Chapter Twenty

Oshitari had finally managed to settle down Gakuto and the former Seigaku and Hyoutei regular players ended up chatting. It had seemed that Oshitari had became a romance novelist and Gakuto had became his editor...not only just his editor but his lover obviously. Jiroh lived off of Atobe who smiled and told him that any close friend of 'Ore-sama' shouldn't have to work so hard when they had done enough stuff for him.

Finally everyone went down to the dance floor where other people were. Ryoma and Momoshiro started dancing first encountering Shinji and Kamio on the way. An and her older brother were there too and greeted them as well. They both were dedicated to playing tennis and had found themself being strong in doubles. Shinji and Kamio tended to awe the other dancers on the floor because they went with the flow with the fast beat music as if it was nothing. Momo and Ryoma had also tried to see if they could move as nicely. And let's just say they were the 'Golden Pair' when it came to dancing with eachother. They had absolutely gave the tensai and speed ace of Fudomine some competition.

Eiji danced with Oishi on the further side of the huge dance floor both laughing together as they attempted to move together. They once again danced like friends to Fuji's disappointment. But Fuji had admired the way that Momoshiro and Ryoma were completely close to eachother and moving nicely together.

"I promise I'll dance with you later Kunimitsu, right now I have some unfinished business to take care of," said Fuji walking over toward Eiji.

"You want me to handle Oishi?" called out Tezuka.

Fuji nodded smiling not even stopping.

"Oishi I hope you don't mind if I dance with Eiji," he said.

Oishi backed away and met Tezuka who was watching everyone dance on the side of the floor.

"Eiji, you know and I know that you like him," said Fuji smirking.

"Nya like who?" asked Eiji.

Fuji sighed. The kid was so naive sometimes... Then again Eiji liked to play 20 questions with him too, so maybe he knew who it was but was just too shy.

"Oishi. You're just longing to dance close to him," responded Fuji.

Eiji blushed.

"Fujiko-," he began.

"Oishi loves you too Eiji or he would've pulled away when you kissed him at Christmas. Those rings that you're wearing symbolize something more than just friendship," said Fuji.

"I don't know how to tell him Fuji. Oishi is so shy, he might back away," answered Eiji looking at Oishi who talking to Tezuka.

"Oishi can you see who you have in front of you?" asked Tezuka.


"You need to stop denying yourself. You've fallen in love with Eiji and you need to tell him," said Tezuka getting straight to the point. He wasn't sly like Fuji would take things slowly.

" Fuji put you up to this didn't he?" asked Oishi.

Tezuka rolled his eyes.

"Not just Fuji noticed it. You and Eiji are more than just friends. You guys are just frightened to death that you're going to get heartbroken which is unlikely. Now this is going to sound odd coming from someone like me, but I've had my own experience. You need to tell Eiji before you two miss out on a lot. Fuji and I have so many scars in our relationship and I'm trying to prevent that from happening to you as well. Oishi you're my friend, as your friend I'm telling you to be brave and do what you think your heart's telling you," he answered flatly.


"I told you that was going to sound odd coming from me," muttered Tezuka darkly.

Oishi laughed at the rare humor in Tezuka's voice. Maybe Fuji was really making the poker-faced-ex-buchou lighten up a little.

"Tezuka thank you. You've made me realize," he said.

"Get over there, you don't need to tell me you need to tell him," said Tezuka as Fuji came back.

"How did it go?" asked Fuji.

"Ah, I made him realize," Tezuka replied.

"Mn, let's dance Kunimitsu. I don't think they need an audience," said Fuji grabbing Tezuka out by the hand to lead him to the dance floor.

Eiji looked nervous as he was rejoined with Oishi. They both looked at eachother and read eachother's mind and both knew that they had something important to tell eachother.

Eiji and Oishi led eachother downstairs to where nobody occupied the area. It was quieter and a better setting than where everyone could see what was going to happen. All you could hear was the bass of the music from the floor above them. The hugh room was dimly lit and their footsteps echoed off the walls.



They both blushed and forced themselves to look at eachother. Eiji looking determined, Oishi looking a little worried.

"You first,"pushed onOishi.

