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Full Summary: Sequel to TrustKagome and Inuyasha are married and have a daughter. All seems to be well. But when Inuyasha's brother suddenly takes an interest in their lives, will their daughter be able to keep her parents together? Or will her fathers affair split them farther apart?

Alright, I know I said that it would be a while before I started writing the sequel, but, oh what the hell. It's quarter after 3 in the morning and I'm in a crazy writing mode!

Note: This is the sequel to one of my other stories, 'Trust'. This takes place about 10 years after Trust (excluding the epilogue), well, the first chapter does. You'll see what I mean in the next chapter, but right now they're about 24



Chapter 1-My Little One

Kagome sniffed and dabbed at her eyes with a black hankercheif. Her black dress desperatly needed ironing, and her make-up was running horribly. But she didn't care. Now was not the time to be worrying about appearences.

It was the seventh of October, but that wasn't important. Nor was the fact that Kagome was now 9 months pregnant, and expecting any day now, and, boy, was it noticeable. With her petite frame, it not only looked like she had swallowed a basketball, but that it had been an over-inflated one as well.

The thing that WAS important today, was the fact that it was the day of a funeral. Miroku's parents's funeral, to be exact. Kagome was crying harder than everyone else, too, because not only was it a funeral,

But it was the 12 year anniversary of the fire. The fire that had changed her life, forever.

Horrible, isn't it? That sometimes, two terrible days collide, to make one huge day of misery. You sit there, wallowing in misery, wishing for this day to be over, so that you can be happy...

And then your water breaks.

Ironic, isn't it? That suddenely the worst day of you life can become the best when you suddenly start having contractions so bad that you can hardly stand. Your grasping onto your husband just to hold yourself up, but him, unsure as to what is going on, is sinking to the ground with you, until he gains enough wits to pull you upright.

An ambulance is called, your rushed to the hospital, with your black hair sprawled out on the strecher. Your husband is cooing softly too you as the contractions come quicker, and then suddenly he yells out because you have seized the cute little silver dog ears ontop of his head and you refuse to let go. Finally the hurses pry your hands off, and you resort to screaming so loud, that your husband has to leave the room until you calm down a little because your hurting his youkai hearing.

I don't know if that's happened to you, but that's what was happening to Kagome Tashio, formerly Kagome Higurashi.

Right now.

Kagome stopped screaming when she saw Inuyasha leave the room with his hands over his ears. Instead, she resorted to yelling at him to get his ass back in there to see the birth of his child. When he did get back in, she started yelling at him again, but this time had seized his hand so that he couldn't get away.

"If you EVER knock me up again I will castrate you myself!" Kagome yelled at him. Inuyasha's eyes went wide and he looked to the nurse for help.

"She won't; don't worry. You'd probably be threatening her too if you had something the size of a small dog coming out from between your legs." the nurse told him. Inuyasha silently agreed with her.

"Come on baby, you can do thisInuyasha cooed to her, trying to be encouraging. The doctors had been calling out encouragements to Kagome up until now, when one of them said,

"We can see the head!"

Kagome groaned and yelled out "Fuck! Get this thing out of meeeeee!"

Finally, after what seemed like hours to Kagome, the baby was born. At first, Inuyasha was frightened that it wasn't alive, as it made no sound, but it was still breathing, and the nurses cleaned it and wrapped it up in a small bundle before giving it to Inuyasha carefully.

"Congratulations." the nurse told him cheerfully. "Its a girl."

Inuyasha looked down at the little bundle in awe. Kagome saw his expression and smiled. Inuyasha looked at her and his dumbstruck expression stayed planted firmly where it was as he looked at him wife.

Kagome smiled at him and murmured something unintelligently, but reached out for the baby. Inuyasha tried to hand the little girl over, but just as she was leaving his arms to go into Kagomes, the little girl grabbed ahold of two locks of Inuyasha's hair and balled her clawed hands into fists. The little girl put on a pouty expression and refused to let go of his hair.

Both Inuyasha and Kagome chuckled quietly. It seemed she was already showing qualities of both mother and father. Inuyasha noticed two slight bulges under the cap. Figuring that some of her hair was bunched up, he pulled off the cap, eager to see what colour her hair was, silver or black.

When he removed the little cloth cap, he was met by a great surprise. A head of inky blackness greeted him, followed by two silverly dog ears pearched onto of her head, exactly like Inuyasha's, only smaller. Inuyasha's jaw dropped when he saw them, and once they were free of the cap, they flicked in such a familiar manner that Kagome laughed. Like father, like daughter.

The little girl yawned suddenly, revealing longer-than-normal canine teeth, and Inuyasha was shocked. Aren't baby's toothless? Then he remebered that demon pups, dog demon pups anyway, were born with full sets of teeth. But since Kagome was pregnent 9 months, shouldn't the baby be more human then youkai?

The little girl finally opened her eyes, revealing little bright golden specks. She looked quizically up at him, then gave his locks a sharp tug. Inuyasha cringed but didn't yell out, which was a first for him. After a few moments, the little girl released his locks from her clawed hands, and continued to gaze at Inuyasha with as much interest as the hanyou staring back down at her.

After a few moments, the little girl squirmed until she saw Kagome. Kagome smiled at the little girl, and when Inuyasha transfered the bundle into Kagome's arms, the pup made no protest, but now looked ast Kagome with immense interest.

"What shall we name her?" Kagome ask Inuyasha.

"Kimi." Inuyasha said. Kagome smiled.

"Perfect." smiling at the bundle in his mate's arms, Inuyasha put a finger in the little girl's fist.

"My little one." he whispered.


Kimi - She who is without equal (Japanese)

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