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We never kissed. We were never intimate. The only physical contact we had were a few hugs given after nightmares and some teasing touches exchanged while flirting.

We both knew that the other has more than platonic feelings but we were hesitant to bring more into it.

Everyone else probably would have been happier if we had.

Everyone could tell that we wanted each other. They could tell that we were in love but we were friends.

Best friends.

And we didn't want to jeoprodize that by becoming more.

But we were in love.

We ARE in love and today...Today is the Final Battle.

We could die today and we've never kissed. We've never made love. Never confessed our feelings.

He's the leader of the light now. After Dumbledore died he left leadership of the Order to him.

There have been no complaints.

And there had better not be any because I love watching him as he takes charge. Today he stands in front of us and instills confidence in our fighters.

He is a natural leader.

Everyone cheers as he finishes his speech. They quickly say their goodbyes and we make eye contact. It's just me and him.

As they leave I continue to look at him;my heart shining through my eyes. But before I know it he's walking towards me.

All the people around me stop as they see that he isn't walking...He's stalking predatorily.

But I don't see them. I only have eyes for him.

He's so graceful. Like a cat going after it's prey.

I shiver as I realize that I AM his prey. As I realize that I wouldn't have it any other way.

And then he's in front of me just making eye contact and suddenly...

He kissed me.

He kissed me as if I was the only person in the world that mattered...As if he was fighting for me only...As if he was trying to encourage me to survive...

And when we seperated he took a step back and said:"You had better live throught this Sirius Black because I plan on spending the rest of my life...and yours...with you."

If I hadn't been in love with him already I would have fallen right there.

But as I went to speak he was already walking away.

So I settled for yelling back.

"And you had better survive Harry Potter because if you can promise a kiss like that for everyday of my life...I'm not fighting it."

I had turned away before I saw the smile he had turned back around to give.

My troops all grinned at me as I raised my hand and put it over my lips wonderingly.

I snapped back into attention as I heard them snickering at me...

The fight had begun.

We won the war, and Harry and I both survived. We startled Harry's group as we found each other and kissed without awkwardness.

Apparently Harry had not told them about us...Imagine that.

Harry asked me to marry him that day and two weeks later we were at the alter exchanging vows.

And as Harry promised we spent the rest of our lives together.

And guess what? There truly was a kiss like our first everyday.

Not too bad for two people who didn't want to bring more into their relationship huh?


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