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Stephanie practically ran to the garage, her heels clicking loudly, echoing her anger throughout the area.

"Oh Steph come on. Don't be such a bitch; you know I had to do that."

"Eric, you can just kiss my ass. We're over. You are such an ass. How could you do that to me and with HER? You are the most disgusting thing I have ever seen," said Steph getting closer to her limo.

"I was doing that to get back at your FATHER! It had nothing to do with you! Know what? Fuck you too…sleep in your own hotel room tonight! And when you're ready to say you're sorry, my phone will be on. Bye," said Eric turning back and glaring at the wrestlers that had gathered around for the weekly argument between the 2 most stubborn people in the biz, "Get out of here and get back to work jackasses! This is none of your business."

As the wrestlers scurried away and Steph's limo left one wrestler decided to stay back and have a chat with the co-gm and the boyfriend of the girl of his dreams.

"Eric, you know one of these days she really is gonna get pissed and walk out on you and never come back."

"Shut up Cena, you don't know shit about her and you never will. She will always be mine no matter how many arguments we get into, so get over it."

"You know Eric Fuckoff, you really don't deserve her. Everyone knows you don't love her anyway, she's just a toy to you and well, you know that when you really do break her heart a bunch of guys are gonna have your ass for hurting the hottest diva around."

"Get out of her Cena before I put you into a handicapped match with Chris Jericho and Randy Orton."

"Yes Mr. Fuckoff Sir," said Cena laughing and saluting the middle finger at him.

"Cena, I'm warning you to not pull any of that shit again," said Eric walking back to his office where that slut was waiting for him.

Cena walked back to his own locker room chuckling to himself of the day's events. She was definitely a handful, but he knew that he could handle her. It's what he wanted most and he was going to get it.

Back in Eric's room he was trying to push that slut Trish off of him; he didn't need to get in more trouble with his beautiful girlfriend especially because the young John Cena was after her now. He was currently thinking of a plan to make Steph forgive him and something's just weren't working.

At Stephanie's hotel room

He was such a pig sometimes she hated him, but at the same time she couldn't resist him. It was funny how they would get in arguments all the time and the next night it would be all better and good. But this time that was not going to happen! The sex was great, but it just wasn't worth him flirting with other girls right in front of her thinking she didn't see it. How gross. As she went to the bathroom to take a shower her phone rang. 'Finally he came to his senses and decided to apologize,' thought Steph looking at the caller I.D and seeing that it was none other than John Cena.

"Hello," said Steph picking up the phone to talk to her good friend.

"Hey, I heard about the breakup once again. When are you going to get over him and go after a real man like myself?"

"When I decide that the makeup sex sucks."

"That was way too much information for me! I did not need to hear any of that."

"Okay, so are we going clubbing tonight or what?"

"Yes ma'am we are…I'll pick you up in an hour," said John hanging up the phone.

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