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Chapter 6: Arise for Your Superiors

"I'm right, you're wrong, I'm big, you're small, I'm smart, you're dumb. And there's nothing that you can do about it."

-from the movie Matilda

The bus ride home was a little less surprising and otherwise uneventful. Part of this was due to the absence of Payla, who Warren said was probably in her own room of the detention cell. The detention cell was a full white room that somehow disrupted the use of powers, at least to a degree, and was therefore used to keep students for as long as Powers deemed necessary, meaning that theoretically, Payla should be in there for at least 20 years. Of course, she always seemed to sneak out anyways, and was therefore regarded as the girl with her own room.

The bus eventually stopped at the first stop, and went through its rounds, before stopping at his original stop. As Chris and Richard got up, Kevin was stopped by Layla and Will, reminding him that he was not stopping here, and could go straight to the Stronghold's house. Kevin waved goodbye and slumped back, remaining quiet, while his new friends continued their talk.

Before long, there were finally there, and Kevin got off with Will, Layla, and Warren. Apparently, Warren spent after school at Will's house nowadays, ironic considering who their fathers are. With that, it was Will and Layla talking and holding hands, while Kevin and Warren hung back, silent as the eye of a hurricane, and calm as such. While only one could guess what was on Warren's mind, Kevin's mind was racing with everything he knew how to do, how to control it, Will's words, and Boomer's apparent dislike for him. "Nah," he said, "Hate's a better word."

Warren turned to him, and Will and Layla had a look of surprise on their face. Apparently Kevin's remark came at a bad time, since Will had just told Layla that he loved her. Kevin immediately felt the need to defend himself.

"No, no, I was just thinking about Boomer. I mean, what happened."

Will grinned. "Yeah, I'll ask my dad about that, most likely it's for a stupid reason."

The two story house was great, considering it looked very similar to all the other houses in the neighborhood. The white picket fence heightened the idea of the American dream home. Will and Warren walked up immediately, but it took Layla pulling Kevin along to get him up to the door. Even on the inside, you wouldn't know that this was the home of the greatest superheroes of their time. The exception to that would be Mr. Stronghold, who was presently trying to arrange a large claw that had to come from some giant lizard.

"Hey mom, hey dad, you're home early," said will, walking into the kitchen where Mrs. Stronghold was presently preparing food. She turned around to greet the arrivals, stopping right when she settled her eyes on Kevin.

"Hey hun, Layla, Warren…..er…..who's this?" she smiled.

"Mom, this is Kevin Cane, he, uh, has a small problem, and I thought we could help."

Mrs. Stronghold's eyes lit up, almost identical to Layla's when she is surprised. "Is your mother Anne? As is the hero Gust?"

Kevin darted his around, slightly confused. "Uh, yeah?"

"I was wondering when you would show up at my door step, I'm your mother's best friend!"

"WHAT?" screamed all four of the kids at once.

Mr. Stronghold walked in, almost oblivious of the last few minutes, going to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of water. Taking the moment of shocked silence, he calmly walked back across the kitchen to his previous room, before looking at Kevin. "Oh, you must be Harry's kid," were the only words he spoke before leaving, not missing a beat, as if it was no biggie. Will's eyes were at that point much too big for his head, Layla was in a complete state of shock, and even Warren seemed out of character, and no onespoke a word for a few more seconds.

"You mean, your parents didn't mention that?" asked Mrs. Stronghold.

Kevin thought back, to his younger years, at a phone conversation his mother had with who he remembered as his "Aunt" Josie, and the couple nights a month that his dad went to a bowling night with his "Uncle" Steve. But other than that, he didn't know of any other friends of his parents. He thought he'd test his luck.


"That's me, hun."

Warren went to the fridge and got all four of them some bottles of water. Kevin took his, but instead gave a quick laugh. "My parents have relations to the Strongholds?"

"Actually, technique, your parents ARE related to us. Your mother is my adopted sister. We're just more of friends then sisters."

Kevin took a seat and a swig of his water. This was a lot, but not too much for him. Layla went over to the couch, where Warren was flipping channels, while Will went to talk to his dad. Kevin looked up at his apparent "Aunt" and decided to join the other two.

Will walked out in laughter of the sheer stupidity of Boomer's rage, knowing a secret that he promised his father he wouldn't tell Kevin, only to find all three of them watching the news, while Kevin frantically wrote down apparently the weather, with an evil look in his eye. Warren was grinning and shaking his head while Layla had her hand glued to her forehead. Soon the weather was over and Kevin finished writing.

