Twisted Ranma: Pill Problems

By Ryouga's Best friend

A/N- Another weird Fic idea that has been swimming about my head a while is joining my twisted fics. Now this shouldn't be nearly as dark as the Bad Bracelet but it will be just as strange, hopefully these twisted fics are being enjoyed and not scaring off my modest fan base of cute WAFFy romancers and hamster fans 6--.

This is not anyway connected to the last twisted fic plotwise, so not to confuse anyone. This story involves an impatient amazon who hears of an ancient amazon weapon that reduces her foes to nothing. She uses it without permission and it's not quite what she expected it to be…

It was late in the night when Shampoo slipped out of her room. She crept downstairs as slowly and quietly as possible. She went past the kitchen to a door hidden from public view, locked with a padlock. "This taking to long, Shampoo should be back in China with airen by now. Great grandmother must be holding out. Must be something Shampoo can use…" she whispered as she casually broke the lock in slipped inside. The room was dimly lit and had shelves filled with jars and bottles. On the only table sat a large aged book, which the young amazon made a bee-line to. She flipped through it to find various recipes and descriptions of artifacts. "Tried that…that too…No no…Maybe, no…wish Shampoo could forget that one…hmm, this look promising." She read though and smiled, "Reduce enemies to nothing…Perfect." She memorized the recipe and closed the book. "Soon airen be mine." She whispered excitedly as she headed back upstairs, her mind putting together a plan.

Three days later Shampoo waited in the shadows of the dojo pouch clutched tightly in her hand. "If what Great grandmother's book say true this can rid Shampoo of Violent girl and Spatula girl, then Airen all mine." she whispered with a devious smile. She ducked further into the shadows as the couple came out arguing. Not an unusual sight.

"Geez Akane I don't see what the big deal is." He grumbled in general frustration. His fiancee glared at him, refusing to speak. He sigh "look I'm sorry okay. It was just a stupid dress, don't understand why the hell you had it anyway. No way a tomboy like you could fit in it anyway." he said in casual rudeness. Akane growled and grabbed him by the collar.

"You ruined one of my mom's favorite dresses!" Akane screamed as she reared back her fist. Shampoo pulled something out of the pouch.

"Now Shampoo's chance." She whispered with a smile as flicked the object toward her enemy.

"You Jerk!" she yelled uppercutting the martial artist and sending him flying across town. She suddenly went into a coughing fit, it took a moment to get herself under control. "That's strange... almost like I swallowed something..." she said bewildered but didn't think twice as she headed back in. Shampoo laughed when she was finally alone.

"That too too easy." She said happily looking to the pouch in her hand. "Soon Akane be nothing." she said with an evil grin. She took to the roofs to get back before Cologne noticed she was gone.

Meanwhile Akane had returned to her room. Her anger draining away to sadness as she looked down to what seemed to be a house dress but it seemed that it would only fit a child. "Stupid Ranma..." She mumbled hugging it to her chest. "I really wish you were still here Mom..." she whispered shedding a few tears. After taking some time to calm down she stood, "I should put this back in the attic before it gets ruined any mo-" she stumbled fighting of a sudden wave of dizziness. It was very disorienting, like she was falling. But it faded after a minute. "I guess...I was more tired then I thought. I guess I can put it away later." she rationalized. She stripped down and put on her pajamas, which weren't well for some reason, and went to sleep.

Akane awoke the next day feeling in somewhat better spirits, she was still a little mad at Ranma but could now acknowledge it was mostly an accident. He'd knocked a cup of tea on it in a chase after Happosai, scared he hurriedly threw it in the wash to clean it and ended up shrinking it, he tried to apologize but she had been too mad at the time to accept. She sat up and stretched, she stood and nearly tripped but caught herself on her desk. "What the?" she voiced as she looked at herself, her pajama's were noticeably looser than usual. The sleeves had inched down over most of her hands and the pant legs cover her feet, which explained the tripping. Her eye twitched a bit "Did he do something to these too?" she wondered never hearing of clothes expanding before but it seemed possible. She sighed and shucked the garments easily and went to her closet. She took out her school uniform and a plain bra and panties combo. She noticed something was wrong after donning the underwear, much like with her pajamas they were just a little too big, just slightly noticeable. "This can't be right…" she wondered taking out another set…and another…and yet another. But they were all too big. "Is this some kind of joke?" she wondered irritated and confused. She was about to try another set when she was hit by a wave of dizziness, much like last. She stumbled back as the lighted headed falling feeling returned and then suddenly vanished. She looked up to see that the bra panties she was wearing seemed to be fitting even worse then only a moment ago. "What? That can't be…." She said quietly slipping her hand between her breasts and the soft fabric with ease. "Am I shrinking? Am I going crazy?" she said afraid. She rubbed her face a bit "No, I'm still a little tired is all. I'm sure once I wake up some more I'll be fine…." She tried to convince herself.

"Akane! Could you wake Ranma? He needs to get ready for school." Kasumi called up, Genma had gone out drink last night with her father so they would be sleeping much of the day away.

