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Chapter 1: Flawed Sealing

Once long ago there lived a great beast with two tails. The beast was not powerful like its brethren were, but it was the most feared. This beast walked the earth breathing death upon all those who came upon it. It was thought to be the Shinigami's, the God of Death's, very own pet. Whenever the beast flicked its two tails, humans would flee screaming from its presence because of the sights it caused.

The great beast's name was Nekomata, the Nibi cat.

In the Earth Country, the people rose up against the great beast, sending their best shinobi to battle it. Among those sent was a great man known as the Tsuchikage. He was the first ruler of the Earth Country and lorded over the Hidden Village of Stone, controlling the ninja loyal to it. And after a battle that lasted days, the first Tsuchikage sacrificed his life so that he could trap the Nekomata's soul into a container, a human container. The soul of the cat was bound up so tight that it was unable to do anything. So when its first container passed away, the body was burnt and the ashes, along with the beast's soul, were placed and sealed away in an urn to wait for the day when it would be once again placed into a human container.

And so the Nekomata waited…

Two years after the Kyuubi's defeat, a child was born to the Mitsukai clan, a clan with a unique advanced bloodline. But a month before the birth, there were complications that resulted in the mother's death. In an effort to save the last child of the diminishing clan, an all-too familiar urn was brought out and a ritual was performed to save the premature baby's life...

"There was a flaw in the sealing, I am sorry… Hissori-san."

The seal the first Tsuchikage had created was duplicated imperfectly... The mother's death had not been in proper sacrifice...

The man, Hissori, cried over the loss of his wife before he looked at his new-born child. She was strangely quiet despite the ritual that had just been performed. Snaked around her body were chains of symbols that had failed to merge into one large seal upon her forehead. The baby looked like somebody had used her for a piece of paper and not part of a powerful sealing that was meant to contain one of the most feared creatures in the world.

But she was alive... That was all that mattered to her father. The man picked his daughter up and cradled her. The symbols on her body melted into her skin.

"Kita… Grow up to be brave and strong willed."

He said those words in hope that the Nekomata would never find a way out.

But the cat had been waiting. It had been waiting a long time in that urn. It would not let a mistake go squandered.

Six years after the flawed sealing…

"Now Kita… Kita, listen up. Stop that."

A small girl blinked and looked up her father with large misty purple eyes. She spat the hair she had been chewing on out of her mouth. Her hair was silver, just like her father's, but it held a purple shimmer when the light hit it.

"Sorry," she said with a cute pout that made her father both sigh and smile.

Hissori was into his late-twenties now, but he felt a lot older than he looked. Being a single parent was hard work, especially with a child that seemed so… cat-like. Disturbingly, that was the best word he could think of to describe his daughter, for she was just like a young kitten. She'd stay awake long into the night and then sleep unseemly long hours into the morning. The girl, when fully awake, would run around for ages just for the fun of it. She was there one second, then gone the next. Keeping up with her was one of the many things that made Hissori feel so worn down. Her curiosity had also been of concern. Hissori had once found her trapped inside a chimney. Why? He didn't know. But he suspected she had wanted to go see the birds that had made a nest up on the top of the smokestack. The only times Hissori got any quiet was when she became captivated by some object and would then spend hours at a time just looking it over. It was hard to drag her away from anything shiny, especially toys, but that was to be expected with her age.

Hissori hoped it was only a stage or a short side-effect of the sealing. The flaw that had happened still unnerved him. The Nekomata hadn't shown its power in Kita yet, but still

"Daaaad! You said listen, but you're not saying anything!" Kita scrunched her face up, showing her impatience and annoyance.

"Alright, alright! Today I'm going to teach you about chakra and how to control it, got it?" Kita nodded and Hissori continued, "Chakra is the conversion of stamina into the energy needed to perform ninjutsu and genjutsu. Once you get the hand of converting stamina, it should become second-nature to you." From out of his pocket Hissori fetched a small white rock that sparkled with tiny pieces of quartz. Kita looked at it in fanatical awe, almost drooling at the sight of it. He chuckled, knowing full well Kita would use it very well for what he had in mind. He placed it in Kita's small hands. "I want you to concentrate on the rock. And then imagine you are covering it with a blanket, but the blanket will be your own energy. Ok?"

