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Memory One

This was all Fuji's idea. He had wanted everyone to see eachother again. Maybe because he missed everyone? Was he that lonely? The rest of them had no idea. They came all the way from different countries to spend time back in Japan or more precisely their hometown over Christmas Break and more overly they were going to spend the break with Syusuke Fuji.

Ryoma Echizen had flown in from America to come to back to Japan. He had gone back to become even better at tennis and was about to play in a tournament that was taking place in Chiba in the spring. Ryoma had gotten good, better than his father and that was saying a lot considering that his father came into the tennis world as fast as he left.

Eiji and Oishi had remained together thanks to Eiji's personality and clingy-ness to Oishi. They had moved somewhere else in Japan, Nagasaki to be exact. They were returning though just to see Fuji and spend time with him over the holidays. Momoshiro had been all over the place thanks to being more and more interested in tennis and wanting to become better. Or at least that was his excuse but everyone knew the real reason, but that shall be explained in a later time. He was actually back from those random places a couple months ago.

Kaidoh also remained in the same place while his senpai Sadaharu Inui went to London to study since he had been given an offer there to study and do some research. So he took the offer without looking back. Kawamura was also in America, but sadly he wasn't able to come, demands in the restaurant he owned kept him tied down for the holidays. But because of past occurrences that had taken place within the past year, he wanted nothing to do with Seigaku or their drama anymore. He had a wife to support now and was living a slow and easy life. Tezuka had also traveled random places, he was known mostly in Asia, Europe, and America. He had earned himself a name in the world of tennis, but had never looked back at his friends after highschool.

All them arrived at different times, Eiji and Oishi had arrived first; cheerfully sipping on hot chocolate holding a conversation with Fuji, and Momoshiro had arrived also chowing down on cookies. They were all in the living room of Fuji's huge house that he had earned because of photography…his pictures were worth a fortune, he was talented without even trying, but this was the tensai of Seigaku we're talking about. He could be good in anything and make a fortune without trying. And then some of the money was from his parents who wanted to help in anyway possible. They were all very proud of him and their two other children Yuuta and Yumiko who were living successful lives as well.

"When's everyone going to be here?" Momo asked through a mouthful of chocolate cookies.

"Ah, Momo…you might want to not talk with food in your mouth," Oishi said politely.

Eiji beside him giggled saying that Momo hadn't changed one bit. And Fuji nodded in agreement. At least that was true, Fuji hoped that everybody hadn't changed too much. But not just Fuji felt that way. Everyone had a bad feeling that everyone had matured and that their personalities were changed and altered to someone's liking.

"They should be here sometime today, to note to you all, some of them are coming in from different countries," explained Fuji smiling as happily as ever.

Oishi nodded in agreement to that.

"The mamushi should at least be here though. His butt hasn't moved anywhere," grumbled Momo making a face. He still held grudges toward Kaoru Kaidoh from years and years ago since their first year of junior high to be exact. Momoshiro hated Kaidoh and Kaidoh hated Momoshiro. So the feeling was mutual. But nobody could say that there were no problems with those two. They'd always been fighting and yelling. And Tezuka, but mostly Inui and Oishi would have to break up their little hissy fits and squabbles.

"Kaidoh has school though, he's attending college," pointed out Oishi.

Momo rolled his eyes.

"I heard that he's majoring in journalism, what an idiot. He could've done something useful since he's trained so hard in tennis," he muttered.

There was a silence for a while as everyone ate and finally the doorbell rang breaking up the awkwardness.

"It's open!" exclaimed Fuji.

A tall boy in his late teens entered, his green hair was slightly windblown from it being cold and windy outside and he was carrying a suitcase, a duffel bag, and a tennis bag over his shoulder. Not to mention he had a dark blue coat on as well and yet he looking that he had been lounging around.

"OCHIBI!" exclaimed Eiji hopping of the couch.

Ryoma instantly dropped the bags to be prepared to be pounced on, and he was. He was sent to the ground and Eiji held him a tight bear hug.

"We missed you!" he exclaimed releasing the boy and started bouncing excitedly.

Ryoma got up from the ground and Fuji took the suitcases and led Ryoma to one of the guestrooms in the house. When both Fuji and Ryoma returned downstairs. Ryoma's eyes met Momo's for an instant and then both looked away.

"Nice seeing you again," said Momo.

Ryoma only made a, "Hn" as he accepted some hot chocolate from Fuji. He sat down on the floor near the wooden and glass coffee table.

"You've changed, you're so tall now Ochibi!" exclaimed Eiji still happily bouncing around.

Ryoma had grown there was no denying that. Maybe he was still following Inui's training menu. Who knew? Momoshiro still was taller than him he could tell just by looking at the kid. All of them had grown a little, but if anything Ryoma would still be the shortest or second shortest.

