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"Ok," said Bee, "Moment of truth Star…" she said handing her the phone.

"Oh X'hal," sighed Star, "Well here goes…most everything friends."

"Star…" said Raven slowly, "Are you going to dial?"

Star looked from Raven to Bumblebee, "What if he does not wish to speak with me?"

"He will Starfire," said Bumblebee comfortingly, "Just dial."

Starfire dialed the boy's apartment number and waited for it to ring.


Star bit her lip trying to remember the tips Raven and Bumblebee gave her.


Oh X'hal, what if he-.

"Hello?" came a clearly male voice from the other end.

"Dick? This is your friend Starfire."

"Uh-," began the voice.

"Shush, you must do the listening," said Star trying to keep her voice from wavering.


"We may have not been friends very long in your mind's eyes, but I believe that there has been a…connection? If that is the word for it…So I was wondering if I may be so bold as to ask you to accompany me on a…"

She froze unsure of what to do. Raven and Bee made movements for hr to carry on.

"..on a date," she finished and let out a breath of fresh air. She had done it, she had concurred her fears. She felt as though she could to anything, she was unstoppable, she was-.

"Uh Star," came the voice, "This is Logan."

-a gloushworm.

"L-Logan?" she stuttered fearfully.

Bee rolled off of the bed in a fit of silent laughter, and Raven patted Star on the arm, consoling her.

"Yeahhh," he drawled, "Um, want me to get Dick?"

She sweat dropped.

"That would e most helpful, yes."

"DICK! YOUR BABE'S ON THE PHONE!" came Logan's voice from the phone, it was so loud that Starfire had to wrench it away from her ear, the two other girls in the room moved in to listen.

"Starfire?" came Dick's voice in the background.

The sound of Vic laughing could be heard, "I love how he knows exactly who that is."

Bee smiled and mouthed, 'Told ya,' to Starfire.

"Starfire?" came the eager voice of Dick.

"Hello friend Dick, I have something I would like to…ask you?"

"Same here," said Dick with a slightly nervous tone, "I've been trying to call you all day but our phone's been ringing off the hook."

Star blushed, "That is…most unfortunate."

Dick laughed, "Yeah we've had some pretty crazy calls, but anyway you wanted to ask me something?"

Star laughed nervously, "That is alright, you may proceed to go first."

Dick gulped, "O-okay, umm…I was wondering…ya know if you wanted to go…well…out on a date?"

Star furrowed her eyebrows, "Why yes I would like to do the dating, but who would I be dating with?" she asked confusedly.

"Me!" shouted Dick, "I uh mean me."

"I would love to!" shrieked Starfire, accidentally throwing the phone in the air, "Friend's he has asked me to leave my quarters! You were correct, he does appreciate me in more than a friend manner!"

"Starfire…," said Raven irritatingly rubbing her temples.

"The phone," finished Bee laughing.

"Eep!" shrieked Star, "Friend Dick, friend Dick, are you present?"

Dick laughed, "Yeah I'm here Star, how about I meet you at Le Poisson at around 8 o'clock tonight?"

"That sounds marvelous!" said Starfire, "Goodbye friend Dick."

"Yeah, see ya Starfire."

They hung up.

"GLORIOUS!" sang Starfire, "I am to go dating with friend Dick!" she twirled around and then fell unceremoniously on her bed, "I am happy," she stated.

Be laughed, "I'm glad."

"Good job Star," said Raven nodding.

"I didn't know ya had it in you Star," said Bee smirking, "Good job."

"Many thanks," said Starfire blushing.

Bee smiled, "Yeah now all we need to do is get Rave to admit she thinks BB is gorgeous, and this day will have a lot of progression."

"EXCUSE ME?" shouted Raven, a vase blew up. Raven coughed, "Sorry Star."

Starfire sighed, "It is fine friend Raven. Now what must we do?"

"Well," said Bee, glancing around Star's room for a clock. She found the Mumbo shaped one and said, "Well its noon now, and I have things to do, I'll be back just in time to help you get ready for your date."

"What do you have to do?" asked Raven.

Bee smirked proudly, "I looked up the JCHS website and found their sports page, and found out that the football team is practicing today at 2pm."

"And Cyborg will be there," said Raven knowingly.

"Exactly, I'm gonna take another stab at this 'convincing' thing," said Bee.

