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Chapter One

Quick! Hide My Underwear!

"Ginny this is absolutely devastating! I cannot and will not allow you to use me as you're mannequin! I have my self respect!"

"Oh come on Jonathan! It's only for today!" begged the redheaded 20 year old Ginny Weasley as she folded the dress bottoms. "And stop moving all the time!"

"Well stop stabbing me!" and with a quick movement he was again stabbed in the ankle. "OUCH! Why you little witch!" he jumped on the stool in a Lord of the Dance way.

"Way to go Jonathan! Now I have to take the measurements all over again! You bloody prat!" she huffed and rolled her eyes as she grabbed the dress bottom again and nailed the pin right where it belonged.


Two hours later Ginny's dress was finally finished and Jonathan was finally free from "that distasteful silky nightmare." As he called it in his own words.

"So Ginny dearest," he said as he fell onto the comfy lounge sofa and rested his feet on the coffee table. "Who the lucky one tonight? Not that Ernie fellow?"

"Ernie is so last week, Johnnie." She pushed his feet of the coffee table and fell right next to him but he was quick and he pulled her to sit on his lap. "Why? Are you interested? By the looks of it I wouldn't be surprised if he is."

"I'm not going for your leftovers." But Ginny cheeky smile made him blush. "At least not this time."

"Oh that's right." She made an innocent expression. "I completely forgot all about little Colin." She got up from his embrace and made her way to the kitchen. "Tea, Johnnie?"

"No thank you, but you are welcome to tell with whom are you going tonight." He called after her.

"Well if you really want to know." She said from the kitchen as she placed the teapot on the stoves.

"And I do."

"Well," she paused and waited for him to hit his queue.

"Well what! Tell me!" there it was.

"It's you."

"That's nice."



"You are going to escort me to my parents' thirstiest anniversary party." She poured the hot tea in to a large mug and walked to the living room. "Don't give me that look!"

"How rude of you Ginny Weasley! Did it ever crossed your mind that I might have has plans for tonight?"

"But you don't have any plans for tonight." She took a long seep from her tea and look at him with a calm face.

"And how do you know that?" clearly he was upset.

"I asked you this morning, I said: Johnnie do you have any plans for tonight? And then you said: No Pumpkin Lips I am free as a butterfly tonight." She smiled a victorious broad grin and took another seep from her tea.

"Ginny Weasley you have evilest, sneakiest most brilliant mind in the whole wide world!"

"I know." She mumbled to her mug. "I had made a set of clothes on your bed for tonight. Be ready at 19:30."

And so at 19:30 sharp dressed in their best attires the ravishingly handsome Jonathan Tate and the breathtaking Ginny Weasley were at The Three Broomsticks door step and were about to make an entrance.

"Shall we?" said Jonathan and offered Ginny his arm.

"We shall." She gratefully took it and Jonathan gracefully opened the door and the two made their way in.

There was no doubt that Hermione did well this time. She was the best party planner Ginny ever known, just give her an occasion and she will make it Party of the year.

"She could have used fewer bows." Said Jonathan as he picked up champagne for himself and Ginny and clicked his tongue. "Much fewer bows."

"That's your gayness speaking, Jonnie."

"That and my eyes, I'm getting blinder and blinder as we move." Ginny couldn't suppress her giggle and was forced to hit Jonathan on his arm as she tried to keep her champagne to up her nose. "Now if I was decorator-"

"You would have done a better job." Said a voice behind him and Jonathan and Ginny jump around and almost spilled their drinks as they saw the bushy haired brunette behind them. "Ginny it's nice to see you." And she gave Ginny a warm sisterly hug. "Jonathan." She said in a cold voice.

"Hermione." He imitated her tone of voice. "Still married to Ronald?"

"Yes." She looked him in the eye with a sneer on her face. "Still dating Colin Creevy?"

"No." he drawled at her and drank from his champagne. "Nerd." He muttered.

"Diva." She answered and arched an eyebrow.


"Drama Queen."