"All right!" she called back. Quickly putting on her school uniform, to check on the martial artist. The sleeves crept out over her hands and the normally short skirt was now knee length. She focused past that, sure her mind was just playing tricks on her. She headed down the hall and cracked open the door, Ranma was in his shirt and boxers spread out over his futon with the blanket hardly covering him, sleeping like a baby. She gave a small smile, he really was quite handsome…as long as he doesn't open his mouth. "Well there's only one thing that will get him up…" she said to herself heading downstairs and returning with a bucket of water. "Rise and shine!" she shouted as she tossed the water in his direction, drenching the sleeping boy and turning him into a surprised and very damp girl.

"What the hell!" she shouted looking around to find her fiancée at the door with and empty bucket. "What did ya do that for?" she grumbled with a yawn.

"It's the only way to wake you up, now come on breakfast is ready." She said simply, mildly amused at the half-pouty look Ranma was giving her.

"Fine, stinkin' tomboy waking me from a sound sleep." She grumbled as stood and past by, Akane was about to bop her upside the head but paused…she was eye to eye with the petite red head. Though Ranma took no notice it jarred Akane's previous confusion and fear. But I'm taller then his girl form…What the hell is going on? She thought frantically.

"Yo 'kane? What're ya waiting for?"

"Right…" she replied distracted as she headed down for breakfast. The meal went by calmly, Akane mostly kept to herself confused and paranoid the others might notice something. And after Ranma changed back he and Akane headed off to school at their usual high speed, Nabiki having left early. Akane stopped outside of the gate breathing hard. Normally that run didn't take much out of her, but her school bag felt heavier from some reason. Granted she did have a lot more homework since she'd been absent because of a martial arts quest a few weeks back.

Across the street Shampoo watched confused. "Akane still here? But suppose to be nothing…Maybe Shampoo not use enough." She wondered glancing to the pouch. "Couldn't hurt no? I give Akane more at Lunch. She no expect a thing." She decided slipping away into a alley.

"Geez Akane your out of shape, maybe you should up your training some?" Ranma suggested bluntly. Akane elbowed him in the stomach.

"Maybe you should mind your own business." She grumbled heading into the school yard while he stood there grumbling about 'violent tomboys'. She was about to enter school when a familiar and unwanted voice boomed out.

"Greetings Akane Tendo." Said Kuno with wide arms aiming to embrace one of his loves. She spun and launched a high kick to hit the upperclassmen in the chin…and found herself missing. The kick didn't reach it's target, too high. He grabbed her, "Oh my goddess, to hold you can make any day glorious." He said as she struggled against him, she could seem to get away

"Let me go!" She shouted as she clocked him causing him to stumble back a few feet and fall over. She stood for a moment shaking a bit, I couldn't break his grip… Ranma casually stepped on and over the fallen upper classman, eyeing Akane critically.

"You know I was joking before but if your letting Kuno grab ya like that maybe you are slipping." He said dryly. She tried to calm down and headed off Maybe I am slipping? She wondered as Ranma watched her worried, she hadn't even bothered to argue back.

"I wonder what's wrong…" he said as he followed her in.

The periods flew by quite fast for the distracted Akane, the encounter with Kuno was haunting her, she was used to Kuno's timing and launched the kick but it missed, barely but it gave him a chance to grab her… but she couldn't stop him, his grip was too strong. If she hadn't had an arm already free, she might not have even got to punch him away. What was wrong with her? What if it happened again? "After this class is lunch, after we have PE and then Math. If I'm careful I shouldn't be bothered by him…" she whispered before focusing on her school work. Nearby Ranma was discretely watching his fiancee trying to figure out what was wrong, and failing in both his mission and quiz he was suppose to be working on.

After class Akane grabbed her lunch and headed outside with Yuka and Sayuri to find a nice spot. Ranma tried to follow but was dragged off by Ukyo before he could. The three girls chatted about simple things under one of the trees in the common. Both her friend seemed to notice something was different but couldn't put their fingers on it and Akane would hastily change the subject whenever they brought it up. Shampoo pedaled up to the school pouch hidden from view "This time it work for sure." She stated speeding up and jumping the schools outer wall. She stashed the bike and searched for her target. After spotting the trio she took to the trees, nimbly jumping from branch to branch until she found herself poised several branches above. She grabbed the pouch and opened it pulling out a small light brown pill, And after a moment of thought she took out a second. she waited for the right moment and shot them downwards…into Yuka's Bento. "Oops, Bad aim. Shampoo not miss again." she whispered pulling out another two pills. She picked her moment and dropped the two, this time into the correct bento. She quirked a smile as the girls ate their bentos without noticing the amazon or her pills. They headed back inside when the bell rang, allowing Shampoo to drop back to the ground. "That should work…I check her house later to be sure." She said as she headed back not bothering to think about Yuka who now also had taken a pair of pills.

The trio entered the locker room and started to change for class, Akane and Sayuri were listening to Yuka finished up a story about her last boyfriend.

"He was so creepy…I mean he was nice and him being on the kendo club was pretty interesting but he was smothering me so I told him off, I think he's still been following me around…" she said with an exaggerated shiver, Sayuri shook her head.

