Title: Poisoned Chalice

Synopsis: Collection of Harry Potter poems

Disclaimer: I am in the sandpit- JK Rowling, Warner Brothers and Scholastic own all rights to everything you recognize.

Rating: 15 + or there abouts.

A/N: A collection of my poems; the first two are James and Lily and are about Harry and the last was inspired by a new story I'm working on called "Harry Potter and the cup of Death". I advise reading my story 'Unseeing eyes' eyes first and maybe my story cup of death as well to understand any of 'Poisoned Chalice'...

"Big and Strong"

Grow up big and strong.

Be all you can be.

Don't do the things that I've done.

Grow up big and strong.

Break the rules.

Make me proud of all you do son.

Grow up big and strong.

Be your own man.

Live for tomorrow and live long.

Grow up big and strong.

See the sun rise.

Don't let the sun set on you son.

Grow up big and strong.

That's all I ask son.

-James Potter

"Things I cannot do"

I can't run.

I can't hide.

These things I cannot do.

I can't scream.

I can't cry.

These things I cannot do.

I could not protect you.

This I could not do.

-Lily Potter

"Poisoned Chalice"

I have hidden here a lifetime.

I have waited for forever.

I am waiting for the key to be turned.

I am as dead now as the day I was born.

I was the end and will be the beginning.

I was waiting to live now I'm waiting to die.

I am the last of his lineage.

I am their last defense.

I will make my Sacrifice.

I will take this poisoned cup and sip deeply.

I am waiting to die in darkness.

I am falling into the darkness now.

I will make him proud.

I will not hesitate to die for you.

I am waiting now.

I am the last.

I will drink the poison you hand me now.

I will not hesitate to take my death from you.

I will drink your poisoned chalice.

And I will change the world.

- Aislinn Vitelli

Taken from "Harry Potter and the Cup of Death"

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