Bad boys
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Pairings: TyKa, MaRe and KeTa

Another day, another fanfic! Lol. Well, hope you guys like this one! It's very different to the others! This takes place when the bladebreakers are all around twenty years old and they don't know each other. It's like in a different dimension. Lol. So obviously, they are VERY OOC! Read and review!

Chapter one: Not you again

Takao sat on the couch as he flicked through the channels. "There has to be something on" he complained as he sighed and switched it off. There was nothing on, and he was seriously bored. "Agent Kinomiya? Agent Kinomiya! Report officer!" his walkie talky went off as his eyes widened and he searched for it frantically. "Yes boss?" he answered, quietly panting for breath as he slumped on the couch once more. "There's a situation at the bank! Bring in the bandit! Over and out!" his boss stated and the walkie talkie went silent. Takao grinned as he reached for his guns and sword. "Nothing like catching the bad guys of a morning" he stated, a smirk developing on his lips. "I bet" stated another voice belonging to his work partner and best friend Max. "Morning Maxie, we have a situation at the bank. Strap on your guns and bullet proof fence and let's go". Max nodded as they both slipped on their black bullet proof vest, with white letters FBI printed neatly at the front. Wearing his white singlet and black pants with white joggers, Takao strapped on his last gun around his leg and placed his sword safely at his side.

Max slipped on his black singlet and pants, his two guns and fairly large knife at his side. Both man well built and in shape. Both men looking extremely good looking. Max grew out of his wild hairstyle. His hair, as he grew older, flattened and became straight and bouncy. He wore it half way over his ears, his freckles gone, his body matured. Muscles replacing the boyish body, eyes slightly smaller than before. Takao's was the same. His hair slightly flatter and he grew it to mid back. His boyish body lost in the ripples of now muscles and tall figure. His eyes the same, a deep navy blue in colour. They grinned as they walked out the door and jumped into the black Ferrari F430. The boys met in the military when they had joined the army and when they saved each others lives, they became best friends. Takao's father died in the war and his mother was a nurse in the same war, while she was tending to her husbands wounds, a bomb hit the shelter. No one survived. Takao was only five years old then. At five years old he didn't really understand, but now at the age of twenty two, it made all the difference.

He was raised by his grandfather, known as Kinomiya. Not many people knew his grandpas name, all they knew was he was a kendo master, and was once leader of the secret ninjas known as 'the hidden'. Known as the best kendo master to be exact, he was what every trainee kendo warrior hoped to be and Takao's teacher and mentor. Max's parents where extremely different to Takao's. Max's mum was a great scientist, designed many cures to diseases and made discoveries no one knew off. His dad was a simple owner of a small local corner shop and was friends with the entire town. When Max's mum married his dad, she resigned and gave birth to Max. After max was three years old, the scientists asked for her back, but she had loved her life at home and refused. While working with her husband one day. Their shop mysteriously blew up. Max promised his dad that he would become a FBI agent and avenge their death one day. He would not rest until he did.

Sighing, Max stared out the window. It was so long ago, yet so fresh in his memory and heart. He missed his parents deeply every day that went by. He never dated anyone, he felt weird about caring for someone, since his loved ones where ripped away from him at such a young age. Glancing at the slightly older man beside him he winced. Takao was a cheerful young man, could bring the heart out of stone. He lightened up Max a lot, and Max claimed him as his long lost brother. He often worried about Takao though. Every since he could remember he would not let anyone into his heart besides himself as a brother. The only ones who really did know the real Takao was himself and Kinomiya. They where the only family he had. Max could never understand why Takao would not find himself a lover; so many girls had thrown themselves at his feet, so many admirers. But he did not do anything about it, but instead shook them off and kept going.

