Title: Dumbledore's Man Through and Through

Rating: 13+

Chapter Rating: 13+ (Due to creative way of murder.)

Summary: In the unsettled town of Little Hangleton, Lucius Malfoy returns to his Master after a failed task. The Dark Lord offers him a new chance.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the Plot.

Well the Fan-fiction is under way! I won't make any promises on finishing it though.

Little Hangleton was a strange place, even to itself. It was a tiny township, rather a village, which mainly kept business its business within its own grounds. Perhaps the only outside business the town actually received was with Great Hangleton. Supply trucks from Great Hangletonwere a sight to watch for little children, as they ran behind them as the trucks made their way to The Hanged Man, which was the local village pub. The Hanged Man was probably the most social place in the vicinity of Little Hangleton, and it was the common place of drunkards and half-drunks to discuss things of importance as they called it. The more sober and acutely sensed population of Little Hangleton looked at these men and women with scorn.

'Bah –' a woman sitting at the end of the bar snorted to another woman testily, who was watching the alcohol doused men and women, 'Things of importance they call it, and I call it gossip. They're a bunch of time wasting fools if you were to ask me.'

But fortunately or unfortunately, they did not ask her. The gossip was always mostly about things outside Little Hangleton, because as the owner of the pub put it, 'Little Hangleton's too small a place for anything important.' But sometimes, the pub's topic would change to something local. The Riddle Manor, though probably unoccupied since Frank Bryce had died, was still the main local topic. There were still many versions of the tale, and probably more to come. But the strange occurrences all started with one family, the Riddles.

The Riddles, had been perhaps the most unpopular family in Little Hangleton, they were very rich and snobbish, and since they weren't very social, when they died they weren't missed. But why was their topic so important, or to say popular, to the citizens of the village? It was in the manner they died.

Some of the older villagers explained to the new ones, that the maid of the Riddle Manor, came running down the hill one day screaming at the top of her voice, 'LYING THERE WITH THEIR EYES WIDE OPEN! STILL IN THEIR DINNER THINGS! COLD AS ICE!'

This of course, meant that the Riddles were dead. No one really bothered mourning for them, but they launched straight into the rumors. Apparently, the Riddles were perfectly healthy, but dead. The autopsy had showed no sign of them being poisoned, shot, stabbed, strangled or suffocated. The blame hadbeen immediately placed on Frank Bryce, who was the Riddle's gardener. The townsfolk were quick to draw the lines between Frank and the deceased Riddles.

'Nasty temper he had,' some said to others who had quickly agreed that the 'war had hardened the man.'

Frank of course, had to be released, since there was absolutely no evidence that he had committed any of the crimes he had been accused of. But despite this, the villagers of Little Hangleton still believed Frank Bryce to be guilty of the deaths of his previous masters. Anyone who rose to his defense in the busy pub was quickly chastised and was pounded by over strung, fabricated evidence. This was of course until that day.

Three years ago, everyone was quite surprised when a local ruffian came running down the hill, in the same manner the maid had 53 years ago. He came down screaming, 'BLOODY MURDER!' The teenager apparently admitted going there to try setting up a prank for 'old Mr. Bryce.' The ruffians found it amusing to do this since they carried their parents prejudice against Frank.

Frank Bryce had been found dead in front of the fireplace in the Riddle Manor. Strange thing was that he had been found exactly the way the Riddles were found. Frank Bryce, according to the autopsy, had not been poisoned, shot, stabbed, strangled, suffocated or died of old age. He, simply like the Riddles, had fallen dead for no apparent reason at all.

Those who believed he committed the murders of the Riddles, were quick to change their words and said that they were 'always trusting of Frank.' Many people at The Hanged Man that night nodded eagerly, that they agreed that they always believed Frank.

But some men and women stuck by the fact that Frank was guilty. They justified their answer the only way they could. 'Frank had summoned an evil spirit into the Riddle house to haunt it.' They said to all who would listen, 'it killed the Riddles first, and when Frank went into the house, it killed him.'

The Riddle house however, recently was again a topic of interest. It was sold to a perhaps wealthy group of people. Even though the people of Little Hangleton knew the house was now occupied, they found that whenever they went near it, they had something else to do. The new owners had never come out, orbeen seen, the house was empty one night, and was occupied in the morning. The villagers had also seen lights, yes, brightly colored flashes of light through the shutters at night sometimes. They had come up with a whole new set of rumors, just to set each other at ease about the house.

