Pill Problems

Part 2

By Ryouga's best friend

A/N- In my writing binge I finished this up as well. The end of my second Twisted story. Though it wasn't as Popular as Bad Bracelet I thought I should finish it be fore moving on to the next one, to at the very least pacify my self and prove I can finish stuff lol. Enjoy.

Ukyo was starting her normal routine to prepare for school. "Man I hope I studied enough for that English test…" she fretted as she slipping into her bath, though just as she started to relax she heard the sound of glass shattering "What?…That came from nearby." Now alert she quickly donned her robe, grabbed a broom (Lacking her battle spatula) and began searching for the intruder. She entered the her guest bedroom to find glass strune about the room, she carefully scanned the room until her senses flared up. "Above!" she exclaimed rolling backwards out of the room as someone dropped down where she had just been standing. Her opponent slowly stood and smiled, "Shampoo..." said Ukyo in an even tone. "What are you doing here?"

"I come to finish things, once and for all." The amazon said confidently, removing the pouch from her pocket. Ukyo glared but got in a ready stance.

"You seem to have me at a disadvantage here, I'm not even dressed yet."

"Too bad, we fight!" Shampoo said as she charged forward but jumped back when Ukyo spun and struck out with the broom's handle. The chef slowly backed out of the room, hoping to work her way to her Battle spatula or bandoleer in her room. Shampoo pressed her advantage and began launching quick jabs and punches for her head which were blocked with the sturdy broom. Getting frustrated she paused in her attacked and launched a powerful kick the snapped the broom in half and knocked Ukyo stumbling down the hall, Now my chance! She thought lunging forward, slipping a few pills in her hand. She grabbed the chefs mouth and stuffed it down her throat. She coughed and swallowed automatically, though she managed to slam the amazon in the stomach with the broken broom handle sending her falling back clutching her middle.

"What did you just feed me? Poison!" she accused as she held her throat, Shampoo managed a smirk through her grimace, meet her gaze with a predator's eyes.

"Something like that…" she said dubiously. Ukyo ran to her room, If I'm poisoned I'm gonna have to finished this now she though as she grabbed her battle spatula and found herself nearly unable to lift it.

"What? It's so heavy…" she groaned trying to keep the flat head from falling to the floor. After a few moments of struggling Shampoo appeared in the doorway looking quite amused.

"What wrong Ukyo?" she asked innocently, "Feeling weak?" Ukyo growled a bit as she finally got it up into a proper fighting position.

"You have no honor!" she exclaimed preparing to put all of what strength she had into swinging the spatula, but just then her vision began to blur and she felt very dizzy. "What's Happening?"

"All fair in love and War," Shampoo said stepping forward and looking down on the chef…Wait down? She wondered but was still to dazed to put it together. She couldn't hold her weapon up and it clattered to the ground. Ukyo herself tripped over the back of her robe and fell to the floor. As the feelings ebbed away she saw shampoo standing over her with a cruel smile, she had to be at least 8 ft tall! She tried to crawl away but was tangled in her robe, it seemed to big…more like a blanket with sleeves. The amazon giggled and bent down. "You look cute like that?"

"Like what?" she squeaked, her voice was a little higher. She finally got a good look around and realized everything was bigger. "Ah!" she screamed looking about frantically as she backed herself against the wall. "What did you do to me!"

"That secret," Shampoo smiled. She reached down and grabbed Ukyo who screamed and kicked as she found herself lifted in the air by her arm. "Feisty," she commented quite amused as she pulled the oversized robe from Ukyo's small form. She let out an eep and tried to cover herself as she dangled over a foot off the ground in the amazon's grasp. Shampoo giggled as the chef's legs bounced off her doing nothing. "hee hee, it's a Mini-Ukyo" she said rubbing her finger across the shrunken girl's stomach and up to her breasts. Ukyo flushed red and tried to bat the large hand away, which only seemed to egg her on. She smirked and pulled her other arm aside and held it over her head, using her free hand to cup the smaller girls breast. "They so tiny now, they fit in hand" she said amused kneading it lightly as she squeaked in protest bright red.

"S-stop that…" she managed struggling against her grip but making no ground. Shampoo laughed and rubbed her thumb against her nipple watching her shiver. She poke her in the forehead.

"What wrong? Afraid you like?" she said with a sneer, Ukyo Snapped out and bite down hard on her extended finger. "Aiha!" she yelled throwing the small girl across the room into the wall. Shampoo's finger bled from the wound which she quickly wrapped up with cloth she ripped from her sleeve. She glared as the chef who was slowly starting to stand. "That hurt!"