"I told you not to date him, but you never listen to me." she said shaking a finger. Yuka rolled her eyes and Akane giggled.

"I tried that and then you went and started dating him!" Yuka accused, Sayuri blushed.

"That was an isolated incidence." As she was listening to the bickering the light headed feeling returned, though this time it was much more intense. She had fallen to her knees but the room kept spinning, the worried calls of her friends seemed distant as her body reacted to the strange amazon concoction. It feels like I'm melting… she thought fearfully. The feelings slowly ebbed away to nothing as before. She looked up to see Yuka and Sayuri kneeling on both sides of her.

"Are you okay!" Sayuri asked looking her over.

"Y-yeah, I'm okay. Just a little dizzy…I think I'm coming down with something." She said hastily, feeling very paranoid now as her bra felt like it might slip off if she moved to quickly.

"You want us to take you to the nurse?" Yuka spoke up concerned.

"No…I'll go myself. I'm okay now." She assured them, they agreed very reluctantly and head to PE. Once she was sure was alone she stood up and as she feared her bra strap fell easily from her shoulder and hung awkwardly from her other shoulder. Though her panties slid low on her hips, which was very disconcerting. Wanting to settle this once and for all she slipped from the locker room naked and to the coaches office. After a small amount of rummaging she found some measuring tape used during the yearly physical. She rolled it out with hesitantly and measured herself. "Fifty-two inches…That can't be right…I'm sixty four inches tall…I'm, I'm really shrinking…" she said dropping the tape from her shaking hands. She ran back you her locker taking a glance at her large undergarments she slipped over a few lockers down to Yumiko Misorugi's locker. She was the shortest girl in her class, she was a smart girl whose skipped two grades. Akane reluctantly broke the lock and took the younger girl's hello kitty bra and panties. Both were a little tight, but they fit much better then her own. She avoided the mirror not wanting to see herself in a stolen pair of junior high school age underwear. She took out her uniform and reluctantly put it on. The top took a lot of adjusting to look even slightly normal, and she had to roll up the sleeves. Though the skirt only needed a minor adjustment at the waist it now reached nearly ankle length. "At least I look pretty normal." she said sadly as she grabbed her bag and headed outside. She made sure to avoid the filed where PE class was going on and made for the wall. She hoped the wall and tripped over the top crashing to the street on the on side. "Ow…I didn't think about the height difference there." She groaned standing up. Not enjoying the reminder of her current condition. "I really need to get out of here before anyone sees me." she said taking off down the sidewalk as fast as she could. As she entered one of the more crowded areas she became a little nervous, everyone seemed much more intimidating. She slumped a bit and tried to hurry through and hopefully not be noticed. Unfortunately she found herself running into a woman exiting on of the nearby markets.

"Hey watch where your going Kid." She sneered pushing Akane aside as if she were nothing. Her temper flared up at the brush off and rudeness, shadowing her previous nervousness.

"Why don't you hag?" she shot back, causing the woman to gasp.

"What did you call me?"

"Just what you are, a hag." She replied with a firm nod. The woman grabbed Akane by the wrist twisting it slightly causing the petite high schooler to wince.

"A disrespectful brat, aren't you?" she said glaring down at Akane. "And a Junior high delinquent at that, skipping school. I should turn you in to the nearest truant officer." She started to drag Akane toward the closest police box. Akane again found her strength failing her and had to turn to some more technical tactics. She brought her free hand in with a hard strike on the woman's wrist which involuntarily made her loosen her grip enough to escape. She took off and didn't look back as the woman was left swearing holding her wrist. Akane began tearing up as she ran on, I can't stop Kuno or even a rude housewife, I'm shrinking…What's happening to me? Her morose thoughts continued as she arrived at the dojo. She entered without any announcement and ran upstairs right past a confused Kasumi.

"Akane?" she headed upstairs and gently knocked on her sisters door. "Akane? Are you okay?" she listen to the door to hear sobbing and 'It doesn't fit'. She slowly opened the door and gasped. Akane was standing into front off her mirror sobbing as the top of her school uniform wore on her like a night shirt. She was… smaller. "Oh My," was the only words she could summon in this particular situation. Her sister turned, tears staining her cheeks, she whimpered. Kasumi moved forward and hugged her sister who hugged back fiercely shaking with sobs. She held her sister until she began to calm, now she was used to strange sightings as they had been common since Ranma's arrival. Though this was certainly unexpected. "What happened Akane?" she asked slowly. The girl merely shook her head in the embrace.

"I-I don't know. I just started shrinking…I have these dizzy spells and when they go away I'm smaller." She explained in a soft voice, "They started last night, just before I went to bed."

"but you didn't look small this morning?"

"it wasn't that much earlier…but at school I had a big spell and well…" she paused, "My underwear wouldn't even fit after it…I had to steal a younger girl's bra and panties." She admitted in shame, "None of my clothes fit any more…" Kasumi squeezed her shoulders.

"Well I can at least help you with that, I'm sure we have some smaller clothes in the attic. Then we can call Dr. Tofu over to have a look at you, okay?" she asked gently, Akane nodded and sniffed and allowed her sister to lead her up to the attic.