"H-Hoi. Oishi, I've figured out a lot of things thanks to myself and Fujiko. He actually gave me the push I needed. Oishi, I think I really really…l-love you," said Eiji his hands grasping onto one of Oishi's.

"You took what I was about to say right out of my mouth," said Oishi smiling.

"Nothing will really change..,"pointed Eiji.

Oishi nodded.

"I know. Well maybe some things will change. But nothing will change until you're ready Eiji, I'll wait for you," he reassured.

Eiji silently nodded. It was rare for him to be quiet but this was the most important moment of his life and it didn't need to be broken by some of his silly antics and cute 'nyas' that he would usually say.

"Same goes for you. I'll wait. But for now-"

' Chu'


They both kissed again a little deeper this time. Oishi's fingers wrapping around Eiji's as a little hint of relif, love, and comfort.

They didn't know they had two people spying on them. One had followed out of curiosity and the other was dragged there by his boyfriend.

"I need to place some of this in my next novel. It's so sugary sweet," said Oshitari.

"Aw shut up, if you make your novels anymore sappier than they already are, I think I'm gonna puke," said Gakuto.

Both data collectors looked at eachother and Kaidoh felt awkward being in the middle of them physically and even conversation wise.



"How have you been?" asked Inui pushing up his glasses.

"I have been well. Rumor has it you went to Europe, have you been doing satisfactory as well?" asked Renji.

"I just got back from Europe and decided to stay here. I've been doing perfect," replied Inui.

Both Renji and Inui looked over at Kaidoh. And it only took a glance to know.

"99 percent. He's your new boyfriend right?" asked Renji.

Inui grinned placing an arm around Kaidoh who blushed.

"How'd you know?" he asked.

"He's he one you always talked about after we decided to keep in contact after our match," pointed out Renji.

"Then you know me well," said Inui.

"Of course I know you well, I'm your best friend. Anyway, it was nice seeing you here Inui; it's good to know you're doing well. But behave and don't torture the poor boy too much. Now if you don't mind I have someone to stalk, so I'll talk to you later," said Renji disappearing in a crowd a people before Inui even had time to reply.

"That was….odd," said Kaidoh. It was such a short conversation and yet they knew what eachother meant. Creepy.

Inui chuckled.

"Was it? That's how we are. I don't know exactly how Renji thinks, but I think he's happy that I've moved on. I'm happy too," he replied.

Kaidoh glanced over at him.

"He was your boyfriend?" he asked.

"For a while and then he got scared because we were so young," explained Inui.

There was a long silence and Kaidoh could only nod in reply. Thinking about Renji and Inui together was painful. But he knew that their relationship had been a tragic one. Just like everyone else's had been. Now that Kaidoh thought about it Inui had done the same thing that Renji had did. He ran away before he could figure out what was going on. It was the fact that Kaidoh was preparing to fight to get him back that they might've got together. Kaidoh had just gotten lucky that Inui came back with Kaidoh having to fight.

"The Golden Pair have finally became official lovers," pointed out Inui. Kaidoh's eyes shifted to the dance floor where Eiji and Oishi where happily dancing a little bit closer than before. They looked a lot happier and Eiji stood up on tiptoes to kiss Oishi.

"Kaidoh dance with me?" offered Inui.

"Fsshu, Inui you know I can't dance," said Kaidoh quietly. His eyes looked toward the ground embarrassed.

"More the reason to teach you. I'll be the lead," said Inui dragging Kaidoh to the dance floor.

Fuji eyed his brother at the other side of the dance floor.

"Tezuka you don't mind me seeing them do you?" he whispered in Tezuka's ear.

Tezuka kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll go with you," he said.

Fuji decided to sneak up behind Mizuki who had his arms around Yuuta at the time. Tezuka had a feeling that Fuji was going to be devilish, and Fuji was. His finger poked at the small of Mizuki's back making the raven haired boy yelp in surprise.

"Back away from the little brother and nobody gets hurt," said Fuji smiling.

Mizuki obeyed his dark blue eyes going wide.

"Just kidding. You can be close to him. I just wanted to say hello," said Fuji.

"Aniki," said Yuuta rolling his eyes.