But Lucius Malfoy found that the villagers were the least of his worries, as he appeared with a swish of his cloak in front of the Riddle Manor. He crooned his head back slightly, and twisted his shoulders to catch a glimpse of the Little Village below the hill he was on. He snorted; a week back he would have even found the villagers filthy. He turned the doorknob of the door in front of him and entered.

The house smelled unpleasantly of rotting wood and animal corpses. Lucius Malfoy strode further inside the house, and stopped cold when he heard voices.

'Come Bella, what urgent news do you have?' said an indifferent high pitched voice.

'Wormtail sent word from Spinner's End. Dumbledore's dead, my lord.' said Bellatrix Lestrange barely containing her glee.

'Draco was successful then?' the voice screeched, now more interested.

'No my lord, Draco was not able to kill Dumbledore when push came to shove,' Bellatrix said more eagerly now that she had her lord's attention. 'Draco cornered him, and when he couldn't kill him, Snape did."

'Do you know why Severus would do such a thing?'

'No, my lord.' Bella answered, almost nervously.

'TORMENTA!' he hissed as Bellatrix whimpered. Lucius shivered at the thought of the mild abbreviate of the Cruciatus Curse.

'Do not lie to me Bella, for the Dark Lord knows all.' The chilling voice spat.

Bellatrix gasped for a breath of air and spoke again. 'It was Narcissa, my lord. She made Snape promise an Unbreakable Vow. Snape had to do it, or his magic would be at a loss.'

'So, Narcissa has lost me my greatest spy in the old fool's ranks, in fear of me tormenting her son. I will take care of that.'

Lucius shuddered. The Dark Lord spoke of his wife and son as being disposable.

'What are you going to do my lord?'

'Do not question too much Bella, or you will get more than just answers.' Bellatrix shuddered under his careful voice, 'But why not? I shall tell you your sisters and nephews fate. Your sister will not have to have a fear of me tormenting her son anymore, for she will not have one. But do not worry, her grief will be short lived in the hands of her fate.'

Bellatrix shuddered again. The Dark Lord spoke again, 'You do not seem to share my enthusiasm Bella.'

'No, my lord, I do not question you.' Bellatrix said swiftly.

'Then let your loyalty be unwavering.' He said.

A lowly hiss erupted in the room. There were two pitches of the hiss, and they took consecutive turns. The chilling voice spoke again, 'Nagini is cold, light the fire Bella.'

There were many swishes of robes, and a crack and Lucius could hear the warm crackling fire, trying to battle the cold atmosphere of the house.

'I have an idea my lord.' Bellatrix sounded anxious.

'Is that so Bella? Please proceed.'

'Since none of us can enter the Potter boy's home, due to the protections Dumbledore's put on it, why not we let Nagini go and spy on him? Perhaps even kill him.'

'And what if Nagini dies in the attempt? What if Potter kills her.' The Dark lord sounded almost caring.

'Casualties are required in war, my lord.' This was of course The Dark Lords most favorite teachings when he sent a Death Eater into sure death.

'SILENCE! You do not understand Naginis importance in this war!' He said whispering furiously.

'Yes, my lord, of course, my lord.' Bellatrix said in sullen tones.

'For your insolence,' The dark lord said, 'I will send you on a mission. Go and deliver your sister her death, and do not make it swift.'

Bellatrix shivered, almost remorsefully.

'Did you just not say that you do not question me Bella?'

'Yes, my lord, it will be done.'

'Then go now Bella.' He said swiftly, 'I have another guest waiting. Lucius my slippery friend, do not hide in the corner, come forward and claim what is yours.'

Lucius strode into the room, falling swiftly to his knees like ha had done many times before. Beside him, he saw the sweating face of Bellatrix Lestrange, his sister-in-law.

'Leave us now, Bella.'

She rose, and slowly backed away out of the room.

'Did you acquire it, Lucius? Or is your death inevitable?' The Dark Lord spoke coldly.

'Master, the defenses around your ancestral home were too strong, I could not recover the cup.'