"I think you've had too much sugar today. I shouldn't have gave you that candy bar in the car," Oishi said.

Eiji pouted.

"Oishi you're so mean! I was hungry," he said, clinging onto Oishi's arm again.

"And you two are as close as ever," said Ryoma.

"Almost like lovers ne?" teased Fuji. Oishi blushed madly and Eiji just giggled lightly as though it didn't matter to him.

"So…how was America?" asked Momo trying to start up a conversation. How awkward…

"Usual, it's the same. My opponents still have a ways to go," replied Ryoma.

"A ways to go hm? Is Kevin just as good as you?" asked Fuji.

Ryoma took a sip of the hot chocolate.

"No, he's far from my level," he answered.

"Dammit, you're still too arrogant Echizen! I bet half the time your pro opponents are pissed off at your antics," snapped Momo.

Ryoma Echizen hadn't changed one bit! He was still as arrogant as he was back then long ago. Everyone especially Momo didn't know weather to be happy or feel slightly irked at the fact.

"What you call antics are the truth," protested Ryoma. He slammed the mug down on the coffee table in frustration.

The argument was cut off by a sharp knock at the door and Fuji opened the door to see Inui standing there. He was still the same as always, or he still looked the same at least. Spiky hair, rimmed glasses that hid his eyes, bags were slung over his shoulder and notebook was still in his hands.

"Hello. I see I got the right house. Thank goodness. 76 percent chance this was your place but it seemed so extravagant. I'm glad to know you're working hard Fuji," he greeted placing the bags of belongings on the floor as Fuji took them up to another guestroom.

"Hello! Have a seat, we were having a interesting conversation going on," said Ryoma sarcastically.

Momo glared at him wearily.

"You're going to make us old…" he muttered darkly.

"Kaidoh isn't here yet?" asked Inui sitting down beside Momo. Odd, Inui had calculated a 87 percent chance that Kaidoh would be here before he would.

Oishi shook his head no.

"He's attending college and such. So he still has school hours and he has to pack as well. He should be here soon though," said Fuji walking in with another cup of hot chocolate and more cookies on a glass clear plate.

"Oh, I see, then there shall be much to discuss when he arrives," said Inui.

Inui whipped out his infamous green notebook and started furiously scribbling things down in it. Data. There was so much to collect. Everyone changed a little here and there, but not so much to where you couldn't tell it was them. He had to recalculate his data on Kaidoh as well. Inui had no idea that Kaidoh decided to attend college. He had thought Kaidoh would pursue his goal to get a title in tennis. Inui felt a little deflated knowing that Kaidoh had chosen something else.

"I heard you went to Europe to study Inui. What brought that on?" asked Oishi.

"Well you all do know that the tennis there is quite advanced and there's a lot of research going on in Europe and I had a chance to go and I didn't hesitate for a moment to take the offer," explained Inui not glancing up from his notebook even once.

"Yes the tennis in Europe is quite interesting. It's a completely different style than the kind here in Japan There's a tournament held there every year or so as well," pointed out Fuji.

"Echizen's grown about eight millimeters since I last saw him," muttered Inui scribbling.

Momo grinned.

"He's still a brat though," he warned teasingly.

Ryoma glared at his senpai annoyedly.

"And I see that the Golden Pair have advanced and still have remained together. You're quite known in Nagasaki for your doubles games," Inui kept muttering on.

Ryoma's golden eyes casted upon Oishi and Eiji who were splitting a single cookie.

"You still play tennis? Surely you're not making a living off of that," he said. There was no way the Golden Pair was making money by play games only in the Nagasaki area of Japan.

Eiji grinned brightly at the younger boy.

"Ochibi is so silly. Of course not!" he said.

"Eiji and I run a shop dedicated to pets…we both have that interest. At the moment Rukia and Li are handling the shop while we're away," explained Oishi.

"Hoi! I hope Rukia doesn't overfeed the tropical fish!" said Eiji looking horrified. Oishi had the same expression on his face.

"I think Hisoka should be checking up on those two to make sure the animals aren't half dead by the time we back," he said trying to reassure Eiji and mostly himself. Those poor fish.

"Ah Hisoka-Chan is sooooo nice! If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have been able to come see you all!" said Eiji.

Fuji smiled leaning back into the leather couch. He had been the one to introduce the sixteen-year-old to the Golden Pair. Fuji had met the boy on vacation while there in Nagasaki, the boy was came from a respectable family so of course he was quiet and polite and so Fuji thought that he maybe could socialize with Oishi and Eiji. It would do them and especially the boy good.

"I'm glad I introduced him to you when I did."

There was another ring of the doorbell and Fuji jumped up from the couch and opened the door.

