A/N: This came to me while I was reading book one, when Rand says that Nynaeve's eyes looked anchient in her young face, and I just thought, what if Nynave was more than what she seems to be? More than a simple farm girl? What if she had only arrived in the Two Rivers a few years back? What if she had a deeper, darker secret? And so this fic was born. BE WARNED! It features loads of sappy Lan/Nynaeve scenes, but then those are the best ones, aren't they:D


Nynaeve hurried along the road. All around her, people were bustling about, preparing for Bel Tine and Winternight. She hated holidays. She stopped for a while, looking around her, at the small village that had become her home over the past three years. She watched the people who had become her family. Suddenly a voice cut into her reverie.

"Girl! Do you think you could tell me where the Wisdom is?" Girl! Nynaeve bustled. Who was calling her girl? She turned and found herself face to face with a woman. She had the look of an outlander, Cairhienen most probably, judging by her hight and coloring, but that was not what Nynaeve was looking at. She was looking at the woman's face. The woman's ageless face. Aes Sedai. Hate boiled up inside Nynaeve. Hate of Aes Sedai. Suddenly she remembered the woman's question.

"You are looking at her, girl" She replied, spitefully. The Aes Sedai jerked, then resumed her serene calm.

"Ah. I see. I apologise, I did not realise."

"No, I'm sure you did not." Nynaeve's gaze was suddenly drawn to a small movement behind the Aes Sedai. It was a Warder. The Anger dissapated and was replaced by fear. She had been terrified of all Warders, ever scince… Suddenly she noticed the braided leather chord around the man's forehead. The hadori. Not only was this man a Warder, he was a Malkieri Warder. The fear increased tenfold.

"I am Moiraine, and this is Lan" The Aes Sedai said. Lan. The Uncrowned King of the Malkieri. She had heard stories of him as a child.

"Excuse me." She pushed past the pair, cutting Moiraine off, desperate now to get away, get to somewhere where she could be alone. She found herself in the inn, and hurried up to an empty room without so much as a word to the occupants of the main room. When she got to an empty room she collapsed onto the bed, head in hands. Why me? Why now? Why can't they just leave me alone. It was like history was repeating itself. Malkieri, Aes Sedai, oh Light.

"Nynaeve?" Came a voice from the doorway, "Nynaeve, are you alright?"

Nynaeve looked up. Perrin Aybara stood in the doorway, concern on his face.

"I'm fine Perrin." She lied. She stood up slowly, and came toward the door. "Just fine. Come, let's go downstairs."

Perrin frowned at her uncarachteristic gentleness, but decided it was nothing to worry about, and followed her down the steps, and back to where the Woman's Circle was gathering.


Lan's face was as expressionless as usual as he watched the

young woman's retreating back, but inside he was confused. The woman had a quick temper, that much was obvious, but what had that emotion in her eyes as she gazed upon him been? The answer came all too easily. Fear.

Lan was not unused to being feared, but somehow the fear of this seemingly confident woman threw him off. It had just seemed too…personal.

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