Shrugging mentally, Max loaded his gun and made sure that it was fine. Takao grinned at him as he refocused on the road. "So Agent Mizuhara, how many will you take down this time?" Max laughed at the mention of their game. They kept score of how many bad guys that caught and at the end of the year, whoever had the most, won and had to be the others slave for a day. "More than you at the end of the year" he replied back, a smirk on his lips. Takao laughed at this statement and a smug grin replaced his features. "I do believe, Agent Mizuhara, that I am in the lead" he stated a proud look in his eyes. Max rolled his eyes at the comment and glanced at him wearily. "That's because of your trusty sword Agent Kinomiya" he replied, glancing down at the Samurai in its sheath. Takao grinned at this and a hand gingerly touched the dragon engraved sword. "Ai, it is Dragoon. He is my winning streak" he replied, smiling at Max as they stopped at a red light.

Max grinned and nodded. He understood very well. "As is your knife Draciel, we are good partners this way, no?" laughing, Max agreed and the car started moving once more. Takao started taking sharp turns, and speeding up when needed. Finally arriving at the scene, they noticed the many police cars surrounding the building. Getting out of the car, Takao and Max strode up to the leader of the mass of police and flashed their ID. "Agent Kinomiya and this is my partner Agent Mizuhara. What's the situation?" the man with deep brown hair shook his head, his hair falling even more over his large glasses which hid his eyes. "Chief Kenny, but you can call me chief. There seems to be a hostage situation inside. We can't seem to get any of our men in, and our best men are stuck inside the building" Takao nodded and checked his gun and sword. "Well, we've been sent by the department, we're here to fix the situation" with that he and Max started walking towards the bank. "Oh, do us a favour? Keep them distracted" Takao stated, turning his head back to the chief for a moment and then proceeded forward. "What's the plan?" Max asked, earning a grin from his partner.

"The same as always Maxie, get the bad guys and be the hero" Max laughed at his reply and placed on his leather gloves. "Well then, should we barge in or sneak in genius?" he asked, earning a playful pout in return. "I said the same as usual Maxie…I didn't say lets play ninjas!" Laughing, Max nodded and made sure that everything was fine. "Right then partner, lead the way!" he stated, pulling out a gun in each hand. Takao pulled out his gun as well and strode in through the front entrance. Seeing them walk through the front entrance, a nearby officer called after them. "Agent Kinomiya and Mizuhara! There is an entrance through the back way!" glancing at him, Max sighed and took the safety off his guns. They entered the building, threw the two robbers out threw the doors and proceeded forward. Sweat dropping the officer stared in awe. "Or the front door would be fine" he muttered, arresting the barely conscious robbers and reading them their rights.

Inside, Takao glanced about him and laughed. "If I were a robber…where would I be?" he asked, his partner laughing, "in jail" Max replied joining in the laughter generating from Takao. "I would have arrested myself! How sad!" with that, he shot a bullet into a window, hitting the gunman directly in his hand. "Well, that solves the hostage's problem" Max stated, running towards the other robbers and quickly disarming them. Takao faced the group and smiled. Pulling out his badge, he addressed the crowd. "My name is Agent Kinomiya and this is my partner Agent Mizuhara. We're your rescue team. So if you would be so kind, as to proceed out that door and out of this building fairly quickly, it would be much appreciated" With that he directed the way out and the hostages where safe. All accept two of course.

Eyes scrunching in confusion, he picked up his walkie talkie. "Chief come in" he said, waiting patiently for a reply. "Chief here, what's the situation Agent Kinomiya?" he replied, static distorting is voice slightly. "Did you not say that your best officers where in here? How many are there?" Max came back into the room, placing the last robber's body on top of the pile. "Yes, two of my best officers! Officer Kon and Officer Hiwitari" sighing, Max leaned against the wall. "Don't tell me we have to save them!" he complained, checking his gun for bullets out of boredom. Sighing, Takao nodded. "It seems so. Well then, where are they?" sighing Max looked around him and found a small weird looking out line on a wall. Sighing at the simpleness, he placed his knife in the crack and yanked it opened with Takao's help. There in the dark, were two young males, around their age. Both where seated on the ground, bound together by rope and sticky tape covering their mouths. Sighing, they began to untie the young men, so that they would be free. "So Agent Kinomiya, we meet again" a voice stated, echoing from a destination within the large dark room. "And who are you may I ask?" Takao replied, finally managing to get through one layer of rope. "Takao, how not nice of you! After all these years too!" taking out Dragoon, Takao sliced through all the ropes at once, releasing the hostages. "Who goes there? Is that you Sumeragi?" the man laughed at his questions. "So, you finally remember! How touching, the great Agent Kinomiya remembers his life long rival!" Takao gritted his teeth, as his partner Max took the two officers out into the hallway.