An hour later Ranma and Nabiki were on their way home both worried and hiding it, they had heard from Sayuri that she had collapsed in the locker room and then stopped coming to classes. Who was on her way to the dojo with the pair as well. Yuka said she had to drop some things off at home first. The trio arrived and entered to find Dr. Tofu talking calmly with Kasumi, a very disconcerting sight. "She seems to be fine physically from what I can tell, though she is weakened somewhat, but that's to be expected. I called in someone a bit more qualified for this case, she should be by shortly…" he said seriously as Kasumi nodded wringing her hands.

"Hey Doc. What's up with Akane?" he asked as casually as he could. Though Sayuri made no motion to hide her worries.

"She's okay right?"

"It's hard to say exactly…you really need to see this to believe it." He said motioning them to go upstairs, the three exchanged glances and headed up. Nabiki knock on the door, there was a soft 'come in' and they opened the door to find a slightly more compact Akane dressed in a pair of yellow overalls and a pink tee shirt. She blushed self-consciously.

"Um…Hi guys…" she said as the gazed openly shocked.

"Well…That's certainly different…" Nabiki said dryly, curious how this could come about.

"What the hell!" Ranma screeched.

"You look so cute!" Sayuri squealed causing Akane, Ranma, and Nabiki to sweatdrop. That certainly wasn't the reaction she expected. The girl reddened from embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound insincere or anything. it's just you are and I ah…" she stumbled over her words.

"It's okay Sayuri."

"So what happened sis? People don't just start loosing height out of the blue." Nabiki asked trying to analyze the situation.

"Ya, this is pretty messed up. Even for Nerima." Ranma added still somewhat in shock.

"Nothing," she said with a shrug, this was the third time she was going over this so it wasn't as hard. "It just started before I went to bed last night and it hit me pretty hard just before gym, I didn't want anyone to know so I ran home…"

"So that's what happened at the locker room. You really should have told us!" Sayuri admonished, "I mean disappearing like that. We wouldn't have even known if we hadn't stopped by the nurses office."

"Sorry, I was scared. But I'm glad you stopped by…is Yuka coming by."

"Ya, she said she had to drop so thing's off at home and take a little medicine. She got real dizzy during soccer." She explained. Akane choked.


"Ya, Why?" Sayuri asked confused by the reaction.

"That's what happened with me." the room was filled with silence.

"I better check on her…I'll be back in a bit" Sayuri said concerned heading back outside.

"Does that mean this is contagious?" Nabiki asked with a slight hint of nervousness.

"How the hell should I know?" Akane shot back irritated. Ranma strolled over and bent down so he was about even with her. He looked her over for a moment making her very uncomfortable. "W-what are you looking at?"

"She was right you are kinda cute like this." He said bluntly causing her heart to skip a beat and cheeks to redden.

"Wow Saotome I didn't think you were into that kind of thing…" Nabiki said surprised. It a moment for that phrase to process in his head.

"What? No! I mean she's cute like those little lap dogs." He explained hastily not noticing as her happiness shifted to anger. She kicked out and knocked him into the wall, though normally that should have sent him for some serious air time.

"So I'm just a dog to you! Hmph!" she said storming past her taller sister who looked amused.

"Smooth Saotome, Real smooth"

"Ah, shut up," he grumbled from the floor.

Outside in the tree Shampoo was surprised as she looked down to the pouch in her hand. "Pills make Akane shrink. Shampoo like this, Once I get spatula girl then airen all mine. Shampoo's so excited." She said giggling as she took off toward her next victim. Meanwhile downstairs Akane came across Dr. Tofu sitting at the table with Cologne chatting over a cup of tea.

"So this is our little patient eh? Getting into trouble as usual I see Ms. Tendo," the amazon elder said with a cackle.

"I'm glad your enjoying yourself."

"Now now, no need to be hostile. I'm merely trying to lighten you up, now let me have a look at you and see what's wrong." The old said as she hopped over on her staff.

Yuka was just locking up at home, she dropped off her books and changed out of her school uniform. For some odd reason she couldn't get any of her clothes to fit right though she managed to find an old pair of shorts and an old blue tank top that seemed to fit just fine…though she was sure she'd outgrown them some time back. She'd started off and had gone a few blocks when Ken, her x-boyfriend, stepped out from around the next corner. He had an odd look in his eyes as he stood unmoving. "oh, um. Hey Ken…" she said awkwardly.

"Hi, You busy. I planned a nice get together for us." He said calmly, she rolled her eyes.

"Look we've been over this already, were through." She said trying to walk around him. He grabbed her arm and held with a strong grip.

"Well I don't think we are." He said pinning her against the wall with his hand. "You hurt me Yuka, and I'm going to make sure you understand that!" he shouted in her face, she swallowed. He seemed bigger then before now that she was up close. Yuka started to lose her nerve when she found herself unable to move under his grip.

"Y-your hurting me Ken" She stuttered, his eyes were like fire.

"Good," he said slapping her hard across the face leaving her cheek red. He pulled her off the wall and began to drag her off into nearby alley.