"Good!" Ukyo replied after a painful groan, she began to regret her action when Shampoo slowly made her way over looking quite menacing. She stated with a firm slap that knocked her back to the ground, her head ringing from the impacted. The amazon grabbed the cloth belt from the fallen robe and tied her hands together behind her back. As she started to protest shampoo stuffed a makeshift gag in her mouth.

"Shampoo punish you!" She said firmly Punching her in the face leaving her barely conscious and picking her up and hanging her on the coat hook by her bound hands. "You hang there. I go see airen and have date now that no one stand between." She said cheering up at the thought, waving to the bleary eyed she left. Ukyo struggled in her bonds her muffled shouts not reaching past the room.

Back at the Tendo's Ranma sat cross legged as Akane was warming up, who was feeling self conscious at the attention. She was dressed in a child's gi left over from her dad's teaching days but that was little consolation. With her strength weakened from the amazon pill her normal kata's looked awkward. She just couldn't seem to focus herself at all, and this did not go unnoticed by her fiancee.

"Man Akane your form is awful." Came Ranma tactful criticism. Akane clenched her fist.

"What did you say!"

"Look Akane I know your shrinkin' and stuff. But that no excuse for blowin' simple katas" he stated plainly moving over to her. She growled and lashed out, her punch landing ineffectually on his abs. "Ya done yet?"

"Your such a jerk!" she shouted and turned to stomp out. and here I thought he was starting to become nice she grumbled mentally. He lightly grabbed her shoulder preventing any escape.

"Ah, come on I was gonna help ya."

"What?" she asked confused. He kneeled down to be about eye level with her.

"Look, I can't spar with ya or nothin' so I'm gonna help you with your form." he explained.

"My form?" she asked, taken aback by sudden 180.

"Ya. Now get in your start position." he instructed, moving back to give her some space. She started to go through the kata again feeling much more self conscious as Ranma scrutinized her every movement. Two third through Ranma signaled for her to stop, shaking his head. "Look it ain't that difficult." He grumbled as Akane glared Some help, just watching an making fun of me. Though she was really surprised to feel his arms go around her and gently position her. Even at twice her size he kept his touch gentle and by the time he had finished with her stance she was lightly flushed at the attention. This time instead of stepping back he brought his arms back up to hers.

"W-what are you doing?" she asked feeling very uncomfortable at the continued closeness.

"Simple I'm gonna lead ya through it nice and slow." He said simply, completely unaware of the possible connotations that were causing his fiancee to redden even more. "You okay?" he asked confused.

"Y-yeah fine…" she squeaked and tried to gather her composure. "You better not be treating me like a kid cause I'm small…" she managed a semi-defiant response.

"Look if you don't want any help fine."

"No…it's okay…" she added quickly further confusing the pigtailed boy. He shrugged and began to lead her through the exercise in slow motion, explaining the reasons for the different positions. Akane listened best she could to the advice despite the warm presence of Ranma's arms. Though as the continued she slowly relaxed in his arms allowing more fluidity in her movements. As they neared they end they were finally in tune and it had become more like a dance than an exercise. Noticing Akane was catching on his commentary petered off and he directed her along at a slightly faster speed which she replied to with ease. Surprised to say the least he speed up a little more and she responded perfectly. Confused he continued to speed up and Akane responded in kind, even up to the point they were moving at normal speed. Wow…I never thought Akane was this good… he thought as he continued to guide her limbs in her strikes. Though he got the feeling she didn't need it at all he continued. His hands moving smoothly across her body, moving at one with her small form. She ended with a high side kick, leaning into his arm well he gently held her other leg up. They stay like that for a long moment with only the sound of Akane's quickened breath echoing through the expansive training hall. She glanced back to Ranma to see a smile.

"Not bad…" he said simply, Akane felt the begins of anger stirring I did it practically perfect, but looking into his eyes she realized that he meant much more that he couldn't seem to state aloud. Her anger dissipated and she gained a smile of her own.

"Thanks Ranma…" at the sight of her smile he flushed red and released her leg to scratch his cheek, though kept his other arm around her.

"D-don't m-mention it" he replied with a nervous laugh. His laughter died away as he watched her smile. They were entranced, slowly moving toward each other. Then all at once Akane stopped and her pupils went wide. "Akane?" he asked as she fell heavily into his arm.

