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Chapter 4

Mitsuo awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs filling the house. He looked around for Hasunuma, but found him nowhere, Ichi had his legs rested againts the wall and was laying on his back and you could hear faint snoring noises from him. Mistuo could feel Riku's presence, but couldn't see him around the room as he headed into the kitchen. Hasunuma looked over his shoulder to find Mitsuo looking at what he was occupied with. In a small pan lay a batch of yellow eggs that made his stomach rumble in joy to the food. Hasunuma smirked giving him a plate and joinging him at the table.

"You were moaning in your sleep, what were you dreaming about Mitsuo?" Hasunuma questioned cocking his head to one side. Mitsuo's mind drifted back to the dream, trying to remember it. He could remember screams and laughter, but had mentally blocked the rest out. He replied a mere nothing to Hasunuma finishing his eggs and heading outside to sit on his porch.

He looked up hearing creaks on the roof on Hasunuma's house. He saw something quickly move at his glance and decided to check it out. He climbed out Hasunuma's attic window to see a beatiful view of the neighborhood. you could see cars turning onto his street, people walking, children playing, and animals playing with their masters. The sky showed a beatiful light blue background with the puffy white clouds moving as if it were a herd of sheep at feeding time. He figured that they were cloud sheep letting his mind wonder to another world, one that he had created a long time ago. A world that half of it had come true, but the rest never would.

"What are you doing here?" Riku's voice seemed to sadly echoe in the thin air. He wore two wristbands today and his usual short sleeve shirt and jeans.

"Thinking. You?" Mitsuo asked curiously, his thoughts of last night coming back into his mind. He sighed trying to push them away, not trying to make Riku even more upset than he had already was.

"You could say the same about me I guess." Mitsuo stared at him in confusion, but just nodded agreeing. Riku sat down next to him and looked at a blue minivan that had just drove by. You could see two children in it, both of them laughing and poking at each other. Mitsuo's eyes wondered over to Riku's as they met. They had looked so sad. Lifeless, the other spirits that he had encountered had eyes that seemed to be energetic and perky, at least that fit their mood, but his just stared back nonchalantly. Not even an expert could read them.


"Nothing..." Mitsuo said blushing at the awkward moment. They looked behind them hearing the window open to find Ichi coming up rubbing his eyes harshly.He stretched his arms up and took his place on the opposite side of Mitsuo that hadn't been occupied yet. He stared out into the sky not saying a word as he lyed down on the roof closing his off and on. Riku brushed his hand casually against Mitsuo's shoulder waving as he disappeared for a time being.

Mitsuo remained in deep thought for awhile not even noticing Hasunuma's arms present around his shoulders and his head on his back. Everybody seemed quiet today and nobody knew why. They all just sat on the roof, leaving the packing to be saved for a later date. Ichi had recently fallen asleep, obviously he hadn't gotten much sleep from fear of when Mikuni would appear out of nowhere and as he called it attack him.

Mitsuo stood up and streched and headed down the road as soon as he got downstairs. He was headed towards the library to look up information that had been bugging him all day. He grabbed the nearest computer that was free when he got there and began typing immediately.

'Riku Ichiteru's death.' he thought to himself in a nonchalant tone as he typed the rest of the information. He was determined to find out how Riku had died. He clicked search as he watched three links pop up on the screen. The first one read about a book with a character with Riku's name. The second was a site that came up with a dedication page to Riku, but no information on how he died. Just comments on how his friends and family missed him.

"I found it!" Mitsuo yelled loudly getting a small audience staring at him as he clicked on the third link. He apologized as he sat back down and clicked print to show Hasunuma his recent discovery. He payed the librarian the amount due for printing and stuffed the copies into his pocket as he ran home. "Hasunuma! Hasunuma! I have something to show you! Come here!" Hasunuma came out and covered Mitsuo's mouth.

"Quiet down. What is it?"

"I know how Riku died."

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