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CHPT 4 Encounter

'So you see what this means? Temari has fallen for that bloke from the Leaf and she is BOUND to run away with him I'm sure of that!'

'Now, don't overexert yourself on this, Kankuro,' Gaara said with the slightest trace of reproach.

Kankuro stopped ranting on about Temari's misgivings, breathing very hard. 'Then, what's your say on this, Gaara?'

Gaara looked at Kankuro for a moment before saying slowly, 'It's dodgy behavior to sneak into your sister's room when she's not here and rummage in her things for evidence of what she might be doing.'

'Oh well, then…it's not exactly what I…I mean, if she doesn't say anything on this, then I'll try to find out by myself! I mean, I AM her brother aren't I?'

'Then I think…that we should respect her choice, and let her do what her heart desires her to do. We shall not stop her being happy, and she is happy with that boy, then let it be. We should…trust that her personal decision is correct.'

'But…but…of course I have Temari's interests at heart, and that's why I don't think this man----'he jabbed at the picture very hard,'----can give her happiness she needs!'

'Temari has her own reasons for this, and if you insist we can ask her when she returns from the Leaf.'

'Oh, well then…'Kankuro looked rather scandalized. 'I'd definitely have a chat with her when she returns.'


Why is this happening all the time?

Why am I troubled by such earthly feelings?

Temari paced in her dimly lit hotel room, as the pale moon cast its pale light on the ground. She felt oddly chilly and cold as she walked from one end of the room to the other.

Her mission had been complete, and she should go back to her village the next day. But in the deeper corners of her heart she felt disappointment and sadness, for she hadn't seen him once these days. He had not yet returned from the mission.

Sometimes I feel like I can't understand myself.

What is it that I'm doing?

She was caught up in alternating pangs of conscience and reason and torrents of innermost emotions and desires. The waves rushed over her, torturing her. She felt like she had been torn.

She could not go to sleep, as the clock chimed one.

Oh what the bloody hell!

Temari stopped dead in her tracks, feeling dizzy and distracted. Then, acting on a sudden impulse, she wrenched open the door and stepped out into the dark corridor.

Minutes later she was standing on the deserted roof of the building, breathing in the fresh air deeply. The moon was shining placidly above, untroubled and peaceful.

She walked past a swaying lantern on a post and sat down on the edge of the roof, her knees huddled, and buried her face in her hands.

I need some sense to be knocked into me.

It felt as if a war was raging in her, one side pressing her with cool reason, the other egging her on heartily with impulse. Sometimes she felt like she couldn't decide on the things herself.

I need to get rid of this. And quickly.

She sat there for some time, as the cool breeze brushed against her gently. She was trying to calm down, to soothe the ripples of her heart.

And that was when she heard it.

There was a soft rustle of somebody darting on to the roof lightly, but she caught the sound with her usual shrewdness.

'Who's there?' She barked in alarm, whipping out her fan. The lantern swayed in the breeze, shadows moving eerily in its changing light.

Then, without warning, she felt her body become strangely stiff, as if it were not hers anymore. Her fingers loosened their grip automatically and she dropped her fan.

This sensation was strangely familiar…And with her heart pounding very fast, she realized what it must be…or rather, who it must be…

A person emerged from nowhere and her body was suddenly flexible again, as the pony tailed boy stepped up to her slowly, almost half-heartedly, and met her astounded gaze.

'Nice to see you here, Temari.'

Her mouth suddenly felt dry as she replied in a strangled sort of voice, 'Fancy seeing you here too…Shikamaru.'

He shrugged and lay down on the floor without further ado. Temari looked at him for a few seconds and followed suit, plopping down beside him.

'What an hour it is,' She said, trying to sound casual. 'I wouldn't imagine you to appear here, at this hour, and of all the places.'

'Just a change,' He said after a while. 'Tough mission. I've only just come back. Seems to be a good choice to come up here and look at the stars.'

'Typical,' She said, smiling secretly.

They looked up into the sky for some time, neither breaking the silence that stretched between. Yet she felt that to be just next to him, to feel his presence, was already more than enough.

'Why are you here today?' He said to her suddenly. 'I haven't seen you for a while.'

'Temporary mission,' Temari told him. 'For the alliance.'

'I see.' Shikamaru stared at the stars and said, quite inconsequentially, 'The stars are bright today.'

'They are.' Temari yawned.

Shikamaru turned to look at her. 'Say, why are you up at this hour? You look as though you need more rest.'

'I…well I…' Temari stuttered, 'It's nothing really. It's just that…'

Then she heaved a sigh and said, 'I don't think it's necessary for you to know anyway. And, you shouldn't be here with me in the first place.' She paused for a second, 'Because your girlfriend won't be pleased.'

She didn't know why she said that herself, but the terrible feeling in her heart suddenly managed to spill out of her. Perhaps she could no longer keep secrets in front of this certain person.

'Since when have you thought that of me?' Shikamaru asked in a clearly astounded voice.

'Well…' Temari closed her eyes. She suddenly felt a strange urge to cry. 'You have always been with that girl, Ino.'

He frowned. 'Haven't I hung out with you all the time? And Ino and I are just teammates and friends, that's all.'

Temari felt as though something had erupted inside her.

'I thought that you would have known by now.' He added.

'But I…'Temari faltered, 'But I thought…you haven't said anything! You haven't promised me anything, and I'm an outsider, how am I supposed to know…that?'

She was fighting back her tears now.

'It's just too---'

'Troublesome, I know!' She flared up all at once. 'Excellent reason for that, you bastard!' And she whacked him on the head.

'I didn't mean to…' He glanced at her,'…make you uncomfortable or anything…but if the feelings are mutual…'

He stopped.

'I do care for you, Temari…I was afraid that you didn't feel the same…'

'Of course I do, you idiot! How thick can you be?'

'You aren't any better.'

'Oh well…nice to make that out…but that means, I will be able to come more often? No trouble about that?'

'Definitely not.'

She sniffed. She didn't feel like crying anymore. That was strange.

'And you'll be welcome at my house at any time. I promise.'

She smiled at this.

'And I think, that it's really late now. You should get some sleep.'

'Yes, I think I would. Good night.' She scrambled to her feet, and took a few steps toward the door to the roof.

Then, suddenly, without knowing how she did it, Temari turned and whispered, 'Thank you.'

And she ran to his side, seized him by the neck, and kissed him.

And as he locked her in his embrace, as she listened to the steady pounding of his heart, Temari knew, that her insomnia had been cured, once and for all.

And she knew, that he would be the one and only person to be able to do so.


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