Note to Myself by Baalsgirl

Summary: Carson finds Rodney's most secret records, while the latter digs up a bunch of very personal letters.

Season: Kind of a digest of S 1's happenings and some more...

Disclaimer: Nope, don't own anything except for the story line. Wished to own at least Carson & Rodney, though, sigh.

Rating: K+ (for some people's big mouth)

Pairings: Carson/Rodney slashed


"Rodney?" Carson knocked on the door, "are you there?"

He waited for a moment then knocked again. "Obviously not", he muttered to himself, "but maybe..." his finger tipped against the door control and, indeed, it slid open.

Carefully Carson poked his head inside making a step forward, then another one and ... tripped over a huge crimp in the carpet.

"Bloody ... ", he moaned; what the hell had he just landed on? Slowly he reached under the carpet and pulled the hard thing out. It was a small notebook. After a moment of thought he flipped open the first page and started to read. It did not take long until he realized that he had just found Rodney's diary.

Chuckling he curled up his legs and continued his read.


Dear Diary,

So this is Atlantis. Great, really. The first days here were the worst you could do to such a highly qualified astrophysicist as I am one:

First of all we nearly drowned, not much later we found out that there is a huge horde of life-sucking aliens is running around in this galaxy and then we (this means Major Sheppard in the first place...) woke the entire bunch of them from hibernation, so that most likely we have them on our collective asses now.

But that's not all. Tonight I nearly exploded as I realized that Kevanough has survived the trip to the city. (It would've been such a nice opportunity to get rid of him for all times...)

Note to myself: Stick his brainless head into the next toilet and flush as soon as he dares contradicting again.

But you know the best part of my last three days? An hour ago there was a trace of lemon (or something similar to that devilish fruit) in my evening snack and now I have to scratch the multiple allergy pimples that popped up on my butt.

I tell you, it won't take long until I'll freak out here and start being really ugly with all these creeps around.

Plus: I miss Frisky.

Regards, Rodney