Title: Marriage of Convenience

Author: TamashaToko (the queen you have all known to love of sess/kag fics)

Summary: Kagome marries the biological father of her adopted daughter Rin in order to give her a home with two parents. A marriage that began out of convenience evolves into a loving relationship.

Based on: Some movie I watched on the Lifetime Channel.


Chapter 1

"We are having a wedding at this hospital why?" a bridesmaid asked the bride as they were preparing their make up.

"Because Kagome it's a family tradition of mine," Sango explained as she adjusted her wedding dress once more, "everyone in my family has gotten married at the exact spot they first met."

"I thought you and Miroku met at the bar on Second Street," Kagome noted, "not here."

"Don't you remember how it happened?" the bride stood in the hallway waiting to hear the marriage march music, "I met him when I worked here as a lunch lady trying to earn money for law school. He was admitted here to donate his kidney and when I came to serve him dinner he hit on me, it was later when we met at the bar and started dating."

"Yeah I remember now," she giggled, "you two were dating for a very long time, I was surprised you two didn't get married earlier."

"Well I wanted to wait until I finally got my degree and became a lawyer before this. As much as I love Miroku I have to listen to my mom and work on my career before love."

"That's probably why I haven't found Mr. Right. Catering isn't much of a career is it?"

"Well you have your whole life to move up, but for now at least it gets me a discount on my reception."

The wedding march finally started so it was time for Sango to move out into room 302 where a temporary alter had been set up at but before they moved out Sango had a few more words of wisdom for her friend, "oh and Kagome, we shouldn't always listen to my mom. You shouldn't wait around for the perfect moment to find the one you love, instead you need to take advantage of the situation and get love on your own."

Kagome watched as the wedding between Sango and Miroku went perfectly according to plan. There were even tears in her eyes after watching her best friend finally get together with the man she loved. Sango's advice still rang in her hears though and it made her wonder when she would ever meet the right man.

Of course she shouldn't have been worrying about finding the perfect man at her age. She was only sixteen where as Sango was twenty-two. Kagome should have been considered an adult though and destined to find a man eventually. She was just a mere teenager but she lived alone and supported herself for she refused to live with a foster family after her mother died. Kagome worked for an old woman named Kaede and helped serve food at many different parties, the pay wasn't that big, but it was enough to pay for her apartment so no one made a big deal of a sixteen year old living on her own since she did such a great job of supporting herself.

As much as Kagome would like to congratulate her friend at the last minute she needed to get to the cafeteria before the reception started. Of course Sango would suggest her old work place for the food to be served.

During her rush down the hallway Kagome couldn't help but stop in the maternity ward. She was right in front of the room where a huge window showed all the newborn babies.

"They are all so cute," she whispered to herself looking at all the babies, "one day I will finally have one of my own."

"I don't want it!" a voice was heard screaming in a room across the hall.

"That's not what you were saying before you gave birth," another voice had to yell just to be heard over her cussing.

"Yeah but I didn't know I would be giving birth to some kind of premature freak to have as a daughter," the woman screamed again.

"So Rin is a little smaller then most babies," came the other voice, "there are many other children born that way."

"Well not my child father!"

Kagome couldn't help but turn around and look into the room where it was coming from. The door was open so she could see everything clearly. In the room was a woman laying in the hospital bed with long black hair who looked really beautiful, a man who Kagome assumed was the woman's father, and a nurse who looked a bit nervous.

"I need to know the name of the girl's father so I can prepare a file on Rin," the nurse interrupted the father and daughter.

"I am not telling you!" the woman yelled, "her father is dead to me and I don't even want the child anyways."

"What my daughter Kaguya is trying to say is that we will pay any amount of money for their to be no file on the girl," the father tried to tell the nurse, "just tell everyone that the information was lost somehow, oh and we are putting her up for adoption. My daughter isn't up to raising a premature mistake."

The conversation that was taking place was sickening Kagome. It seemed that some snobby girl with a rich dad was giving up her daughter just because she was born earlier. They were even giving money to the nurse so there wouldn't be proof that Kaguya had given birth to the child.

Kagome looked at all infants once more. She read the nametags that hung from their cribs; eventually she found the name Rin. The baby really was premature. If Kagome were to hold her she would fit in the palm of her hand.

"Are we going to take the offer doctor?" Kagome heard the same nurse ask a doctor once she emerged from the room.

"It's a lot of money," he replied, "we are going to have too. With that money we can make a lot of improvements to the hospital. Its Rin I am worried about. No one is going to adopt a premature baby and to make matters worse she doesn't have a file now, people like to know about the parents of the baby so they can know what to expect."