"I-its…H-Happening…" she managed out as the pants of her went over her foot. Ranma's eyes widened as he could feel her lightening as her clothes consumed her. He tried to grab a hold of her but he couldn't keep a full grip. It was like she was melting away in his hands.

"Akane!" he shouted, "Fight it come on!" Her pants fell and pooled up to her knees, she had lost nearly half a foot and wasn't stopping. "Akane!" he continued but she wasn't responding she was in a state of near shock sobbing in his arms as the shirt began to hang low almost touching the already fallen pants. "Damn it Akane Snap out of it!" he shouted standing and lifting her to eye level her child panties falling off completely from under the large shirt. Her feet began to recede into her shirt as she sobbed on. Ranma could feel his grip loosening as her body slipped away from her clothing. She started to fall to the floor and out of desperation he shifted his hands and reached inside the shirt so he was holding her bare skin. She felt abnormally warm to the touch and her shivers of fear from the transformation traveled right up his arms to his own spine. "Talk to me Akane…" he said in a softer voice, the panic causing his voice to crack slightly. The change finally comes to a stop as her skin cools off to a comfortable level, her breathing slowed down but she was still shaking and sobbing. "Akane…" he sits down on the floor holding his trembling fiancee, awkwardly trying to calm her as her tiny hands gripped his shirt. It was hard to tell, but she had lost quite a bit of height in that episode, the discarded pants and panties were proof enough of it without looking at her inside the tent like gi top.

"W-why…why is this happening ?" she squeaked out in a hoarse voice. "What did I do to deserve this?"

"…" Ranma wasn't sure how to respond to that. He just held her tightly lightly rubbed her bare back. There was a loud 'Swoosh' and clack as the door opened revealing a Bubbly purple hared amazon.

"Nihao Airen!" she greeted with a big smile hands behind her back in a very innocent pose.

"Shampoo!" Ranma and Akane said in tandem, the tiny girl clutching him tighter. He narrowed his eyes "What are you doing here?" the amazon flinched slightly under his gaze but hid it well.

"Silly airen. Shampoo just come visit, see if you come on date?" she said feigning ignorance. The silent glare she was receiving was easy evidence she wasn't fooling anyone. "Airen I-"

"I am NOT your airen" he cut her off coldly. "Fix Akane now…"his tone was low and deceptively calm. Shampoo dropped the act and crossed her arms.

"No!" she stated firmly. "Why give antidote?" she added with a casual shrug. "Violent girl be gone soon enough. The we c-"

"There is no we!" Ranma suddenly cut in, barely holding back his building anger. The rage in his eyes cracked her twisted dream world. "I'd never marry you…not after this" he said placing the miniature Akane behind him and standing to his full height. Shampoo clenched and unclenched her fists, a few tears escaping her eyes.

"Shampoo try and play your game…" she said softly. "I try to play fair. I follow around like dog, lower myself to the level of those outsiders and show you love… only to get treated like annoyance! I get nothing! You never give me second glance!" she shouted suddenly, tears streaming from her eyes. "It obvious I stronger! I better cook, better wife…" she trailed of starting to calm, but she possessed a deranged look in her eyes. "All Shampoo do is make decision clear." She said with a smile with no mirth behind it. "Akane and Ukyo are "nothing" next to Shampoo." She said casually causing Ranma to go cold.

"No…Ucchan too…." The cold vanished replaced by rage so fierce it caused the amazon to take a step back. "How DARE yo-" Ranma was cut off by the swipe of the screen door. There stood Cologne, eyeing the situation coolly.

"So, you infected the Kuonji girl as well. You foolish girl" said the matriarch calmly perched upon her staff, her unwavering gaze sending shivers up Shampoo's spine.

"G-G-Great grandmother." She stuttered out.

"I'll deal with you in a moment child." She said hopping past fearful girl, brushing her lightly. She stopped in front of Ranma and pulled out pair of vials filled with purple liquid. "Here you go Ranma, the antidote as promised. It will be a slow process but it will return Miss Tendo and her friend to normal."

"No!" Shampoo managed to break free from her frozen state. "I finally succeed, you no betray me too!" she shouted backing away to the closest corner and picked up the training weights. "Shampoo not let you!" she reared back and through the weights straight at the group. Ranma and Cologne quickly avoided the objects in order to save the vials…but Akane could only stumble back as weights the size of cars flew straight at her.


