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A/N: Well last time we found out Father is planning something in the tournament. But you will find out later just exactly what it is. For now you will see how Sector V form their team. Even more surprising, what the team name is!

Summary: It's the last day of school for Sector V. While they were planning on what to do for their summer. They saw some people playing baseball and due to a baseball accident Sector V learns about a baseball tournament with a good reward. Sector V manage to recruit a team and join the tournament. While in the tournament, the team faced many different problems. Will Sector V team win the tournament? Is the tournament more than what it seems like? 3x4 2x5

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Chapter Three- Naming the team and picking the captain


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June 29, 2:45:25 PM Signing up Booth

"Hi! You kids want to join the tournament?" a girl behind the counter asks Sector V.

"Yup!" Numbuh Three shouts out smiling at her.

"Okay! Who is going to be the captain of the team?" she smiles back and asks.

"Well… we haven't decided that yet" Numbuh One answers back.

"Oh! Okay! Team name?" she asks.

"Uhhh… haven't decided on that either" Numbuh One replies back.

"Oh… Okay! Take your time! Once you decided on those things tell me! So I can record it in our database and find out who you are playing against. Here are the forms. Fill it in and give it to me later!" she said cheerfully. They got the forms and went to fill out the forms.

"Numbuh One? Aren't you the captain?" Numbuh Five questions him.

"Well… I am the captain or leader of our Sector. But I wanted to give someone else the chance to be the captain this time" Numbuh One answers back.

"Oh… Okay if you say so" Numbuh Five said. She turns to the others.

"Okay! Anyone here want to be the captain of the team?" She asks them. Numbuh Four instantly jump up and shouts out "Me".

"Well it will be pretty cool to be captain, but too much pressure. So no way!" Numbuh Two replies back. Numbuh Four is jumping up and down with a big sign that says Me! Numbuh Five look around at the others.

"Okay that settles it! Numbuh Three is the captain of the team!" Numbuh Five shouts out.

"What!" Numbuh Four shouts while shocked.

"Me?" Numbuh Three said while surprised.

"Yup! Remember you wanted to be a leader on your birthday? Well here is your chance Numbuh Three!" Numbuh Five shouts.

"Well yeah…but…" Numbuh Three said while looking at Numbuh Four who looks like he was talking to God. Numbuh Five follows her eyes.

"Oh! That's why huh?" Numbuh Five asks her. She nods her head in agreement.

"Well don't you worry Numbuh Five will take care of that" Numbuh Five told her. Then she puts both of her hands on Numbuh Three's shoulders.

"Numbuh Three, I pick you to be captain of our team is because I trust you that you will be a good captain and lead us to victory. Also remember whatever choice you make. We will accept it. So will you be our captain?" Numbuh Five said to her. Numbuhs One, Two, Four and Five all look at Numbuh Three waiting for her answer. Numbuh Three is looking down on the floor. Numbuh Five nudges Numbuh Four.

"What?" Numbuh Four asks Numbuh Five.

"Help Numbuh Three decide" she whispers to him.

"And how the crud am I suppose to do that?" Numbuh Four whispers back.

"I don't know. You think of something" she said to him.

"Fine" Numbuh Four reply. He walks over to Numbuh Three.

"Numbuh Five. Stupid cruddy girl" he mutters as he got to Numbuh Three.

While Numbuhs Four and Five was arguing, Numbuh Three was doing some thinking.

Me? Captain? I don't know if I could do it. What happens if I mess up? The others will hate me especially Numbuh Four. Probably say "Knew that Cruddy girl can't be a good leader." Maybe I should-

"Numbuh Three?" someone said to her.She looks up and sees the boy she has a crush on, but doesn't know. Tears start to form in her eyes and she try to hide it by lowering her head.

"Numbuh Three? Are you crying?" Numbuh Four asks her with a worry face. He was angry when she took away his leader position, but after seeing her struggle with a hard decision and crying. He decides to forget about it and accepts her as a captain. He doesn't know why he always is mean to her, but I guess he doesn't want to lose his reputation as the "Tough Guy".

