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It seemed to b a typical day at Titan's tower. Cyborg and Robin where playing video games, Star was cheering for who ever was winning, Beast Boy was dancing (badly), and Raven was reading.

Raven couldn't take Beast Boy's horrible dancing any longer, "Beast Boy could you please not do that where people can see you."

"Aw c'mon Rae the ladies dig a guy who can dance (A/N- when I say dance I don't mean like ballet I mean like dance like in clubs and stuff)."

"Guys who dance well," she corrected stressing the word well, "And don't call me Rae."

"C'mon Rae Cy and Robin dance too."

"Yes and I don't like when any of you do it."

"Well would you like it better if I wasn't here?"


"Oh shut up Raven."

Raven smirked.

Everything was normal until the Titan's alarm went off.

"Titan's trouble!" shouted Robin dropping his game. He checked his communicator, "It's at East 29th street. Titans GO!"

The team went out to face the villain. Beast Boy turned into a hawk, Raven and Star flew, Robin took the R-Cycle, and Cy took the T-Car.

They arrived at their destination to find Slade.

"Why hello titans," said Slade in his sinister voice, "I see your all here…good."

"TITAN'S GO!" shouted Robin.

Slade snapped his fingers and his robot minions appeared ready and willing to attack.

"Stand your ground titans wait for them to come to you." ordered Robin.

The rest of the team nodded and got into fighting stance. The robots came flying at the titans…well most of the titans. They completely ignored Star and Raven.

The two exchanged confused looks but went to help their friends.

Beast Boy was attacking in bear form, Cy was blasting with his sonic cannon, and Robin was using his bird-a-rangs while he kicked and punched his way through them.

Raven used her powers to levitate them away from the guys as the robots tried to dog pile them. Star used her star bolts to blast at them when all of a sudden something struck her back. She turned to come face to face with Slade.

"Hello princess," he said before kicking her to the ground. She tried to get up but Slade was too quick. He quickly tied shackles (chains) to her ankles while she stumbled back. When she went to get up he kicked he hard in the stomach having her fall back he quickly tied her hands behind her back with chains so she couldn't use her star bolts against him and covered her eyes with a cloth so she couldn't see to use her star beams.

"STAR!" screamed Robin running at her but a robot grabbed him and socked him in the head making him see stars.

Raven went to go help her friend when right in front of her appeared Slade.

"You…" growled Raven.

"One down one to go." said Slade manically.

She opened her mouth to say her famous words when he held her down and covered her mouth with duck tape (hey if it's good enough for boxes it's good enough for Slade) she tried to scream but they were just muffled. She tried to kick him but her ankles where shacked just like Star's had been and her arms were tied behind her back in chains.

He got up and muttered, "Too easy." and walked over to watch the fight.

"Raven!" screamed Beast Boy rushing to her side but a robot socked him in the back…hard.

He winced and fell to the ground trying to catch his breath.

Cyborg tried blasting the robot with his sonic cannon but too many robots where holding him down. It took 9 robots just to keep him still.

The rest of the robots held a weak Beast Boy and Robin.

Slade clapped, "Good show titans, good show you put up quite a fight but as usual I won." Slade walked up to Star and ran a hand through her hair.

Star gritted her teeth and cursed at him in Tameranian.

"What do want with Raven and Starfire, Slade!" asked Robin.

"Them? What made you think I wanted them. I merely wanted them out of the way so I could get to you three."

"Us? Why us?"

"Well Robin I have been thinking…"

"A great feat for you." growled Beast Boy. But a robot shut him up by punching him hard in the stomach.

Slade ignored his comment and continued, "…and I have come to the conclusion that together you a strong team because you foolish titans care for each other but if I made three of those titans forget about the other two then that would slowly break them down. But then I thought why just have them forget the other two why not have them forget being a titan even forget their powers."

"WHAT!" shouted Cyborg.

"Oh yes my robotic friend. The three of you will believe you are entirely different people."

Star who heard all of this screamed, "You would re-write their lives so we never met!"

"No my pretty red head. You still had all the past but they wouldn't remember it they would think that they were normal teenagers."

"C'mon dude I'm green don't you think that'll be suspicious?" asked Beast Boy glaring at Slade.

"Oh don't worry your appearance will be slightly different such as your skin will no longer be green."

"WHAT! Not green! You're sick."

"Oh it would only be temporary unless Raven and Starfire ever get you to remember which I doubt."

"So this is like a spell?" asked Cy.

"Yes and no. But find out for your selves." and with that Slade picked up 3 darts and shot one at each of the titans making each of them disappear.

The bindings holding Raven and Star disappeared as well and they got up.

"This should be fun, "muttered Slade, "Tisk, tisk girls you're wasting time. If in a week you can not help to remember they will forever become these people they believe they are. You will find them at Club Babaloo (A/N- My sister named it Lol.)."

"Babaloo?" asked Raven.