"Akane!" Ranma screamed dropping the vials and running back to his fiancee. He hurriedly tossed the weights aside revealing the youngest Tendo, unconscious, barely breathing. Shampoo could tell she overstayed her welcome and made a break for the door. Cologne stifled any attempt to follow.

"Tend to her Ranma, I'll deal with my grand daughter…" and with that she took off after her. Ranma began to check her over barely containing his panic. He took no hesitation and removing the large shirt, her only clothing and began to check Skull seems okay, a bad bump but that's all…This arms in pretty bad shape. But her legs seem fine…her breathing is shallow…feels like her ribs are bruised…maybe broken…She's too small I can't tell… He thought to himself. Kasumi and Yuka rushed into the room.

"We heard a scream…" Kasumi said reluctantly noticing the small form on the ground, "Oh god Akane!" She rushed over to her sister's side followed shortly by Yuka, who by the bagginess of her clothes had gone through another shrink well working in the kitchen.

"Akane…what happened?" she asked much larger Ranma who clenched his fist.

"Shampoo happened…The Antidote!" He suddenly realized scrambling over to where the vials had fell, they were thankfully still intact. He headed right back placing one vial aside.

"That's the Antidote to the shrinking!" Yuka asked hopefully getting a nod in response. "We have to get Akane to drink that…but the vial is practically a third of her size!"

"I'm not sure how we could force feed her without drowning her…" Kasumi admitted softly.

"We have to try…she won't make it through another shrink." Ranma said grimly. "Not with those injuries."

"Oh my…"

Shampoo ran as hard as she could along the Nermian roof tops, not daring to look back. Her plan had blown up in her face, all she had now was the pills and herself. "I have to beat Great grandmother…" she said to herself reaching for the pill pouch…but there was nothing. "What!" She landed and began to frantically search her person but came up with nothing.

"Missing something Shampoo…" Came the cool voice of Cologne from in front of her, The matriarch must have past her long ago. Shampoo took a few steps back before getting into a shaky fighting stance. "It seems you want to add defiance to the growing list of your crimes. Your punishment already far exceeds Jusenkyo."

"I won't let you take me…" The purple hared amazon said in her native language. "You will make me a slave. Lower then the village men. I refuse that fate!" she shouted trying desperately to hide her fear.

"If you wished to avoid that punishment you shouldn't have broken our laws." Cologne's voice held no quarter. After a short moment of silence the two women warriors rushed forward and began. The nimble elder danced around the young girl's attacks like it was nothing. Panicked she drew her Bonbori and gave a downward strike as fast as she could. The impact shook the street and cracked the pavement with a spider web of small fissures. Her eyes widened in horror as Cologne stood unfazed a top her imbedded weapons. "Pathetic." She said swinging her staff knocking Shampoo flying into the side of a store, denting the wood. "Time to show you who your messing with girl." She said zooming forward to the stunned girl pummeling her with a rain of blows that were inhuman in speed. For every blow Shampoo managed to block six more connected, satisfied with her beat she roughly threw Shampoo back into the street and resumed her perch on her gnarled staff.

"No more…" Her opponent whimpered as she struggled to get up, only managing a sitting position.

"Then it is over. Xian pu, you are hereby stripped of your rank of warrior by multiple violations of Amazonian law. You will spend your life in servitude to the village of Joketsuzoku. Am I understood slave?" she commanded, sending shivers through the former amazon's body.

"Y-Yes Great gr-"

"You are not relation of mine." Cologne cut her off coldly.

"Yes…….matriarch." she choked out, tears filling her eyes once again. She wiped her eyes and couldn't help but notice how long her sleeve was, her hand was almost inside… "AH!" she looked in shock at herself. Her shirt normally skin tight was quite loose, her breasts barely pushing against the fabric. Her pants similarly loose, she almost fear to stand not confident they hold up. "But…"

"Simple slave." The elder said holding out a nearly empty pouch which had been half full earlier. "You find the Kounji girl and I'll stop your shrinking. Fail and well, At least you won't be a slave anymore." Cologne finished causally causing Shampoo to pale and struggle to her feet. Now her life was also on the line…

"Why do I have to do this again?" Yuka said an open vial in hand as she looked down at the small Akane, barely over a foot tall.

"Your the only one with small enough lips to get the liquid in her mouth." Kasumi said simply, "Were just too big."

"Your the only one that can keep her from shrinking away Yuka…Please." Ranma said softly, eyes pleading.