Kita frowned at the rock with her mouth doing a little sideways pout that Hissori thought was extremely cute. Kita nodded briefly then started to concentrate on the rock, imagining the scenario her father had told her.

After a few minutes of intense absorption a flicker of something sprung out of Kita's hands and whirled around the rock. The girl blinked then gave her father an excited look.

"Very good," Hissori patted her on the head. "Try again."

A few shorter minutes later, and a tendril of blue chakra extended out of Kita's hands to wrap around the rock. It lasted only a brief second before fading. Kita squirmed and grinned proudly at her achievement. The girl suddenly felt tired as the energy left her hands. Her father took the rock from her.

"There's a major rule when it comes to chakra use: Don't overdo it. If you use too much chakra, there's a chance you'll do serious damage to yourself, and I especially don't want to see it happen to you." He bent over and placed the girl onto his back. "I'm getting hungry, how about you?" Kita made a sound that sounded like an agreement. "Alright then, let's go get some steak."

"And milkshakes!" Kita cried out, despite her tiredness.

Hissori shook his head in defeat; the girl would drink nothing but milk if left to her own devices. Opening the front gate, the pair made their way downtown into the restaurant sector.

"Hey Mitsukai-san! How are those new rocks I gave to you?" A man called out from outside a stone mason store.

"They're really tough, but I'll crack them!" Hissori called back.

Kita and Hissori waved at all the people they knew before they came to a small outdoor eatery called 'Imaichido'. The place was reputed for great food and even greater service.

"Hissori-san! Kita-chan! Welcome!" A cheery older man with greying hair greeted them as they sat down alongside the counter. "It's nice to see you again. Hissori-san, that last mission go well?"

"Yup, we ended up coming back a day early too. The guy didn't know what hit him." The special jounin laughed and adjusted the Stone Village headband that hung around his neck. Kita smiled at her father. She hoped she could become as strong and great as him one day.

The owner of Imaichido laughed as well, and then picked up a nearby ladle. "So, what'll it be you two? The usual, or do you want to try one of my newest recipes?"

Hissori grimaced slightly. The only thing that kept the place from a being a bigger success was the owner's insistence that diners try one of his newest recipes… which usually didn't end up going too well. It was better for him to stick to the traditional stuff he was renowned for.

"What's the new recipe?" asked Kita curiously.

"It's a special seafood dish! Fish eyes, raw squid and sea urchins!" announced the owner proudly.

"Yuck," replied Kita simply.

My thoughts exactly… Hissori gave a crooked smile.

Three days later…

"Dad! Dad! Look!"

Kita slammed into her father's chest, bowling him over. Hissori hit the polished wooden floors of the living room and let out a grunt of pain before looking up at his daughter. The girl gave her father a cat-like grin and showed her the rock in her hands. She had totally covered the white rock in swirling blue chakra. "Isn't it great?" She bounced up and down on his chest. "You know what this means now?" She didn't wait for a reply. "You can teach me those hijustu!"

"Hey, hey, not yet!" Hissori sat up, pushing the jumpy six year-old down onto his lap. "Remember what I said before about those special moves?" The girl shook her head and Hissori sighed. He was sure the girl had selective hearing sometimes. "Learning the Mitsukai clan bloodline is too out of your league at the moment. Your body isn't trained enough. Before I teach you the hijutsu, and other ninjutsu, you have to learn some taijutsu, and that includes weapons as well."

The girl sucked on the edge of her knuckles listening to him before she spoke. "Body skills? That means I can learn some of our clan's special fighting moves then? You did say you'd teach me some special moves after all!"

Dang, Hissori thought, That girl doesn't miss a thing…

"Alright," Hissori nodded after his thought. "I'll teach you a few little tricks, but I doubt you'd be able to learn anything big just yet."

