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Chapter Thirteen

There's Something About Harry

"Come on, come on, where's that stupid visitors entrance!" Ginny murmured as she scurried her way between passers by at downtown muggle London pushing anyone who was on her way. "Where is it? Where is it?" And just when she thought all hope was gone heel gave in to pressure and broke taking Ginny down with him. "Stupid bloody stupid heel!" she cursed and pushed herself up from the sidewalk. She limped to a near alley so she can fix her shoe without being pushed around but as soon and she reached the alley a magnificent sight appeared in front of her, an old red telephone box, which was missing several pans of glass stood there calling her name. "Thank you Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Thor, God, and Merlin!" she ran/limped to the telephone box and picked up receiver. "Let's see…six…two…four…four…and….two."

"Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your name and business." a cool female voice said in side the box.

"Er…Ginny Weasley, here to tell Harry Potter that I love him?" She wasn't sure what she supposed to say in situation like this.

"Thank you." Said the cool female voice. "Visitor, please take the badge and attach it to the front of your robes."

As the box sank underground Ginny skipped and hopped in the small space of the box with nerves. Finally the the sinking stopped and the bright golden light disappeared.

"The Ministry of Magic wishes you a pleasant day." The door of the telephone box sprang open and Ginny ran out of it.

"Excuse me, Miss but I have to check your wand." A man said from behind a desk that had the sign SECURITY above it. "Miss? Miss! Don't run away from me!" he called after Ginny who stopped her tracks and walked back to the desk.

"Here!" she slammed something on his desk and walk away before he could say anything. "Have a nice day!" she said and ran towards the elevators.

"Ginny Weasley, Declaration of Love to Harry Potter?" the security wizard read aloud. "What kind of badge it this?" he called after her.

Ginny didn't even bother to answer him and just limped in to the elevator where she earned herself a few questioning looks from several witches and wizards. "What? Never seen someone limp before?" she barked at them and pushed the button and waited.

"Level Two, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, including the Improper Use of Magic Office, Auror Headquarters, and Wizengamot Administration Services."

Once again she pushed her way between people with pure determination on her face and in every fiber of her body. "Almost there, Ginny, almost there." She said to herself reassuringly.

"Watch it!" called an old Magical Maintenance wizard.

"What-" but Ginny didn't finish her sentence because before she was able to say anything she slipped on the wet floor and collided with a bucket of water the spilled water all over her. "What the hell!" Ginny said and trued to get up from the floor for the second time within less then an hour.

"I told you to watch it." The maintenance wizard said and helped Ginny up. "You youngsters, never listen."

"Yes, I already know what a bad generation we are." Ginny rolled her eyes as she tried to straighten her soaking wet dress. "Can you please tell where Harry Potter office is?"

"Straight down to your left and then the third door."

Without saying thank you to the maintenance wizard she ran to where he kindly directed her. She didn't even care she was being rude or dripping water everywhere she just wanted to get to Harry.

"First door." She huffed. "Second door." She puffed. "Third door." She huffed and puffed. It took her a couple of long seconds to adjust her attire and with a deep breath she knocked on the office door.

"Come in!" a deep voice said from the inside.

"This is it!" Ginny whispered to herself, turned the doorknob open and walked in with her eyes shut.

"Ginny?" she heard him say disbelievingly. "What are you doing here?" if her eyes weren't shut and if was any other day she would've laughed at this role switching.

"I'm here to tell you that…" she stopped and took in another deep breath just to calm down.

"That?" was he rushing her or was she just imagining?

"I'm here to tell you that I love you, I always loved and I always will love you, Harry James Potter."

"Oh my! Didn't expect that." Said another voice and at the sound of it Ginny opened her eyes.

"Ginny," Harry began to say and Ginny saw he had a frozen expression on his face. "I guess that there is no need to introduce you to your father or to Remus or to Tonks or to Med-Eye Moody."

"H-h-hey." She suddenly felt very hot in her dripping dress. "I...Er…I'll just go now." And without another word she slammed the door behind her. "I'm such an idiot." Her eyes began to sting and felt tears form threatening to fall any second now. "What was I thinking?" she said as she slowly walked away from the office door.

"Are you leaving?" someone said from behind and Ginny stopped and stood rooted to the floor. "Because if you do," he grabbed her hand and turned her around. "You are an idiot."

"I'd rather be an idiot than a bloody git like you, Harry Potter."

"A bloody git that you happen to love." He smirked at her flushed face and tucked a wet red lock of hair behind her ear. "Admit it, Gin, you love me."

"I already admitted it, Harry, I even got witnesses." She gave him an angry look, still hurt from the fresh humiliation.

"I know." He kept on smirking at her. "I just want to hear you say it again." He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head and their eyes met. "For me, Gin?"

"Harry, this is rediculohumph." It was in that split of a second when Harry's lips reached hers that Ginny felt a bubble explode and shockwaves hit every inch of her body.

"I love you, Ginny." Harry whispered as the broke from the kiss.

"I love you too, Harry." She buried her head in his chest and he stroked her wet hair.

"Can I ask you something, Gin?"

"You can ask whatever you want as long as you don't ask me to marry you because I've had enough of weddings for the time being." She laughed and hit him playfully but when she looked up she saw Harry avoiding her gaze. "Oh no…tell me you didn't…"

"I….look it doesn't really matter…" Harry shook his head and tried to wave it off.

"No! It does! It really does!" Ginny cried and pushed him away from her. "Look, let's start this over, okay? You'll say 'I love you, Ginny,' and I'll say 'I love you too, Harry,' and then you'll ask me, okay?"

"Ginny this isn't necessary…"

"It is! So do it!"

"Fine, I'll do it." He looked at her and saw her hopeful look. "I love you, Ginny."

"I love you too, Harry." She grabbed his hand and entwined her fingers with his.

"Can I ask you something, Gin?"

"Ask away, Harry." She nodded knowingly.

"Why are you so wet?" she slapped his arm. "OUCH! You little devil woman you are!"

"That'll teach you not to play games with me, Harry." she crossed her arms against her chest. "Now ask me, what you really wanted to ask."

"Ginny Weasley, will you give in to all things rational and do the greatest honor of honors and marry me?" It was then that Ginny did what surly almost every witch wanted to do since it was published that Harry Potter is the most eligible bachelor in the UK. She grabbed Harry by the shoulders and French kissed him.

The En-

"So I'll take that as a yes, right?"

"Of course it was a yes, Harry!" she slapped playfully and giggled.

"There's something quite violent about you, Gin, did you know that?"

"There's something quite," She checked him out for a few silent seconds. "I can't find it right now, but I know for a fact that there's something about you, Harry."

The Real End

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