Getting to Know You.

by Adrian Tullberg.

"Oh hello Harry."

"Ron ... what's happening?"

"You know that new student, the American?"

"Not really. Doesn't speak much. Bruce something?"

"Bruce Wayne, I think."

"Well, Draco just found out his parents were Muggles, and called them 'filthy mudbloods' to Bruce's face during lunchtime."

"So Bruce grabs Malfoy, twists his arm behind his back and drags him here."

"And he's been sticking Draco's head down the loo ever since?"

"Only after finding out which one Hagrid was using first."

"Aren't you two going to do something?"

"We tried. 'mine and me tried. We searched the entire school, but nobody had a camera."

"Potter, if you don't get me one for my birthday next week I swear ..."