As the Zombie Eats

Last time on, As the Zombie eats we witnessed that not only was Ada Wong pregnant with Leon S. Kennedy's child, she was having a randy affair with Albert Wesker! But Ada was not the only one being unfaithful. All the while Leon was having an intimate relationship with Ashley Graham!! And only to find out that Ashley had previous relations with Krauser but, that was in the past. Little did Ashley know she kept something from that love affair, herpes.

Leon had the afternoon free after telling Ada that he was going to meet up with some old S.T.A.R.S members for Lunch. That lie gave him time to see his dear sweetheart Ashley.

They met up at the usual spot, some cheesy motel right off the interstate. Ashley was already there sitting on the bed when Leon had entered.

"Oh Ashley my love! Have you been waiting long?"

When Ashley stood up to meet him, he wrapped his strong arms around her.

"Leon, I have to tell you something." Ashley said still in his embrace.

Leon pulled away and lifted her chin so that their faces met, "What is it?"

Ashley took a step back. This might have been one of the hardest things she had to do… in her life, telling the person that she had dreamed of meeting since she was a little girl that she gave him a STD.

She sighed, took a deep breath and let it out, "Leon. I have… I have herpes!"

At first it didn't register, "What?" Leon asked in a daze, "I thought you said you were a virgin, that I was your first."

"Leon before I met you, you know that day you saved me… A man came in my room… with full intentions of kidnapping me."

"Krauser…" Leon muttered.

She continued, "But when are eyes met, I felt something I never felt before… A burst of emotion! Then just like that we became two fiery balls of passion!"

"You had sex with Krauser!" Lean burst, "You didn't even know him then!!"

"I know but it was-"

Leon stopped her by getting a tight grip on her shoulders, "You FUCKED Krauser!"

Ashley's eyes swelled with tears, "I know now it was a mistake. Leon I'm sorry. But you killed him. It's over. Please forgive me, it was before you! I had to tell you, now that I know I caught herpes from him… and now you have it!"

Leon let go after Ashley, he started pacing the room. Stopping in front of a wall, he slammed his fist against it, "Do you know what that means… Ashley?"

He paused. Ashley's said nothing but cried.

"That means… Ada has it… How am I supposed to tell her that I was having an affair? And oh, yeah I gave her a STD from it!"

Leon turned towards the door, "She's pregnant Ashley."

He said nothing more than a dirty look and then left.

Meanwhile, Ada was having her own meeting with Wesker. They just got done enjoying the pleasures of each other's company.

Ada lit a cigarette and took a drag, "Honey, do you have to leave your glasses on when we make love?"

Wesker adjusted the dark sunglasses that seem to be super glued to his face, "You know Ada. If I took them off I would lose my 'mysterious' factor."

Ada sighed, "If that's what you think."

They laid there for a moment in silence as Ada quietly smoked her cigarette.

Wesker turned his body toward her, "Ada, will you go with me to Russia?"

Ada laughed, "Russia, why?"

"We can run away together," Wesker sat up, "There we can create a whole new breed of super humans using Plagas technology with the T-Virus!"

"Come on darling, that only spells trouble."

"Your still in love with Leon, aren't you." Wesker sighed.

"Oh god no, Love. He is a good lay… but no. It's something else. Wesker, I'm pregnant. "

"Is it mine?"

Ada put out her cigarette, "I don't know yet."

"You know Ada; I don't care whose it is. I could take care of that babe like it was my own!" Wesker gloated.

"Oh, Wesky!" Ada grabbed Wesker and covered him with kisses.

And it just so happened at that moment Leon walked into the bedroom.


Wesker and Ada shot up and looked like deer in headlights.


Ada returned to her natural calm state, "Well when to people love each other very much they-"

"Shut up Ada. This whole time I was worried about you, but this makes the news a little bit easier. Ada… I ALSO have been having a relationship with another person… "

"That's believable." Ada whispered to Wesker.

"I GOT HERPIES!" He finished.

That shut them up.

"Are you serious?" Ada questioned.

"Yeah, I'm serious! I'm so serious I want a paternity test to see who's the baby's father!" At this moment Leon wished he had his gun the most.

They all looked at one another, feeling the heavy vibe going through the room. What could happen next, none of them knew.

On the next episode of AS THE ZOMBIE EATS, before the paternity test, Wesker ejects into Ada's womb the plagas and the t-virus! If that wasn't heinous enough, Ashley gets hit by a car on her way to work! At the hospital as Leon awaits the news of his dying lover, an old enemy who thought was dead comes to check up on her too.

Love has many trials and tribulations, but can a scorned lover overcome this obstacle?

To Be Continued? … No not really. That's it.