They looked at each other dramatically and then launched each other and ended in a big loving hug and roared with laughter. Ginny smiled at the two as the separated from the embrace. "You two are so crazy. I can't believe I shared and still sharing an apartment with the two of you."

"But you love us and that's all that matters." Jonathan kissed Hermione on the cheek and offered her a glass of champagne but she refused it politely. "What happened to the Hermione I've known and love?"

"She's pregnant, Jonnie remember? I told you this before we came so we won't have to repeat the Minister's Ball?"

"How could I guess that his wife was pregnant?"

"She had an eight month belly."

"I thought she was fat, can you blame me assuming?" the two girls rolled their eyes at their friend but laughed nonetheless.

"I'm sorry Ginny but I have to go and check on Ron and see if the Twins has the fireworks ready." She kissed the two one last time on the cheek for and disappeared at the crowd.

After much mingling and a fare share of champagne and a rich dinner Ginny was ready to go after she squirmed all night her chair beside Jonathan.

"Great Scott woman! What's wrong with you?" he whispered angrily to her ear.

"It's-" she looked to see that no one's eavesdropping. "It's my underwear."

"Your underwear!" he said a little too loud then he intended and Ginny punched him on the shoulder. "Sorry." He said as she bored knives at him with her deadly look. "Your underwear? What's wrong with your underwear?" he whispered.

"You see…I forgot to do my laundry and I ran out of clean underwear so I took the only pair remained." He looked at her with a quizzing face. "This happens to be a really small pair of underwear." She pointed out.

"Small how?"

"Small as in it goes really, really up my butt." She hissed and glanced again to check for eavesdroppers.

"Alright, then take them off."

"Not here."

"Why not?"

"Because I look like I'm giving myself a good time if you get where I'm going."

"Okay then let's go to the bathroom?"

"EW! Have you seen the bathroom here? It looks like after a tornado!"

"The Bar!" he said brightly after a few seconds of deep thinking. "It's crowded so no one will notice what you're doing if you'll do it right."

"That might work but you have to come with Me." she got up from her seat and reached out her hand. "As a look out."

They slowly made their way to the Bar and squeezed between the busy in small talk people. They leaned on one of the bar stool and Jonathan looked out for Ginny.

"The coast is clear you may proceed." In a fast move Ginny pulled off her underwear from under her dress. "My you're fast. Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

"Positively sure, Jonnie." She said with a flushed face at her friend. Suddenly Jonathan gripped her arm in a firm hold.

"Merlin's beard!" he panted at the now confused Ginny. "It's Harry Potter!"

"What? What are you talking about? Harry is in Egypt for almost more then a year now."

"Then I guess you should walk like an Egyptian because here he comes!" he said excitingly and smiled at the now panicking Ginny. "Wasn't he you old Hogwarts love?"

"Still is." She mumbled unconsciously and blinked at the now approaching young wizard. "I…I…"

"He's coming! He's coming!" cheered Jonathan as Ginny tried to come to her senses. "Ginny? He's really close and he's looking you."

"I…I…" she look at Jonathan and then at her hands and saw the pink little underwear in her hands."Shit! Quick! Hide my underwear!" she pushed them to Jonathan's hand and he as a reflex threw aside as quick as possible.

"Ginny!" called a beaming Harry Potter and hugged the numb Ginny.

"Harry! What are you doing here?" she managed to say after he let her go. "I mean, nice to see you."

"It's nice to see you too." He smiled at her and made her heart skip a beat. "You look amazing."

"Doesn't she?" pushed in Jonathan with much keenness in his voice. "I love it when she wears black silk."

"I'm terribly sorry, but I don't know you." Said Harry confused and look at Jonathan apprehensively.

"Jonathan Tate." He reached out and shook Harry's hand. "I'm Ginny's-"

"Boyfriend!" she yelled a little too out loud. "This is my boyfriend."

"What?" said the two men in unison and anger.

"Jonathan is my boyfriend." And then Ginny did what no woman before her ever done. She grabbed Jonathan by shoulders and French kissed him.

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