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The plane already landed, the princess has arrived and now she was on her way to Yoh's. Watching the empty streets of Tokyo, Mei remembers the time when she and the girls first met.

She was standing alone in the bridge of the Japanese garden at their school, staring at the water, listening to the voices of the wind as they call her. She was the guardian of water, pretty and young. Light brown eyes and long, black shiny hair with a fair complexion. Others think that there's something wrong with her, always staring at the water and listen to the music of emptiness, talking to herself as they said… or rather she was talking to the unseen… the spirits who hunt the school grounds. She couldn't help it, for a guardian and a shaman of course.

"Hey, are you alright?" a girl asked as she approached the princess. She had dark brown eyes and short black hair.

Many of her classmates didn't know that she was regal… she was studying in Europe that time, and she was the princess of China, from which she really didn't use her proper name.

She goes by the name Renz Ishida, a girl who was adopted by her auntie.

"Why'd you ask?" Mei said not looking at the girl.

"Well, for some reasons… like you've been standing there for an hour now and I saw you talking to your ghost friends…" the girl said not thinking what she had just said.

This made Mei looked at her with shock…

"What the... you can see ghosts as well?" the princes asked with disbelief.

"Nah, but I do believe that there are ghosts… the only problem is that I can't see them, I feel them" the girls said as she joins Mei watch the peaceful water.

Mei chuckled a bit and said "well that's an interesting topic…"

"Well…" the girl said as she looked at Mei and gave her a smile. "My name's Sakura, Sakura Winner" she held out her hand.

Mei was surprised with the girl's actions for she never saw anyone like her. Students from their school always bully Mei, calling her a dork, freak and stupid. This made Mei realize that even though she's a princess, there's always something wrong.

Mei smiled at her and took her hand. "Nice to meet you Ms. Winner, My name's Mei Ling-Marino"

Even though she's forbidden to show her real identity she didn't care because she knows that Sakura is a nice person.

"Mei Ling… Mei Ling hmmm… I heard that name before… wait… you're… you're…" Sakura said as if she couldn't believe what Mei was saying.

Mei gave her a smile and said "that's right… I am Princess Mei Ling-Marino of China"

"Wait… I don't believe this… I thought your name was Renz Ishida" still in shock.

"Well my name is really Mei Marino and that Renz Ishida was more likely of a screen name, the head of the board in the palace forbid me not to use that name, not until I graduated here" Mei explained truthfully.

Sakura was still in shock mode, but after a few minutes she returned to her normal self. "You know what?" she said cheerfully,

"What?" Mei asked in return.

"In return of saying to me your true identity or what so ever, follow me!" she grabbed Mei's hand as she runs toward the school campus.

"Where are we going?" the confused princess asked.

"Just follow me!"

Mei had no choice but to follow her, and now they were walking thru the girls' dormitory. Sakura led her to the 3rd floor where the freshmen girls stayed. As they reached the 3rd floor corridors, Sakura pulled her towards a pink door that has a hot pink placard that says 'SAKURA WINNER'

"Is this your room?" Mei asked.


"And what are we suppose to do in your room?"

"Secret!" she giggled as she opened the door.

As Sakura opened the door Mei saw a couple of girls in the room. They were reading something from Sakura's computer.

"Hi guys!" Sakura said cheerfully.

The girls looked up and said Hi back. And as they saw Mei walking from behind Sakura they all started to circle around her all saying in unison "Hey, what's your name?"

"Um… My name's Mei Ling-Marino"

"No way! If your name is really Mei Ling-Marino then you must be…" a girl said with disbelief just like what happened to Sakura. The girl had chocolate eyes and short black hair.

"… The Princess of China… Yes, it's true that she is the princess of China and I couldn't believe it myself at first" Sakura said.

"Cool, it's my first time to meet a princess this close! I mean. It's nice to meet you, you're highness" a girl bowed down before Mei as the other girls mimic her moves.

"Oh please don't, actually I really shouldn't expose my name, so just call me Renz for the mean time" Mei said sweat dropping.

"Sure thing!" they all said as the started to introduce themselves to the princess.

Saori Fuuchoin was first, a girl who looks a lot like the teenage Kazuki for the fact that she's Kazuki's twin sister.

Next was the girl who had chocolate eyes and black hair, her name was Mitsumi Lyn, half Chinese-half Japanese.

Last was a girl who had long brown hair, with dark brown eyes. Her name was Karin Tobitah.

And that was the first time when Mei and the girls met; the time when the guardians of the five elements have met. Mei controlled water while Mitsumi had fire, Karin for air and Sakura handle the powers of the earth, last but not least the heart was in Saori's hand.

Many wonderful things happened with the girls; Mei had trained Saori and Mitsumi to be a shaman, while the other two trained themselves more on their elemental power. Sadly, the time came when they had to go on separate ways of life. This happened after their high school life. Sakura had revealed her true identity as the princess of Arabia and she had to return to her country. On the other hand Karin is staying in Europe for her upcoming engagement with her Mike. While Saori, Mitsumi and Mei had chose Japan to study for their College. They were Japanese citizens, so there are no problems. Sakura and Karin gave up their powers and gave them to Mei and Mitsumi. Mei had the element of air while Mitsumi had the element of earth letting them vow that they'll use it for good and to save the world… or at least.

The 3 girls have decided to part from each other for a while until school starts and they have chosen the place that they desire, Mitsumi chose Yamanashi, where her parents live while Saori had chose to stay at her sisters'/brothers' in the infinite castle.

Mei on the other hand had asked her childhood friend Yoh if she could stay with him in Tokyo for a while. Yoh and his fiancée Anna had allowed her to stay with them.

The car had stopped. They have arrived and Mei's body guard was assisting her down on the car.

Okay, I know that Mei is the princess of china (which I totally made up together with the princess of Arabia) but her father is Japanese that's why she had no choice but to become Japanese citizen.