Title: Insomnia

Author: winterHLepsilon

Pairing: Shikamaru X Temari

Rating: K+

Summary: Temari is having trouble going to sleep. Something is on her mind. Kankuro notices her abnormal behavior and decides to find out what is pestering his sister.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Why would I? It's all Kishimoto-sensei's.

Note: This is my first fanfic… I just love these two!


CHPT 1 Sleeplessness

She lay wide awake on her bed , staring up dully at the blank ceiling as the pale moonlight drew whimsical shapes across it.

The air was dry, too dry for comfort. In the desert, it's difficult to go to sleep peacefully.

She rolled over and cursed. Heat was not her problem. She had been accustomed to it after all these years. After all, the Sand is her home.

She rolled over again. It was past midnight and she had no intention of falling asleep.

What the hell is she having insomnia about? She mused aloud. It was not usual for her to muse anyway. She doesn't like to have too many fussy, girly thoughts. She is a kunoichi of the Sand and there's no time for her to muse over things except missions.

The hell with it!

Temari tossed her pillow aside and strode over to the closet by which her trusted weapon lay. She picked it up, thought for a minute before dumping it back down. Then she started pacing restlessly in her room.

She thought she knew the cause of her anger, her despair, her discomfort. She was just too unwilling, too scared to admit it.

That he was growing on her.

That she was starting to think about him whenever she stares up at the clouds drifting lazily across the sky.

That his lazy smile loomed in her dreams and his lazy posture as he cloud-gazed always haunted her.

That she had to admit it. Damn it, but she was actually falling for him----the laziest ninja of Konoha who had not so much as a drip of motivation inside.

Yet, she sank into her bed painfully, he was so gentle, so…charming?

Temari pinched herself angrily. She was not to be hindered by worldly emotions. She was not to be hurt by this thing called love, for love can make one weak, and weakness was the last thing she needed.

Or is she?

So now she was in a terrible state, torn and confused. Maybe it was the moment he defeated her and then declared forfeit. Maybe it was the moment his eyes widened at her smile. Maybe it was the moment he broke down in front of her after the Sasuke debacle. She didn't have the slightest idea how and now she had found, out of the blue, that she was quickly falling in love with him----the sexist lazyass!

Why is he always on my mind? She wondered.

Gentle footsteps stopped outside her door as somebody tiptoed across the corridor.

'Who the hell is that!' She flung open her door and narrowed her eyes at the figure lurking in the shadows. 'Step out, Kankuro. There's no use hiding.'

Her brother reluctantly withdrew from the dark.

'Eavesdropping, are you?' Temari crossed her arms and breathed down her brother's neck, her eyes glaring dangerously. 'Fifth time I caught you here!'

'No, I'm not!' Kankuro retorted defiantly.

'Then how can you explain yourself, prowling around the house like a cat at one in the morning?' Temari stormed, thudding her fan on the floor.

'Just a glass of milk.' Kankuro sighed. 'Aren't you a bit edgy these days? And you're lacking sleep, you've got shadows under your eyes just like Gaara's and you know why he is like that.'

Temari snorted.' Mind your own business first. Now get off to bed.'


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