"No, stop it Ken! Help someone!" she shouted panicked, but still unable to get him to let go. He ignored her wailing and held her against the wall by her throat. He grinned as he reached up her shirt and to her bra.

"Hmm, a little loose isn't it? Well might as well chuck it then." He said moving close to her and kissing her roughly on the mouth as he undid the bra. she shook her head away from the mouth as she couldn't budge her assailant. he pulled way and tossed the bra aside, she took the opportunity to spit right in his face. Suddenly angry he struck her and knocked her to the ground.

"Stinking Bitch!" he growled as her walked over to her and stepped on her hand eliciting a scream. he leaned down and ripped the tank top off exposing her chest. He let the hand go and stood looming over her as she curled up in a ball in an attempt to cover herself.

"What's going on here?" came a male voice. Ken turned to see foreign boy dressed in a white robe wearing very thick glasses. A box sat next to him reading, "Nekohaten".

"Nothing you need to worry about four eyes." he said calmly.

"Please help!" Yuka begged, she knew he could beat ken...anyone even close to Ranma's level was more than enough.

"Didn't I tell you to keep your mouth shut." he shouted to the prone Yuka causing her to flinch away. Mousse adjusted his glasses.

"I believe you should let the lady go..." the amazon said in a stern voice. Ken laughed and reached into his pocket pulling out a knife.

"I guess you a chance pretty boy," he said passing the knife from hand to hand, though Mousse looked unimpressed. Charging forward he stabbed for the foreigner's mid section but was casually side stepped. "Why you," he growled striking again and again but could seem to touch his opponent. "arg stand still damn you!" he gave another wild strike and this time the amazon had completely disappeared. What th-?" he got out before he felt his legs get bound together by a chain. Before he could even react they were pulled out from under him and he slammed face first into the ground. Dazed he felt himself lifted up and when he came too everything was upside down. Mousse looked him right in the face and shrugged

"Just no skill." He said simply and heading into the alley they were just fighting in. Ken looked up, er, down to see he was hanging off the ground. Apparently tied to a street lamp by the chain.

"Damn it! Get back here and fight fair! I'll kill you I swear!" he shouted but was ignored. Mousse bent down to the fallen Yuka and after getting a good look at her he lifted the glasses up onto his head.

"You okay miss?" he asked, Yuka blushed covering her chest as she sat up.

"Y-yes. I…I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come…Thank you." she stuttered still very shaken and afraid. Mousse smiled a bit He actually quite handsome, He has nice eyes… she thought to herself. His hand appeared from on of his volumous sleeves holding a folded up shirt. "Thank you…"

"It's looks like it'll be too big, but it's better than nothing right?" he said with a small shrug.

Ken's scream were momentarily cut off but an exclamation pain and the female shout of 'asshole'. Sayuri appeared at the alley entrance.

"Yuka! Thank Kami your okay." She said running over to her friend and checking if she was okay. "Ken didn't do anything did he?"

"He would have but he saved me…" said Yuka softly feeling very shy as she put one the shirt, which was indeed too large going past her waist almost covering her shorts. Sayuri looked over to Mousse.

"You look familiar…Don't you work at the Nekohaten?" she asked helping her friend up, hugging her in the process. She noticed that Yuka was shorter, nearly a head shorter since they used to be about the same height. Why hadn't I noticed earlier? It seems so obvious now… she chided herself. Mousse replaced his glasses to get a better look at the new girl.

"That is correct. And since you appear to be okay I must be heading back, I was on a delivery." He said with a small nodded "Ladies." And with that he grabbed the box and took to the roofs. Both Yuka and Sayuri headed off toward the Tendo dojo.

"Sayuri? How did you know to come look for me?" Yuka asked after a couple of minutes. Her friend didn't reply right away.

"Well…it's hard to say exactly…You see, something strange is happening to Akane…and what ever it is it's happening to you too…" Sayuri explained.

"Y-your scaring me Sayuri. Just tell what's wrong?"

"It's going to be hard to believe…" she said stopping and holding her friend to steady her. "But your shrinking…" Both Yuka and Sayuri were silent for a long while before Yuka shook her head and laughed.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

"I'm Serious!" she pleaded thinking for a moment. "I bet you were having problems with your clothes today. You said the weren't fitting…" Yuka stopped laughing but still didn't want to grasp that ridiculous idea.

"Come on there are much more believable reasons for that than shrinking." She said starting back on there way to the dojo. Sayuri ran up to her and stopped in front of her causing her to look up.

"Than how come your shorter than me." she said firmly. Yuka was silent and looked down to see her friend wearing flats which threw that theory out the window, the facts were glaring her right in the face but she didn't want to believe it.

"This is nonsense Lets just go see Akane all right." She said brushing past her friend. She'd gotten a slight lead when her vision became fuzzy and the dizzying feeling she had during PE returned she stumbled a bit catching hold of a telephone pole to steady herself. She barely heard Sayuri's voice as the world spinned madly around. It slowly ebbed away and she let go of the pole stutter stepping and falling to the pavement, her flats slipping right off. "What?" she wondered as Sayuri rushed over to help her up. The sleeved of her borrowed shirt, already covering her hands, went beyond that with loose fabric dangling over by a couple of inches. The shirt's bottom covered past her shorts and could probably function well as a skirt if belted at the waist. On top of that she ears were practically pulsing with pain she felt up to feel the stud errings still in place. She desperately removed them, and the pain began to dissipate. She looked down at the studs, which seemed far to big compared to when they had been done a few weeks before. "B-but that's Impossible…" she said as she turned to her friend to find herself level with Sayuri's shoulders.

