A/N: First of all, I want to thank all the reviewers for the reviews in "Be the Darkness, But Feel the Pain". So thank you, everyone! Lovie all of you! I've decided to make a collection of poems deicated to Kikyou, expressing her pain, misery, and loneliness. This first poem is not in her POV but instead in someone else's. But every poem in here is going to related to her somehow. Like a poem in someone's POV directing it to her or that she is directing it to someone. This first poem is a scribble, eh. This is in Inuyasha's POV and how he feels when he reflect himself among the past. I wrote this out of rage and sorrow some other day. Yeah, so that's it. Please enjoy. RR please! Arigato! NO FLAMES! Do not flame me because you don't like Kikyou or something like that. Seriously, no flames!

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In Inuyasha's POV

Throw It All Away

I want to throw it all away,

Death came, took lives, leave shattered hearts

Throwing it all away results nothing.

Striking all my weaknesses,

Killing what's dearest,

Taking my loves.

My fault for caring too much,

My fault for not watching,

My fault for not paying attention,

My fault for a lost life.

I want to throw it all away,

But I can't.

What can of curse is this?

I hate emotions!

Make it all go away!

My life goes on, but my heart still feels numbness,

What does it mean?

I want to know, I don't want to do with anything anymore,

Leave me alone.

Loud music can only help me escape the guilt and pain,

But it all eventually come back.

Without emotions, I don't have to feel anything again.

No sorrow, no anger, no happiness, and no love.

No anything anymore,

It will happen again for death will visit me again.

Time is all I have left. I was afraid to enjoy the time,

And now regret fills my mind, heart, and body.

It was all my fault for not enjoying the time I had left.

Now it's gone, I took it all for granted.

It's gone...gone...gone...forever...

Crying does me no good; refreshing it may be,

Refreshing my mind; clear my head of thoughts;

My tears doesn't drop until the corpse drop.

It was my mistake; a mistake I can never take back.

Please forgive me; can you hear me?

I threw the time away; spending it on endless nonsense,

Throwing it all away seems so nice right now...

But what good will it do?

Nothing will change, my heart is already broken even though it has ended.

Throw all my feelings away, my emotions, throw all my anger away,

Throw all my sorrow away, throw all my guilt and numbness away.

Empty eyes stare into nothing, cold and empty.

Just cold and empty.

Just empty...

Hear and see but don't want to open the door,

What could it be? Who could it be?

Is it death again? Make the dark go away...

I just want to throw it all away...

To throw it all away...

Throw it all away...

The End

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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. Thank you.