"Show me something right now then! I want to see that Spiral-thingy I heard you talking about once!" Kita jumped off his lap and tugged at sleeve to take her outside to the training area.

Hissori complied and let himself be led out by his daughter. It was a beautiful day in the Hidden Village of Stone, though it wasn't a rare thing in the summer. The village itself was located high on a ridge, surrounded by a number of high mountains covered with snow. The only easy route out of the village was via a road that ran alongside a stream that started up on the highest mountain, wove through the bustling village and then cascaded down a rocky hillside. Other routes in and out of the village consisted of a labyrinth of underground tunnels that only long time residents of the Stone knew about. The village was in a perfect spot, both for battle and panoramas.

As for the Mitsukai house, it was located near the far end of the village, close to where the stream started to run through the town. The house was a small L-shaped, two-story place. The wooden walls were made for the harshness of winter, but the folding doors of the front could be opened in summer to reveal a deck and a living room with traditional paper walls. Also on the first story was the kitchen, which constantly smelt like cinnamon and vanilla for some reason. Kita loved to hang around in there just smelling the place. At the back of the house hidden away from view was the bathhouse. On its roof was an opaque skylight to let the sun in and shine over the bath.

Connected onto the side of the main house was the workshop which held all the family's weapons, scrolls and other special tools. If anything needed to be repaired, it ended up in there. Not only were there weapons though, there was a large shelf full of reading material, from ninja strategies to fairy tales (and on closer inspection one could find an old copy of Icha Icha Paradise…).

The top story of the house held three rooms, two bedrooms and a spare room that was full of old junk Hissori had collected over the years. The training area they were in right now was actually the house's front garden. Hissori didn't mind that it was the front garden, for a tall bamboo fence surrounded the property. The front garden was mainly empty; the ground was neatly compacted dirt except over in a corner where a small outdoor sitting area had been set up under a sakura tree that stood near a zen pebble garden. The grass that grew there was well manicured and full of small purple flowers, purple being Kita's favourite colour. Sometimes the girl would sit on the bench under the cherry blossom tree for hours at a time, just staring at the pretty flowers.

Hissori sighed. The place was perfect. He just wished his wife was still around to see it…

"Daaad!" Kita interrupted his thoughts.

"Alright, alright!" The man snapped back to reality and waved his hands to show he was back on task. "Okay, now watch carefully or else you'll miss it."

Hissori focused on one of the rocks in the garden. He had small boulders moved in every other week to help in his own training. When he was finally done with a rock, he would give what was left of it to a local stone mason. Sometimes the boulders held jewels and ores inside them. The mountains in the area were famous for the amount of raw mineral they held. Lining his newest rock up, he breathed in several times then struck, blue chakra flared around his hand. Kita watched intently as just before his fist and chakra hit it, it blurred, then suddenly it landed in the middle of the rock. Hissori flicked his hand to get out the kinks as he drew it away from the stone. Kita's eyes widened when she saw what he had done to the rock. There was a spiral pattern of fist marks embedded in it.

"Behold- the results of the infamous "Mitsukai Rapid Spiral Strike"!" Hissori imitated a presenter's voice and held his arms out at the marks. He grinned and gave the stone a gentle knock with his foot. Suddenly the whole rock cracked outwards from the fist marks and shattered.

Kita's jaw was nearly on the ground.

"Wow!" She exclaimed excitedly. "Now teach me something! Pleeeease?"

"Alright, I'll teach you the basics of taijutsu, Mitsukai style!" He gave her a fatherly smile- sure the move he had just showed wasn't exactly infamous or even a battle move... it wasn't reliable enough, but for a kid like her it would be good in training the body to use chakra and speed together.

He wondered briefly if he should tell her that. But seeing the enthusiasm on her face, he shrugged it off and decided to let her have her fun. He'd tell her one day or another.

An hour later…

"No, no! Don't hold your hand like that. You'd break your thumb doing that. Hold it like this. That's better. Now make sure its parallel… and punch! Good!"