"O-Okay…But this doesn't leave this room." the shrunken schoolgirl said with a swallow looking down at her even smaller and quite nude friend. I've never had to kiss a girl before… she thought thoroughly embarrassed. "Here goes." She said taking a swig of the liquid and leaning forward and placing her lips on Akane's she gently part the tiny lips with her tongue and slowly transfer the liquid to her friend's mouth. She lightly massaged the girls throat to evoke the automatic swallowing response.

"Now don't go to fast, she might choke." Ranma cautioned, Yuka sat back up, red in the face.

"This is hard enough to do without you coaching!" The pint-sized girl shouted causing the pigtailed boy to jump back in shock. "And stop starring, Akane is naked you know!" she added before taking another swing and going to repeat the process. Seeming to just notice Ranma went scarlet and turned around.

"Geez, I was just tryin' to help…crazy girl." Ranma grumbled only to get a tiny fist hitting him in the back of the head. "Ow!"

"Now now you two, were not out of this yet. Please finish up Yuka." Kasumi calmly interjected

"Sorry Kasumi…" Ranma and Yuka said in unison before the smaller girl continued the embarrassing process. As she started to transfer the last bit of the precious antidote she could feel Akane starting to stir. She could feel her friends tiny tongue rubbing against her own causing her already red face to deepen S-she's kissing b-back Yuka thought wide eyed before jumping backward spiting out the mouthful antidote onto Kasumi who sat across from her.

"Eek! Yuka!" she said in a slight sour tone wiping the purple liquid from her face. "Oh my Akane."

"She's waking up!" Ranma cheered turning around as the little girl slowly woke up.


"Right here Akane. Are you feeling okay?" He asked concern prominent in his voice.

"I've been better…" she replied honestly, not daring to move her injured arm. "I was having a wonderful dream though…"

"I'll bet you were." Yuka grumbled to herself, still flushing quite badly.

"Where's Shampoo?" she asked looking around weakly.

"She ran off, Cologne followed her. She'll catch her I'm sure. You need to rest…" Ranma said softly touching a finger over her tiny hand. "I'm glad your okay…"

"Thanks…" she whispered back blushing.

"We better get you back to your room Akane. I'll call Dr. Tofu to look at those injuries."

"Thanks Sis."

"and I'll make sure Kasumi stays away so you don't get tied into a knot." Yuka whisper causing the Akane to giggle a little. The group headed inside but Ranma paused a moment at the open door to the street. I hope Ucchan is okay…

Ukyo stood at the top of her stairs looking down to the floor below. She couldn't help but swallow slightly at how far it looked from her point of view. After shrinking out of her bonds she guessed she was just under 2' tall…still manageable. At her side was one of her throwing spatulas, it was close to the size of her normal fighting spatula and hopefully would protect her if Shampoo returned to finish her. Her hair was down, her hair ribbon tied around her as a belt for the towel she wore for some make shift clothing, preferable to running through the streets naked. "I still have a chance for help." She told herself as she began her slow trek downward. About half way down the stairs she could hear familiar voices approaching. "damn…it's the amazons. If I'm quick enough I might just be able to-" as she spook she could feel the familiar shiver fill her body. "no…" she whispered trying to scramble back up as the towel grew over her. She cursed and threw aside her weapon as the stair grew larger under her. By the time she reached the top it had stopped but at a price, The towel draped comically over her, nearly twice her size. "Damn it all." She cursed in a squeaky voice. She grabbed her ribbon from where and lay and held it next to her. The ribbon was 18" long and judging by how much as on the ground she guessed her height at a couple inches under a foot. "I'll have to think of something else…" she mutter to herself Starting to wrap the ribbon around her torso to give at least the feeling of still being clothed as she ran for a hiding place upstairs. Hardly a minute later the front door of Ucchan's slipped open and Shampoo stumbled in followed by a calm Cologne. Shampoo had already lost nearly half her height, she felt very self conscious barely able to look over the tables only dressed in an ever loosening shirt, having lost her pants and panties with her last shrink.

"I would hurry if I were you, with the amount of pills I gave you won't have much time…" The elder said simply, blocking the door. Shampoo nodded and scrambled into the pantry looking around for Ukyo, not know how small she might be at this time.

