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-Marino Manor-

"My job is done for now sir, if you may, I would like to go and visit my sister. She's waiting for ever since the day we arrived" Saori said to the man sitting in his office chair.

"Not yet Saori, we need to be sure that this Ren guy wouldn't interfere with my plans." The man said as he inhaled a few smokes of his cigarette.

"Your wish is my command Mr. Marino" Saori said in an awful manner as she turned her back to the guy.

"You may now leave Ms. Fuuchoin" The man said politely.

"I'm now leaving" Saori said sarcastically.

'I wouldn't allow that Ren Tao ruin my plan of getting Taki marry Mei' He thought as he watched Saori banged the door.

-out side the office-

"Man, this is a drag! I feel like I'm sabotaging my friend" Saori said as she walked through the empty hallway of the Marino Manor.

"Your not the only one girl friend" Saori heard a familiar voice, then… she walked back and saw her friend standing at the door she just passed through.

"Mitsumi? Oh my gosh! I missed you so much!" Saori screamed as she hugged tightly her friend.

"Me too!" Mitsumi said as she hugged her friend back.

"You fell to that monkey too?" Saori asked with her eyebrows raised up.

"I don't know how he found out about our secret but he really is nasty" Mitsumi said as she opened the door behind her.

"Who else?" Saori asked.

"All of us" Mitsumi said, leading Saori to the room where her friends are.

The room has an all pink aura, it has pink curtains, walls and everything in it is pink. It has a bed in the middle and it has a lot of furniture. That may be the room of Mei.

"This sucks" Saori said as she entered the room together with Mitsumi.

"Huh? What do you mean? This room rocks!" Mitsumi said as she looked at Saori.

"I mean monkey"

"Oh okay"

Saori saw their other friends and greeted them.

"Hi" Karin greeted happily.

"Hey" Sakura said in a board manner.

"We have to get out of this mess" Saori said.

"But how? I mean, the man knows our secret! I don't want to be burned at stake, if they still do that" Mitsumi reasoned out as she threw herself at the bed.

Both Karin and Sakura looked down when they heard Mitsumi. They want to live not die.

"Well, I don't want to die either, but as a leader, I suggest we help our friend." Saori said dramatically. "What do you think will Mei do if she's in our shoes? Run away? I think not" she said looking outside the window.

"What did Mr. Marino ordered you to do?" Sakura asked as she comfortably sat at the funky chair.

"Well, he ordered me to hypnotize that Chinese guy and let him dream of that Hao being alive and kicking" Saori replied as she placed her hand at the back of her head. "What about you guys?"

"Nothing yet… but I'm sure what he's going to order us to do will be really, really nasty." Karin said as she was helping herself with the food.

"Guys," Saori looked at them, "I don't know who that Ren is but I think he'll do just fine with Mei don't you think?"

"Well, you have a point; besides, I really don't like the attitude of Taki" Mitsumi said as she got out of the bed. Karin and Sakura both agreed.

"We need a plan" Saori said as they all circled and lowered their heads.


Ren waited impatiently for the school bell to ring while Yoh and Horo were busy snoring.

'Pathetic' Ren thought as he raised an eyebrow and watched them snore out loud.

No wonder Yoh and Horo were sleeping… because their teacher (who looks like so ancient) was teaching them in old school style; so boring and so sleepy.

It was so boring and the school bell hasn't rung yet. And now he was forced to answer the teacher's question on how to solve complex rational expressions.

'As if I'm going to use this when I'm in the real world.' Ren thought as he explained to his classmates his answers.

"Well explained Mr. Tao, I'll give you plus five in your recitation sticks" The teacher said as Ren sat down.

"Will you repeat that for us Mr. Asakura, Yoh?" The teacher said in front of Yoh's desk.

Yoh fell off his chair.

"He's in big trouble, I tell ya," His classmates whispered.

"Um…" Yoh said as he stood up, scratching the back of his head.

Luckily for Yoh, the bell rang. 'Whew, saved by the bell' Yoh thought.

"Ok, next meeting you'll explain that. Okay?" The teacher said.

"Yes sir!" Yoh said as he fixed his bag. And all of his classmates were already leaving, including Ren who was really in a rush.

-Hall where their lockers are-

"Where is that Chinese freak going?" Horo asked as he placed some of his things in his locker.

"I think I heard him say that he's going to fetch Jun at Tokyo University" Yoh said.

"Oh, okay" Horo said.

Manta joined them as they got out of the school, then Anna stood in their way, pulling Yoh by his ear, telling him how stupid he was in front of the class and she got totally embarrassed because she kept on bragging to them that she's his fiancée and she doesn't want to see Yoh fall asleep again during class because she's really going to punish him by putting him under training for the rest of his life.

Horo and Manta just stood there, sweat dropped.

After fetching Jun at Tokyo University, they went to a highly priced Chinese Apartment. Their parent rented it for them even though they stay at Yoh's.

-Jun's Suite-

Jun sat quietly at the chair waiting for her brother's explanations. "We don't have enough time Ren." She said as she looked at Ren who was standing near the window, looking at the city buildings.

"I know" Ren said as he continued looking at the buildings of the city.

"So speak!" Jun said as she crossed her legs and raised her eye brows.

"Hao's alive" Ren whispered to himself.


"I said Hao's alive!" Ren yelled at his sister.

Jun laughed. "Hao couldn't possibly be alive, you said it yourself, and you saw how Yoh kill him"

"No, I don't know! I'm really confused" Ren said shaking his head.

"Because you love Mei?" Jun asked straightly. "You know, I think the best way is to get to know her better." Jun said.

"I already knew her! Remember the princess of the middle kingdom that I met at the market?" Ren looked at Jun.

Jun looked startled in a way, "You mean that little girl was her? How did you now?"

"The necklace! The necklace that symbolizes our family, I gave it to her and she still has it" Ren said.

"You mean the necklace that she's wearing yesterday was the necklace of our ancestors?" Jun was shocked. "That's why every time that father asked about that necklace you can't answer him straightly" Jun grinned. "So that's how it looked, to tell you the truth I didn't know that it was it before. I just thought it was some phony necklace"

"Well it's not" Ren said.

"You know, I think the only best and crazy solution I can give to you is TO GET SOME SLEEP!" Jun said as she was pulling out a small pouch in her pocket. "Good night Ren!" Jun said with her evil smile as she blew some sleeping dust on his face.

Ren fell on the ground, asleep. "Problem solve, for now" Jun said smiling evilly.

-Marino Manor-

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Sakura asked.

"I'm not sure, but it's worth a try" Saori said. "All right girls, you already know the plan"

"Yes" The girls said.

"Then let's commence phase one" Saori declared.

Hi guys! Sorry if I didn't update sooner because school works' tying me up... Any way I'll explain the words that are in bold...

Monkey-referring to Mr. Marino

Secret- their magical powers, easily mistaken for witchcraft.

Sleeping dust-made that up... glittering dust that makes a person go to sleep.

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