Kita struck her fist into the sandbag that dangled off of the front deck. She made the sandbag sway a little from the impact. Kita repeatedly punched the bag over and over again in the way her father had shown her.

"Left, right, left, right, left, right…" she panted, punching a little harder each time. Her father watched from beside her, pointing out how to improve her method each time she struck.

"Now kick! No Kita… Kicking there is not a good option unless you want the guy to get extremely cheesed off with you… Yes, I know it would be effective too… Wait, how'd you know about that? Oh, don't tell me. I don't think I want to know… Just kick the sides of the bag, okay?"

Another hour later…

Kita's voice tore through the air to alert her father, who was napping on the deck. "Hey, Daaad! Watch me! Is this how you do the Rapid Spiral Thingy?"

Hissori raised an eyebrow as Kita closed in for the punch. Just before she hit, she slowly went around the edge of the bag, making the punches, but checking to make sure each one was correct before she touched. It was almost comical in the way she did it. Hissori had to bite his cheek to stop himself from laughing.

He coughed to regain his composure. "Ahem, that was, er, very good Kita… A bit slow, but good…"

Kita wandered over to her father and flopped down in his lap. "Daaad! I want to learn those special jutsu still!"

"I know you do. You've been going on about them since you were two, so I know. I'd teach them to you, but you need to be able to activate the Mitsukai bloodline first."

The girl blinked and swivelled her head around to look up at her father. "How do I do that?"

"We aren't called the 'Tsuchi no Shugotenshi' for nothing, Kita. In order to activate the bloodline, you must find a precious person and then put all your heart and soul into protecting that person. It is a very hard power to activate. I wasn't able to activate it until I was thirteen, when I met your mother for the first time." Hissori smiled at the memories he had of his precious person.

"Aww!" Kita groaned, "But I'm only six! Thirteen is heaps away! I wanna learn now!" She pouted.

Hissori was suddenly glad that Kita wasn't the kind of child that threw temper tantrums. He placed a warming hand on her head that made her halt and blink.

"Kita, first you must find a precious person. And I don't count as one. It has to be of someone not blood-related. Tomorrow you'll be heading off for your first day of ninja academy. Maybe if you look, you will be able to find a precious person there."

Kita sighed, knowing she couldn't argue with that. Hopefully she would be able to find someone in this town.

The next day...

"Good day class," The female ninja smiled and waited for her class of girls to stop squirming as they sat down on the grass. "Welcome to your first day of Ninja Academy! Now, I guess you would have noticed that this is an all-girls' class. In the mornings the class will be separated, but during the afternoon the classes will be combined again."

Kita started nervously looking around at the rest of her class whilst she half-listened to her new teacher. A finger tapped her on the knee and she looked beside her. There was a girl with long black hair that looked like silk. Her blue eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Hi," she grinned.

Kita smiled back shyly. "Hi, what's your name? I'm Mitsukai Kita."

The girl pointed at herself and winked. "I'm Jotei Yanagi."

"That's a pretty name," Kita replied.

"Thanks." The black-haired girl poked a small pink tongue out. "Hey, let's be friends!"

Kita's nervousness disappeared. "That'd be great!"

"Quiet, please!" The teacher called. She sighed, wondering why she accepted the job. Small children never listened to what she had to say. She continued despite that fact. "Being a good kunoichi means that not only will you have to be strong and skilled in jutsu, it means you will have to be smart. Female ninja are often used as spies because they blend in more inconspicuously. Knowledge is the key to keep yourself from falling victim. So for our first lesson we will learn about flowers. I want you all to go out and collect one bunch of daises and peonies. Daises symbolise innocence and peonies symbolise happiness. Now go off and be back in an hour."

"Come on, Kita!" Shooting up, Yanagi grabbed Kita's hand and started dragging her off.

Another girl tip-toed up beside them. Her long dark green hair was tied up in two thin braids. Her deep brown eyes looked nervous. "Excuse me, but, uh… Can I hang out with you guys?"

"Sure!" exclaimed Yanagi. She introduced herself, then Kita.

The girl bowed. "I'm Ishi Hana."