Kagome looked at Rin once more. The girl looked so unhealthy, and after hearing the doctor she knew things weren't going to get better. No one would probably ever adopt her and she couldn't stay at the hospital forever. It was then something clicked in Kagome's mind. She thought about all the times she had wanted a child. She wanted so badly to love a younger human being and make sure they succeeded through life, but of course all those plans came after finding a man to love.

Sango's words then rang in her ears. Why wait for things when she could just go ahead and grab them. Who said she had to go in that exact plan to find love?

"I am sorry but I have been paying attention to this whole conversation," Kagome said loud enough for the doctor to hear.

"Miss?" the doctor questioned upon hearing the woman.

"I believe she is one of the woman who is involved with the wedding down the hall," the nurse announced.

"Yes I was," Kagome admitted walking up to them, "and right now I should be catering in the cafeteria, but I stopped after listening in on this situation. If you really don't believe anyone will adopt Rin then I will take her. My brother was born premature and I use to help take care of him before he got killed with my mom in an accident so I am perfectly able to take care of a baby and I don't need a file, I believe I have already seen the parent."

The nurse and doctor exchanged nervous looks before the doctor spoke again, "well your plan is really starting to sound like a miracle to my ears for you do have a trust worthy face, but we aren't too sure of what's going on right now. We are hoping that Rin's mother is just having a tantrum and will change her mind very soon."

"Doctor this isn't right," Kagome tried to tell him, "would you really want a woman who just referred to her daughter as a premature mistake to raise the girl?"

He sighed, "You are right, Miss?"

"Kagome Higurashi," she answered, "please. I feel as though I can make a difference."

"Very well, nurse throw away Rin's current file and make a new one stating that Miss. Higurashi here is the biological mother and state that the father is unknown. You Kagome should go deal with the wedding while Rin stays here a bit and is monitored. Don't worry we will make sure Kaguya pays every penny of the bill during her stay here."

Kagome nodded, "please take good care of Rin, I can't wait to take her home."


"Child its about time you have arrived," Kaede barked as Kagome entered the kitchen in her uniform, "I will let you off the hook though this time since you are such a great worker and it is your friend's wedding."

Kagome had a smile on her face as she helped lay out trays of food, "I was actually about to arrive early, but then something happened."

The old woman chuckled as guest started to arrive for the party, "and what would that be child?"

"Well Kaede do you think I will make a good mother?"


"Wow I have never been drinking with a super model before," an intoxicated man said with a smile on his face as Kaguya took a seat next to him in the local bar, "weren't you just in the paper honey? Didn't you just have a child? I guess that means your off limits."

Kaguya rubbed the complete stranger's thigh, "you know how things are for us celebrities. The media is always making things up, I would never have a child."

The man smirked as he felt her hands pleasure him, "neither would I, so I guess we are the perfect match, I believe we should be heading over to my place."

"Yes I want to do much more to you with much more then my hands," Kaguya was practically sitting in the man's lap right now.

Another voice then came into the conversation, "you shouldn't be such a complete slut Kaguya, you will give all the other super models a bad name."

Kaguya quickly separated herself from the man who disappeared soon after. The man who was confronting her could scare anyone off with his long sliver hair and dangerous golden eyes.

"Sesshoumaru what brings you to a place like this?" Kaguya asked him.

"I heard there were a lot of horny men here so I figured you would be here as well," Sesshoumaru glared at her.

"You usually become one of them once you get enough drinks in," she noted, "so what in the hell do you want?"

"I rushed to the hospital quickly once I heard you were giving birth Kaguya. I waited there and waited there just to find out that you went to a different hospital and lied about. So I am interested in finding out where my daughter is."

"You don't have a daughter anymore Sesshoumaru. There was a reason I decided to give birth in a cheap hospital, because I knew offering them money to put the child up for adoption and throwing away her file wouldn't be hard. You now have no way of finding her. You seem too busy to raise a child anyways."

"Why would you do this to me Kaguya? Why would you separate me from my child."

"Maybe because you broke up with me. I was just going to do the whole raising a child thing just so I could get a big support check out, but she was premature and the famous Super Model Kaguya is not going to give birth to a premature baby."

Sesshoumaru couldn't help but smack her as hard as he could, "well maybe if you weren't so fucking stupid you would know cigarettes do that. Now where is my child."

"I don't know and neither will you," she said with a laugh, "I was told that some woman adopted her and the files were changed so she is mother, you will never be able to find her."

"Don't underestimate me Kaguya. I will find her and in the meantime I am sure the police can take care of you. I will call them up in the morning and have you put away. I would hate to have you pulled out of a bar while your drunk, you don't need anymore bad publicity."

Kaguya just laughed more as Sesshoumaru made his way out. Sesshoumaru knew putting her away for a long time wouldn't be a problem at all. After all she had separated him from his child, but if he knew Kaguya, which he knew enough after their little one nightstand, she was not going to say anything about his daughter. He would have to find himself.

(End of Chapter 1)