Look! My first attempt at an Eerie Queerie fic! I'm taking where it left off at the end of the series so if you don't want any spoilers I wouldn't read this, if you've finished it or don't care than please do continue.

Disclaimer: The characters that belong to Shuri Shiozu and any other characters are mine and therefore belong to me.

Mikuni watched as Hasunuma and Mitsuo walked away hand in hand. He felt a small white haired figure rush past him and follow in their directions, and begin closely stalking behind them. 'Ichi won't even give them a second of rest will he?' Mikuni thought to himself walking back into the temple. 'It was good while it lasted.'

Hasunuma looked over his shoulder at Ichi, who wasn't even trying to hide, but just bluntly following. He looked around at the woods. You could barely see through due to all the tree's and bushes. From the distance he could see the small doll figure that Mikuni had hung up just so he and Mitsuo would announce their true feelings to each other. He truly did them a huge favor consider he was enjoying himself way too much through the whole ordeal. He looked over at Mitsuo as he gently placed his arm around Mitsuo's shoulders' that had started to shake. 'My first friend. My first kiss. My first boyfriend. All Hasunuma," Mitsuo thought back to all the flashbacks that had popped into his head all at once and began turning red. Ichi stiffened up seeing his change of face and pushed his way through the two so that he could be in the middle.

"So, where are we headed?" Hasunuma glared at him, as he pulled black jacket back onto his shoulder. Mitsuo stared down at the ground disappointment flowing over his face. Ichi looked at him feeling his pain, now formed as guilt engulf onto him. "Oh, wait, I just remembered. I offered Mikuni my help today." He turned around giving them one last look as he headed back towards Mikuni's. Mitsuo looked back at him, a slight smile falling across his face as Hasunuma put his arm back in place around Mitsuo's shoulder.

Half a mile into town they arrived at Hasunuma's old house where they were going to be packing up the remainder of his belongings and have their own alone time without any distractions. Hasunuma unlocked the door and struggled to pull the key back out of hits slot, "Darn door never worked right." Mitsuo smiled as he walked in, throwing his jacket on a wooden chair that sat by the door, and observed the once neat house, which now had boxes and random objects scattered around the room. Mitsuo picked up the tip of a rather large blanket that was mixed with blue and green squares all over it. His eye's widened as he grabbed his stomach bending down to the ground. "Not...now..."

He opened his eye's to find himself floating in the air. 'Possessed? I could have sworn I wore my...charms.' He looked at his jacket, hitting his head with his hand, as he watched his body begin to wander down the hall.

"Hasu-baby, can you come here?" Hasunuma walked out of the room that the spirit in Mitsuo's body stood near. Hasunuma raised an eyebrow to the imposter and merely shrugged it off, assuming that it was the new relationship that brought out this new nickname. "It's not working out...I love someone else." Mitsuo's eye's widened as he tried to stop the evil imposter ruin his first love and friend. Hasunuma looked Mitsuo over for a minute; his eye's getting harder and harder to read with each movement he made until he finally spoke.

"Where's Mitsuo?"