Yanagi gaped. "You're Tsuchikage-sama's daughter, aren't you?"

The green haired girl nodded shyly.

"That's so cool!" exclaimed Yanagi, excited to have met someone with a famous father. "What's it like to have a dad like that?"

Hana's eyes flickered to the side, then at the ground. "I… don't really see him a lot, since he's so busy, but he's really nice."

"Nobody in my family is a ninja," Yanagi boasted loudly, pointing at herself with a thumb. "So I'm gonna be the first one! Maybe I'll be the next Tsuchikage if I get good, which of course I will."

Kita stifled a giggle- Yanagi was an amusing friend to have. Her attention moved over to Hana, who continued to stare at the ground. Kita felt bad suddenly. Sure, her dad went out on a lot of missions, but it seemed like he was always there for her. But then again, this girl had a mother at least… Kita didn't know much about her mother except that she had been very kind and loved to make people smile. Kita hoped that not only would she grow up to be a good ninja like her father, she hoped she could continue her mother's dream of bringing a little sunshine into other people's lives. Kita tapped Hana on the shoulder. The girl looked up.

"I really want to become good friends with you, Hana-chan. You seem really nice." Kita gave the green haired girl a genuine smile.

Hana seemed stunned for a second before she returned the smile, it was just as genuine. "I want to be friends too, Kita-chan." The ice between them broke.

"Kita! Hana! I found some daises!" Yanagi's shrill yell tore through the air. She had run ahead without the other two noticing.

Taking each other's hand, Kita and Hana laughed before running to catch up with their other friend.

"Heya sugar-cake!" The female ninja that had taught the girls popped her head around the classroom door and winked at her fellow teacher, a man in his late twenties.

The shinobi teacher glared. "I told you before, Mia, don't call me that." He blushed. "At least not with the kids around…"

"Aw, but you know you like it, Tai-chan." Mia blew a kiss at her sweetheart and waved. "Here's the rest of the class for you. Now you behave, okay? And I'll see you tomorrow." She disappeared in a puff of smoke and the girls wandered in. Tai wasn't sure if she had been speaking to the class or him.

"Alright, girls, take your seats. Hey! No spit-balls!" He wiped a salivated piece of paper off of his cheek.

"But you're a chuunin!" yelled one of the boys somewhere up the back. "You should be able to duck it!"

"Yeah! You're a lousy ninja!" yelled someone else.

The teacher gave the boys a death-stare and ducked as a round of spit-balls came shooting his way. The girls screamed and hid under the nearest tables.

Kita, Hana and Yanagi all crouched under their table near the front of the class, giggling.

"What's so funny? Can I join?" A boy popped his blue haired head under the table to stare at the girls. His dark orange eyes were excited and curious.

The girls screamed when they saw him. The boy hit his head on the table as his head shot up.

"Ow! Girls… so loud…" he groaned, rubbing his head. The screaming stopped and he looked back at the trio. "Hiya!" He flashed a wide grin. "I'm Kigaino Sora."

"What'cha doing, Sora?" Another boy appeared; this one had light green hair. His hazel eyes instantly looked at Hana and he smiled. "Hey, Hana!"

"Oh," Hana smiled and waved weakly. "Hello, cousin Tansei."

Yanagi stared at the green haired boy and felt her cheeks start to glow red. The boy was pretty cute. Suddenly her view was obstructed as a pair of dark orange eyes came up right before her.

"Hey, want to go out on a date with me?" Sora gave another wide grin.

Yanagi screeched and pushed Sora away, sending him out from under the table. "Ew, no!" She balled her hand up into a fist and shook it at the blue-haired boy. He was nothing exceptional in appearance to her.

"So what's your name? I'm Ishi Tansei, Hana's cousin." Yanagi quickly turned her head around, hoping that Tansei was asking her that question. Instead she found him talking to Kita.

"I'm Mitsukai Kita," Kita gave a slight smile.

Yanagi felt like steam was going to come out of her ears. Luckily she was interrupted when a large hand appeared at the edge of the table and lifted it up. Their teacher was glaring at them.