"Yuuta, Syusuke I thought I'd see you here," said a soft voice.

Yukimura had appeared both arms around Sanada who was looking a little bit annoyed.

"Yukimura how are you?" asked Fuji.

"I'm fine, it's good to see you two again," said Yukimura pulling away from Sanada. Fuji kissed his friend on the cheek and Yukimura did the same and both laughed at the peeved expressions on Tezuka and Sanada's face.

"Sorry you two," said Yukimura smiling.

"Same as always," muttered Yuuta rolling his eyes.

"Yuuta is this your boyfriend?" asked Yukimura teasingly pointing to Mizuki.

"Yes," replied Yuuta.

"Aww, you two look so cute together. You're even matching tonight!" exclaimed Yukimura.

"And it took me forever to get him out of his purple stage," muttered Yuuta darkly.

Mizuki made a face insulted by Yuuta's comment. Both of the had on similar outfits, white dress shirts (that weretight and a should we say it? Lacy?)and some dark blue jeans.

"Purple would look quite nice on you Yuuta-kun. But white will have to do for us for tonight," he said.

Tezuka and Sanada greeted eachother and held a short conversation about the upcoming tournament.

"You're playing Chiba in the spring right," said Sanada.

"Yes," replied Tezuka.

"I'll be watching," said Sanada.

Yukimura bid goodbye to the Fuji brother's and their boyfriends and went away to do who knows what dragging Sanada with him.

Fuji looked up at Tezuka who was giving him an odd looking glare.

"Kunimitsu, nobody has really changed. Not evenour friends really.I'm happy," said Fuji.

Yuuta and Mizuki looked at the pair in front of them and then at eachother quizzically. They didn't understand really how Tezuka and Fuji worked, once day they'd figure out.

"Maybe things will be like they were before everyone moved on with their lives," commented Tezuka looking at the crowd gathered around Atobe and Jiroh who were chatting happily to a couple of people they were close with back from Junior High and Highschool.

"The tournament is coming up in Chiba, who knows maybe we'll have something similar to what we had when we were Seigaku...and Atobe was Hyoutei and so on. Just to let you know Tezuka, I'll be cheering you on," said Fuji.

"And Mizuki and I will be there too," added Yuuta reminding his older brother that they were still there.

Fuji smiled.

"Then we'll all cheer for Tezuka and Ryoma too. I'll be happy for whoever wins. I hope it's the ones I care about the most," he said.

Fuji and Tezuka looked over at everyone who was there. Fudomine, Hyoutei, Saint Rudolph, Jyousei Shounan, Rokkaku…everyone. Everyone who had moved on was there and if they had changed that change hadn't lasted long.

"Come on, Eiji and Oishi can't have all the fun," said Fuji pulling Tezuka by the arm.

They had returned home, Inui and Kaidoh sat near eachother in their room. They were tired from tonight's events. It was about three o'clock in the morning. Who wouldn't be?

"Kaidoh, when the holidays are over how about we get our own place and we'll go from there," offered Inui.

Kaidoh glanced at his boyfriend.

"We'd be able to train and…maybe compete with Echizen and Fuji," explained Inui smiling evilly at the last part.

"Inui! That's something I don't want to compete in! I'm not even ready for that yet…," exclaimed Kaidoh blushing madly.

"But will we live together at least?" asked Inui hopefully.

Kaidoh looked up at ceiling again, he often did this when he was thinking.

"Yes. We can," he replied at last with a little hiss.

Inui smiled and placed an arm around Kaidoh and kissed him on the cheek.

"From there we can move on. As I said you're always pushing me forward. We'll both push forward together, because I promised you I'd share everything with you. And I also promised you that I'd take care of your future as well." He said.

Kaidoh's eyes went wide.

"When did you promise to take care of my-" he began.

"You wouldn't remember. You refused me again though, but I'm keeping that promise anyway. I have to get you back on the top so you can compete with Tezuka and Echizen," said Inui.

Kaidoh nodded.

"There's no point in arguing with you. Just promise me that we'll move forward together," he said.

Inui looked over at Kaidoh and held both of Kaidoh's hand with his own and kissed him.

"I already told you that. If you're meaning me never leaving you, then I promise where ever I go I will be with you. We will move forward together," he answered softly.

