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(Joey is eating a candy bar while sitting patiently on the chair)

"Know your star, know your star, know your star," The narrator said in a row.

"Joey Wheeler…is a dog"

(From backstage) "Damn right he's a mutt!" (Guess who?)

"Dat's right I'm a- Hey wait a minute I'm not a dog!"
"Joey Wheeler…is a boy genius,"

"Got dat right"

"In his own little head"


"Joey Wheeler…is a vegetarian"

"Actually, I like meat, I hate vegetarians-"

(From backstage) "Hey! I'm a vegetarian!" Malik yelled.

"Again I hate vegetarians see I have this shirt that I bought yesterday." Joey holds out a shirt that says 'Save a plant eat a vegetarian.'

"Joey Wheeler…thinks he's a hot dog"

"I do want a hot dog right about now- Hey! I'm not a hot dog!" Joey said.

"Joey Wheeler…is actually a woman"

"What are you talking about! Do I look like a woman to you!" Joey yelled.

"Sure deny it manwoman"

"I'm a man!"

"Are not"

"Are too"

"Are not"

"Are too"

"Are not"

"Are too"

"Are not"

"Are too"

"Are too"

"Are not!" Joey realized what he said and covered his mouth.

"When I get my hands on you I'll-"

"You'll what hot dog boy, make me eat you?" The narrator said mockingly.

"Now you know Ron Weasley,"

"No they don't know anything about me, and who the hell is Ron Weasley.

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