Dear readers of Two Tailed Angel,

I would like to thank you for your dedication and support over the time this fic has been running. Your reviews all inspired me so much to grow to become a better writer. However, as you may have noticed, whilst my newer fics have been using my new style, I have been feeling slowed down by the continuation of this one. I've discussed it with my lovely beta reader Clark, and I've decided to cease work on this fic.

So then I can re-write a new version.

I'm very excited by the prospect to right a lot of the wrongs I did in earlier days, and the chance to create even better characters that I hope you will continue to enjoy. I don't want to quit on Kita's story just yet. Although I'm sad I'm going to have to say good bye to a few characters for a little while, I really want to re-include them in the future.

I hope you will support this decision and follow the new version. Although its working title was "Had I never Lived", the new title shall be "Drop Dead Memoirs" (It sounded less dorky in my head I swear...).

The first chapter will be released soon, so look forward to it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,



The rewrite of Two Tailed Angel has now been put up under its new name of 'Had I Never Lived'. You'll find it in my profile.

Uh, also, thank you for over 100 000 hits on this fic. Wow...