"Spatula girl…Shampoo have antidote…" she called looking around, trying desperately to stay calm. After a good 15 minutes she still hadn't located her victim. "oooh, where you go?" she wondered anxious running back to the front room, feeling a cold chill down her back. "no no no" she muttered having to stop at the doorway to support herself, her sleeve completely engulfed her hands and she felt the silk shirt brush and knees and slid down her thigh. Her barrettes started to slip, the shrunken hair not taking up as much space in the clips. When it finally came to a stop she looked around, things had grown quite a lot. Her shirt had managed you hold, but her narrow shoulders threatened to slip from the neck. She ran back into the main room and swallowed, she easily passed under the tables and had to crane her neck up slightly to look at Colonge perched calmly observing the change.

"Tick tock girl…" the elder said ominously as shampoo scurried over to the stairs, her body still aching from the beating she had taken only moments ago. Halfway up the amazon spotted a spatula.

"She close…" she whispered reaching the top and eyeing the discarded towel. She looked both was down the hall, the room they had battled in before was still open. But that area was covered with broken glass, not a good place for small naked women to be going. But at the end of the hall was another open door, "hmm…" she crept her way over and cautiously peaked inside. The bathroom…nothing out of place. But she found herself felled by a blow to the back of the head with a metal bucket. A tired Ukyo stood on the toilet with a smirk.

"Though you could finish me off did you?" she asked dropping back down to the floor as Shampoo started to get to her feet. "I ain't giving in that easy." She said getting into a stance looking up to the diminished amazon…but not far up. "Wait a second, your shrinking too."

"Yes…We have to hurry, Gre-…Cologne waiting downstairs she has the antidote." Shampoo pleaded holding her head. "She no give any to me unless you get some." She said frantically. The chef didn't let her guards down.

"How do I know this isn't some trick?"

"There no time!" shampoo shouted grabbing Ukyo by the arm and dragging her out. The smaller girl pulled back, not trusting the purple hared girl. But she could only delay the trip. Just as they reached the stop of the stairs the power balance began to shift. Shampoo's strength left her as she felt the cold shiver return. "No! not now!" she squealed as her remaining garment began to consume her. She felt Ukyo's arm growing inside her grip. She quickly brought her other hand up to assist. But as she noted her gaze leveling with her opponent she knew it was not meant to be. When it finally stopped she was now a head shorter than Ukyo…a big shift when only moments before she was almost twice her size. "Aiya…" She couldn't help but shudder a bit at the smile Ukyo gained.

"The tables have turned now Shampoo." She said pushing the amazon to the ground and clean out of the last of her clothes. The tiny amazon covered herself in surprise as Ukyo loomed over her. "Payback time little girl…" she said with a cruel smirk.

"No please, mistress Cologne right down stair she fix shrinking!" She pleaded as the chef walked over pulling her roughly to her feet. Keeping on hand on her wrist she brought other on in for a mighty slap that dazed shampoo for a moment. She turned her around and began to twist her arm painfully. Shampoo whimpered in pain, it was nearly too much with the injuries she had already received battling Cologne. "P-please…b-believe shampoo…" she begged only to her arm twisted more.

"You should you know…" came the calm booming voice of Cologne who was towering over both girls and she wasn't even perched on her staff. The chef paused in her assault as she eyed the giant amazon. Even if shampoo was lying there was no way she could fight Cologne in her preset state. "You let go of my slave and I'll give you the antidote you seek."

"Slave?" Ukyo queried looking to the smaller girl in her arms who was on the verge of tears. Shampoo slowly nodded confusing her captor greatly. She slowly let go and the tiny amazon fell forward cradling her sore arm. The giant ghoul produced a vial from her sleeve and handed it to Ukyo, who in turn stumbled a bit since it was nearly half her size.

"Drink up Ukyo, before your are hit was another spasm. Try and drink as much of it as you can." The matriarch instructed, the chef paused but eventually complied, drinking her fill of the strange liquid. Cologne then turned her attention to the purple hared girl eyes hardening. "Your victims have been cured so now it time for your medicine…" she said coldly producing another vial…though this one had a bright yellow liquid instead. She unceremoniously dumped it over the girls head. Drenching her in the odd fluid.

"M-matriarch… that wasn't the antidote…" Shampoo said worried but didn't dare look Cologne in the eyes.

"No. it isn't. You don't get the antidote. You get the lock." She said coldly, Shampoo looked up with eyes wide with terror.

"But that means I'm stuck! I frozen at this height!" she squeaked but received no pity.