Kaidoh closed his eyes and smiled. Everything was going to be okay. He just knew it. Inui would take care of his future and Kaidoh would push him forward in return.

Eiji hopped on the bed and hugged Oishi tight.

"We'll make breakfast in the morning, for now we'll sleep well," said Eiji.

Oishi fell backwards onto the bed with Eiji in his arms.

"Yes. You're starting to sound like yourself again," he said tapping at Eiji's nose.

Eiji looked cross-eyed for a second and then giggled.

"Oishi, we'll watch Tezuka and Ochibi in Chiba right?" he asked hopefully.

"Of course. We'll be watching with Fuji and most likely Momoshiro," said Oishi.

Eiji smiled.

"And we'll move back here right? To be with Fujiko and Tezuka right?" he continued.

Oishi nodded.

"Because this is home," he said.

Eiji's eyes drifted shut and he grinned.

"Nya home… That sounds nice," he whispered.

Oishi placed his arms around the red head and looked up at the ceiling.

"The nicest thing is home, where we'll be safe and it's where everyone is at. We'll all be together, like family," he replied.

There was a silence and only the ticking of the clock and the heater could be heard.

"Eiji?...Eiji?" asked Oishi.

There was no reply but soft breathing.

"Mn, Oyasumi Eiji. I love you," said Oishi placing a kiss on Eiji's lips before also drifting to sleep.

"Ryouga I'm fine honestly," said Ryoma on his cell phone.

There was another silence.

"I arrived in Japan without telling anyone so I wouldn't have stalkers."

Some yelling.

"No I'm not being molested by anyone. Honestly I should be more worried about you," Ryoma replied at the yelling.

A pause.

"I'll be here from now on. We'll see eachother in Chiba in a couple months. Live without me until then."

More silence. Momo snuck behind Ryoma and placed his arms around him. The green haired boy smiled and looked up at Momo.

"Yeah I'll be looking forward to it. Oi, I have to go. Yeah. Bye," said Ryoma before hitting the end button. He tossed the phone onto the duffel bag and then kissed Momo who kissed back his tongue sliding in between Ryoma's moist lips. Ryoma placed his arms around Momo's neck and kissed back letting his tongue meet with his lover's.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," said Ryoma after being released from the lip lock.

Momo grinned.

"I would've waited forever if it meant I'd get a kiss like that," he said.

"Well I couldn't have," said Ryoma kissing Momo again.

Momo pulled away his eyes set on his boyfriend's golden eyes.

"Was he worried?" he asked.

"Ryouga? Yeah he was lecturing me for not telling him. He's so overprotective sometimes. I think he wanted to call and yell at me because one of his girlfriends found out he had twenty others. Because he knew I was in Japan and where I was at or he wouldn't have been able to send those shoes to me for my birthday," explained Ryoma.

Momo laughed.

"You think he wants revenge for you beating him?" he asked.

"He'll get revenge when he figures out I have a boyfriend," muttered Ryoma darkly.

"Oi Echizen, what you're ashamed of having me as your boyfriend?" Momo exclaimed.

"You do realize that Ryouga is going to harm you in every way possible saying you're the one who turned me gay," pointed out Ryoma.

Momo paled and held Ryoma tight.

"Then protect me," he said.

"I hope he kicks your ass," replied Ryoma smirking.

"HEY! Is that how you're supposed to treat your loving boyfriend? Fine I see how it is! I hope you get blackmailed for life then," said Momo.

"Idiot I was just joking. If he harms you I'll be the one who kicks his ass, because the only one whose even allowed to harm you is me," answered Ryoma rolling his eyes.

"Harm me?"

"You know what I mean Takeshi, stop being so naïve .I have to be the seme at least once in this relationship," said Ryoma.

Momo blushed madly.

"You're so kinky sometimes. You're going to harm me while being the seme?" he asked.

Ryoma smirked again.

"Mada mada da ne. If I harm you you'll love every single bit of the pain," he said.

