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Summary: It's the last day of school for Sector V. Meanwhile they were planning on what to do for their summer. They saw some people playing baseball and due to a baseball accident Sector V learns about a baseball tournament with a good reward. Sector V manage to recruit a team and join the tournament. While in the tournament, the team faced many different problems. Will Sector V team win the tournament? 3x4 2x5

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Codename: Kids Next Door Mission

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Chapter One- Last day of School Yes!


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June 29, 2:25:00 PM Gallagher Elementary School- Room 403

It is the last day of school for students in Gallagher Elementary. A lot of them are just waiting for school to end anxiously. However, none of them is as excited as Sector V. Nigel Uno or Numbuh One, The Leader of Sector V, was writing something down on a paper.

Okay. Let's see what should we do for the summer? Well there will be mission obviously. Note to self, no beaches. Hmm…

Hoagie P. Gilligan or Numbuh Two, The 2x4 Technology Officer of Sector V, was thinking of what to do in the summer also.

I need to fix the M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.O and the C.O.O.L.B.U.S. Wow! I hope I have some time left for my summer!

Kuki Sanban or Numbuh Three, Diversionary Tactics of Sector V, was of course, also thinking about what to do in the summer that was coming in five minutes.

What should I do? Hmm… Ooooo! I know! I know! A tea party with Numbuh Four! I could make him wear that cute rainbow monkey outfit I bought from the store! If he doesn't want to wear it, I will do my sad puppy eyes! That always works on him! Heehee!

Wallabee (Wally) Beatles or Numbuh Four, Hand-to-hand combat specialist of Sector V, eyes were glued to the clock, waiting pensively for it to reach 2:30.

Come on! You cruddy clock. Move faster!

Abigail (Abby) Lincoln, Stealth Tactics & 2nd in command of Sector V, was the only one listening to the teacher, but couldn't help but think about the summer just ahead.

Hmm… Now what should Numbuh Five do for the summer? A trip to the beach seems nice. But Numbuh One won't want to go. I know him. So what else to do?

June 29, 2:29:10 PM Gallagher Elementary School- Room 403

Sector V all look up at the clock as the students in the room begin the countdown to summer vacation.

"10…9…8…7…6…" the students chanted.

Numbuh Two turns and looks at Numbuh Five. Numbuh Five tip her red hat at him and smiles.

"5…4…3…2…1…" the students chanted.

Numbuh Four looks at Numbuh Three. Numbuh Three smiles back at him.

"0!" everybody shouted. The teacher got out of the way as the students stampeded out of the room. Numbuhs 1-5 met outside and started their trek home. As usual the girls walked next to each other, ahead of the boys, and the boys walked next to each other. Conversations started at once, the eagerness eating at them.

"So Numbuh Five what do you plan to do this summer?" Numbuh Three asks her. Then she grins and said "Anything with Numbuh Two?"

Numbuh Five blushed a small bit of pink, and replied, "Girl, stop with that already." Then she grinned too and said, "How about you and Numbuh Four huh? Any plans?"

Now it was Numbuh Three's turn to blush. They both looked over at the boys talking.

"So Numbuh One what're we going to do this summer?" Numbuh Two questioned.

"Yeah, are there gonna be any missions where we kick adult butt?" Numbuh Four asked as he started fighting with the air.

"I have to check with KND Moonbase Headquarter first. If we have no missions at the moment you guys could do whatever you want. Be on alert though, a mission might pop out of nowhere! We got to be prepared for it!" Numbuh One replied back to him.

"Oh…" Numbuh Two said. He looks away then back at Numbuh One. "So… no beach?" he asks him.

Numbuh One looks at him sternly and muttered, "No. No beach".

They joined the girls and walked toward Sector V's Treehouse Headquarter.

They approached a baseball field while they were talking to each other. Kids in uniforms that said "The Blue Socks" were batting against the team called "Eagles". The Eagle pitcher threw the ball to the Blue Sock's batter. The batter swings and made contact with the ball. The ball went toward Sector V walking down the block of the baseball field.

They looked as the ball rolled towards them. Numbuh 4 raised an eyebrow. He tossed it back over to the teams and they continued playing.

"Hey… wouldn't it be cool if we played baseball for some of the summer?" Numbuh 5 suggested.

"Yeah, it would be. I mean, since Numbuh 1 doesn't want to go to the beach," Numbuh 2 added. Numbuh 3 smiled as Numbuh 1 scoffed at the remark.

Pfft. Not my fault I don't like the beach, he thought.

"I don't wanna play baseball. It's crud awful boring!" he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Come on pleassseee?" Numbuh Three begged Numbuh Four. While Numbuhs One, Two and Five just giggled.

"No! I'm not gonna bake in the sun. And I'm certainly not going to wear a cruddy outfit!" Numbuh Four shout back at her.

"Oh! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASSSSEEEE!" Numbuh Three shout and made her puppy eyes.

Numbuh Four looks at her and said "oh-"

Someone interrupted him and shouted "Heads up!" Numbuh Four turned around. Before he could react, he fell down. The ball bounced on the ground next to him. Everybody gasped. The game is put on pause as the players came over to see if Numbuh Four was okay.

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