"When I ask for attention, I hope to get it. Back to your seats please." He plonked the table back down and went back to his desk and sighed. At least when he got home Mia would have something nice done for dinner. Seriously, he didn't know why they had decided to be teachers. Giving his temples a brief rub he stood up to address the class.

"Let's get this started, shall we?" He coughed loudly to make sure the class was attentive.

Yanagi quickly stopped staring at Tansei from her seat and sat up.

"To start, I would like to ask those with ninja families to raise their hands." A majority of the class raised their hands and Tai nodded. "Good, good, just as I thought. For those of you who are not from ninja families; congratulations on making the choice. It is very brave of you. Now, I would like to ask all of you here; who knows how to convert stamina into chakra?"

Five people raised their hands. Among those were Kita and Tansei. Kita glimpsed up behind her at Tansei and gave him a brief smile. He returned it.

Yanagi pouted at their exchange. Her eyes flickered to beside Tansei where Sora was. He noticed and gave her a wink. Yanagi wished she had something very large and heavy to throw at him suddenly. Hana's sigh stopped her from picking up her chair and tossing it.

"What's wrong, Hana?" she asked in a whisper, then blinked as she realised. "Oh… but, I thought that being the Tsuchikage's daughter and all…"

"…that I'd be a natural at stuff like that?" She finished Yanagi's sentence for her and shook her head. "I'm not at all. I get too nervous when I try."

"Looks like we have a long way to go then..." Tai scratched the back of his head as he looked around at the class. Some of the kids looked confused. This could possibly be the worst class he'd ever had in his seven years of teaching. "Alright, let's start with the basics of chakra then. Chakra is the energy used to perform different forms of jutsu- it is a combination of both physical and spiritual energy. For example;" Tai performed a set of two seals. "Doro Bunshin no Jutsu!"

A pile of mud rose up from the floor and formed itself into an exact replica of Tai. Some of the class oooh-ed at the display as the mud clone fell apart after its use was up.

"Of course, mud clones do leave quit a bit of mess afterwards," Tai sighed as he looked at the mud on the floor he'd have to clean up after.

"I can't wait to learn stuff like that," Yanagi whispered to Kita and Hana. As she talked, someone in the class asked Tai-sensei why he hadn't just made a normal bunshin to save on cleaning.

"There's heaps better jutsu than that out there, Yanagi." Kita raised an eyebrow at the silky-haired girl. In the background Tai-sensei was swearing loudly as he realised the sense of using a normal bunshin jutsu. Kita smiled, then added, "I can't wait until I activate my bloodline."

"You have a bloodline?" whispered Yanagi excitedly. The class started jeering at Tai-sensei for his colourful use of language.

"She's from the Mitsukai clan, they have really cool abilities," commented Hana with a smile. A ball of scrunched up paper flew past her head to hit Tai-sensei on the nose.

Kita grinned at Hana. In front of them, Tai-sensei was telling people off.

"Hey, I have a bloodline too, you know." Sora lent forward, ignoring Tai-sensei's yells. His eyes gave off a sparkle at Yanagi. "Does that make me cool, Yanagi-chan?"

"No," replied Yanagi aloofly. She turned back to their teacher who was now trying very hard to explain the inner workings of the chakra system a class of six year-olds.

"Er, well, you see… the inner coils are…" The class stared at him with glazed eyes.

"Do something cool, Tai-senei!" shouted someone in the back.

Tai felt like hanging his head on the wall. The class started to cheer to egg him on.

"Do something cool! Do something cool!" they chanted.

"Henge!" shouted Tai, suddenly putting his hand into a seal. A cloud of smoke burst around him then cleared, revealing a large brown bear that reared up and growled at the class menacingly. Many of the girls in the class screamed, whilst the others cheered. Another burst of smoke, and their teacher was back to normal. "Are you happy now!" Tai yelled at the class, shaking a finger.

"Yes!" replied the class.