Momo rolled his eyes. Ryoma could really push his luck sometimes… But then when didn't Ryoma ever push his luck? He was always going to be that way. He defy the limits he had before him and fight with all his might to be the best. That's why Momoshiro had fallen in love with him in the first place. Because Ryoma Echizen was no quitter and never would be one. He'd always make things work no matter what circumstances he had to go through to defy those limits.

"I can take pain, except for when you leave me," he said.

"Did you hear me on the phone. I'm staying here until Chiba and then I'm taking you to my tournaments with me," explained Ryoma.

Momo's violet eyes lit up excitedly and he smiled. Ryoma would really do that? Momo slapped himself for being stupid again. Of course! No more separation. Separation was bad.

"Really?" he asked.

"Of course. The only thing I ask from you is to be at every one of my games. And to be with me always," answered Ryoma.

Momo excited smile turned into a soft one. It was one of the sweetest things Ryoma had said. Other than I love you. And it deserved a kiss. So Momoshiro kissed him and pulled away.

"I'll always be there with you. No matter what the circumstances, together we can defy those limits," said Momoshiro.

Ryoma's eyes glittered as he said,"We'll make it work."

They gazed up at the stars from the backyard. They held eachother close for warmth and refused to let go.

"I forgot to tell you," said Tezuka.

Fuji glanced up at him.


" Chiba will be my last tennis game," answered Tezuka.

Fuji's eyes went wide in surprise and he held onto Tezuka tight.

"It's my fault Kunimitsu.I've messed up your dreams," he whispered.

Tezuka placed his arms around Fuji's upper back instead of his waist which made holding eachother a hug. Fuji was always the one to be worried about him… It was why he was here in the first place and Tezuka didn't want to worry the tensai anymore. Tezuka had his share of tennis and it didn't make him happy, it had made him love sick instead. Fuji was Tezuka wanted, not tennis. Fuji and him together, forever, was his dream. And that's what he said to Fuji who started to cry.

"Tezuka, that's my dream too," he answered.

The hazel eyed male gave a smile that only Fuji was able to witness.

"I'm glad it is. I've made enough money to where we could live off of it for the rest of our lives. Chiba will be the biggest tournament of my life though. It feels like the nationals all over again," he said.

Fuji chuckled.

"Mn, I won't be there to play, but I'll be there with you. I'll be watching and always will be Kunimitsu," he said.

"I know it's late, but I want to play tennis in the morning with my teammates. So right now I want to play with you first," said Tezuka taking out his racket from the bags he had brought out.

Fuji smiled as he accepted his racket from Tezuka.

"Play seriously," he warned.

"I won't hold back," said Tezuka as he went to other side of the makeshift tennis court.

Fuji gripped the lime green tennis ball and thought for a moment. This was like last time except it was winter and night and they had an audience from the window. It seemed like everyone gathered around in Ryoma's room. Eiji looked tired and looked like he had been woken up. He opened the window and called out to both of them, "Do your best!"

Fuji looked up at everyone from the ground and smiled.

"Of course," he said.

Fuji would always do his best. To keep from changing, To keep everyone from changing. He decided to do it best to keep everyone together. Tezuka looked over at him as if reading his mind and he waited for Fuji to serve.

"Don't lose to Fuji buchou!" teased Ryoma.

"Ryoma don't distract them," said Oishi.

Kaidoh hissed and Momoshiro gave him a noogie telling him to cheer up. Inui just laughed and let the two argue it out while he took down some more data.

Fuji threw the tennis ball up to the stars and hoped that they're would be more memories like this one. With that he served wishing everyone a happy future ahead of them.


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I never once believed that you had a such a past. Full of love and bloody betrayal. You seemed so perfect and flawless to me. But then again you're so much like my own older brother whose perfect. But yet has the flaws of a broken angel. Maybe that's why you don't like eachother. Because you're too much a like. You hide so much from me but something has happened before you came and found me. I'll wait for you do tell me, but I'm dying to find out. I'll do anything for you to trust me.

I'll do anything to protect you. Even if it means sacrificing my perfection for him and everybody else not knowing about you and your older brother's past relationship. Because I have felt such a forbidden love before, and that's why I left. Left my home in Yamagata to start over. Because he was still watching from a far after he hurt me so. I'll never let you figure out what's happened to me. Because then you'll see a face of a murderer.