AN—This came to me last night when I couldn't sleep. What if Nicky had died in Grave Danger? I'm so glad that Nick didn't die, but this is my take if he had.


The sad music of Angel by Sarah McLachlan played over the sobs of people in the funeral of Nick Stokes. The CSI's and police didn't get to him in time. The hard part was getting Nick's dead body out of that box with out blowing his body or everyone up.


In the arms of the angels

Fly away from here

From this dark, cold hotel room

And the endlessness that you feel

You are pulled from the wreckage

From your silent reverie

You're in the arms of the angels

May you find some comfort here


The music played as all the team cried. The team plus Nick's parents were sitting in the front row. Catherine and Sara were hugging while crying hysterically. Warrick sat with his head in his hands crying. Grissom, usually the man with no emotions sat trying to hold back tears. Greg just looked dazed. He didn't speak to anyone. Brass also fought back tears, while Doc Robbins, David, Hodges, Bobby, and Archie all cried a little too. Almost everyone from the lab was there. Eckliey was even there and he even cried. The song ended and Go Rest High On That Mountain by Vince Gill started to play.


Go rest high on that mountain

Son your work on earth is done

Go heaven a shoutin'

But for the father and the son


After a few minutes, the song ended and they took the coffin to the Hurst and put it in. Everyone one got into their cars and followed the Hurst to the graveyard. Everything was set up and everyone gathered around Nick's gravesite. The reverend said some words then it was time for Warrick to say something. They chose Warrick because he knew Nick really well, they were best friends, and Warrick volunteered. He went up to the front of the casket where they had a podium. Warrick began trying to keep himself together.

"Nick Stokes was a great person, my best friend. He was a great CSI. He was funny and brave. I don't think that I could have stayed that long where he was for as long as he did. Nick should have lived. He never did anything to anyone. He was just himself. I know that Nick is looking down on us right now. I know he is in a better place, where he can't hurt anymore. Its times like these that we learn what's important, and its times like these we learn to love again, how to respect other people. God bless Nick and everything that he has done. Rest in peace Nicky."

Warrick finished and sat down just to cry again. They lowered the casket down all the way. As everyone left they through roses into the grave. The team walked away from there friend and co-worker's grave never to look back.

AN--So what do you think? Any good? I used the two songs because I thought that they were really sad, and if this had really happened, it would have been horribly sad. They actually played Go Rest High On That Mountain at my cousin's funeral. It fit him better than Nick, he actually lived on a mountain, but I think the song is sad.