"I…This is what I was talking about…" Sayuri finished lamely, now that she knew what was happening it was a frightening experience to watch. Yuka was speechless as her taller friend began to lead her off toward the dojo after gathering her shoes.. "Come on, they have a doctor at the Tendo's, He'll check you out…" she said softly.

Meanwhile Cologne was just finishing up with Akane. "Hmm, Just as I thought." She said firmly hopping over to the table were an old leather bound book laid. "It's too much of a coincidence not to be…" Akane slowly joined her and the other all went to attention.

"What's is it Cologne?" she asked nervously as the old woman swiftly sped through the old pages. She finally stopped on.

"The Koonago Pills…Said to reduce your foe to Nothing." That statement cause Akane to swallow, "Basically it works much like the Moxibusion point Happy used on son-in-law but not that extreme, but enough that they could be easily defeated by a capable warrior… Now along with the weakening came an unexpected side effect, the victim would shrink. Though not the intention it brought about other uses. It was used as a form of punishment for warriors who broke amazon law, but they stopped doing that over 200 years ago. The recipe hasn't even been used publicly in nearly a century and it's a crime to use without permission… but I digress. The Pills are ingested and depending on the dosage the one effected will shrink at different rate. The actual rate can depend on the individual, some are more effected than others. But from what I can tell Akane, you've been subjected to a multiple pills..." The elder explained until Akane spoke up.

"But I don't remember eating any pills?"

"So that means you assailant must be skilled enough get you to ingest them without you knowing." Cologne said mildly annoyed at the interruption, "That is the whole idea of there use. Now if I may continue." She looked back to the book. "Now there are two antidotes to this condition. One which permanently stops the change but does not reverse, most commonly used on lawbreakers, and the kind that reverses it wholly. It will take me a day to get it together the proper ingredients and prepare them. I can only hope that it will be in time…" she said in a grave tone that spoke volumes of the danger Akane was in.

"But…" Soun spoke up on the edge of tears. "Who would do this kind of thing?" At that cologne sighed. For the first time she really looked her age.

"I'm shamed to say the only on capable feed the pills and have access to the book would be my granddaughter…" everyone gasped, "Truly I thought she would know better then this…" Nabiki crossed her arms.

"If Shampoo did this How can we be sure you didn't have something to do with it? Why should we even trust you?" Cologne glared up to the middle Tendo.

"You truly think I'd throw away the book of laws just to get rid of your sister. I could find plenty of ways to do so without something so reckless! If I wanted her gone it would have happened long ago." She said in a dangerous tone, the look nearly causing Genma and Soun to begin bowing and groveling at the sheer similarity to Happosai's gaze. "You shouldn't be so quick to accuse the only one who can reverse the process. Be glad it is your sister and not You that needs my services." She said coldly causing Nabiki to give an internal wince, she almost screwed up her sister cure. The door then opened revealing Sayuri and Yuka, though the latter looked different. Shorter and dressed in an oversized shirt, though not quite as short as Akane. Cologne shook her head, "How could I raze such a reckless child…" she asked herself. Akane ran over to the shrunken Yuka who still seemed pretty much in shock.

"Yuka?" Akane asked catching her friends attention , she finally broke down and latched on to the smaller Akane causing her to stumble back to support her sobbing friend.

"She just realized it on the way over…" Sayuri said sadly taking a seat be the table, emotionally drained.

"I better get started on that antidote right away." Cologne said hopping toward the door. "Make sure to guard Akane well, if My confrontation doesn't go well with Shampoo she may be in danger." Everyone exchanged glances at the warning before returning their gaze to the two inflicted girls. "When I return it should be ready…" and with that she was gone out the door. All that was left was the Yuka's sobs slowly drained away as she calmed. It took only a few moments before Kasumi took hold of the situation.

"Well it seems we will be having guests tonight. I should get started with dinner, Ranma could you set up some extra futons in Akane's room for her friends?" she asked in her kind but commanding voice that was hard to refused.

"ah right…"

"Nabiki, Daddy, Mr. Saotome I'm sure up in the attic we have some older clothes the girls can wear. We'll need them all, considering their condition." They nodded and head off without argument, Akane began to lead Yuka toward the stairs and up to her room, Sayuri following close behind. Kasumi, sure that they had all left, braced herself against the door frame. Tears started coming to her eyes.

"Oh, Mother. Give me strength…"

On the other side of town Shampoo had made her way to Ucchan's. It was still fairly full as Ukyo fluttered about her grill being the friendly hostess/cook. "Perfect, while she distracted I give her pills." The amazon said cracking one of the windows open she took a pill and aimed and flicked it out heading straight for her mouth, but she brought spatula up just in time and blocked it sending it flying off to the wall. Shampoo eeped and ducked as Ukyo scanned around, but saw nothing.