Slade sighed, "It's the only under 18 club. But that's not important...fair well titans."

And then he disappeared along with his robot minions.

"What do we do now?" asked Star.

Raven sighed, "We go to Babaloo."

Star and Raven arrived outside the club.

"Club…Babaloo." said Star as she read the neon green glowing sign.

"I'm not going inside anywhere with Babaloo in the title." said Raven.

"But Raven we must find our friends." said Star as she dragged Raven inside.

The club was packed and a song called 'Switch' was blaring through the speakers.

"Who plays this music?" growled Raven scanning the club for the DJ.

Up on top a small stage was the DJ. He was tall very muscular and he was black. He was wearing a football jersey and had a team jacket draped over his chair.

Star pointed at him, "Look it's friend Cyborg!"

Star was right. 'I should have noticed,' thought Raven to herself, 'That's what he looked like when he used that ring to spy on H.I.V.E (A/N- Like in the episode). Plus he used be on his school football team. Heck he could BE the football team…this going to be easier than I thought.'

Suddenly something caught Raven's eye. A cute tan guy who looked like a very good dancer was dancing in the middle of the floor with this blonde chick (A/N- No not Terra. She's not in this fic). He had brown spiky hair and had on a white muscle shirt and tan baggy pants with a silver chain around his neck. He was pretty muscular though as much as Cyborg. A bunch of other blondes where blowing kisses, winking, and begging him to dance with them next. Him and the blonde where dancing inside a circle in the middle of the floor that the crowd made to watch them.

Suddenly the song ended and Raven tore her gaze off of him.

"Raven he is what you call a 'hunk' is he not?"

Raven smiled at her friend.

"Alright you've been listening to the music stylings of Victor Stone." said Cyborg or 'Victor' through his microphone.

The crowd cheered and packed together so she could no longer see the guy who was dancing.

"Attention, "said Victor, "Would Logan please return to the soda bar. I repeat will Logan please return to the soda bar."

"Dude!" shouted Logan from somewhere in the crowd, "You threw off my groove."

Victor rolled his eyes.

Raven thought for a moment 'When he said Dude that sounds familiar.'

(A/N- Ok when I say Victor I mean Cyborg.)

Another song started up.

"Oh Raven please come dance on the floor with me!" said Star happily. No it's ok Star you go I…er…need a drink."

"Dress wear yourself." said Star and with that she walked out on the dance floor and began to jump up and down to the music.

'I hope she means 'suit yourself'.' thought Raven.

Raven walked over to the soda bar. Behind it was guy the guy she saw dancing with the blonde. He was talking to a large guy.

"Listen dude I think it's time I cut you off that's three Mountain Dews already I think you've had enough."

"Make me punk." said they guy standing up.

The guy rolled his eyes, "Bouncer! Yo!" he shouted trying to get the bouncer's attention.

The bouncer was about as tall as the guy behind the counter about as muscular maybe a little less. He had black spiky hair and black pants and wore sunglasses so you couldn't see his eyes. He also had a leather jacket over his T-Shirt that was black. He also wore a spiked arm band.

"Yo DICK! (A/N- Ok Dick is his name so don't get any ideas.) We could use your services!"

The guy called Dick walked over, "Problem sir?" he asked the large man.

"What are you gonna do about it pip squeak?" asked the man in a deep voice.

One of the girls in a small group walked over to Dick and took of his leather jacket for him exposing his muscles. Dick reached up and took the man's collar and pulled him down so he could look him in the eye, "You want to take this outside?"

The large man glared but Dick pulled him outside the door and a lot of commotion was heard and then Dick walked back in dusting of his hands. The girls came up and put his jacket back on him. All the girls seemed to be wearing black like Dick it was as if they were his groupies.

Dick made to back into his 'bouncer corner' when he spotted Starfire dancing. He stared at her for a long time and Raven thought that this was starting to get familiar.

She broke out of her train of thought when a glass was set down in front of her.

"Tea, lemon on the side." said the guy behind the counter.

"How did you know what I was going to order?" she asked still looking at the glass.

"Lucky guess."

She looked up at him and the first thing she noticed was his forest green eyes that stood out from his tan skin.

"You seem like the tea type," he said resting his elbows on the counter."

Suddenly something in her mind clicked, "Beast Boy?"

"The Beastie Boys? No this is Will Smith. They cool though."

Raven smirked at his lousy grammar. Yes this was defiantly Beast Boy.

"Yo, Logan." said a voice next to him. It was Dick the bouncer.

(A/N- Ok when I say Logan I mean Beast Boy)

"What's up dude?"

"Look at that girl." Dick pointed to Starfire dancing happily on the dance floor.

Logan gave a low whistle, "She's something to look at."

"What do I say to her?"

"Ok, "said Logan, "Go up to her and say 'Hey honey bunches'."

"Ok," said Dick.

"Dude you nervous?"

Dick frowned, "Kinda."