"Not you again!" Takao wined as he sighed. "Do you ever learn when to give up? No matter what you do Sumeragi; I will always be there to stop you!" Sumeragi laughed at his enthusiasm and it echoed off the dark walls. "Soon Kinomiya, you and I are going to meet again. And when we do, it will be battle to the death. But until then, you and your buddies are going to play a game with me. Its called 'guess what Sumeragi will do next'. I'm going to leave you clues, and you are going to have to solve all the riddles to save peoples lives. Until then Kinomiya, farewell". A crashing sound was heard, then the breaking of glass. Stepping out of the room, he sheathed his sword while muttering numerous of curses under his breath. It was just the beginning. Glancing at the officers in front of him, he took note that one was a Chinese, neko-jin looking man, a little taller than Max. Long raven black hair and yellow piercing eyes like a cat. The other was a Russian with two toned colour hair. His eye colour was crimson and he was slightly taller than Takao.

Nodding at the officers, Takao glanced at his partner wearily. "Guess whose back" he stated, earning a shocked look, which turned into annoyance. "You're joking! Not him again!" he wined, earning confused looks from their recent companions. "Nope, Sumeragi is up to it again. We should report back to headquarters immediately, his starting a new game". Max sighed at this news and a look of weariness overcame his features. "I was enjoying my holiday" he stated, earning a nod of understanding from his partner and a pat on the back. "lets go partner, we have to bring these guys to their chief and get back". Nodding in agreement, Max eyed the two officers. "I take it you are Officer Kon and Officer Hiwitari". Earning a nod from the two, the neko-jin looking officer bowed. "thank you for coming for us. I am Rei Kon, and this is my partner, Kai Hiwitari". Nodding at both, Takao bowed. "I am Agent Takao Kinomiya and this is my partner Agent Max Mizuhara. It is a pleasure to meet you. We are so for our some what lateness. Your chief is outside".

Nodding the two proceeded outside. "Oh, hey Agent Kinomiya" the one named Kai stated. Takao glanced at his direction, as a smirk formed on the mans lips. "You're too slow. We could have died before you got here" and with that, they left. Fuming, Takao stomped his foot in frustration. "Why with all the nerve! That ungrateful little TWIT! UGH!" Max sighed, as he rubbed his temples. It had been a really long evening.

Walking outside, they found there on boss and chief talking. Upon seeing there arrival, their boss signalled for them to come over. Standing by their boss's side, Chief left them in privacy to discuss matters with his own boys. "Boys, the two officers just informed me about Sumeragi. So he's at it again huh?" the two men nodded in return, much to their boss's distress. "Don't worry Mr Dickenson, we'll have it covered" Max assured, elbowing Takao rather hardly to play along. "Sure thing Mr D, we're all over it. Actually I was just about to ring our team now". Shaking his head, Mr Dickenson sighed. "I'm afraid it's much worse now my boys, now you two pacifically are targeted. Your going to have to have guards on you at all times". Both parties of boys where heard in unison. "WHAT?" Glancing at the other two officers for their joining in of outburst, Takao glanced at his boss distractedly. "I guess you already have assigned them" he stated, earning a sad nod from Mr Dickenson. Sighing, the pair met up with the other two officers. Mr Dickenson cleared his throat, "Takao and Max, meet your new body guards, Kai and Rei".

End of chapter one

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