"What's wrong Ukyo-san?" a man asked, Ukyo plastered on a smile.

"Nothing, I just thought I heard something…" she assured him allowing to relax but she still took one last look about, something had come toward her…but what and who threw it. Shampoo cursed a crawled away from the window into the safety of an alley.

"Stupid Ukyo. Shampoo need another plan…" she grumbled slipping away, thinking of a different angle as she headed back to the Nekohaten…

Back at the Tendo's Yuka had finally calm down some and she, Akane, and Sayuri were trying their best to take there mind off the current situation. Instead they listened to Yuka's harrowing tale of her encounter with Ken and subsequent rescue by Mousse.

"Mousse?" Akane asked surprised, her friends looked confused.

"Why…is something wrong with him or something?" Sayuri asked, Yuka lost her dreamy look for one more suspicious. Akane scratched the side of his head.

"Well other than his vision, he's completely and totally obsessed with Shampoo…" she explained but was cut off by Yuka.

"What! You mean he's in love with Shampoo. Ranma's fiancee! The girl who used those pills on us!" she shouted causing both Sayuri and Akane to move away some. "That can't be right…" she said clenching her fist, "That amazon must have done something to him too!" she said firmly causing her friends to sweatdrop.

"Dinner's ready everyone." Came Kasumi's melodious voice from downstairs. Sayuri and Akane shared the thought Saved.

"Come on we don't want to keep everyone waiting," Sayuri said standing up with a nervous smile, distracted Yuka followed suit along with Akane. The dinner was fairly quiet, with everyone glancing to the two diminished girls. Kasumi and Sayuri were trying their best to make conversation, but halfway through dinner Akane shuddered and had to brace herself on the table as she began to shrink. Her clothes began to bag up as he breath quickened, the dizzying feeling was intense. Her arms slid into the pink T-shirt and the shoulder straps of the overalls fell of her slim frame and to her sides. By the time it finally subsided she had lost several more inches.

"I'm not feeling too hungry…I'm going to bed early" Akane said in a subdued tone as she stood, holding her too large clothes and headed upstairs. After a moment Yuka and Sayuri followed suit. Nabiki left for her room and Genma dragged Ranma back to theirs. Soun sighed and Kasumi allowed her sadness to show.

"Don't worry Daughter…everything will turn out okay." He said seriously. Kasumi shook her head.

"It would be easier to believe you father if you weren't crying…" he was indeed crying at normal copious amounts he was known for.

"I'm sorry I can't help it."

"Well looks like we'll have to move the engagement to one of the other sisters" Genma said casually. Ranma gained a guarded look.

"What the hell are you talking about old man?" he asked slowly.

"Well it's obvious, when Akane shrinks to nothing you have to be ready to move on." Said Genma with a nod of his head. He barely had time to react when his son grabbed him by the gi and held him against the wall.

"Don't even joke about that! Akane's going to be just fine, she won't shrink away!" He shouted, his voice cracking just a bit. Genma winced at the impact, surprised by the amount this was effecting his son. Too little too late boy...

"Believe what you want boy, I'm just trying to be realistic." he said coldly trying to break Ranma's vise-like grip. His son slowly let go, eyes burning straight through his soul.

"I won't write her off like that...I hate you!" He screamed jumping out the window.

"Ranma!" he shouted after, but he was gone. He sighed and sat down on the floor, "Damn boy," he cursed to himself.

Ranma sat on his perch looking through his fiancee's window, watching as she shifted in her sleep. "Akane..." he whispered, he quickly checked to see if anyone was looking and slipped inside. He silently crept over Yuka and Sayuri and over to Akane's bed. He merely watched her for a long while as her small form breathed in and out. She's so cute... when she wants to be he thought wryly as he made his way over and lightly touched her cheek with a smile, she stopped tossing and gained a dreamy smile. "I won't let you disappear Tomboy..." he said without the slightest bit of mocking or malice. Suddenly she shuddered a bit and she began to drift away from his hand "W-what?" he managed as the warmth of her skin vanished as she shank away from him. She stopped after a short moment, it had only been a small change but Ranma's hand remained where it had, though was now a few inches away from her. She slowly began to stir and blinked to clear the morning blurryness and saw Ranma of all people by her bedside.

"Ah! Ranma, what do you think your doing in here!" she shouted swinging out and hitting him, but he didn't budge. When she got a better look at him he had a horrified expression on his face looking down at his shaking hand. "Ranma?" she became concerned and got out of bed, realizing that her Pajama top had grown covering most of her body now... which was good considering the pajama bottoms, already loose that night, came right off. She wasn't much taller the a small child. "Ranma!" She called more urgently causing him to look down to the small girl.

"I-I came in to s-see you...I touch your face...and you shrank away..." he said haltingly, still somewhat in shock. "I couldn't do anything to stop it... I...I'm afraid...afraid I'll loose you..." he finally admitted, Akane gained a small smile.