"Well go get her!" said Logan pushing him out onto the dance floor.

Dick walked up Star and said, "Hey Honey Bunches of Oats."

Logan slapped his own forehead, "I didn't mean the breakfast cereal." he said to himself.

Raven could feel a smile tugging at her lips. That was just too funny.

But of course Star being Star didn't notice anything strange and said , "Hello mysterious stranger. Have you happened to see Robin?"

"A bird's in here?" asked Dick confused.

Then Raven finally got it. Dick was Robin. It all fit.

(A/N- Ok when I say Dick I mean Robin)

Just then about 15 blondes came up to Logan.

"Logan," whined one, "When are you gonna dance with me."

The rest of them argues that he was going to dance with them.

"Relax ladies there's enough Logan to go around. Besides ladies the club is closing soon any ways."

All the girls gave pouts and walked away sadly.

Logan gave a cocky grin and leaned on the counter next to Rae.

Raven turned back around to face Logan, "So your Logan right?"

"The one and only."

"Logan what? Do you have a last name?"

"I'm Logan at ya, honey."

Raven rolled here eyes at his lame pick up line.

"Attention," Victors voice was heard through the speakers, "The club is now closed."

There were groans from the crowd.

"HEY!" said Victor, "It's a school night."

Logan walked over to Dick and Victor and they all began to shoo people out the doors but Raven and Starfire stayed.

"Yo ladies the club is closed." said Vic.

"Chill Vic," said Logan.

"Wanna drink," he asked Star.

"That would be most refreshing thank you."

He handed her a water and she downed in a second.

"So…" said Raven. She had to find a way for them to remember, "Where do you guys live?"

"We're roommates in an apartment on East 29th Street."

East 29th Street. That made the two girls throats dry as they remembered the days events.

"You?" asked Dick.

"We live in a tower shaped like a T." said Star. She obviously had gotten the hint at who these guys actually were.

"I hate to be the one to tell you girls but that doesn't sound foundationally safe." said Vic.

"You guys sisters?" asked Logan.

"No we're like roommates." said Raven.

"So you two are all alone in that big empty house?" asked Logan.

Dick slapped dick upside the head.

Starfire turned and spoke quietly to Victor, "Logan is quite the women slaughterer is he not?"


Raven walked up tot the two of them, "She means lady killer."

"Oh. Yeah I guess so. He's the type who gets all the girls who've got food names like Candy, Cookie, Muffin, and Pistachio…"

"Pistachio?" asked Raven.

"Yeah she was creepy chick. We don't talk about her much…You two don't have food names do you?"

They both shook they're heads.

Fortunately Logan and Dick where to busy playing basketball with the dish rag and freezer to hear their conversation…

Raven decided it was time to get right to the point, "Have you guys ever heard of the Titans?"

The who?" asked Vic.

"Aren't they a Greek myth?" asked Dick.

"A Greek Myth? Dude Xena she was hot!" said Logan.

The boys rolled their eyes.

"No," said Raven getting aggravated, "I mean the team. They had 3 guys and 2 girls." 'This is getting so painfully obvious' she thought to herself.

"Did you ever realize that's how it always is 2 girls and 3 guys it just doesn't add up." said Dick.

"Yeah, you've got the cute girl," he began to tick them off on his fingers, "the creepy chick…,"

Raven scowled.

"…the strong one, the leader, and the comic relief."

"Yup," said Victor, "and then there's that one guy who doesn't get anyone."

"Yeah man, "said Dick, "and every time the cute girl and the leader get together."

Star began blushing like mad.

"Yeah I know," said Logan, "and then the creepy chick and the comic relief. I never get how that happens either."

Raven was so glad she had her hood up to hide her blush. 'Her and Beast Boy? Like that would happen? Pssh, yeah right.'

"No," said Raven getting frustrated, "I mean the Teen Titans the superhero team."

Victor burst out laughing, "A super hero team? Gawd I would kill myself if I was part of the spandex wearing Teen Titans."

The other two boys laughed as well.

"So you've never heard of them?" asked Star.

"It does ring a bell though," said Dick.

"You too?" asked Logan.

"Man this weird like we're all going crazy," laughed Victor.

"Listen ladies you two better go. Oh yeah and by the way girls nice costumes." said Logan winking at Raven.

Raven blushed and her and Star left and flew back to their big empty tower sadly.

Star walked over slowly to the game station where her friends were playing their game. A tear dripped down her cheek.

"Raven," said Star.

"Yeah Star?"

"It feels like my friends are gone although they are still there."

"I know Star it feels like that for me too."

"I miss Robin."

"I know."

Star flew over to the coach and sat right where Robin always sat and started to cry.

"It is not fair."

"No way in h it is Star."

"I miss my friends."

"Me too Star."

"Even Beast Boy?"

"Even Beast Boy."

And in her mind Raven added 'Especially Beast Boy'.

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