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Summary: After living in the factory for a few years, Charlie starts to have more than friendly feelings for the chocolatier. Wonka begins to reciprocate, but will a new person in Charlie's life mess it all up and cause Wonka to withdraw from contact again? (Slash W/C)

The tapping sound of heels echoed in the open hallway. The owner of the shoes strode at a leisurely pace to the door at the end of the hallway. His expression was almost blank except for the small smirk that quirked the edges of his lips. When he reached the destination, he rapped his knuckles lightly on the maroon door with a large silver "C" and "B" nailed into it. A muffled "Come in" came from behind it. The man opened the door to find his young apprentice at his desk, erasing marks from his paper furiously.

Willy Wonka walked over to him and hovered beside him, staring at the math problem that befuddled Charlie Bucket.

Charlie mumbled to himself and never glanced at Wonka to greet him with a proper "Hello." His pencil wrote out numbers as he tried reworking the problem.

"Twelve," Wonka said politely.


"X equals twelve."

Charlie plugged the chocolatier's answer into the equation and solved. The man was right.

"Huh! Isn't that neat?" Wonka giggled.

"I've been working on this for ten minutes. How is it that you solved it in three seconds?" Charlie looked up at him.

Wonka only quirked an eyebrow and smiled, obviously proud of himself. Charlie threw down his pencil and sat back from his homework.

"I came to get you for dinner," Wonka said.

"You can go on without me. I still have some more to finish before tomorrow."

"Without you?"


"But……." Wonka had sat down to dinner with the Bucket family almost every single evening since they arrived in the chocolate factory, but yet he still felt a tiny bit nervous every time he went. The whole concept of a true family was still slowly sinking in to him even if they had been there for a few years, and now that he might have to go alone for awhile to eat with the boy's family made him more uneasy. "Ok. I'll just tell your p……." The familiar funny noise sounded as he tried to say the word "parents."

"Parents," Charlie said, slightly annoyed.

"Right. I'll just tell them you'll be there later."

Charlie returned back to his work. Wonka scowled at Charlie's behavior and treaded lightly and quickly out the door.

The crooked door flung open as the candy man glided inside of the dilapidated house. The smell of cooked food and the bright, happy faces of the Bucket family welcomed him.

"Good evening, Willy!" Mr. Bucket said and offered him a chair.

"Thank you." He took his traditional seat between Grandma Josephine and Grandma Georgina. "Charlie will be a little late. He's finishing up some school work."

"Alright then. I guess we'll go ahead," Mrs. Bucket stated.

The clanking of silver ware hitting plates rang in the room. Conversation occurred, but Willy Wonka remained oddly quiet. He was usually bubbling with chatter, but that was because Charlie was always there. Charlie's presence, no matter where they were, always made him feel comfortable. That was a realization that did not hit him until now.

The door swung open and Charlie walked in.

"Hello everybody!" he said in an upbeat tone, quite different from the one he used with Wonka before dinner.

"Hi, Charlie! Hello, darling," were some of the welcomes he received.

He took his seat diagonally across from Wonka, and Wonka felt completely relieved.

"Good night, boys!" Mrs. Bucket called out to them from the door.

Wonka and Charlie waved in return as they continued to walk towards the glass elevator.

They stepped inside, Wonka pressed the button for the floor of their quarters, and the elevator immediately came to life and swept them away. They stood in silence as rooms whizzed by. Charlie regretted being so short with Wonka. He did not mean to.

The transporter stopped and the doors opened. Wonka exited first, and Charlie hurried out after him.

"Mr. Wonka?"


"I'm sorry if I was a bit rude earlier."


"It's just I had a lot of homework…..and I hate math."

Wonka smiled. "It's quite alright." He reached into his inner coat pocket and pulled out a red circular object. He popped it into his mouth, and Charlie watched as he started sucking on it. His cheekbones were clearly outlined as he enjoyed the Everlasting Gobstopper. Charlie watched the man intently, and as if he felt his gaze, Wonka shifted his eyes to him.

"Do you want one?"

Charlie wondered that if he said yes, would it be the one from Wonka's mouth?


Charlie felt somewhat thankful and disappointed as Wonka presented another one from the inside of his coat. Charlie thanked him, took it, and placed it into his mouth.

Wonka escorted Charlie to his room and bid him good night. Charlie stared after the chocolatier, waiting until he turned the corner before he opened his door.

Charlie sucked the Gobstopper more strongly, and true to Wonka's word, it never became any smaller.

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