"Why would you deserve to be cured? You will serve as you are, I will find some use of you. Is that clear Slave?" she said glaring down at the girl who was crying freely. Shampoo barely managed a nod as she sobbed, hugging her former clothes close to her nude form. "Come now girl, gather your things. We're going back to the Nekohaten. You have a long walk. Miss Ukyo I will bring you to the Tendos, it will be some time before you'll be able to live on your own again, I'll be waiting by the door when your ready…" She said heading downstairs leaving tiny girl to try and gather her huge clothes that lay strune nearby. Ukyo couldn't help but feel bad as she watched the scene unfold, but she easily repressed it… shampoo had nearly killed her today. This was fair. Ukyo tightened the ribbon that was tied around her and began to climb down the stairs leaving Shampoo to do as she was told…

It had been nearly two weeks since that day, Shampoo had not appeared. People figured she had run away, others figured she might have gotten killed on the way back, but no one knows for sure. Though Cologne, Mousse and Ranma had scoured much of the town without luck. Despite her transgressions it was saddening to have her gone so suddenly.

The bell jingled as the Nekohaten door opened up, "Welcome customers" a cheery girl's voice said. "How many is in your party?" Ranma looked down to the waitress with a sweatdrop.

"Oh come on Yuka. We've come here nearly everyday." He said with a sigh.

"Oh I'm just having a little fun." Said the tiny waitress with a smile. "You know you, Akane and Ukyo are always welcome, I'll bring you to your usual seat. " she said navigating the large restaurant with Ranma entering behind, in his arms sat two miniature women, the whole thing had drawn a few stares but not many… this was Nerima after all. Out of all those effected Yuka had gotten off the lightest, sure she was still the size of a small child but she could still get around without too much trouble and clothes weren't too difficult to find. Now that she had taken the antidote she had gained three of her lost inches… but she still had a way to go. Shortly after Shampoo's disappearance Yuka had applied for the position and after some debating with Cologne got the job. Though she did have the ulterior motive of trying to gain mousse's attention she was enjoying it, it was tough but it paid well. Ranma Took a seat on one of the booths and reached up to his shoulders lowering the Two girls perched there to the table. Ukyo was only now coming back to a foot in height and Akane was only a couple of inches taller, it would be a long while before they were back to normal.

"I Don't know if I'm ever going to get used to this…" Ukyo muttered as surveyed the table top. She was self conscious with everything so huge, not to mention what she was dressed in. It was just a simple dolls blouse and brown skirt, but it had been years since she wore any girly clothes. She'd gotten used to crossdressing. Not too mention she was now living at the Tendos, far too small to take care of herself. She looked up to Akane who smiled at her. The Tendos had been very nice to her, along with Ranchan they had helped her greatly I get to be with Ranchan all day… but at this size… she thought saddened, it must have shown because Akane put an comforting hand on her shoulder.

"It's just for a couple of months Ukyo, Think of it as a very odd vacation." The Tendo girl said with a laugh which Ukyo slowly joined in on. Akane looked up to Ranma who smile softly at the scene. Things had gotten much better between her and Ranma, He was nicer for one and even though he'd run his mouth her and there make up for it quickly. If things keep going like this we might just fall in love she thought with a blush getting a confused look from Ranma and a suspicious one from Ukyo. The was a short silence before Cologne came over to the table.

"Good to see you again Ranma." She said with a smile on her whither lips. "I trust the antidote it working well?"

"Oh yeah, Kasumi says their growing pretty fast. They should be back to normal in a about two months." Ranma said with a smile, which slowly dimmed. "Any word of Shampoo?" at that Cologne sighed.

"No, It is a shame she was lost. But such is the way of things. Mousse hasn't quite grasp the reality yet, he's still looking. Poor fool…" the elder said showing her age. They gave a moment of silence for her, hoping she was in a better place…

In the twisting halls of the Kuno mansion, the mad laughter of Kodachi could be heard. It echoed about causing the servants to shiver a little. The mistress had been quite 'happy' as of late, though the reason she had kept to herself. There was much speculation, but all were far from the truth. In Kodachi's room sitting in a cage on her desk was a forlorn Shampoo, bandaged up slightly. "Now my little pet…" came the gymnast's voice causing Shampoo to tense.

"Y-Yes mistress?" she replied immediately. These last few days had taught her much of her 'saviors' mood swings. It was best to be as cooperative as possible.

"Tell me about these… shrinking pills." She asked with a manic smile, her laughter echoing once again through the halls…


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