Numbuh Three is about to cry when Numbuh Four touches her shoulder. She looks up and sees him smiling down at her.

"Numbuh Three? Will you be our captain?" Numbuh Four asks her. She smiles back and nods her head. Then she surprises him by hugging him. This surprised everyone around them.

"Wow! Who knew Numbuh Four had a caring side?" Numbuh Five told Numbuh Two. As Numbuhs Two and Five watch Numbuhs Three and Four hug each other, they both look at each other and turn away blushing.

"Eh hem" Numbuh One clears his throat. Numbuhs Three and Four stop hugging and broke apart turning very red.

"Are you guys done hugging?" Numbuh One questions them. They nod their heads slowly.

"Good. Now we all agree Numbuh Three is the Captain Right? Nobody disagrees right?" Numbuh One asks them. Everyone nods their heads in agreement.

"Okay then. Now Numbuh Three pick a name for our team" Numbuh One tells her. Numbuh Three look at the others especially Numbuh Four.

"Uh…" Numbuh Three said while thinking.

Rainbow monkeys? No. Numbuh Four won't like that. Uh… The Cutest team! Nope! The Orange and Green team? Wait? Where those come from? Okay! Come on Kuki! Think! I got it!

With a big smile, Numbuh Three shout out the name of their team.

"The Numbers!" Numbuh Three shouts out and giggles. She waits for everyone reactions. Numbuh One just stare at her. Numbuh Two is looking somewhere else. Numbuh Four is whistling and looking up. Numbuh Five is looking at her shoes. It is quiet for a few minutes.

Look what you done Kuki! You pick the lamest dumbest name in the whole entire world! Of all the names in the world, you pick that stupid name. Now your friends probably think you are so retarded! You should just qui-

"That's a good name" someone said breaking the silent. Numbuh Three looks up and sees Numbuh Four smiling at her.

"The numbers, I like it Kuki" Numbuh Four tells her. Numbuh Three smiles back.

"Thanks Wally" Numbuh Three replies back.

"Numbuh Five thinks that is a great name!" Numbuh Five shouts out. She nudges Numbuh Two.

"Yeah, me too" Numbuh Two said.

"Great work Numbuh Three!" Numbuh One said. He turns toward the others.

"Okay. We got our team name and team captain. We all agree on it right?" Numbuh One asks them.

"Yeah. Sure" They all respond back.

"Okay! Then give me your forms and I will turn them in" Numbuh One orders them.

"Me and Numbuh Five will come with you too" Numbuh Two said and run with Numbuhs One and Five to the booth. Numbuh Two turn to Numbuh Four.

"Numbuh Four you coming?" Numbuh Two asks him. Numbuh Four turns and looks at Numbuh Three standing alone next to a tree.

"Nah, you go right ahead. I will stay here with Numbuh Three" Numbuh Four replies back.

"Okay! But don't start kissing while we are gone!" Numbuh Two teases and made kissing noises.

"Hey!" Numbuh Four shouts out and turning red. Numbuh Two just laughs at him and ran away. Numbuh Three giggles. Numbuh Four turn and look at her giggling.

"What are you giggling about?" Numbuh Four angrily asks her.

"Your face is so red!" Numbuh Three shouts and giggles more. Numbuh Four turn more redder and walk away. Suddenly he feels Numbuh Three behind him and hugging him.

"Thanks Wally. For helping me back there before" Numbuh Three said softly and kiss him lightly on the cheek. Then she broke apart from him blushing. Numbuh Four now is blushing so hard that his face looks like a tomato. The others came back and sees them blushing. Numbuh Two just starts to laugh and roll on the floor. Numbuhs One and Five just look at each other with a grin.

"So? Numbuh Four? What happened?" Numbuh Five asks him while Numbuhs One and Two snickers behind her.

"Nuttin" Numbuh Four said.

A/N: Well that was unexpected by Numbuh Four! This will haunt him until he turns to an adult! LOL! I think toward the end, I made Sector V especially Numbuhs Three and Four out of character. Well the next chapter is coming soon! With school and everything it might take a while. So be patient! Review!