Star gasped and her hands flew to her mouth in horror, "You're going to stab friend Cyborg?"

Raven shook her head, "No, no Star it's just an expression."

"Oh…" said Star cocking her head.

"Alright ladies, well I'm off, my communicator's on, if you want to reach me," said Bumblebee and flew off down the hall.

"Should we worry?" asked Raven, turning to face Starfire.

Starfire shook her head of fiery hair, "No, friend Bumblebee, is a toughened cookie."

(at the stadium...)

Bumblebee landed just outside the JCHS football stadium and walked in and sat on the bleachers.

Inside the stadium were the orange and black Tigers practicing, and she noticed the quarterback right away. A tall, bald, dark skinned Victor Stone. He was wearing an orange jersey with a black tiger on the front and the standard football uniform. He put his black helmet on top his bald head and got in position to run a play.

She looked over to the sideline and spotted the cheerleaders being chatted up by the changeling himself, Logan. He was currently talking to the girl Bee had gotten in a fight with, and won, at Babaloo yesterday. Jackie, or whatever the heck her name was.

Dick looked nowhere in sight.

Logan glanced up from where he was talking and spotted Bumblebee and waved. Jackie glared, "So Logan baby, what were you saying?"

But Logan ignored her and walked up the bleachers toward Bee.

Jackie pulled a face and then picked up her orange pom-poms and got ready to cheer.

"Hey," said Logan sitting next to her.

"Hey yourself," said Bee smiling, "I see you come here to do business," she said motioning towards the cheerleaders.

Logan laughed, "They're nice and all, but they're not my type. What are you doing here?"

"Came to watch the practice," said Bee glancing out into the field.

He nodded, "yeah it's a cool game…I'd get my ass kicked if I tried, but a fun game."

Bee laughed.

"So," said Logan scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, "Is uh," he cleared his throat, "Is Raven here?"

Bee raised an eyebrow, "She's back home with Starfire."

Logan buried his face in his hands and laughed, "Oh gawd, Starfire. I feel so bad about the conversation on the phone today, I tried to tell her I wasn't Dick but-."

Bee held up a hand to interrupt, "It's fine, no big."

"Ah well, Dick asked her out in the end, He's home primping and getting ready for his big date," he said laughing.

"Strangely enough, the thought of Robin primping isn't weird at all," said Bee laughing along with him.

"Robin?" asked Logan.

"Um, well that's what Star's always callin' him."

"Ooh," said Logan nodding slowly. Suddenly his eyes seemed to get glazed over as a flash of Dick… in the ugliest looking spandex on the face of the planet, appeared in his mind.

"If you can't tell me what happened, I have to assume the worst. I have to put you in jail. You need to remember."


"Who is Slade?"


"…or spar with me in the gym?"

Logan opened his eyes and blinked. What was going on with him, he just remembered Dick's voice in his head. He experienced emotions that went from rage, to confusion, to happiness. What on Earth was going on with him?

"Logan? Bee calling Logan, do you read?"

"Wha-…?" asked Logan stupidly, ruffling up his brown hair.

"I was asking you how long Victor's been playing?" asked Bee confused.

Logan shrugged, "Oh, um, about 8 years I think. He's pretty good. I secretly think he's made out of metal. He's taken too many hits not to be," he joked.

Bee laughed, but it was forced.

She looked out on the football filed to see Victor receive a pass, but this guy on his team didn't seem to want to stop, even though the play did. Vic had even removed his helmet when…


The other bulky football player collided with Cyborg and sent him hurling to the ground.

"Sparkey!" shouted Bee running down to him form the bleachers and pushing through scared cheerleaders and Victor's angry coach, who was now yelling at the other player.

Bee knelt down beside Victor, "Vic? Victor, …ummm…Vicky?"

Cy turned so he was on his back and looked at her properly, "Huh?"

"There's not a man alive that can tell me what to do."


"If it's your mission, how come he's in charge?"


"Hey there, Bee. Haven't seen you since –."

"Since you betrayed headmaster and ruined our school?"

"I was gonna say 'the Sadie Hawkins Dance', but yeah, that too."


"See you later…Sparkey."

Victor blinked his eyes a few times, "Bee?"

Bumblebee smiled, "Hey Cyborg."

Logan raised an eyebrow, "Cyborg?"

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