A/N: Finally I've got both Instinct and Conversion together on one DVD and so here's the digest:


Dear Diary,

I wonder whether I'd better spare you this last week. But who else shall I bare my soul to? Carson is till locking himself up somewhere, Sheppard would probably eat me if I tried talking to him about it all again. And, well, Ronon isn't an option either. Frankly I'm not talking to him anymore because I'm still totally disgusted by him.

Guess what he did this time??? He picked up an ABSOLUTELY UGLY, SLIMY, STINKY heap of Iratus bug poop to find out whether it was still fresh. Hell. I almost puked right into my NVGs because of that little stunt.

And still, the big guy is not half as creepy as the thing that happened to poor Colonel Sheppard. He, of all people, converts into one of those scary bug things he hates to death because that Wraith kid Ellia started mutating about and went haywire. Luckily for Carson and myself she had enough mind left to save us from one of her fellow life-suckers, before she completely lost it.

Then came Sheppard and got the full dose of retrovirus from her. Yikes, and you know what stupid me did once we were back in Atlantis?! I wailed because of a stupid splinter. Sorry, but back then it seemed absolutely horrible to me. I hope Sheppard has overlooked that. Otherwise I fear that 20/20 hindsight won't be enough of an excuse... That way the two of us will NEVER come to terms again.

God, I'm still feeling totally miserable. Yours, Rodney

Note to Myself: When Carson is better, I should consider writing him a complete list of all the illnesses I've diagnosed on myself when I was younger. I don't think he'd believe me the slightest bit of it.


Carson closed the diary for a moment and groaned. No, he definitely wouldn't... But one thing was for sure Rodney was a bloody helpless case when it came to making a fuss.


Hey Doc,

Thank you a lot for saving my ass. When it comes down to it, I'd say it was pretty damn close there for awhile. But you did a great job. So please don't beat yourself up about it. Without you I wouldn't be here anymore. Thanks again.

Yours truly, John

PS: Perhaps I can make up for your contribution with a nice, big box of Scotch or something...?


Dear John,

You're very welcome, lad. But I'm not so sure if I owe all your thanks. For a while I was really doubting, if all I tried to do would come out right. But, aye, now you're through the woods and I can halfway live with myself again. Besides, now I can promise you not to beat up myself on your behalf.

Best, Carson

PS: I still have a pretty big stock of Scotch and Stout Ale myself. Perhaps you could come over, bring some munchies and then we can get a wee bit drunk and talk it all over. (Perhaps afterwards we're both feeling a tad better again.)


Rodney frowned. Carson was talking openly about getting drunk?? That was so not his style. The whole Conversion thing must've hit him far, far worse than he had first thought.

But perhaps boozing was the Highland way of dealing with bad things. Somehow Rodney found that a bit scary...


Happy Halloween !!!