"The only thing I know is fighting...I've been able to save you from monsters, traps, princes... but I can't do anything here. I feel so useless..." he almost whispered, his hand still shaking. She took hold of it with her own two tiny hands steadying it.

"Ranma... I'm glad to hear you care. It really means a lot to me." she said softly. He looked to her face and enclosed his hand around both our hers.

"Thanks Akane….You no I'm no good at this stuff…" they were sharing one of their rare moments of understanding…so of course it couldn't last. Yuka slowly awoke to find the larger Ranma holding both of her friends arms, her clothes barely hanging on her body, with a smile on his face. So gathering the logical, but wrong, information she screamed waking Sayuri as well.

"How could you do such a thing Pervert!" She shouted, "especially with her in such a vulnerable position!" she didn't make any physical move, with her small stature and weakened strength she wouldn't have been able to do much. Both Ranma and Akane were perplexed for sure.

"Wha?" was all he could get out. Sayuri grabbed one of Akane's bokkens and took a wild swing at him. He released Akane and rolled away.

"Sicko, go get your kicks somewhere else!" she said swinging it wildly toward the martial artist. Who was slowly getting backed toward the window.

"He's not doing anything." Akane pleaded moving to stop Sayuri…somehow. But was stopped when Yuka, now nearly a foot taller then her held her back.

"You don't have to protect him Akane, you of all people should know what he's capable of." She said firmly as Akane sweatdropped, her constant proclamations of Ranma's Pervertedness coming back to haunt her in a moment of peace.

"Your both nuts." Ranma said finally running out of room to dodge and exiting back out the window. Sayuri stood panting, the wooden sword still held in a sloppy two-hand grip.

"He's…fast…" she said sitting back on the floor, Yuka released Akane and ran over to congratulate and tripped as he pajama bottoms had dropped over her feet, apparently she had done some late night shrinking herself. Sayuri laughed nervously looking between the two. "Um…where was that box of old clothes…" she wondered aloud, trying to cover her giggles. They both look so darn cute!

After a quick bath, carefully moderated by Sayuri in case of shrinking in the bath, they retired back to Akane's room where they dared to measure themselves. "Alright we'll handle Yuka first...Lets see, about 52 inches."

"52? That's '4,4". I guess that's not so bad..." she said not sounding too thrilled.

"Okay now we'll handle Akane...38" Sayuri announced eliciting a small sigh from the stout martial artist.

"Barely over three feet..." Yuka and Sayuri patted her on the back, but Akane plastered on a fake smile, "That's okay... I mean cologne we'll be by this afternoon." her friends nodded and shared their own fake smiles, all knowing danger of continued shrinking but doing their best not to think about it...

Sayuri sat at the Tendo's dinner table looking at various faces at the table. Genma was very angry, though she wasn't sure why. Soun looked calm as he ate, but that fact he was crying ruined the whole ploy. Kasumi was as always being the gracious host and Nabiki was staying detached. Yuka was in thought, about what was uncertain. Though both Akane and Ranma were remarkably getting along, they were sharing smiles as he got portions for her and himself. 'I guess they really were making up, and with all the times we tried to help them we ended up interrupting' she thought with mental sigh. Nabiki stood up and brought her plates to the kitchen.

"well I'm off to school…" she said doing her best not to look at Yuka or Akane. "anyone else coming?"

"I'll be right there." Sayuri said finishing up. Ranma shook his head.

"Nah, I think I'll skip today…" Genma snorted but said nothing, Soun nodded.

"Considering the circumstances I can allow that." He said as tears continued to run down his face. With that the two girls slipped out and head for Furiken. Genma left grumbling about needing fresh air. Yuka decided to help Kasumi clean up giving Akane and Ranma a chance for some alone time.

"So..ah…you want to do some training?" Ranma asked awkwardly. Akane looked at him for a moment obviously unsure how that could work at the present size difference. But considering who was offering this was as close you could get to any kind of date.


Meanwhile at the Nekohaten Shampoo was preparing to sneak out and get Ukyo with the pills. She was fortunate to avoid her great grandmother, who seemed to be occupied in her study with something. She slipped down the stairs only to find Mousse waiting for her. "What you want?" she asked suspiciously.

"You used a recipe from the ghoul's book didn't you?" He asked calmly adjusting his glasses. She eeped and hid the pouch.

"S-Shampoo not know what you t-talking about..." she said with a nervous laugh.

"You don't need to lie to me... But cologne is furious. She said that you are using a forbidden recipe...Your in big trouble Shampoo, you should lay low until she calms down. I won't tell her I saw you..." he explained calmly. Shampoo was silent for a long moment, before speaking.

"She just jealous...My plan working, and none hers did." She said angrily. Mousse reached out.


"After girls are gone Ranma become Shampoo's airen. You see" She ran past the male amazon knocking him aside and ran out to the streets. Mousse looked out after her with a sad sigh.

To be continued…

A/N- This is the fist half of the story, The other half coming soon. Shampoo is armed with those amazon pellets and has her sights set on Ukyo. Will the Cook fall to Shampoo's shrinking curse? Will Colonge's antidote come in time to save Akane and Yuka? You'll have to wait until next time to find out!