Tai sighed, maybe now he would be able to have some peace. As he sighed, a spit-ball flew out of the air and splattered him on the cheek…

A/N: Well, how was that? . Oh, I never introduced myself, did I? My name is Raine Joybringer, though you are very much welcome (and encouraged) to call me RJ.

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If you're wondering if any of the original Naruto cast will show up, then let me assure you they will make an appearance. At least some of them will.

The Nekomata:

The below is a bit of what I was able to collect around the web:

The Nekomata is a two-tailed cat of Japanese mythology; it is said they could reanimate and control the dead just by gesturing with its tails or paws. They were known for holding grudges, and for revenge would torment a person with their dead relatives. They would only release the grudge when they were appeased by food, apologies and attention.

In Two Tailed Angel, the Nekomata's powers are similar, though much more terrifying. Watch out in the next chapter when things start to get freaky.

About the names:

Mitsukai Kita- Mitsukai means 'angel', whilst Kita means 'north'. Kita is also a contraction of 'ki' and 'ta': ki meaning spirit or will; and ta meaning to be lonely or be proud. (Does the title of the story make more sense now?)

Mitsukai Hissori- Hissori means 'silent'. It is appropriate since Hissori was once an assassin-nin.

Jotei Yanagi- Jotei means 'empress' and Yanagi means 'willow'. I thought 'empress' would be good to refer to Yanagi's, er… attitude.

Ishi Hana- Ishi means 'stone' and Hana means 'flower', or even 'petal'. Hana is a gentle soul, so 'flower' or 'petal' suits her perfectly.

Kigaino Sora- Kigai means 'strong spirit' and Sora means 'sky'. Put it all together, and you get 'Strong Spirit of the Sky'. 'Sky' is mostly in reference to Sora's blue hair.

Ishi Tansei- Tansei means 'handsome'. I thought it'd be perfect for him since most of the girls in the class adore him.

Tai and Mia- Random names I just plucked out of the air. I haven't looked at their meanings, but I don't see them as major characters so it shouldn't matter.

Jutsu used:

Here are some of the new techniques I created that were used in this chapter. I will not explain any old ones you have heard before like henge or bunshin no jutsu (mostly because I may get them wrong).

Name of Jutsu (English/Japanese?) (Type) (Element?) (Rank?) Short description (Creator?)

Demon-Cat Sealing Ritual: (Sealing Method- Forbidden) The ritual used to seal the Demon-Cat into a human host. (Created by the First Tsuchikage)

An extremely difficult ritual created for the sole use of trapping the Nekomata inside a human container and binding its spirit so harshly that none of its powers can manifest in the human host (usage on any other tailed-beast would not result in the spiritual binding). The first use of this ritual resulted in the death of the first Tsuchikage. Future use of the ritual should not require a human sacrifice.

(Note: Most recently used to place the Nekomata inside Mitsukai Kita to keep her alive as she was taken out from her dead mother prematurely. Unfortunately the ritual went awry and was incompleted. The effects of the flawed sealing are yet unknown, though the host does display some rather cat-like behaviour.)

Mitsukai Rapid Spiral Strike: (Taijutsu) A Mitsukai clan special move where just before impact, the fist spreads out to create extra impact that results in a spiral line of following. (Created by the Mitsukai clan and mostly used as a training device for the body. It is occasionally used in battle though.)

The maximum devastation these series of punches can generate is when the blows are central to the face, chest, stomach or back. It can clip an opponent if they move, but it will only be as effective as a normal punch. The key to its devastating power is the central punch after the spiral strikes. The pain will be centred by the last punch and the muscles (or any matter) around the surrounding area will be severally weakened, causing greater pain. It is very effective in winding people as well... as long as you're able to catch the person with it first. It can sometimes be considered unreliable.

Doro Bunshin no jutsu (Mud Clone) (Ninjutsu) (Earth element) (D rank) A cloning technique that uses mud to create a doppelganger.

A very simple cloning technique, though the mud clone is a little sturdier than a normal clone and is able to take a little more damage. Since the clone still retains its mud colour, it isn't as useful when escaping or trying to hide yourself from your enemy.

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