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"Okay…who's next…?" Andrea said as she flipped through her clipboard.

"Joey…Bakura…Seto…me…Malik…Marik…Yami…Mokuba…Yugi…" Andrea mumbled as she thought, "…wait…what about Ryou?"

"Where is Ryou?" Brianna said next to her.

"You notice he's been gone since the time you've hired the narrator, and no one has seen him since?" Malik added.

"You don't think…?" Andrea said eyeing everyone.

"Well has anyone seen Serenity, and wait a minute…where's Tea too…and Ishizu and Tristan," Yami added.

"GAH! Where's Serenity!" Joey yelled remembering that he forgot about his sister.

"The mutt actually forgot about his sister, and I'm not surprised," Seto said smugly.

"Shut up Moneybags," Joey snapped, "Where's da narrator room?"

"Um…lemme think…Take the elevator to the third floor, go up the secret staircase behind the portrait of the fruit bowl, then go through the blue door not the baby blue one, head up the stairs again and head down the elevator and you'd be there," Andrea said, then took a deep breath.

"Yah…" Brianna said, "Why don't we just follow you then…"

"Sure" Andrea said as she headed toward the elevator, following her directions that she had explained to them. They finally stopped at a chamber-like door with chains. Andrea knocked on the door; an echo could be heard behind it.

"Hello?" Andrea said. No one answered. "I'll just use the master key then…"

She took out a key from her pocket and unlocked the door, it slowly creaked open to reveal…

Me: MUHAHAHAHA! Find out who the narrator next time! I'm so evil…

(Dodges a dozen lamps and flying chair)

Me: AHH! (dodges more random objects) okay I'll continue…


"Hikari? How did I not know my hikari was the narrator? I'm so proud of you hikari!" Bakura said as he went to go hug his hikari.

"Uh…okay…if Ryou's the narrator then…where are everyone else and Bakura's right how did we not know Ryou was the narrator?" Malik asked.

"That's my point to why I became a narrator!" Ryou yelled making everyone jump from how loud his voice was, "No one ever notices where I am! All I wanted was a little attention!"

Ryou started crying anime tears. Malik and Brianna started comforting him.

"Okay…so Ryou's the narrator…never knew he could be so mean…I'm gonna need a knew narrator…" Andrea mumbled.

"Why?" Joey asked.

"Well now that everyone knows Ryou's the narrator it's no fun anymore since we all know its Ryou making fun of us," Andrea said. "And I said Ryou should go next so come on we need to get to the stage, my celphone is down there"

So they all headed down stairs, Ryou was seated on the chair.

"GAH! I wanted attention but not this way!" Ryou said as everyone tied him down. "Help me!"

"Sorry hikari, I'm proud of you but I vowed revenge to get the narrator!" Bakura said. "And I always get what I want!"

"First of all since when, and second of all if you vowed revenge on the narrator why aren't you helping us?" Malik snapped. "And if you always get what you want, what about the knife, the dog, the pink-"

"Shut up Malik," Bakura interrupted as he helped them. They finished and left the stage. Andrea went to pick up the phone but a voice interrupted her.


Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars…

Ryou Bakura…


"Well looks like I don't need a new narrator anymore…" Andrea mumbled, then she heard yelling.

"OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR RIGHT NOW!" Andrea heard some one scream.

She looked for the source of the sound to find a huge metal door; Some on was pounding it down, then Andrea figured out who the voice was it was…


Ryou Bakura…he stole Bakura's cheese…

"No I didn't! It's in the fridge where he left it and besides why would I want his cheese?" Ryou said still trying to get out of chair only having it fall over backwards and making him look like and overturned turtle.

Ryou Bakura…he's being haunted by the box ghost…

(A/N:ShadowRealmChibiyour review made me think of the box ghost arigato)

"There are no such things as ghosts…and what is the box ghost?"

I'm glad you asked

Random boxes appeared and hit Ryou, they piled on top of him and before long you could barely see his body.

"I am the box ghost!" A ghost in overalls and a beanie hat, there was a short pause of silence, "FEAR ME!"

Ryou was lying there with anime swirls.

Ryou Bakura…he's actually a girl…

Ryou immediately went into consiousness.

"I am NOT a girl! YOU HEAR ME! I am NOT a girl!" Ryou yelled.

If you're not a girl why are you so offended? And besides I have pictures of you in a dress…

Random pictures are thrown at him hitting him in the face.

"Ow…" Ryou mumbled, "stupid boxes and pictures…"

Then he looked at the pictures, his eyes widened.

"This is me in Bakura's shadow duel with Yami, when I was the change of heart! How did you get pictures!" Ryou yelled.

So you admit you're a girl?


Yah…sure…Ryou Bakura…he's actually and undercover agent for the FBI named White British Chicken with Some Sprite…

"First, I'm not and undercover agent for the FBI, and why would I be named the White British Chicken with Some Sprite?"

How do we know you're not lying?

"Because-" Ryou started, "Actually never mind…"

Now you know Ryou Bakura…the cheese stealing, haunted, FBI white chicken agent girl…

"Come back! I am NOT a girl! I'm not in the FBI either! Come back here!"

The was a little OOCness for Ryou…well it's not like anyone can be THAT nice anyways…boy that sucked...