"Oh really, Johnny Mountainview? That's your "never fail prediction"? Well, see about that, hehehe."

Will cocked his eye at his girlfriend, who looked up with a smile and explained it all to him. "Yeah, he is the reason that the news team has started to go through weatherman rather quickly. He is planning on proving everything wrong till they hire the weatherman he likes."

Warren started to chuckle. "Yeah Will, I like this guy, I torch the people I don't like, but he goes for their pride, much more painful."

"You didn't really think I was one of those nice kids, did ya?" Kevin said.

"Just like his father," said Steve Stronghold, having just entered the room. He sat in the Laz-E-Boy recliner in the room, leaving Will no place except next to his girlfriend, not that he had any objections. Kevin stared in amazement at his costume, which has been on the two of the parents since he walked in. He took another sip of his drink and held it on his lap, while Steve began.

"So, Kevin, I hear you have problems with controlling your powers, yes we can help. But first, show me your power. Well, pretend in NOT Boomer, and show me your power."

Kevin thought about it, and took another sip of water. He wanted to impress Mr. Stronghold, but didn't want to tear down this nice house doing it. As he brought his bottle down, he had an idea. He screwed the cap on his drink and looked at the half full bottle. With one stroke he ripped the label off and moved his hand to create a water cycle. He then put the bottle down on the coffee table so Mr. Stronghold could watch, as a cloud formed in the bottle, and slowly turned into a storm, which grew in intensity to a thunderstorm complete with lightning. Steve's eyes went wide. He looked back up at Kevin and asked, "Can you stop it?" Kevin responded with a, "Sometimes" and moved his hands together and than apart, causing the storm to condense and form drop on the walls of the bottle, before sliding back into the water.

"I can also create other weather patterns, and of course change the shape of clouds and stuff."

"Is that all?"

"I can also do this." He placed his hand a little distance apart, and concentrated. Soon one, and then more, lighting bolts shot between his hands. He was feeling pretty good about his control and looked up at the Commander, er, Steve. Big mistake. As soon as he let his attention divert away from his hands, one bolt shot out and started bouncing around the room; a dangerous piece of electricity waiting to hit something. Immediately people dropped for cover, and screaming ensued…at least from Layla. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Kevin too ducked, just in time for the bolt to pass by him, and hit the light bulb in front of the group. A small explosion later, the room went black, and then back on slowly, with a fireball in Warren's hand. Kevin looked up, a slightly scared look on his face. In the glow of the flame, Mr. Stronghold held a grin of pure enjoyment, this apparently was fun. Mrs. Stronghold walked in, a candle in her hand.

"Is everyone alright? What happened?"

Steve Stronghold answered. "We just discovered our next family project."

Kevin jumped onto his bed, exhausted from the day. It was mostly spent in the Stronghold's training room, which happened to be next the Secret Sanctum. Using a specially made Inhibitor, a device that can soften or neglect powers while the user is wearing it, Steve pushed Kevin through multiple preliminary tests, and made him display every form of his ability, inhibiting them if they started to get out of control. Steve ran tests and took notes, until he had Kevin down to a cellular level, learning everything about him. For Kevin, it finally confirmed what he had believed. He was one of the rarer cases of double super parent offspring, the mutation kind. It explained everything about him, and that was proven on everything.

After everyone present learned about him completely, Steve made a plan and prepared to start it on the coming weekend, pending on whether he would get called for duty for some reason again.

Kevin kicked off his shoes, and changed into more comfortable sleepwear. He slipped into bed and stared out the window. It was a cloudless night, not the kind he particularly likes. He watched the glow of the city in the distance, and the bird or bat fly around. Looking back up at the sky, he watched as clouds formed across the moon, spelling out GO TO BED! He smiled, and dropped his gaze, preparing to go to sleep, when his eyes flew past a shadow of a figure in the tree in front of his window. His eyelids touched before he shot them open, and stared at the tree. The figure was gone, as if there was never anyone there. He swung out of bed and went to the large window, pulling it open, and swept his eyes over the night, trying to find the figure. With no luck, he swept the window frame, remembering the classic movie hiding technique. Again empty, he went back to bed, and wrapped himself up, a rather chilly night tonight. He closed his eyes, then opened them close the window with a gust of wind, locking it as well. Then he finally went to sleep, prepared for a new day, and the awaiting weekend, only three days away.

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