'It is no mere cup, Lucius! It is Hufflepuff's goblet, it bears great value to me.' The Dark Lord spat.

'My lord, I have always been a loyal servant,' this of course was a lie, Lucius did not feel very loyal to the man who had just ordered the murder of his wife.

'You lie, Lucius. You want to escape my presence, you want to go stop Bella and save your family, your wife and son. You want to flee this country with them. You even hope for Harry Potter to triumph over me!' the Dark Lord said, eyes wide and threatening.

'No, My lord, never, My lord.' Lucius whispered, bracing himself, shivering.

'YOU LIE!' The Dark Lord boomed, 'Do not think I cannot see your shiver Lucius, do not think I cannot sense your hesitation to speak to me. Do not lie to my Lucius! TORMENTA!'

Lucius bit his lip. The pain, surely bearable, and the curse was also easily blocked, but the Dark Lord found it an insult to him if one of his Death Eaters threw the curse off.

'I have a task for you Lucius, and if you accomplish it, you can redeem yourself. Go kill one that failed us, Eliminate your son, Draco. I have no use for weakness in my ranks.'

'No.' Lucius heard himself say, not believing himself.

'What was that my slippery friend?' Voldemort whispered as the room suddenly went cold.

Lucius knew that when someone disrespected the Dark Lord in such a manner, death was inevitable. He had watched countless of his fellow Death Eaters die at the hand of the dark lord, as soon as they whispered a word against him. Lucius himself was treading a thin line ever since he was sent to Azkaban by Potter and his friends. Once the Dark Lord broke him out, he immediately sent him on a mission, to his ancestral home. Just a few miles away from here, there was an old house, once belonging to the Gaunts. It was a curious house at that. There were dead snakes hammered into each wall. He had to open a secret trapdoor, leading him through a filthy underground tunnel, where the Dark Lord had said he would have to pass a few obstacles to find some Goblet or the other.

'No.' Lucius said more fiercely. If he was going to die, he may as well not give the Dark Lord any satisfaction.

'TORMENTA!' said the Dark Lord furiously.

Lucius concentrated on the curse upon him, squared his shoulders and called out, 'PROTEGO!' He shakingly stood and looked at the Dark Lord straight in the face. In front of him was a livid skeletal face. Lucius gasped for a second, once he looked into the Dark Lord's eyes. Then he started laughing. A snigger at first, slowly turning into a shaking laughter, not a cruel one, a genuine one.

The roaring laughter soon came to an end and Lucius looked straight into the Dark Lord's face. 'You won't win. The dark won't win.'

'You fail my teachings so amicably. There is no Light or Dark, only power and those too weak to seek it.'

'Potter will be victorious, Voldemort." Lucius said surprising himself once more. It was the first time he had said the Dark Lord's name. It was almost empowering.

'You dare…' Voldemort spat at Lucius.

'I dare mort than you do.' Lucius said spitting at his old master's feet. 'I dare face my death.'

'You do not deserve a swift death that I may give you.'

'You deserve no more.' Lucius said, smiling again at the Dark Lord's eyes.

'What brings on this change of heart, Lucius?'

'When I found your place, I saw what you did to your uncle, if you showed no remorse to your own family, how can I expect you to show remorse to mine? All you are is a friendless half-blood who meddles in things against things that are natural, things that are pure.'

'Crucio.' Voldemort whispered as Lucius broke out into screams. 'You have no inkling, no idea of how much I have accomplished! I have taken steps to immortality that no man possibly has! I could have shared my fortune, my glory with you, as I am to share it with my servants.'

'What am I to do with immortality without my wife? Without my son?' Lucius said, shuddering from the curse, lifting his eyes to meet the dark lord's again. 'To watch those who in your care die around you is a worse curse than death Voldemort.'

'Admirable sentiments,' Voldemort said, raising his wand.

'SAVE HIM POTTER!' Lucius screamed looking into the Dark Lord's eyes, 'SAVE MY SON! DO NOT LET THIS MONSTER GET TO HIM.'

'Potter cannot hear you Lucius, not even the gods can.' Voldemort spat, 'Diffindo!'

Lucius Malfoy dropped to his knees, the powerful severing charm slitting his throat, his blood sinking painfully through the wooden flooring around him.