the mirror. He was 5'7, with blue eyes, and dark brown hair. He wore a pair of blue jeans, sneakers, a white shirt, and an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. He walked downstairs to tell his parents goodbye. As soon as he passed the kitchen, his father caught him while reading the paper. "Kevin, the fish tank is low, please fill it before you go," he said, without looking up from his paper.

"But dad, I though the great Waterspout could defeat such a simple task, you can fill it without getting up."

"Son," he put down his paper, "you forget, that we are trying to live normal lives to hide our identity. The last thing we need is an enemy to see me use my power on a simple fish tank. Now, go. Fill. The. Tank. Now."

Kevin sighed, and swung his hand over the direction of the tank, where all of the water that evaporated and soaked the ceiling and walls came out and condensed, soon, it started raining into the tank. Just when he thought he got away with it, he heard thunder. Damn, he muttered, and ran out the door. His mom just barely missed him, and was therefore not able to catch him about using his powers. His dad, on the other hand, was back to reading the paper, and after hearing thunder, smiled. That's my boy.

(a/n Hey guys, my first Sky High fic, dont worry if it doesnt seem thta interesting right now, I was just getting an introduction. ive been thinking of adding some characters from some of the author's whose work had really interested me. but im not sure yet. take care!)