Resident Evil 4 : The Hidden Endings

The Bad Ending

The air was damp and you could see that dawn was on its way.

"Ashley, stay here." Leon told her as he stepped on the elevator. "I have to do this my self."

Ashley nodded as the elevator crept up, "Do your best!" She waved.

Leon snickered, "Don't I always?"

Then finally he was out of her sight. But he could still see her. He took out his semi-automatic rifle as he lay on the wet gritty metal of the platform, his scope carefully aimed at Ashley.

'Yes, I'll do my best." He thought.

Then he shot her, dead center of her forehead. She fell instantly.

Leon calmly got up he was laughing to himself when he saw Ada Wong hanging from a rope tided around her body.

"Ada!" He yelled.

Saddler walked out from the shadows, Leon glanced at him then quickly took out his knife and threw it at Ada. The knife hit her through the ear; she died as quickly as Ashley.

"Oh crap, I missed." Leon muttered.

Saddler started clapping, "Good show Leon! Thanks to you my sample is safe!"

"Well I work for the best man in the world." Leon smiled.

"Now," Saddler said as he put his arm around Leon, "Let's get back to the plan."