"Ah, look whose made it! Come in Kaidoh, it's snowing out there and none of us want you to catch cold," he said.

Inui's head shot up to see Kaidoh with his school bag and a duffel bag over his shoulder. He looked the same. Good. Inui was a little worried that he had completely changed in appearance, now he hoped that Kaidoh hadn't changed in personality. Kaidoh only glanced at him once and politely asked Fuji where he should place his stuff.

"No need, let me place your bags in the guestroom. Sit Kaidoh, you have some catching up to do with your teammates. I'll be right back," said Fuji grabbing Kaidoh's bags. He headed up stairs and left his guest alone for a couple minutes.

Kaidoh took his place across from Inui and sat next to Eiji on the wooden floor.

"So mamushi finally showed up. What the hell were you doing? Surely you don't live at school," blurted out Momo.

"Fshuu…idiot, I had a presentation. And then went home to pack. Unlike you I have to go to school from what I've heard you've been traveling aimlessly throughout the world. Useless," snapped Kaidoh.

Fuji came back into the living room with seven new mugs of hot chocolate laughing.

"Already bickering I see, how sweet. Inui's missed you Kaidoh," he said handing mugs around to everyone.

Momo sniggered and Kaidoh blushed and shifted a little avoiding looking at his senpai. Ryoma slapped Momo on the shoulder to silently tell him to shut up. No need for a fistfight to start after everyone was trying to reacquaint themselves.

"How was school?" asked Inui.

Fuji took great notice that Inui had long put away his notebook when Kaidoh arrived.

"It was okay. I've been doing well with my studies," replied Kaidoh quietly.

Fuji's eyes opened as he looked out the window where there was a whirl of snowflakes in the air. There was only one person missing from the gathering. Where was he? He promised he'd come… Fuji had gotten Oishi and Eiji AND Ryoma to call and persuade him to come back to Japan for the holidays. And when Tezuka finally said that he'd come, Fuji made him promise to get a ticket and come home...

"Nya you're waiting for him to show up aren't you?" asked Eiji as Inui, Kaidoh, Momo, and Ryoma ended up squabbling over something pointless. Probably the uses of milk or something…

"Yes, it's getting late, I'm starting to get worried," replied Fuji.

Eiji hugged his friend smiling.

"He promised. Tezuka-buchou doesn't break his promises," he said reassuringly.

Fuji nodded.

Oishi smiled, trying to comfort their friend. He could tell that Fuji had been waiting months for this moment to come. A lot of shit had happened and they needed to work things out.

"He'll be here, maybe you should call him. We'll keep the crowd entertained. Go check," he said.

"Thank you," said Fuji jumping up from the couch. He dashed up to his room and grabbed the silver portable phone dialing up Tezuka's cell number.

The phone rang…and rang...and rang. And finally the phone turned on the answering machine telling Fuji to leave a message. Fuji hung up and slid down the wall…looking at the walls across the room in the dark for a second, and then the looked around the room. On the nightstand beside the two beds that Fuji had set up were pictures from back in Seigaku. Fuji had looked at those pictures for years, the years they had been separated. He had looked through the photo albums almost everyday and still he had the letters from Tezuka when he mailed him in middle school from Germany. He'd read them over and over again trying to pretend that those letters were ones from now, that what he wrote saying, 'Take care of yourself and wait for me. I'll be back.'. Fuji sometimes pretended that those weren't the ones from when Tezuka went to Germany to heal his shoulder but the ones from now…

"You promised," Fuji whispered getting up off the hard and cold wood floor. He made his way back downstairs where everyone was laughing and having a good time.

Eiji and everyone else were sharing stories of what they had done back in the middle school. Even Kaidoh smiled at one of the stories Inui and Ryoma had told about the bowling fiasco and the day they had all went up to watch the sunrise before their buchou left for Germany. Fuji still had those pictures too, and there were like a valuable treasure to him.

"Buchou is supposed to come right? It's already 7:00 in the afternoon. It's getting late," said Ryoma.

"He should be coming soon," responded Fuji emotionless, but from the corner of his eye he saw Oishi give Ryoma a warningly look to tell him not to try to bring up the conversation by himself.

"Did you try calling?" whispered Eiji.

Fuji nodded.

"Did he answer?" asked Oishi.

"No, his answering machine came on," replied Fuji looking out the window once more.

It was late soon after, everyone stayed up until 11:00 PM and Tezuka still hadn't shown up. Fuji told everyone to head up their rooms that he'd be going to bed shortly. Everyone was sharing room, Fuji had gotten his room set up for Tezuka to share with him, and then Ryoma and Momo were sharing a room. Inui and Kaidoh were paired off and so were Eiji and Oishi. Fuji still waited for Tezuka, and finally around midnight drifted off to sleep on the sofa with bunches of worries in his mind.

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